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Estonia and Tallinn is a land full of beautiful and sexy, young girls with long legs. If you want to have a holiday and really relax. Tallinn is for you, everything is cheap in there but you have to be careful that you don’t get carried away. When you are shopping in the city you have a chance to admire these beautiful creatures from the bar and take a beer while watching. If you want to feel how these girls make love to you I can recommend few places.

These places are often for women around 20-30 years, they might often be students or housewives who want to earn few extra dollars while they enjoy themselves. Few of them are looking for western husband, while waiting for the right one they earn some money for traveling by •••••••. As one of the housewives said to me, I might as well get fucked outside and earn some money at the same time than wait for my husband to come home drunk and beat the •••• out of me before he fucks me. I enjoy sex more when I am working and most of the customers have bigger cock and they are better in using it than my husband is.

Besides MELVEKS lies another place called TULVES (SAUNA). It’s a nice place too and often the same girls are working in both of the places. It’s a little bit cheaper but the atmosphere is not as nice.

If you want to •••• a Lolita girl who is old enough, legal age is 18 in Tallinn, but looks like a neighbors daughter, this is the place for you. These girls do only straight sex with condoms, probably because of their inexperience, I haven’t met a girl who would take it in the A-hole but probably you might find someone for the right amount of money.

Tallinn has a lot of other places too, bordellos, they are more expensive and the best way to get to this places are by asking the TAXI drivers. Just be careful, TAXI drivers get paid from these places and you end up paying the bill. Use only the big Taxi companies, then you will be safe.

Thought that I’d give my review of a couple of establishments. First one is located at Makri 30-3, tel. GSM 053 966 442 and 055 950 306. To find Makri street go outside the main entrance to the SAS Radisson Hotel which is in the center of the city. As soon as you step outside the front door turn right follow the building, go past the casino and the bar at the end of the building. Directly ahead of you will be a short,narrow street. This is Makri street. The 3rd or 4th building on the right is number 30. It is a normal old wooden apartment building. Go around to the back of the building, it’s only 3 stories, go thru the door and up the stairs to the second floor. Knock on the door of apartment 3. Now you’re in, to just a normal everyday Estonian apartment. Ask for a girl by the name of Victoria. She’s about 170 cms and 53 kgs, nice firm jugs and clean shaven. She’s about a 6 or 7. She likes french kissing and is very oral and likes to ride on top. Don’t know, but don’t think that she’ll do anal. She uses a condom for everything. She’s 20 and a student at a local university. She doesn’t watch the clock much, OK a little bit but she is quite enthusiastic and for 300 EEK per hour you can get your nut as many times as you want. She speaks good English and enjoys her time with you. There are generally 3 girls on per shift. Victoria works every night after 17.00 until closing which is at 23.00. She also works every Saturday and Sunday. She is the only one that I’ve been with. Have met the other girls and they seem friendly enough.

There is another place located at Narva Mnt. 16-2. Tel- 6485 981 Used to be several nice providers here. They have since moved on. Went in to check out the girls last week. One about 40 years old and a sold 3, and the other one a solid 4 and 30 years old and about 75 kgs. Said no thanks and left.

Most of the local brothels, used by the locals are found in ordinary apartments. Nothing plush in any of them, but they are clean, secure and safe. You’ll never see any security in them, although the madams tell me that they can be summoned within a few minutes. They are all discrete as you rarely will see any other clients there as well. They will direct traffic amongst the clients so that you won’t see or be seen by another client. You will be able to shower both before and after the main event if you want. The girls are generally Russian and range from age 18 – 45, and from a solid 3 (see above), to 8’s with a rare 9. Most of the 8, 9 and 10’s hang out in the nightclubs and freelance out of them. There are always young girls 18 – 20 that are only working a day or two a week or for a few months to get some bills paid off. They aren’t in the business for long, so you can have more of a GFE with them. Many of the best “girls” are 25+ and are not the stunning lookers, but will give you the time of your life. It is a business for them and they are catching on that satisfied customers are repeat customers. If you want a good satisfying time the local brothels are the place to go.

There are other brothels in town, Morgan Club, Lily, Infant, Tuukri and Hotel Max among others. Most of them cater more to the tourist trade, which is mostly Finnish. They’ll charge 1000 EEK per hour, and the girls will generally be a little better looking than the local brothels. However, the girls will most assuredly be pressuring you to buy them a drink and will be watching the clock. Also many of them only give you one pop even though you’ve paid for an hour. Never have met an enthusiastic provider in any of them and have been to them all. Most of the girls there are very mechanical and are almost watching their watches over your shoulders – BORING!! One way though to save money, is to go to these brothels on your own. That means without a taxi taking you there. Lily is close to the Palace Hotel, just on the edge of Old Town for instance. If you get there by yourself, you can always go with a girl for 600 EEK per hour. I read where another poster said that the taxi driver would graciously wait for you for the hour and then take you back to where you were. Gracious, my ass! The brothel gives them a 400 EEK finders fee for bringing you in. If they can take you to several places they can make far more with the kickback fees than they can in fares. Tell the barkeep that you came on your own and ask what the rate is. All of the barmen and most of the girls are Russian. The barmen and some of the girls will speak passable English.

I have been last weekend in Tallinn, the old town is very nice. I stayed at the Rottermannii Viikinig Hotel, about 57€ and it seemed to be the cheapest to book via internet. The first disappointment was, that the taxi driver took 175 eek from the airport there (price according internet homepage 75 eek). Avoid Tuliksa Taksi !
Return it was 125 with other company.
When I was looking with Tuliksa taxi company for a “house of girls” the driver brought me to a private place which was not clean, the girls seemed to be drug addicts. When I refused he told me that better brothels are “a little bit outside” . he went to Piriti and the Club102 on the other side of the town, which was not bad, the girls cost 1000 eek /one hour (but 200 is for the taxi). At least the taxi cost me 650 eek including waiting time!!!!! The service there was quite OK and the girls average. Julia was very nice, but black haired.
In the last night I had the best idea: I went by myself by foot to Diana´s escort service (Lembitu 14-33) 100 m near Reval Olümpia Hotel, there is only the number, no name on the ring ! I heard a “da,da” (Russian: yes) after ringing the bell and the door unlocked, I went up to the 4th floor when a blond girl opened very friendly and gave me a choice of 4 girls, I took Diana , she offered me 30 min of finest oil massage, relaxing music and then I had turn on my backside and she started bj and a very fine fuck, all together a real full hour of finest service for only 500 eek (cheaper than the taxi before !!!)
Diana has a second salon: Liivamae 2-40 (phone 645 9567, the she-boss is Karina)
so be careful with taxis!

I was recently in Tallinn and met a wonderful girl named Maria. We had a very nice weekend together.
She have a website if anyone is interested to see.

Sexy dating advertisements from woman and men in Tallinn and Estonia.

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