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Salt Lake City I was in Utah over the holidays. There are usually lots of adds in the classifieds in the Tribune. I called Destiny at 2**-7040, and got a message to call at 733-****. So I did. She told me that there were 3 girls and I could choose when I got there. She told me to drive to the Sandy area ~ 6800s 3000e, and call from a payphone. I did, and when I called she said I had a wrong number. So I called again. Same thing. I tried from a different payphone and this time
she said she was busy, call back in 1/2 hour. I did. Again she said wrong number. Eventually I gave up and told her that I was going to post a bad review, so.

Anyway if Utah is the way it used to be then it can be tricky. If you go through an escort agency they will send a girl out. But she won’t even be able to take off all of her clothes. You sign a notice, then 24hrs later you can have an escort that will strip. But you aren’t guaranteed anything more. You’ll have to pay the agency fee each time ~$90/hour, then negotiate for more. Usually $200 for full service, if she’ll even do it. The best thing is to develop a relationship with one agency. Snow White used to be good but is no longer around.

There are 3 jerk joints. American Bush, Paradise, and Leather and Lace. American Bush and Paradise both have fully nude dancers onstage, for a cover of ~$20. Then you can have a private dance
with a girl for $60. Minimal contact is sometimes allowed depending on how much the establishment is hassling them. But mostly you just “”make yourself comfortable””. Leather and lace is the same but without the floor show.

The Adult scene in SLC, in a nut shell horrible. Its obvious if you don’t know somebody you are not going to find what you want. I made all the calls to the escort agencies some of them were very helpful some of them would put on their boyfriends or something and he would just be rude. Its true that SLC has a waiting period for full nudity, but some “escort agencies” said all they need is a name over the phone, any name, and then 24 hrs. later an escort would show up and model nude, kiss, cuddle, and caress. Prices were around 140/hr. plus tip. I did not opt for this due to a time constraint. Vogue services were very helpful Debbie totally explained to me how the Law works in Utah. She explained to me all the options I had. I could have an escort come and model for me @140/hr. +tip at that time I could “sign a release” and then 24 hr. later she would come back and be able to model nude @ 140/hr. +tip. She also mentioned that if I wanted to come downtown and sign that would be fine too. Again, the waiting period just didn’t fit with my schedule.

If your looking for published adult material, forget it. It seems one chain had a lock on the whole damn town and they had a horrible selection. They had some videos and DVD’s for sale. I imagine Utah has a Law for this as well allowing establishments to sell only soft core magazines and the like.

SLC has plenty of strip clubs but only two that I know of offered full nudity. I did a drive by on both of them. Paradise girls or something looked kind of rough so I kept driving. On the phone the girls were very nice prices were quoted as 20 cover, 40 for 20 minute private dance. American bush on S 300 W st. looked much better so I strolled in. Pretty basic setup with a half ass bar. Oh yeah, full nudity bars in SLC do not have liquor licenses so you’ll have to settle for a $2.00 Coke +tip. The girls danced on a small stage while the DJ acted like the place was just hopping or something. I was a little early I am sure but one girl told me it had been this way for awhile, something I could have guessed after the rest of my visit. I watched a few girls dance, kisses on the cheek were a plenty. A couple of them were very nice looking.

I opted to have a private dance with a short curly blond that had a pierced clit. Although I am tempted too I won’t name her since she told me, like a fool if you ask me, her real name is the same as her assumed name. She seemed very sweet on the stage. Her prices for a private dance were $52 for the house charge and then her fee was $75 for “some contact” and then $150 for “full contact”. Like an idiot I accepted, she seemed very nice. The room was extremely rough looking. She sat on a stool in front of a four foot high glass barrier which you are suppose to stay behind. She started the timer immediately and burned up time negotiating with me. I paid for the full monty since it was “full contact” in her words. Once I paid she told me that I could not touch everywhere which would have been impossible anyways due to the stupid glass barrier. She starts out with a very bad attempt at giving me a shoulder rub and just started firing the questions at me, where do you work?, what do you like to do?, I was getting very annoyed. Then the bombshell, I asked “so when are you going to get naked?” She tells me she can’t, guess what, another stupid State law. Seems they can only be on stage nude and not for private dances, wish I had been told that before I paid. To top that, I asked how much time do I have and she says “10 minutes but technically it ends in 7 minutes so I can put my cloths on”, She never took them off! As if she had to hurry out to the stage and dance to a empty bar. If you are so hard up that paying that kind of money to touch an average looking girl then I pity you. This post is my revenge and I hope it changes your mind. I promptly left. I am telling you do not go anywhere near American Bush on S 300 W street. Maybe I choose the wrong girl or the wrong time but she did not have a problem ripping me off right in front of me. She didn’t even do any dancing for me. She just sat there with her legs crossed and asked questions. I do not recommend American bush in Salt lake City. Save your money for another State.

As for the remainder of the partial nudity bars I highly recommend the Million Dollar Saloon. The atmosphere was upbeat and everyone that I met was nice. All of the girls were good looking some more than others. Most of them were small breasted but some had full natural breast that were most impressive. All the girls made a lot of eye contact with you while dancing. All of them thanked you, nicely, for your tip at the end of the dance. This one dancer was incredibly excited to be dancing. She whirled and twirled around the pole at an incredible pace. Most of the girls did a slow provocative dance, not this one. When she landed from a twirl her shoes would slam into the stage. It was kind like watching a gymnast.

At the end of the day I highly recommend spending your hard earned funds at bars like the Million Dollar Saloon, a private club, where a beer doesn’t cost a fortune and the entertainment isn’t amateur level. Stay far away from American Bush, maybe try Paradise if you really need to.

As for the street scene, I didn’t see any nor was I looking very hard. If you think you are going to hook up with some quality adult entertainment in SLC forget it. I guess you could say Utah has a gray area for this type of thing which totally screws it up.

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