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Had an amazing time in Myanmar, Yangon. There are basically only 2 places to meet working girls. Both are bars. One is called the Equatorial and the other is called Asia Plaza. Both places reminded me of Bangkok. The Equatorial has incredibly beautiful women, and is where most of the foreigners hang out.

As soon as you walk in the door you are ambushed by the young vixens. Prices range from US $30 – $50 for all night and into the morning. I settled on $45 for the first woman, and her friend for an additional $30. A nice BBBJ.

You’ve got to be careful since the girls don’t care whether or not you use a condom for f/s. Many times with many different women I had to stop them and tell them to wait until I had a shield on. Although I enjoy a condom less BJ.

Asia plaza is where the locals go. I prefer it much better because I was always the only white dude in there…so I had the pick of the place. The girls seem to enjoy US currency over the worthless Kyat. Girls are beautiful and prices are from 20-40 dollars. 40 dollars being charged for a goddess for 24 hours. There is a small cover charge at both places…when you sit down a girl will always come over and sit with you. They are aggressive. If you don’t care for that approach, just keep sending them away and after 20mins or so they’ll stop coming by. If the girl sits with you awhile and you decide not to keep her, you are expected to tip her 1000 kyats ( 1-2 dollars). It is no problem to take any of the girls back to any hotel. I have stayed at all 5 of the 4-5 star hotels the many times I was there and it was never a problem. Trust me, you will find working girls no where else in Yangon.

Try the bar at Kandawgi Palace Hotel at Kan Yeik Tha Road. I met 2 sisters (USD10/each) last year and had a good time. The hotel charges USD20/ per guest.

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