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The number of Massage Parlors has increased the last few years in Oslo. If you go to a high class parlor you will find very nice girls, often students. The prices are high, if you want it all. Keep away from the places driven by foreigners, they are a rip off!! You probably want a nice Norwegian girl instead of an shabby foreigner also. DO NOT pic up girls from the street, they are ugly like hell and on drugs.

There are also some girls who work in private apartments. Some of them are nice, but they are really busy, and are often a rip off.

One of the best Parlors is found in Fagerheimsgata 20, named Clinique Sun Touch!! And in Munkedamsveien 65b you will find Baltazars Budoar, a high class place!! In Munkedamsveien 69 it is a place driven by foreigner, a really dirty place!!

Try the area around the SAS Hotel. Many beautiful girls for 30-40 US.

I tried a foreign street girl in September. I was driving down Nedre Vollgate, but saw only drug-addicts and older hookers. Then I started to drive downwards Rådhusgata and immediately spotted 2 young foreign girls standing by the street. I stopped my car, negotiated the price for a “quickie” to 500 kroner for normal sex. The young, Caucasian girl from Albania directed me to an empty parking area. We took off our clothes and moved to the rear seat in my station wagon. She would only allow my cock inside her in the normal/missionary position. As she spoke French, communication was very difficult…
I tried to change position so I could fuck her from behind, but she refused and probably cursed me in Albanian or French! So I just had to finish on top of her, hoping that her hygiene was satisfactory (of course I used a condom!). It was maybe worth NOK 500 (app. $70), but next time I’ll visit one of the many private apartments instead.
There are a constant flood of fresh Baltic girls (very young & beautiful, 18-20 years) coming to all the big cities of Norway this autumn/winter. You’ll find advertisements in the “Søndag Søndag” newspaper that is published only on Sundays. You can also find all the information about the different girls (pictures/prices) here: (only in Norwegian, sorry).

In Norway you can buy a magazine called “Kontakt” (can be hard to find for a foreigner but in all sex shops it is). There you see pictures and phone numbers. This girls are working from private apartments and take from 200-250$ for 1 h. Some girls are really nice, but extremely professional. Another newspaper is a must, its calld “søndag søndag” and means Sunday Sunday. It comes out every Sunday and have small pictures and phone numbers to the girls. There is some girls from east-Europe among Norwegian and some black woman too.

Then you have the Massage Parlors. The one in Fagerheimsgata 20 is closed but opened in Vogtsgate 26 (Phone +47 23230087) take a look

The best is probably Baltazar in Monkedamsveien 65B (Phone: +47 22832505. www.baltazar
Those places have a minimum cover, about 50$ and for full service you need 255$
So norway is not a good bargain!
All the parlors do escorts. But that cost more

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