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Contrary to popular belief, New Orleans is not the wide-open city many believe. With the exception of Mardi Gras, the city is pretty chaste, really. Don’t look for hookers on Bourbon Street. There you may find some action via certain bars and seedy strip joints but chances are much better that you won’t. If you do they’re almost always a rip-off. Burgundy Street, in the north end of the Quarter, is a dark narrow street at night and its lower numbered blocks sometimes harbor prostitutes. Beware, though, since many of these are transvestites. Don’t bother looking for the fabled legal red light district of Storyville, it closed in 1917 and was long ago leveled for a housing project (many tourists seem to think it still exists. Today more fertile grounds are found on Tulane Avenue (ironically, especially near Broad Street in front of the Criminal Courts Bldg!) and up toward Jeff Davis Parkway on Tulane Ave., also between Jeff Davis and Carrollton Ave., but you have to keep your eyes open; they are not abundant. It usually takes a couple of drives up Tulane and back to spot the hookers. Daytime, around dusk, is usually best, night not so great.

Another location is Airline Hwy. Around the motels beginning with the London Lodge area and at int4ervals for several miles going west. Often one must drive slowly into the motel court itself. The Circle K near the London Lodge is sometimes a hangout for prostitutes in the evening. Other occasional hot spots for street action: In front of Mason’s Motel on Claiborne Ave., along Baronne St. in the vicinity of Thalia and along toward uptown to Jackson Ave., and on Chef Menteur Hwy (not the safest area), where, again, one often must drive into the motel courts — slowly — and look around for cautiously emerging women. Always let the woman initiate any mention of sexual services and always ask if she is law-enforcement. Cops can lie but the lie can often be detected. There isn’t much street action in the Quater, on Canal, in the CBD, or in any heavily tourist-oriented areas. The police have done their jobs there. Escort services abound, however, and big hotel lobbies often become the base of operations for call girls during conventions and the tourist season. Watch for chicks on cell phones just hanging around. It is safest not to approach them, however — just call around to the services. Rates and services are pretty much boiler plate as in other cities. For street hookers the rates vary: I’ve had full for $30 and BJ only for $50. Average is full for $50. Most on the street are drug users but most do not require condoms and won’t have any. If you’re a risk taker, go for it, otherwise take your own!

Hey wassup! As for the street action its slow. But in some areas there is a little action. You can go in the French Quarters, OK they do have a lot of street walkers. Some of then range from 1 to 10. There isn’t a lot of 10’s around 1or2,but rest of them look pretty good. Now the thing is some maybe men so I hope you can tell them apart. Oh yeah and watch out for the police because they ride up and down the street trying to catch people. I don’t know the prices but I ask one lady and she said she charge $100 for bj and $100 for sex. but that was just one girl. I’ll try to ask around to get some more prices. I met this one girl and she charges $20 for bj and $40 for sex. I picked her up on St.Claude street and alabo street it was after 1:00 clock. She was a white chick I don’t think she was crack head because she was to organize and she was so good at giving bjs. They do have some other women out there but they are on crack

I recently had the great fortune to spend a long weekend at the Sheraton on Canal in New Orleans. My first night there I got tempted and went into Unisexxx on Bourbon street. I eventually got a hand job right there in the bar, but only after paying for the VIP room (I think I paid $200 by the time I was all done!)and being told it was closed. I was just glad to get my credit card back and leave! The next day, on the other hand, I had a fabulous experience. I visited the Bangkok Thai Spa right behind the Marriott (I think the street is called Iberville). I was a bit put off by the appearance of the building (I had never done this before), and worried a little about my safety, but when I finally got up the nerve to ring the bell, I was delighted. A beautiful 30-something Chinese lady with GREAT curves answered the door and asked if she could help me. I entered and inquired about the prices. It was $60 for a 45-minute massage, and more money for more fun. I asked if she was the masseur and she said yes. My eyes bugging out, I somehow managed to inquire how much for a handjob. She said another $60. That sounded high to me, but it was my first time and I was there and ready, so I agreed. We went upstairs and I got comfortable. Now I’ve had professional massages before, so I did the usual, stripped and put the towel over my butt. Well, that was off the instant she came in. But her massage was as good as any “certified therapist,” with the added advantage of her occasionally touching my cock and balls while she massaged my legs. When the massage came, she asked if I was ready for the hand job. I certainly was. With lots of baby oil, she was expert, and try as I did to extend the enjoyment, she made me cum rather quickly. After I shot a huge load all over myself, she cleaned it up gently with warm washcloths. It was really sensual, and I vowed then and there to visit her again!

My last day there I went by and rang the bell and asked for her. This time I had set my sights a little higher. After another great massage, she asked if I wanted to finish the same way I had three nights earlier (I guess she remembered me!). I told her no, that I thought I wanted a BJ. She said that would be another $100 and I said I only had $80. She said she would do that for me. I asked if she could take her dress off and she did. She even began by jerking my cock a little bit and then rubbing it between her gorgeous breasts. And when she finally took it in her mouth, oh my god! She was expert. I had jerked off that morning, only about 5 hours earlier, so that it would last a while, but her mouth was so good and moist that I could not hold back. As she slid smoothly up and down my shaft, I felt a huge cum building up. She never deep throated me, but it hardly mattered – it was so good! When I started to pull her down on me further, and buck and shiver, she just swallowed every drop with no hesitation. WOW! $140 is a lot of money, but it sure beat that ugly chick at Unisexx for about $200! Go see Lee at Bangkok Spa!

Bangkok Spa
In the French Quarter.
$60 at the door. $50 for a topless hj. Vietnamese lady, very cute. FS avail. Good handjob.

I recently visited Hawaii spa on Baronne Street in downtown New Orleans. I was greeted by a very attractive 26 year old woman with huge breasts. She took me in the back where she proceeded to give me a massage. For a small fee, she offered to take her top off and give me a handjob for $60. She had huge breasts which she allowed me to suck while she stroked me. I went back about 3 weeks later where I met her again. this time instead of the hand job she let me suck her breasts and then she stood me up and let me rub my dick up and down on her ass while I reached around and squeezed her big titties. I came all over her ass… only $60. Definitely worth it

Hong Kong Massage
On Chef Menteur Highway. 9000 block.
In a little shopping area and there is a strip club between two massage parlors. Hong Kong is on the right. $60 at the door. $60 tip. $160 FS. Good service.

Oriental Spa
On Canal and Dauphine, about three blocks of the quarter.
Thai girl, $66, table shower, BJ.

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