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Is this place in Providence an Asian place? And did you say $130 PLUS the $50 tip, for a total of $180? Sounds a bit steep, I usually pay $80 for f/s, so the total tab is typically $120-130. If you meant $130 included the door charge, then that’s about right.

I was driving one evening up on smith street near the newport creamery when i spotted an ok looking female. I could tell almost immediately she was ” working ” by the way she walked. I got parked and got out of my car at the Dunkin Donuts and called her over. She got in my car and we went off. 20$ for a BJ. She said she charges 55$ for straight sex. She asked me if I wanted to go to her place and I declined. I also saw another street whore out there who looked like she was about 20 years old. This woman I was with was in her late 30’s. An oldie but a goodie. Anyone else have any spots for street action in providence ?

There are many Asian spas in Pawtucket and Providence… VIP, H&H Spa, North Main Street Spa, Oriental Garden Spa, Tokyo Spa. Been to the VIP,Tokyo,and North Main Street. Entry fee has been $60 plus tip… nothing more than hand release. Very pretty Korean girls in all of these places.

Tokyo Spa
72 East Street Exit 30 Pawtucket RI
Rates: $60/an hr plus tips. Girls, inexperienced, cute, in 20’s. Cautious, even getting a manual for a tip can be difficult. Hot sauna, exercise table. Open l0a-lOp, 6 days. Walk-ins welcome.

The Sportsman
I’ve been here a number of times and have found it to be quite satisfying. It is not particularly flashy, and there’s only bikini dancing, but the place is always relaxing and friendly. There are always a LOT of dancers milling around. They range from absolute hotties to some plump and questionable types, but they’re all having fun and rarely seem to click with their pals. It’s a bit like the neighborhood hang-out. For $25, you can have a dance (one song) in a private room, although you have to tip the bouncer $10. At $35, then, this is about as pricey as dances come, but two of three trips to the private booths have been worthwhile. You don’t see much on the stage, but if you’re nice, the ladies will certainly treat you right in privacy. I ended up with far more than I expected. I strongly recommend.

North Main Street Spa
1185 N. Main St.
$60 and that includes the HJ, but the girls will usually ask you to give them tip after you’ve got your clothes on. I was in RI, great place, clean and nice atmosphere. the lady took care of me was really petite and mature looking(around 30’s),although she didn’t speak good English, she was trying to talk dirty which I loved. but I was more excited to be there than relaxed, and the lady noticed it. the massage was average, but after the flip I had a huge hard-on. She said “ohh, I think something is coming arive!” which I thought was funny but also turned me on more. the hand job was the best I ever had, she put oil on, and started stroking it fast. there’s nothing like a HJ at an AMP. It was so hot to see the lady with her little soft hands stroking my thing, which is almost the size of her wrist. I shot two huge loads right in her hand , she made a very cute surprised face, but she kept stroking it which made me empty every drop. she made another funny comment about her sticky hands, but I forgot what she said. I told her to stop stroking, before I lost all my brain cells. after all cleaned, I gave a $30 tip. I think her name was Sun or Sunny, will definitely return,and be spoiled again.

Oriental Garden Spa
770 N Main St [Eixt 24] Providence, RI
Rates: $60/40 min, $80/an hr plus tips. 6 cute girls. No full service. Steam or dry saunas, a table shower and massages. Located next to a KFC, behind fire station, enter on Livingston St. Open 7 days, 1Oa-12 mid

Spa Midori
112 Union St.

Full Body 85 Richmond St [Exit 18] Providence, RI 401/273-9777. Rates: $60/an hr plus tips. Clean, well equipped with a sauna. Girls: older, about 3-4 a shift, offer mediocre acupressure massages plus table showers and body rubs. Open 7 days, 9a-12a.

VIP Spa: Standard Oriental Spa…..$70 per hour, $60 for 45 min…friendly staff…but just a jack shack…have been a few times and was solicited for a bj once…but she wanted $150 and would not negotiate…seem very paranoid of cops.. seems like they may bend the rules a little for regulars, though…

VIP Spa in Providence – not sure why the previous review was so poor, but i know I thoroughly enjoyed my visit. All of the girls I saw were very hot, especially the girl I had (petite, great tan,great tits, cute little ass). After a mediocre massage, she asked what else i would like. there was some minor negotiation over price, but i received full service for $130 (plus the $50 fee at the door). She gave a great bj, and was a very sensual lay. And she looked better naked than clothed (a sad rarity at these places). All in all a fantastic experience

YoKo Spa
1021 Broad Street.
5 girls on the evenings. All the girls are good to look as well as there body, charges $60 for entry and depends on the girl, you can get full service from $100-$150.

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