Strip Clubs

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Strip Clubs

Club USA
Beer $4-5
American and Asia women dancing
Lap dances $1
Lady drinks $20
Private dances in back room with a lock $100-200

Club Vikings
Bar girls
Drinks $5.00
Mainly Military

Head toward Haganta te get to Cosmos.
Beers $4.00

Live Shows
5PM-2AM Weekdays
4AM on Weekends
Massage parlor on premises

Fantasy World
Stripper Show Club
Open until 2AM
American girls
on Marine Drive next to Chuck’s Steak House

Naked and Famous
Drive toward Big Navy just past McDonalds to Naked and Famous.
No private rooms

Paradise Club
Open 5PM-2AM

Opens at 6PM

Tourist Club
Strip club and massage parlor.
$50 for full service 30 Minutes.
Located next to Rotary Sushi and Barbecue Bar

USA is owned by the same people as scores but its a better place and almost always crowded. Each have $3.00 beer specials there. The girls in USA are definitely porn quality girls but do not think you are going to score here without paying $$$.

There is no cost to get in and the cost for a beer is $4-5 depending on the club. Almost all the girls are American but there are some Asia women dancing but not many. Lap dances are for just $1 and if you want to have a girl sit with you it is $20 a drink. Most clubs have 6-7 dancers and 6-7 non dancers that will sit with you. Private dance in a back room with a lock on the door can go for $100-200 depending on the club and the lady. I have pumped several non dancers at Club USA for $150 in the back rooms. I have never pumped a dancer but there is always time.

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