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I was recently in Lusaka on a business trip and had a chance to sample a few local delights. I stayed at the Holiday Inn along Church Road, a four star hotel with a bar and two restaurants. The girls who hang around the bar and outside the hotel are old hags, probably HIV+, and a waste of time. The same applies to the streetwalkers hanging around the Pamodzi Hotel, just across the junction. Avoid them at all costs.

Ask a cabbie to take you to Versus cafe at Makeni, along Kafue Road. Young girls, some just finished high school, most looking for a good time, frequent this place. The girls here are friendly, very sexy and like to go out with foreigners. It is quite easy to pick a good looking one and take back to the Holiday Inn. Also try the Alpha Bar at the Northmead Shopping Complex. The girls always hunt in pairs so one needs to make arrangements for the friend if you are taking one back to the hotel.

I got into a conversation with two girls at the Alpha, Linda (of mixed parentage) and Nisha (a black Zambian),went pub crawling (I had a hired car), played pool and ended up at Cosmopolitan complex, an open air bar, where one can sit in the car and have drinks. Linda who was sitting in the front with me suggested that we all get in the back, and with me in the middle between the girls, I had a fantastic time. Linda gave me an excellent blow job while Nisha watched. I put my hand inside Nisha’s shirt to play with her tits but Nisha without a word unbuttoned her shirt and let me have full access. Just imagine the scene! I took both back to the hotel (had to bribe the night security guard – who brought them to my room via the fire escape) and fucked them both with condoms of course. Nisha likes to watch!! She was licking and sucking my balls while I fucked Linda. Linda had beautiful large caramel coloured tits and Nisha smaller pitch black tits with sensitive nipples. Both loved having their tits sucked!! The entire adventure cost me around US$100 including the drinks, bribe & ‘donation’ to the girls.

These girls are good girls, looking for a easy way to make a living in the harsh economic climate currently prevailing in Zambia. Anyone who goes to Lusaka can easily get to meet such girls but please look after them – do not abuse their naiveté and sincerity.

The “London Bus” a pub/restaurant some 400 yards from the Holiday Inn (opened late 2000) is a good venue most nights but especially Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. By 9pm there will be at least 4 to 5 girls around the bar. Most are provocatively dressed with minis, tight pants and or low cut dresses. Most will have extensions in their hair to give them more of a European appearance. One particularly stunning girl who is there most nights is coloured (mixed race), as yet I have not tried her but I understand she is a good lay but charges much more than the other girls.

Another I can recommend is Stella. She is 27 a bit on the plumb side but good tits and gives a good blow job. I have been with her a few times and have had a good feel of her cunt and blowjobs with and without condoms. She is more expensive than average, I have paid her as much as K150,000 (US$40)If you are on your own a girl will come and sit next to you in no time. If you do not fancy the girl or are not interested, tell her. She might ask for a drink first but will go away.

They do not want trouble with the management of the London Bus who sensibly restrict them to about 6 girls per night. Most of the girls at the London Bus are attractive, they are not “street” girls and most are looking for a relationship rather than a one night stand. However if you want a quick blow job with or without a condom and a feel of cunt That is no problem. If you have a vehicle just drive her off to a quiet area of town (remember to keep the doors locked).

You can take them back to a hotel but security guards can be a problem, less so at the Holiday Inn if you first take then to Macgenty’s Pub at the hotel, then after a drink you will be able to get to your room without having to face security guards.

Last week I took Christy (from the London Bus) off for 45 minutes. We found a dark area in Woodlands, and parked. She gave me a nice blow job with condom. I felt her tits and then had a good feel of her cunt. She told me she is 21 and has a year old child by a Swedish guy who left last year. It cost me kwacha80,000 (about US$20) she had wanted more.

One of my favourites is a girl I pick up once or twice per month at the end of Katemo road. Her name is Carly. She had a Danish husband who left in 1999 who still sends her money from time to time to support the 2 year old child. Carly is a super girl and because I am a regular I usually get a nice blow job, sometimes with a condom and sometimes without for about K50,000.($13!)I always have a good feel of her cunt and I am usually able to make her cum. Carly likes sex! She says she sometimes uses a candle at home when she masturbates, but she does genuinely cum with me. About a month ago, when my wife was away I took her home. We had a really good fuck( with condom) and a while later she gave me a long slow blow job, no condom, and took all my cum in her mouth. As I had taken her home I gave her K100,000 that time.

There are still some reasonable girls hanging around the street, some outside the London Bus, and from about 7.30pm at the back of the Pamodzi Hotel also outside the Ndeki Hotel from about 10pm and finally late evening there will usually be two or three around O’Hagans Pub at the Manda Hill shopping complex. Take your choice, use a condom and you should not expect to pay more than K100,000 (about $27). Finally most of these girls will usually only go with white guys, some will go with Asians, but few will go with black guys as the local Zambian guy has a reputation of not paying and physical abuse.

A final point is good news for the older guy (50+) they perceive us as being a better bet in terms of money and need for a “quickie” but whatever do not pay at the very most more than US$50 or you will spoil it for us residents!

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