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Tokyo Spa
I don’t know the exact address, but its on the road between I-25 and the airport (on the right side as you’re driving to the airport). Parking and the entrance is in the back. There are three MP’s that are jointly owned in Billings, Montana, Great Falls, Montana and Casper, Wyoming that all go by Tokyo Spa (or Sauna). The girls rotate between parlors, and are mostly from Korea or Japan on temporary work visas or have American fathers and Korean mothers, so you may or may not see the same girl in six months. I have gotten full service at ALL of these MP’s. Of course HJ’s and BJ’s are available, if that’s what you’re into. At times there is only one girl available, but generally at least two are around. You don’t necessarily have to take the girl that meets you at the door. Girls are mostly in their 20’s, but range in age from barely legal to 35 or so.

I had the mamasan in Casper try to be my girl one night, and she even dropped her top to expose her tits (almost scared me to death), but she brought me a young girl when I threatened to walk out. The girl gave a good massage and enthusiastic full service.

It has been a little over a year since I was last in Casper, but I believe the massage was $40 for 1/2 hour or $60 for an hour. An $80 to $120 tip will get you full service, depending on the girl and your bargaining skills. Never pay what is asked. I try to never pay over $100.

This review is for the Astro Bar and Lounge at the corner of Pilot Butte and 9th street in Rock Springs, Wyoming. (822 Pilot Butte) Overall I give the Astro a passing grade. We’ll say C+…. I’m an ex-employee, and this is the info I have: As for prices, I do not know….the disc Jockey’s aren’t allowed to date the dancers! (That’s BULLSHIT, MAN!) For the most part, while employed there, I only saw one girl who should NOT have been on stage. Way scary!

Good Points: Going early when they open (noon) guarantees low “dancer to customer” ratios, plus the first dancers get off work earlier. The girls are rotated in from Utah mostly. Usually Salt Lake City or Provo. Not all girls will “accept” propositions, and you shouldn’t be too “open” about asking, but it would seem most are amiable. USE CAUTION IF YOU ASK THE BARTENDER OR THE DISC JOCKEY! George tries to hire bar-help that will discourage “moonlighting” by the dancers. Not all the bar-help are hip. The dancers are booked for one week and are usually back within 3 weeks. You can call the bar at (307)-382-9876 and they will gladly tell you who is dancing that week. One to watch for, although not a fantastic looker (I would rate her a “6-7”) is a girl who calls herself “Pandora”. She WILL play for pay, and she’s local and should be easy to find. (Rock Springs is small). The girls don’t have to wear pasties, but this bar is a ‘no touch’ bar. If the bouncer is looking elsewhere you can grab handfuls, and some of the gals will let you. The corner they do the table dances in, is very dark and hard to see. If you watch the bouncer at the same time, you can get away with a lot.

Bad points: There tends to be a lot of fights in this bar. Doesn’t matter whether it’s Saturday or Wednesday, the cowboys here like to scrap. Seating can be SRO on some nights: Whether it be Saturday or Wednesday as well… Sometimes, once an evening, the local constables stop in. (because of the fights)Most girls won’t talk to you unless you buy them a drink or tip them on “pervert row”. Many of the girls are using drugs (methanphetamine is BIG here), so that can help or hinder your visit depending on your own personal tastes. The parking lot ALWAYS has broken beer bottles in it, so park on the street or surrender your tires. Also, do not park directly in front of the bar, as many vehicles get bottles busted on them, get “keyed”, etc…The girls must stay at a local motel, the bar owner owns. Best to have them come to you, as they are not allowed visitors in they’re rooms. If yer lookin’ to get laid in Rock Springs, this is the place to start

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