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You will find all the action at the Suva Post Office. There are many nice looking girls and the prices are quite cheap as well. Starting from $15 Fijian to $50 Fijian. ($1 Fijian = 45 cents US)

Things have quieted down since last years coup ,but still plenty of fun available though don’t expect it to be like Bangkok on Friday night. Street walkers tend to hang around the main post office ,and the park next to McDonalds, some very attractive some awful. There was a police crackdown on prostitutes while I was there but it shouldn’t take long to get back to normal.

On the main strip bars worth a visit include Lucky Eddies, Golden Dragon ,Signals ,Traps etc.Chequers is a bit too rough and you are likely to get mugged in the Club 2000 area. Tried Laucala Beach but was advised by the taxi driver not to hang around as it was not safe ,I’m not going to argue with local knowledge.

For a good time in Suava ,head for a bar ,pick up an amateur looking for some extra cash, treat her well and you will have a good time. I got a beautiful companion for F$70 per day including all night.IMHO you are better off with an amateur looking for a good time and some extra cash than a hardened ,possibly diseased and drug addicted street professional out to rip you off. I like to be in control and take the girl back to my place, plenty of cheap motels named in the other reports. Obviously keep all valuables hidden.

Lots of beautiful women ,Indian ,Fijian and light skinned asiatic featured Polynesian beauties. People very friendly ,no problems with the police, AIDS yet to take off in a big way. What are you waiting for?

Ni sa Bula. Following the last Fiji review, I was not optimistic about finding action in Suva during a recent visit in June 2002. But things seem to have changed for the better again. I wandered down to the waterfront behind the Post Office at about 8pm (a bit early for street action in most places), more for an after-dinner stroll than anything in the circumstances, but a group of four or five women were openly approaching males for business. Quoted F$50, I didn’t bother bargaining.

Most of the girls seemed in the dark to be ethnic Fijian, not so hot, but there was one young Fijian-Indian mix, “Lili”, 19, very petite (my current preference), pretty and a nice smile. Worked as a machinist in a garment factory by day. No condoms on her, a security measure I guess, so we drove first to a motel (I think the name was Penicutt Motel) where they can be bought after hours. There are rooms available there for F$10 an hour, looked a bit seedy but probably OK, all the girls (and taxi drivers) seem to know it. Then on to my hotel.

The whole thing was a bit of a fiasco, but Lili was cute and I am a pretty relaxed person… She disappeared into the bathroom for a long and thorough shower, returning wrapped in a towel to announce that she would “massage, suck and fuck”. Massage was one of those ‘get it over with’ efforts, clearly her mind was on other things. I passed on the suck, never see much point through a condom. Throughout, Lili seemed nervous and new at the game. Asked if she worked nights often, she said no. Dead keen to try what must surely be a tight little box for such a tiny and sexy bum, so I asked her to go on top so I could see her little body working. But she wouldn’t, saying it hurt her stomach to take a cock from that angle.

So I went on top, and entered slowly. It just didn’t happen. She was tight, that’s for sure, but also in pain (or did a good job of looking like it), and winced and groaned as I edged inwards. I don’t make a habit of causing pain when I make love, so after about 3 minutes of this I suggested (what a bloody wet blanket) that we try something else. I licked her for a while, which she enjoyed until she came, tensing up and shifting around as I tickled her clit and sucked her pussy lips. Then ended up having an average handjob. I still fantasize about filling her up to the hilt, but I guess some fantasies are better never fulfilled.

So, came over myself, Lili seemed pleased/relieved, and ducked off to the bathroom. Well, at least she has the mop-up under control. But no! She showers for five minutes (me marooned on the bed half angry and half laughing), then reappears fully dressed and ready to go. I finally got cleaned up and asked if she at least wanted to sit and chat for a while. But no, she was off. I walked her back into town, she said she was off to see her grandmother (parents both dead) and have dinner, but she looked to me like she was off back to her mates on the waterfront.

So, long way of saying that the crack-down seems to have relaxed a bit, but the girls are a bit hit and miss. I also heard many stories about disproportionately high AIDS rate in Fiji, so can only echo earlier posts’ advice to take it carefully. And if you find Lili, hope she’s learned the arts of the trade

A few working girls can be found at the bar at Hotel Metropole. A brothel is located not far on the hill at Renwick road. Going rate was about $10, all night if you were nice to the girl and treated her well. Looking for local non-pros go to a place called Lucky Eddies on Victoria and Macarthur streets.

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