New Jersey

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Went to a massage parlor in North Plainfield, New Jersey and was looking for some action. I went in and saw a few women sitting around on couches. The cost was $40 for 30 minutes. The girls work on a rotation, but if you ask for someone specific, they will comply.

On this occasion, I saw Bridgitte. She is a brunette, Spanish, and very pretty. She has fake boobs, so they are not that nice to touch. But they sure are nice to look at. Bridgitte charges $60 for head and $100 for full service. She is okay, but not the greatest I’ve seen. I have been to a number of places in Central New Jersey, and I believe that this place is the only one in the area that offers full service.

There are several new massage places turning up and they offer less and charge a lot more. There are several places along Hwy 22. I’ll list a few:
640 Spring St. – Hillside. Very expensive. Girls are even reluctant to do a hand job. They can be talked into it to the tune of $60.

Apricot Massage – Bloy St. – Hillside. Major rip-off. They charge $40 to go into the room and then the girl asks for her tip up front. Minimum tip is $50 and that gets you absolutely nothing. They say it’s for the pleasure of their company. They encourage you to “masturbate yourself” while they massage you. I don’t need to pay to masturbate!

1734 Rt. 22 – Scotch Plains – This place was entirely oriental until a few weeks ago. They used to have a half hour session, but that has gone by the wayside. The door fee is $60 for an hour and the girls are Asian and American. When you go into the room you see a sign which says, “minimum tip $20, maximum tip $80. If your attendant asks for more than the maximum, refuse and speak to the management.” What a crock! I stayed and saw Susan the other day. Susan is a beautiful blonde with fake boobs. But well worth touching and looking at. She asked for $100 for a nude handjob, but accepted $80 for a topless handjob. The session included a short body shampoo, a less than enthusiastic massage and the obvious handjob. Definitely not worth the $140 I spent.
MTM Massage – Rt 22 in North Plainfield – way over priced. All you get is a hand job.
130 Rt. 22 – North Plainfield – all you get is a had job from very homely women. Door fee is $50 for a hour.
Hands on Salon – Rt 22 – Hillside – All you get is a handjob for a minimum tip of $60. Door fee is $40 for a half hour.

I recently went to Atlantic City and checked out Ohio Accupressure. Its maybe 3 blocks of the boardwalk. When I got there I was met a Korean woman who’s face was 5 but her body was a 9. I think her name is Candy. She had the best ass I’ve ever seen on an Asian woman. Before she let me in she frisked me to make sure I wasn’t a cop. When she let me in she led me to the back massage room. I was told to get undressed. She gave me a very basic table shower and later an even worse massage. Like I said she was a great looking woman and she knew it. She wanted $200 for full service. It was extremely cold that day and she did not make any money. I told her that $100 was as high as I ever go and she said OK. She was not bad. She sucked well…and did everything else well. I would rate the experience as average. When I go back to AC I will most likely try other places

I am a regular in Atlantic City for 15 yrs I have been to every one of them. I am in one or the other once or twice a week, lets rate them :co-ed & star are next to each other and the girls go back and forth.50.00 per hr. +100. tip for full service I give the girls appearance a 8, bodies a 8 or 9 , sex is a 10 +. These two places are located on the corner of Penn. & Atlantic Ave. next to pat’s steaks The next place is the far east at Texas ave. & the boardwalk, the girls are all hot, Ask for little Anne, she’s 5 ft.tall, beautiful, & sexy 50. + 100 for the works. In the winter time you can get away with tipping only 50. Most of the girls are in the country illegally so the don’t stay in town more than 6 mo. Stay away from THE BODY WORKS fugly & do not give full svc. GINZA is the pit’s also. OHIO is an ugly scene too. SUN GOLD, on pacific at the south end of town, going toward ventnor has excellent women & get full service 50% of the time. They are very secerative, not sure who’s who. You can’t blame them because they have been busted a couple times. P.S. they all use raincoats. Very clean to. Get back to you later, have fun.

Morristown Read about ‘A New U’ several months ago. Always wanted to try it. I travel extensively and frequent massage parlors and occasional escort services. I visited late on January 13. I was their last appt. ~9:15p.m. It was $45 for 45 min, $60 for 60. She didn’t even ask what length I wanted, she just said $45(I attribute that to the lateness of my visit). The clerk/receptionist was early 30’s, brown hair, slender with an accent. I was introduced to Nicole, a tall(~5’11”) blond, large boned but not at all husky with, I guess a 36C chest. She had a heavy accent as well. Later she told me that she was from the Ukraine. She asked me if I wanted a table shower first or after. First, I was cold and wanted to warm up, and second, I wanted the table shower to be a barometer of what might be coming (no pun intended). Good table shower with the appropriate yank on the short cord. She toweled me off with Mr. Johnson happy to see her-and the appropriate drying him off. The massage was good, not great. It toggled between light and heavy. When I turned over I got the appropriate derivation of the question we all want to hear–as she held Mr. Johnson she asked if I would like to have ‘it’ massaged. YES! She immediately, but kindly, pointed out that it was ‘not included’ and it would cost $40. I then asked if there was anything else/more. She said for $60 she would do topless and nude for $80. Nothing more offered (This was my first visit here). I opted for $60.

Her breasts were nice, soft, not exceptionally firm though. She immediately offered them to me to suckle. She really enjoyed that! Asked me if it was ‘all right to tease?’. SURE. She blew on it-I mean literally- put her mouth about 1 in. above Mr. Johnson and blew like candles(A Ukrainian blow job?). She then put Mr. Johnson between her breasts and rubbed. I’ve heard this referred to as a ‘titty ••••‘ or ‘Bangkok ••••‘. I fondled her between the legs, outside her slacks with no rejection. She apologized if she seemed rushed but the other girls were giving her a ride home. She finished with the warm oil for Mr. Johnson. I gave her the $60 AFTER I got dressed and we gave each other a kiss on the cheek. Guys if you’re tired of the Asian scene I would recommend this. All the girls that I saw(~5) were Caucasian and, I believe, eastern European/Russian. Oh, one more thing. The clerk asked me to create a pin/password/account# for the future. I’m hoping that repeat customers can get ‘upgrades’. Guys don’t just read and glom off of this.

There are several places listed in the Asbury Park Press. Kobe 88 in Brick, Studio 7 in Toms River (Rt. 9 near the Villager), and a few in Lakewood. All are oriental, all roughly $50 for 1 hour, and all offer handjobs. Some offer more, but not until you are a frequent customer. As always, tell them you’ve been there before (and they will ask). Most employ good looking women (4-8’s) who perform enthusiastically enough. Got lucky once and had a bare back BJ (even swallowed), all for $50 (not my smartest moment). I think that was an exception because she liked me. She asked if I would take her to dinner. I politely came up with an excuse.

Rainbow Accupressure in Williamstown: Can’t remember what road (listed in the phone book) it’s on but its just off of the AC expressway. Went there about midnight and was greeted by a short and attractive Asian female maybe 31 years old tops. She was very friendly and nice decent English she took me back to a nice room(Very hot). She asked me for the $50.00 fee and instructed me to undress and get in to a robe that was hanging on the wall and she left. When she came back maybe 3 minutes later she took me by the hand and walked me back to the shower room. Laying on the table she washed me very thoroughly and when she was drying me off she made sure I got an erection by gently tickling my cock (LOVED IT). She the led me back to the room where she laid e on my stomach and started to give one kick ass massage.

After maybe 15 minutes or so she started to ask questions trying to feel me out as to what I wanted I asked her what she was willing to do and she told me for another $50.00 She would take care of me. I gladly did so and she then exited the room and came back a few minutes later only wearing panties and a thin silk robe. Laying on my back she then straddled over me and what surprised me she started to kiss me deeply with tongue. Feeling her up I took off her robe and slid my hand down those panties feeling her sweet bush. Well, to make a long story short we tried about 10 different positions before I was done (Condoms of course and she will ride your face like its a horse..LOL)We then laid on the table for about 10 minutes exhausted and very sweaty. She then got up and came back to clean me off with a hot wash cloth.

As I was getting dressed she explained to me that the owner of the parlor also owns the Nail salon in the same strip mall and that like her most of the girls from the salon work at the parlor occasionally for the extra cash. She then told me her name Mai and she asked for mine she encouraged me to return and Gave me her Pager # and said maybe we could get together sometime. I was surprised and couldn’t believe it. I’ve been to almost every massage parlor in South NJ and this was the best time I’ve ever had at one. I have met up with mai several times since that visit usually in private settings like my apt. Come to find out she has a gambling problem so a couple of bucks will take you far with her. I’ve also been there several occasions prior to that visit and the other girls there all Asian all make it worth the trip. Enjoy your visit

Was recently checking out the street scene in Newark, in the area just west of Rt 21 and north of Rt 280. Don’t waste your time. There where a couple of hags walking this area (rating less than a 1). When I finally found one that was maybe a 2 I pulled over. Long story short; she asked for 20 for a BJ, I accepted, she got in, she started telling me how hungry she was, about her seven kids, looking for pity. When we finally found a spot, she started telling me about how bad the cops have been and how she got busted the night before. She offered to take me back to her place for an extra ten, were she would make me cum twice. I agreed. On the way she asked me to pull over at a store so she could by condoms. I did. She got out of the car and proceeded to find the closest dealer to by drugs. I left her there. I guess you can say it cost me twenty dollars to waste my time. Word of advise stay away. Nothing but hags and druggies.

Bridgewater Massage Therapy
see star ledger
$60 + tip $40
Great Massage and HJ release have beenthere many time several diifferent women always nice and clean friendly
very willing to please.

Street action in Cliffside Park NJ has pretty much moved off of since they prettied up the place for the convention. But if you go onto Broadway, you will often find 2-3 walkers during the later half of the day or evening. You do need to go further down Broadway. Be warned that they are typically 1-4 in looks and do drugs. Cost is 20 – 25 for BJ and 40 – 50 for FS

Hillside good place to go close. There are more than 5 girls to select from. Usually girls are 6-8, but sometimes you will find a perfect 10. They keep track of visits so you get extra time after a few visits. When I visit there were an Italian, Brazilian, Swedish, and Puerto Rican. They give a nice massage, but the extras are only topless or nude hand release. They are friendly and soft so go pay a visit if you like a good HJ.

Newark. Body Focus I paid $40 for half an hour and got Jade, a busty ‘n plump black woman. She offered a topless, g-string, or nude massage at the beginning, which I declined. At the end, she offered a hj for $40. I asked about other options, but hj was it, which was great. Jade treated the whole massage with good technique. Overall, I’d go back and try one of the other girls I’ll try for bj or fs.

Morristown. I read a review of 41 Elm St in another site and wanted to update the profile. It’s now run by Russians. The women tend to be fairly good looking and have a nice attitude. For $100 (plus the usual $50/hr) you can get a decent massage, full nudity and if you have a decent attitude, full service. I sometimes get away with full nudity for $80. Sometimes all ya have to do is talk to them and let them yak and they will be pretty accommodating.

Went to Boss Therapy in Hillside New Jersey. I was pleasantly surprised at the selection of women and I had no idea what to expect…$70 for a topless hand release and $100 for a naked hand release. I didn’t ask to go any further but I have a feeling that if the price is right, I could have gone a lot further. The massage part was not all that great but I had this one blonde hair girl and her name starts with a k. She was an awesome girl and I will be back for her. Overall…..definitely worth the money

Elizabeth. Lately the neighborhood has been bringing un-wanted Hookers charging $60.00 for a BJ. Go away bad hookers. I was able to find a decent girl name Shantel, yes she was black and she had a great body on her. Nice J-LO ass with pretty face. Her tits where sagging but, everything else was fine. We agreed on $20.00 then we parked near-by she didn’t have any condoms and I wasn’t carrying any on me. So I told her BBBj and she said OK. She started sucking and she was good at it to licking my balls and shaft I never had a woman make me that hard it was like a baseball bat. 10 minutes later I came in her mouth and she swallowed every little bit of it. She told me to drop her off by the Mobil station and from there I went home. You would never get a great blow job from a girl who you pay $60.00 from my experience the more you pay the less the thrill and I learned it the hard way.

From around noon time to 9:00 PM Plainfield New Jersey has street action.West Front Street, South Second,and the Richmond Ave.area. Lots of Bozo no-nos but some good stuff, if you hunt.Police usually not a problem if you don’t become too obvious, or if there is a sting, usually on Thursdays. Always circle a couple of times to make sure.

I have gone to many massage/in call places – you name it, I’ve been there but two places on Route 22, west and east bound on the hillside section should be avoided. They are both rip offs! These girls treat you very cold and expect a minimum tip of $40 to $50 dollars without anything being done. I think the name is Absolute Relaxation and Hands on Therapy. I was on my belly and the girl was rubbing my shoulders and upper back, my shoulders and arm were hitting her thighs by mistake and she got all pissed off. They dress slutty and think they are giving you a therapeutic massage, yet I left with an aching back, and a loss of 80 dollars. I should of just stayed home and whacked off. Anyways try to avoid these places.

I found a go-go bar in Paterson on Market street. Its called the Moonlight and it is a bit on the sleazy side. The drinks are cheap. It has a sleazy but fun feel to it. Girls are mainly Dominican, South American, and Russian. They have the best lap dances and wall dances. Lots of finger fun if the right girl. The girls rank from 3s to 8s with some real gems. Its a good time

The Ritz Good looking girls 60 to enter for one hour, 100 for nude massage and HJ. She wanted me to massage her at one point which led to light finger action but no Full service from what I could tell. May go back to try other girls.

Kobe Accupressure
Full Body/Oriental Route 30 & White Horse Pk Absecon, NJ 609/484-7528. Rates: $50/an hr. Offers table shampoos and some girls who know how to give a Swedish and Shiatsu massage. $20 brings about a manual release, which is very satisfactory, Open 7 days, 10a-2a. Parking on the side of the building.

Coed Massage
Cost 50$ for a table shower and massage. Full service available. Always a great time!

3829 Atlantic Ave.
Atlantic City, NJ 609/344-7774
Typical AMP. Rates: $50/ 45min. 24-7. 6 – 8 Nice Looking Women Per Shift. $100 Tip For Full Service. The Rooms Are A Little Small But Its ok. Open as of 12/13/01…Certified!
This place has a little bitch named Koko in denim hot pants and heels who changes her price for f/s in the middle of the fu#$ session…”do me right” she said with another $40 for a total of $140…watch out for this bitch…nice hairy bush though

Natural Massage
239 Avenal St
Suite 6 Avenal,
NJ 732/602-6220.
$50 hr. New parlor, very clean, but poorly equipped, 3-4 rooms each containing a table and some chairs and not much else. Four cute and young girls give a good quality Shiatsu massage and manual is available for a tip. Open, l0a-10p, 7 days. Located just off Route 1.

Aloha Therapy
669 Bloomfield Ave
Bloomfield, NJ
40 1/2 hr, $50/an hr. No Jacuzzi or whirlpool. Tips in $25 range bring extra sexy service.

Lucky Therapy
21 Lackawana Pl.
Bloomfield, NJ
off I-48 of the garden state pkwy.
Asian place $50 hr. Tipping $25 for full body. Swedish massage and shower, nothing more. 2-3 girls

There is a very nice oriental massage parlor on chambersbridge in brick with a hj included and if they like you they give more
Kobe 88 in Brick is a great place. I see the same girl every time. Now that she knows me, I can get anything. Cover is $50, then I typically tip $30 for manual, $50 for oral (always without condom and she lets you finish in her mouth), $80 for full service, $100 for anal. Anyone know of any other good places in central/southern NJ? I just went to Kobe 88 for first time – not too bad I guess (first time in any place like this at all, so this was my cherry so to speak). $60 got me manual and an ok massage, without asking for it (massage was $50, I handed her $60, she brought me change but did it without asking…which is nice.)
My question is (I’m a parlor newbie and a little onthe shy side) how do you initiate this kind of thing? just keep tipping more each time I go until she gets it, or just pay the $50 and when she starts to get near manual, bring it up? Also I went this past fri night around 9 pm, and they were very busy, they told me to come during week when it wouldn’t be as busy.

Harmony Spa
Rte 23 & East Brunswick Rd
East Brunswick, NJ
$50 3/4 hr, $60/an hr plus tips. In a small shopping center. Girls offer a first class body rub session and then will give more sexual favors for a moderate tip. Girls are young, cute and very friendly, 3-4 a shift. Visa/MC accepted. Open 7 days

I went to a Russian massage on RT 18. When I got into this place, there were three girls there. I got the good looking blonde with nice curves. When we got into the room, she ask me $60 for the hour. After she returned, I was already stripped down naked and laying on the massage table with a sheet cover. She started to massage my back for about 3 minutes and proceed to rub my butt and inner legs. Got a instant hard-on. She was wearing a short black skirt so I try to put my hand into that skirt and start to squeeze that ass. She kind of stopped me there and told me about the extra fees: $120 for full service and $80 for a BJ. I went for the whole thing. She then took her cloths off. She had a nice shaved pussy. She ask me if I want to eat her pussy, I said yes. She then gave me a good 15 minutes sucking my cock and balls. After pumping her doggie style, I asked her if I could cum in her mouth — she told me it’s $40 more. As if I would say no in that situation! Right before I came, I took my cock out of her pussy, took off the condom and she put my cock in her mouth and stoked it until I shot a full load into her mouth. My wife will never do that. That was worth the money.

ABC Massage Therapy
Full Body 629 Clifton Avenue Clifton, NJ 973/471-4370. Rates: $50 1/2hr, $60/an hr. Massage, body shampoo and showers, ordinary Oriental place. About 5 girls on duty a shift. Quality ranges from very cute to barely passable

Yokohama Spa
11 Brighton Road
Clifton, NJ
$50/an hr. Very good quality massage place, has large, clean rooms. Lovely Oriental girls, manual release. From Rte 3 make an exit at Bloomfield exit, make a right, they are across the street from a Home Depot and 1st Union Bank

Chinese Therapy
3122 Route 10
West Denville, NJ
$50 3/4hr. Denville is a small town north of Morristown. About four girls in all, most of them sexy and cute, give an average quality massage but throw in some extra sexual services for moderate tips on top of the basic rate. Parking is in a nearby lot, place does have showers but no whirlpool or Jacuzzi or sauna.

ABBA is a Russian hall with new girls every time I have been there. They will give you HJ fright off the bat, but will go no further until you have been a regular. Facility is a little lacking, ie no shower, and a little wanting for upkeep.

Dover Studio
Full Body 284 Route 46 East Dover, NJ 973/328-4999
Rates: $50/an hr hr. 3-4 cute Oriental girls, provide good quality Shiatsu or Swedish massages and a body shampoo. They accept all major credit cards
Splendor Massage
I-80 North Rte 15
exit 34B end
Dover, NJ
$40 12/hr, $60/an hr. Out of the way place, only offers a manual. Girls give a good quality Swedish or Shiatsu massage. Showers available and they have some very attractive girls but if complete service is being given, it is being reserved for regulars.

KTC Therapy Massage
655 Grant Ave
Englewood, NJ
$40 1/2hr, $50 3/4hr, $80/hr plus tips. Place is moderately well equipped with pretty good shower facilities but rather sparsely furnished rooms. 4 Oriental girls on duty a shift, while their massage techniques are not the best. Extras are good. tips get oral and manual.
NJS Finest
Full Body 289 Grant Ave. near I-280 Englewood, NJ 201/227-0735. Rates: $60/an hr plus tips. Place has odd hours, often closed when you think they would not be but they still have a nice selection of Oriental and American girls both white and black, who give good quality full body massage and everything is available here except complete service.

Asian Massage Therapy
Route 206
Flanders NJ
$40 hr. plus tips. 4-5 ladies, Chinese. Basic rates get a shower and a bathtub hand wash but tips in $40 range can get sensual manual release

I have been there many times had most wonderful massage and body exfoliation, attendants very friendly, and professional. very clean also. I treat a friend time to time
Koa Spa
Full Body 2025 Lemoine Ave. Fort Lee, NJ 201/461-0915. Rates: $60/an hr. Tips in the $50-$75 can get complete service from most of the cute young girls here. As a bonus, for those not looking for this sort of fun, several of the girls are reported to be very adept in giving a first-rate Shiatsu and Swedish massage. The dry sauna is relaxing and goes well with the pretty oriental attendants, several of whom are local college girls in 20’s. Lemoine runs parallel to I-95 and is a main street running straight through the center of Fort Lee. Nice clean place .60$/hr girls (6-7), good massage with hr for 50$ tip.

Absolute Relaxation
640 Route 22 East
Hillside, NJ
$30 1/2hr, $45 3/4hr and $60/an hr. All American girls, is a pleasant surprise as they offer manual and even oral for the right tip. They girls are also young and very attractive which makes this place even more unique for this area. About 4 girls a shift, major credit cards accepted. Open: l0a-10p, 7 days. Located 5 minutes before the Newark Airport. Busy business so call an hour before you want to make an appointment.
Apricot Massage
Bloy St. Major rip-off. They charge $40 to go into the room and then the girl asks for her tip up front. Minimum tip is $50 and that gets you absolutely nothing. They say it’s for the pleasure of their company. They encourage you to “masturbate yourself” while they massage you.
International Ladies
1219 Liberty Ave
Hillside, NJ
$50/an hr. Tips start in $100 range. Place also uses the name Apricot Massage and the number 908/352-6126. Cute American girls, age from 20’s to early 30’s, usually 4 a shift. Hillside is suburb between Newark and Elizabeth.

Route 9 Acupressure is a really professional place, clean, upscale, and the women are very well trained. Been there 2 or 3 times and have never asked for more than the complimentary HJ after an exhaustive session of massage.

Tokyo Therapy
Full Body 5024 Route 9 South Howell, NJ 732/901-1581. Rates: $50/50 min, $60/an hr. Small place, small town (located south of Freehold) gives good quality massage. 2-3 girls give massage, good oral or manual for a reasonable tip, starting in $40 range above the basic rate. Girls in 30’s. No-frills, basic massage on a table in a small room, no table showers, and then the sought-after offer of more services for more money. l0alOp, 6 days.

Went to a place on Kennedy Blvd called the Elsie Wellness Center. $60 for an hour and a thin well toned 21 year old named Tricia gave a very nice massage. After about twenty minutes she offered me a hand job. $40 completely dressed; $60 with top off; $80 with pants off but thong on and $100 completely nude. No other services offered. I opted for the $80 special. She gave a very uninspired hand job but had a very nice body. She claimed she didn’t work out but her belly was quite firm. Small, nice breasts. Overall an OK experience but I won’t be back. It’s gotta be full service for me.
Relaxation Center
To all UNION members : I have found the best ASIAN massage in the metro N.J. area. “THE RELAXATION CENTER” Jersey City, N.J. 201-413-1799 The location is a bit tricky to find. It lies under the Skyway at The 1-9, Holland tunnel , 440 south circle. Follow 440 S just Past the underpass through the light bear to the right, you will See a large statue and a carpet store. Pull in towards the back, ou will see a separate entrance, go up stairs to room 302. The girls are young, attractive beauties. The manager’s name is “MAY” she will pleasantly greet you at the door. Go up stairs to A lounge where you will find 2-3 girls lazily laying on a large Couch. Strike up a conversation and tell them “FRANK of the OPERATING ENG. UNION” sent you. You will be WARMLY welcomed.
I went to a new massage place last week-end in Jersey City. The place is called the Relaxation Center. This place is so new that they don’t even have all of their equipment. It’s located on Broadway right under the Pulaski Skyway right next to Wilson Carpet. When I got there I was greeted at the door by a stunning Asian girl. She could not have been more than 20 years old with an awesome body and a beautiful face. She led me to the massage room and I got undressed. I thought, actually hoped that she would be my massage girl, but another girl came into the room. Her name was Jenny and she was a very cute asian. She was not as pretty as the first girl I met but she had a tight body and she was very friendly. She gave me a table shower and really cleaned me good, concentrating on my ass and balls. When she dried me off I had a ragging hard on then she took me to the massage room and proceeded to give me one kick ass massage. She was such a small girl but she had great hand and knew how to use them. During the massage she had a way of massaging my ••••••• and then reaching up and massaging by balls. She kept doing this and driving me nuts and then she started stroking my shaft that way. It was awesome. She flipped my over and eventually got to the hand job. I tried to get her to undress and she said that was $60. So maybe I could have fucked her for $60. To make a long good story short…the hand job was mediocre but the overall experience was very good. Her name was Jenny and her English is very limited. I will for sure take the return trip. They advertise in the Star Ledger.

Acupressure Therapy
On Rt. 9 North.
Provides decent service. There is a pretty girl named Penny who gives an erotic massage with her hair and another girl lets you eat her pussy. They also provide table showers as part of the regular service which is $60. The extras are dependant on how much you want to pay and you do get what you pay for. The building does have security cameras in the hallways 24 hours.

Asian Paradise
105 Route 23 South
Little Falls, NJ
$50/40 minutes. Basic, good quality massages, from cute girls who will get either nude or topless for the right amount of tips. Oral and manual available. Little Falls is a small town just west of Clifton and Passaic.

Heaven Is A Spa
230 Route 56 Little Ferry, NJ 201/229-0004.
$30/an hr plus tips. New Korean spa, has about 4 mediocre girls a shift. Well equipped, with a sauna, hot tub, large shower room and large lockers for the customers. Parking is good, in the back and leads to a discreet back door entrance but the massage are ordinary and the only thing you can get here is a lackluster hand job. One side of the building is for men and the other side is for women who can also get massages, this is more of a regular massage parlor than a sex parlor.

This place in Lyndhurst, NJ, provided me with one of the best experiences I’ve ever had at a massage parlor. They have between 4-6 very good looking women working there. The women are a good international mix. I guess they are trying hard to beat the Asian competition. They have some very good looking Caucasian and Hispanic women working there.

Their basic rates are $40/half hour and $60/hour. After the massage, when I clearly expressed interest in extras, I was offered $40 for HJ, $60 for top less and $100 for Full nude. I opted for $100. She got naked, got on top of me, let me feel her up all over and suck her tits. I tried a “tit fuck” but that didn’t get me off. She was happy to give me a HJ. I was clearly told no BJ and no penetration of any kind. Don’t know if frequent flyers get better deals or more options, but I certainly hope so.

I guess $160 can get you more at other places, but the quality of the service here was great and the women rated from 6 to 8. I would rather not give the name of the place here, in case this site is being staked out. You should be able to easily find it.

I had a very good experience in Lyndhusrt, NJ. I’m certain its the same place. To start with its VERY clean and has a nice oriental motif although there were no Asian girls there when I was. I was greeted very warmly by a mid to late 20ish Latina with a terrific smile, (turns out she’s from Argentina), named Paula. I paid $60 for a 40 minute session. She led me to a shower room where she gave me a robe, towels and a key to a locker to put my belongings. She told me what room I’d be in and that she would meet me there. Upon entering the room, she took off my robe and had me lay on the table offering me a choice of lotion or baby oil. I was a bit nervous which made her a little stand offish while she tried to determine if I was a law enforcement officer. Once she determined I was safe, she relaxed, as did I. (The tip off may have been my erection when she asked me to roll over to get my front massaged.) She then asked me if I wanted anything “extra” to which I inquired what was available. She said a nude hand job would be $100. I said yes to her offer and she got undressed, revealing dark brown nipples and a shaved bush. She was a bit “fleshy” but their website lists her as 155 lbs so she came as advertised. She was very patient and even stopped stroking me when I asked her to so I wouldn’t come too quickly and end all my fun. She allowed me to stroke, kiss and suck her breasts and even let me touch her pussy although I didn’t try to penetrate her manually. When I was ready to come she jerked me quite vigorously and milked my dick for every drop of semen. She cleaned me up and led me back to the shower room. She even gave me a big hug and kiss after I was dressed. All in all, $160 is a lot for a hand job but I did feel pampered. My guess is that I will go back there again.

International Delight
608 Ridge Road
Lyndhurst, NJ.
$50 3/4$ 60/an hr plus tips. About 8-10 girls on staff, including Americans Russian, Hispanics, Caribbean and European girls. Showers sauna shampoo, body rub and aromatherapy session available, manual release is possible with a tip. Open: l0a-lOp, 7 days. Located off Route 23 and close to Route 202, in a professional office building.
International Delight
608 Ridge Road
Lyndhurst, NJ.
$50 3/4$ 60/an hr plus tips. About 8-10 girls on staff, including Americans Russian, Hispanics, Caribbean and European girls. Showers sauna shampoo, body rub and aromatherapy session available, manual release is possible with a tip. Open: l0a-lOp, 7 days. Located off Route 23 and close to Route 202, in a professional office building.

Physical Studio
19 Cooper Avenue
Marlton, NJ
$40 1/2hr, $50/an hr. 2 girls a shift. M-S 10a-l lp & Sun 2-lOp. Swedish & acupressure massage, sauna and shower. All Asian staff.

A-1 Therapeutic
38A Main St.
Millburn, NJ
$50 1/2hr, $70/an hr.
Exit 143 off Garden State Parkway, appts. are required, busy place. No Jacuzzi, whirlpool. Tipping in $40-$50 range will bring you a satisfying session, either oral or manual release

The Days
23 Fairview Terrace. Rm #6
Paramus, NJ
60 3/4hr. FS is available for $100 tip.American and Hispanic girls in their 20’s.Only showers aval. In an office bldg. next to a dog grooming parlor. M-Sa 11a-11p. Closed Sun.

Asian Massage
Brooke Ave.
Variety of Ages, mostly 20’s. Table Shower. HJ$50
Nude HJ$60. You can choose hostess
$50/45min. $60/hr

That New Jersey format is very unusual. Bikini-type dances, no or little contact, minimal compensation.

63 Parker Ave, Passaic
This was one very strange place. They dance inside the bar, no contact. But that’s fine – you wouldn’t want to touch these women. One special touch: the owner, Boris, seemed to get off scolding his dancers. Got the only half-way attractive one to quit then and there. Young hispanic girl. She just couldn’t take his heat. With her gone, so was I.

Marcet Cafe
1011 Market St, Paterson
Friendly local dive with girls from the Dominican Republic. Though very limited English, they are good at the “Jersey Shuffle”, that unique approach to a bikini dance. If you are patient and are willing to spend a little (really, not much is required), FS is available on a “carry-out” basis.

Classic Therapy
McBride Ave.
Clean, Table shower and Sauna with massage.
Can choose, better if you’re a repeat customer.
$60/hr. Nice girls…older 30’s. Half/Half $100
Nude HJ $50

Body Works
Main St & Black Horse Pike
Pleasantville, NJ
$50/an hr. Table showers, about 5 girls on duty. Tips in $40 range can get manual but there are no reports or oral let alone full service. Rooms are small, clean, girls are cute. Open 7 days, 10a-12a. Located in the Adrian Lewis building, plenty of parking on street and in adjacent lot.

Korean Massage
412 Route 23 North Pompton Plains, NJ 973/531-8860
Rates: $60/an hr plus tips. Fairly large massage parlor, about 4 young, cute girls who give very high quality Swedish and Shiatsu massages. The use of the hot tub is included in the hourly rate and a manual release is always given at the end of session. Open 7 days, 9a to around midnight. Pompton Plains is northwest of Paterson.

Full Body Massage
486 Route 10 West Randolph, NJ 973/537-0866. Rates: $60/an hr plus tips. Place is unique in that it has only American and Hispanic girls, most age in mid-20’s to early 30’s. About 6-8 a shift. Looks range from very cute to very average. Tips in $80 area can get you complete service. Randolph is a small town adjacent to Dover and above Morristown. Hours: 10a-9p, 7 days

There’s a nice group of Asian ladies in a salon set on the second floor of a building in the industrial section, more close to Maywood. They are a real treat, and give the best service to loyal repeat customers. Complete acupressure session, girls usually not in to full service. You have to try your luck.
Fuji Salon
53 Woodland Ave.
Rochelle Park, NJ
$60/an hr, plus tips. Tips starts at around $25 and go up. 34 girls here are Japanese and the massages are really good aside from any sexual sessions on the side. Open 7 days, lOa-10p.

Beijing Therapy

Full Body 2 Prospect Ave. Rockaway, NJ 973/537-1997. Rates: 35 1/2hr, $50/an hr. Very attractive girls, seem to favor regulars when it comes to getting a sexual close encounter of the oral or manual kind. After two or three visits, once you are known, then tips in $30 range and up can get you pretty much what you want, but no full service has been reported. Located two blocks past a Burger King, you will see a sign out front, which says “Massage”, and parking is in the rear.
Rockaway Therapy
Full Body/Full Service 745 East Rockaway, NJ 973/627-8600. Rates: $50 1/2hr, $60/an hr plus tips. Basic rate gets a body shampoo, & hot oil massage. Girls are cute, friendly and not clock-watchers, seem happy to strip completely nude when the negotiations are out of the way. Located across from a World Gym and is reputed to be one of the best massage parlors around.

Harmony Massage
Intersection Rte 46 West & I-80 Roxbury, NJ 973/584-6936.
$60/an hr. Interesting place, mostly Oriental staff, but there are also some young cute American girls. A complete service session is more likely with the Oriental girls instead of the American ones. A good quality body shampoo and sauna can be had with the massage along with more sexual services for the right tips. Place is next to a gas station in the small town of Roxburg, which is just west of Morristown.

Asian Delight
Oriental/Full Body 29 Park Ave, near Route 17 Rutherford, NJ 201/460-8811. Rates: $60/an hr plus tips. Cute girls offering good quality, basic massages and oral, manual or complete service for the right tip. A no-frills place that has just the massage and extra sexual service. Located in a small building in a small shopping center. Hours can be flexible, call before planning to come over.
TMC Massage
Paterson Ave. E Rutherford, NJ 201/507-0441
Located off Rts. 20 & 17 near Meadowlands Arena. Hours: M-Th 10-9p; F-S 10-6p. $40 1/2 hr.; $80/an hr. Shower & steam at no extra charge. $40 cash door plus tips.

Asiatic Accupressure
Route 46 West and 5TH St.
Saddlebrook, NJ
$55/50 minutes, plus tips. Dark and sparsely furnished, the rooms are medium sized and this place is extremely clean with a large shower and medium sized session rooms. About 6 girls during each shift, usually in late 20’s and quite pretty. Are often clock-watchers however. Tips in the $50-$75 range will bring oral, manual and maybe full service. Hours: M-Sa, lOa-top and Su„ lOa-8p.

I went to this Massage parlor a couple of weeks ago. I said “damn let me treat myself to a nice massage.” I only like to go to Oriental massage parlors because I like shiatsu and only they do it right. I got to the massage parlor where the door was open. I walked in the girls said “who are you” I said “I came for a massage.” so one of the girls came to me and said Ok. Walked me into a room and told me to undress and give her $60.00. So, I did. She comes back and walks me to the shower room to give me a quick wash. I lay down and she washes my body from top to bottom concentrating on my ass and my balls and shaft. I get a little aroused and she smiles. I felt real good about this. We get to the room she says my wrist hurts so I can’t do too much. So, I make a suggestion. How about you let me fuck you and you suck me. She said “OK”. I asked How much. She said “how much you wanna give.” So I told her $60.00. She said “OK.” She took the money gave me a BBBj then she wanted to ride me without a condom I said “NO NO NO NO.” She said “I have no Condoms.” Luckily I carry a few just in case in my wallet. She slipped it on and started riding me faster and faster. She was very cute and her pussy was nice and tight. She wanted to scream with pleasure but, she refrained by biting on a towel on the table. I took her laying on her stomach on the table while I stood behind her. Her pussy was very wet and excited. She was shivering with the thrill of me fucking her from behind. I turned her around and put her legs together in the air while I fucked her. She had beautiful feet so I started sucking on her toes and feet she really went wild. So, I’m getting ready to Cum. I take my condom off like a porno star and came all over her furry pussy. She looked at me and smiled with pleasure and after we got dressed again she gave me a schedule of her work days and told me only to ask for her or she would not forgive me. It was a great experience but, I’m a man that likes to try different women for different experience. Something on my mind is telling me to go back because, it’s only going to get better.

Went to Oriental massage place on 37e, 3 days ago, just west of toms river. It’s one of the two listed in for south jersey. Opened until midnight, 60 for rubdown.
Rubdown was VERY good shiatsu. Girl was Chinese, nice face, average to pudgy body. Gave manual afterwards…nothing special. Got better manual at Kobe 88. Not sure if I’m going back….without better looking women anyway.
Studio R9
In Toms River.
Has a friendly girl but not so enthusiastic when she is servicing. Usually not more then a hand job and no showers.

On Rt 42. Visited here twice. First time impressed with cleanliness and authentic oriental furnishings. Nice atmosphere always helps. Annie met me and provided a nice table shower with some gentle play with the soapsuds on my favorite parts. Back in the private room, she would not allow me to touch her at all. Gave an average hand job. Second visit, went with Choi. Really active washing during table shower; played with my back door and generated quite a hard on. In the private room, gave really relaxing gentle massage, rimmed me and entered my back door as far as her middle finger would go. Great hand job. $50 plus $30 tip each time

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