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The prices are pretty cheap. Around the port is club Roxy’s. It’s mostly Dominican women, some Haitians too. The ladies have rooms upstairs, no showers or toilets in rooms. If you go through town towards the beach there are other clubs that are cleaner. There are plenty of women at night on the streets to pick up. You will pay under $10 dollars for service here. Haiti was a popular sex tourist attraction spot in the 70’s. But years of dictatorships, the US embargo, political instability, and poor economic conditions have driven most people away. HIV rate here is high. Were do you think many of the sex workers in the DR come from, Haiti is part of the same island. The girls are very reasonable about prices, full service for less than $10 or even $5 dollars. Holiday Inn in Port-au-Prince. Try Faces, in Hotel El Rancho. You’re better off If you can speak some French. There is a red light district around SW Carrefour road.


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