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a small town I visited for a few weeks. Get a road map for about $10 nam. Many visitors tend to stay in the center at Kalahari Sands, this is not your best bet if you plan on finding girls. Your better off at the smaller pensions just outside the center like Pension Cela. They don’t allow visitors, but the guards can easily be bribed to gain entry. Street action at night can be found at the corner of Stubel and Peter Muller Strasse. It’s dark and you won’t find many above average women there. The best method is to hit on girls in the discos, restaurants or the street. Khomasdal is a good place to do this ask a cab driver to take you to the shopping center. Katatura is to be avoided. Its unsafe if your not familiar unless your with a local. Also try the corner of Bulow and San Nujoma Drive. Girls hang around a snack bar on the corner and can be picked up. If you hang around long enough you’ll get their attention.

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