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To find very liberal Moroccan or Tunisian girls..go to Sicily where I live. I have found many in Catania and around. Generally not the best looking but are into anal very much. In Catania San Berillo I found a Moroccan girl with the biggest tits I ever seen. She loved anal play. After a few months of frequent visits she let me fuck her asse senza condom. She then invited her friend..a very nice Nigerian girl to help and watch. I was really turned on to see them writhing together. She puts like one liter of baby oil onto the Nigerian girl and boy did she glisten nice..and not only..her ass was so lubed I literally slipped into it and added extra lubricant…very nice experience. W
I did meet a Tunisian girl called Leila on the Catania-Gela road..she was nicely stacked and even spent a nice night with me.
Overall..not bad at all…no complaints.

Hi guys who like to have good sex! I am getting used to go a couple of weeks each year to Marrakech. Is a very nice city with a lot of sexy girls. Where to find them: in discos like “Diamant Noir – Hotel Marrakech” or “Paradise – Hotel Mansour” or “café boule de neige” or in Bar-Hotel El Andalous or in disco Hotel Atlas or in a lot of other places.

PLEASE, do not give more than 600 to 800 DHR (80$) to the girl, it’s already a lot, about half what her father would get per week! Some men give 1500 to 2000 DHR to the girls, it’s indecent first and these men are killing the market!! The best way is to rent an apartment (see on Internet, you will find a lot of places). In hotels the girl has to present a identity card and she hasn’t to be from Marrakech; you have to pay a room for the girl; some hotels (*****) do not accept girls!

Tips: never take a taxi together with a girl in the evening, just give your address and she has to come with an other taxi. Police is looking everywhere and if you go to jail you never knows when you will be out !!! Enjoy your stay in Marrakech, you will never forget it.

In Rabat the best place is Club Yasmeen. It has both an Arabic club and western club Entry into either is 100 DH. The quality of the girls in the Arabic club is better than the western club. Most girls in the western club are looking for rich Moroccans. There some other nightclubs you can go to but the most are very low in quality.

I was in Morocco working in 1990 for almost a year. Lived and worked in the capital of Rabat. Lived in a house with another guy who worked with me, the women were outstanding and only cost about $8.00 a night. We lived on the beach and there was a place at the beach with a restaurant and bar.
In the bar you would find around seventy five to a hundred women sit at the tables waiting for some action. There were only at the most about five to ten men in the place. All one had to do is go in the bar, find the woman that appeals to him, motion her over and then the rest was history. And there were allot of stunners there as well. The majority of the women had dark hair and a good dark complexion. Usually after you visited this bar for a while, you would have women showing up at your place that you didn’t even know everyday.
So you didn’t have to go out and find girls they would just show up at your door. This is a Muslim country but not as strict as the Middle East. The women there do wear short black skirts everywhere just like Europe. Bottom line we never ever had any problems finding girls it was sometimes a problem finding to many. Also the clubs are a good place to pick up women as well. And if you want to find the prettiest women, go to a town call Kenitra. It was a US Military base city at one time. And the soldiers left allot of the women pregnant because there are women with blond hair and blue eyes there and western features as well. I can’t comment on Agadair because I only spent a couple of nights there. But I found Casablanca was the same as Rabat concerning women.

A few things to know about Morocco :

1 If you get caught with a Moroccan girl by the police you will have to convert to Islam or marry her (and convert of course). This is not a joke !!! It has happened to French engineers who build the new mosque.

2 There’s no hotel who will accept you to take a girl in your room, SOME hotels will let you take a room for her (quite expensive). Avoid hotels like Idou Anfa, Royal Mansour (Meridien) or Ryad Salam, they don’t accept girls to take a room.

After this, you can have a lot of fun with local girls. The best place around is the “black house” at Hyatt. The girls are coming late (about 0h30). There’s some very beautiful and young girls. They are between 18 – 25 years old. Here, it’s a little bit more expensive than in other place but … Prices ranges between 1000 and 1700 MAD for the night (about 100 – 170 USD) but you have to add the price for her room. You can ask her to go to an apartment, it’s cheaper (about 200 MAD – 20 USD). Almost all the girls will provide you a sensational bj without condom.

You can find very nice girls in almost every night club. If you see a girl alone in night club there’s 99,9 % chance that you can take her for the night.

The best thing is to ask her to go in an apartment. If you want to take her to the Hotel you will have to book a room for her. Some hotels even will not agree to give her a room (like “Idou Anfa”). You can go to El Kandara (not expensive an they accept girls).

Another tip : buy your condoms beforehand, normally the girls expect you to have some.

In Casablanca the best places are the hotel nightclubs: the Hyatt, the Sheraton, the Safeer, and Anfa Valle. Each ranges from having 50 to 200 girls depending on the night. The Safeer and Anfa Valle hotels allow girls at an extra cost of 350 DH. At the Hyatt and Sheraton you have to bribe your way through the hotel to get them to your room.

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