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I went to my first Oriental MP 25 yrs ago this august. I was 19 and a friend and i were in college and read an article in a magazine about the best places in the USA. Our first opportunity, we drove to LA and were hooked!
Though it’s been 25 yrs, i have learned the most in the last 5 yrs!! first let me say i am not a casual visitor of MP’s. It is something I enjoy very much and as they have taught me what is actually available and just what “good” really is, I always try to get my money’s worth. (now i compare other leisure time money spent to a trip to a good MP. my friend and i will say, “hell,we could have gone and seen ‘Michele’ tonight for the money we spent at the sushi bar.”)
I go for three reasons:
1. there is a great nervous feeling to being in an MP that i liken to riding the best roller coaster in the world. kind of scary and i think this should be relished.
2. the possibility for great/ fantastic sex.
everyone has their adjectives and they end up being pretty subjective. In general i don’t like throwing adjectives around but great and fantastic can easily describe some of my experiences (easily 7 or 8 Korean women from MP’s make up my all time Top 10 list – this includes girlfriends, married women, etc). I could go into great detail, and maybe will at a later date, but don’t want this to get too long (but it will).  (I “test” my perceptions of either a particular girl or of the MP itself by sending my friends there to get their opinion of my opinion- they are counting on me to set it up for them and to make sure they have a great time! If I sent a buddy into a place and it was ordinary or only so-so you can imagine how much abuse i would be in for! every buddy i have sent into a MP raves about it.
usually they will call me from their car as soon as they have left the MP and sometimes even call me from the massage room with the girl there! (as i probably know her pretty well and in those cases the girl has a great attitude).
3. “vicarious sex” – I get off on the woman getting excited!!! mechanical, unfeeling sex is not for me. yes, the Korean woman i go with in a MP love sex! (*i am not saying all MP girls love sex, i am saying i only try and find the ones that do!) I am not cheap and neither are the MP! I seek out value. I am not made of money and i am not going to just throw away what little i have for ordinary sex (especially when there is fantastic sex to be had!).

Here are some thoughts from my experiences:
1. most of the MP i have enjoyed have either “oriental” or “acupressure” in the name.
Shiatsu is a formal type of massage and i have never,repeat never had any type of sex in a place with shiatsu in the name or sign on the building.
2. the better (better refers to how far the girls go in a MP) MP’s are in the more run down cities. usually they have an unwritten policy, hand, oral or all the way. i only go to the ones that go all the way. they probably operate with very little hassle by city officials and you will generally find several in that town.
3. prices – I go for only the 30 min (on a new untried and un-recommened girl) or 45min on one I like or that came recommended by someone i trust and have used in the past (i.e the mgr / mamsan).
usually, these prices are 45/50 for 30 min and $60 for 45 min.(u don’t need to pay for 1 hr!)
4. tips – the girls i have enjoyed never asked for money up front in any way. some girls (that i haven’t enjoyed) will ask it directly or more generally in “you will pay me?”
5. MY Goal – to avoid the girls that are NOT in teh very good to fantastic range(for this to happen in my opinion they have to love sex).
6.TIPS – as a rule I count on $20 – $50 dollars.
a girl that had an attitude and or was mechanical and no customer service abilities I will tip 10.00, but these are rare as my goal is to avoid them. i have tipped 60 a few times and 80.00 twice ( to a regular that was outstanding and rang my bell – and my friends!). I have had girls that were very popular and guys asked for them a lot. these girls i only tipped 50.00 and they didn’t ever complain and they were easily among the best. after you get to know them u can ask them what they expect and the ones i really liked always said the same thing “don’t worry about it.” I also look to see if a new girl counts the money in front of me. rarely will one of the better ones do that when i have been there. they know they can take care of you and thus you and your friends will be back! one time the mamasan told me she had a great girl starting in a few days and said i would really like her. i was her first customer at 10am on her first day! she was outstanding but when i gave her 60.00 she went thru the roof!!! she expected well over a hundred dollars and when i left the mamsan asked if i was ok (you could her the girl screaming).
the mamasan knew and still knows what good customer service is! she is more worried about me coming back then her girl being pissed about a tip.
7. Showers – all the ones i go to have showers. I use them and they kind of expect you to. also, if you want the experience to be fantastic the girl will be a lot happier knowing you are fresh. in addition, Koreans are the masters are oral anal. it is a little of an acquired taste but after awhile it is the caviar of sex! the girls that are good at it are something special. therefore, clean everywhere!
8. the approach –
A. One of my regular MP’s – i know either the girl or the mamasan and therefore am going for 45 min ( if i am trying a new girl the mamasan that i like knows my taste and will pick one out for me – she always has done a great job at this and always promises “your money back if you don’t like ‘Jane’.”) have clothes that are easy to get out of – comfortable slacks, prob no underwear and i like to wear thongs into the MP so i (and the girl) don’t have to deal with the smell of socks after a long day at work. the girl rarely sees how you dress when you come in(only when u leave). since it is 45 min and say the price is 60.00 i will carry a 50.00 and a 20.00 to pay the mamasan. the mamasans are usually older (40’s and 50’s) but can be playful and very sexual (though they also try to respect they are now in the girl’s territory). so, she now has to come back with change (10.00) and at that point i am naked inf front of her! i have gotten oral, hand jobs, french kisses or just some grab ass. kind of adds a little to the fun. I then then take a shower and wait, anxiously, for the girl to come in (though she may be doing nothing when u come in sometimes it takes awhile for her to come into the room!). when the girl comes in i no longer wait for her by laying on the table. i have taken my time drying off and as she walks in i am right in front of her. if she is new then she gets to see who i am (they seem to want to see your face) and a better idea than of just seeing my back when lying on the table. i also get a better view of her.
9. Massage – none of the girls i like ever gave me a traditional massage. that is not what i am there for, the clock is running and the good ones know it! not always,but many times this is a way for a girl to be able to stall and not get down to sex till the last 10 min. not my type of girl!! i am looking for a girl that, within the first 5 min, goes into a sensuous “soft” Korean massage. that is by using the finger tips ever so lightly over your entire body! outstanding! after the soft massage i am looking for oral anal. after that is finished the girl will tell you to turn over. in the last two years i have stopped “turning over!!!” i now tell the girl to lie down so i can massage her (remember, i am into vicarious sex and want to see her get excited). i do basically what i have described above including oral anal. after a long time!!! i tell her to “turn over” and then go down on her. a girl that loves sex (my type of girl) will probably be very excited already from the oral anal so going down on her will hopefully put her into orbit. many other things can and do happen but getting the girl excited helps set her up for french kissing (something i also want to do with her). if she is enjoying herself she is more responsive to this and some have almost choked me from shoving their tongues down my throat. (one actually split her lip ramming her mouth into mine!) (NOTE: i have never caught anything at a MP – yes,blood test recently- and sometimes dont use a condom).
B. 30 min visit – this is probably a place i haven’t been to in a while or am new at. no way i am wasting 110.00. 30 min for 45.00 and 20-40 for a tip, only!! if it is that good i will be back anyway.
10. Nationality – Korean, Korean and Korean. only those three and nothing else, tried it, been there, some were good but with a Korean you have the very real possibility of perfection and heaven. No other nationality has come close nor in my top 25 MP girls is there anything but Korean. (i am not a guy that is only into oriental women)
11. Mattresses – a few places have at least one mattress and one i use to go to had all mattresses. these are hugely better than the massage tables.
12. familiarity – whatever you can do to “sell” familiarity with a MP the better off you are. usually it takes a while for a girl to get comfortable with you if they 1. don’t know you and 2. know u haven’t been to that particular MP.
sometimes they don’t get comfortable at all.
ideas to “sell” comfortability: if you have only been to that place a long time ago say something about the place that lets the girl know u have been there before (no, “i have been here before” does not work). “is the room with the mattress open?” “i use to go to Jade’s Massage Parlor down the street (if there is really a “Jade’s).
or, “is Michele working today?” (every MP seems to have had all the common names at some point.)
13. AGE – i RARELY go with a girl under 28 and usually am with a girl 32-38! the young ones are cute and almost irresistible but just don’t have the experience and or have developed the love of sex that a girl in her thirties has. that is just my opinion from my experiences. ( a few weeks ago i had a pretty good girl. said she was 32 but from my experience i would say she was 38-40. face very decent but her figure was outstanding, great skin and she loved sex. i have had 22 yr olds that enjoyed sex but didn’t have the experience at pleasing or wanting to please a man. one was 23 and actually i saw her for two yrs. terrible at massage, fantastic mouth but would only do oral for less than one minute as she didn’t enjoy it. however, she loved receiving oral anal (said no one ever did it to her before, she thought it was too nasty but those were only words as she would just loose it when i gave her oral anal. she did love intercourse (you doing it to her of course) and would orgasm 3 time in a session! her head and neck would literally turn purple!)
14. time of day – best time???? when the door opens on the first day of the work week for the girl. lets say the girl you like only works sat and sun. the MP opens at 10 am. you are going to be there at 9:55am on sat!!! these girls see several guys a day and get worn out,have bad experiences, etc. being the first guy in her work week has done well for me and made the session better.
15. Dating – tried to many times! have only dated one and one other i turned down (but now maybe regret). one girl told me guys gave her phone numbers all the time. true? There are some ideas from my experiences. you probably have some ideas yourself. where are the good places? i always thought that was something you should not put on the internet. i have seen it affect girls and it seems to be taking a chance on getting you favorite MP closed down.
some people are just visiting but i live here and don’t want to screw up a good thing.

This is about the best bachelor party i have ever been to:
a good friend was getting married and thus a bachelor’s party was at hand. there were about a dozen guys that were close and still are. yearly we have a get together that is always a lot of fun. we all dress up in tuxedos (a bunch of guys dressed in tuxedos showing up in a bar gets a lot of attention), hire a limo and then start in Hollywood and work west thru Beverly hills, hitting the bars or hotel bars we like. for the bachelor’s party someone in the group came up with the idea of interviewing and hiring an escort to go along in the RV and basically hit the bars that we do on our yearly get-together.

one of the guys has his own company and interviewed the girls first by phone and then in person in his office. one 22 yr old named angel made the first cut and came in for an interview. she couldn’t have been nicer. in addition, my buddy had his wife in his office and his wife took the girl into the bathroom to checkout and verify the quality of the goods. Angel got everyone’s stamp of approval.

now up to this point i only knew of the idea and wasn’t part of the actual organization. the night of the party everyone showed up, we had 12, 1 designated driver, the groom and the balance made 10. angle cost 500 for the night and the 10 of us split the 500. i heard good things about angle but had not met her myself and she was to meet us at the first bar of the evening. angle showed up on time and she was adorable, 5-8,blonde and very sexy with a “girl next door” look. she wore a slinky short dress that looked very nice and sexy on her but without her looking like a whore. a big plus was she had a great attitude and was mature for 22.
right from the beginning she knew what she was there for and on our drive between the first and 2nd bar things started happening between the groom and her in the RV. she had toys and knew how to use them and enjoyed using them.

for the most part i love DATY and it wasn’t long before that happened. up until this point no one had done anything to take care of angle’s needs as she was on the job giving other’s attention. anyway, i got the surprise of my life. not only was this woman multi-mutli-orgasmic she also squirted when she came!!!! in the time i was down there she came 5 times and i was soaking wet! it was hilarious and i got off on the excitement she was having. the whole night was great and at one bar, that we regularly go to each year on the limo party, the owner of the restaurant/bar was an older man and always remembered us. anyway, the bouncers wouldn’t let angle in as she didn’t have an ID so she stayed in the RV with the groom while the rest of us went into the bar. the mgr noticed and recognized us and came over. we told him what we were doing that night and though he was in his 70’s he was excited by the theme of our party and wanted to go out to the RV to meet angle. we walked him out to the parking lot and introduced him to angle and she immediately put her arm around him and made him feel welcome. needless to say angle did not need an ID to now get into the bar!

the night continued and was great. at the end we went back to a friend’s house as angle agreed to get into the Jacuzzi with us. it was now about 3am, angle takes off her clothes and lays on top of the water in the middle of the Jacuzzi while we spin her around, taking turns. it was great while it lasted!! about an hour later we found out the hard way that our buddy had not been regularly servicing his Jacuzzi. angle’s hair went from a beautiful blonde to a wicked green!!!
at first she started crying and then she got extremely upset with what had happened to her hair. actually, i could not blame her. it was too bad the party ended the way it did but i still have great memories of that night and how genuine and nice angle was. if i had to organize a bachelor’s party there is no doubt on how i would go about it!

Work took me to LA last month and I thought I would check out the action here, however, thought would be careful due to the “law”.
I had checked out some strip clubs on the web and decided to try the Blue Zebra on Lacy street near my hotel just off Highway 5 & 110 north of Downtown, Taxis seem to know of the club.
I arrived at the club at about 20.00 on Saturday night. It cost $25 to get in which included a free topless dance plus the first drink for 1$ (soft only as this is a nude club).
Sat and watched the grils for a while and they were a mixed bunch, some were stunning (ecstasy in particular 10 in my eyes)others normal 6 – 8 or worse. At this time of night there was more talent than customers and some of the girls came over and chated without pestering for a lap-dance which was nice.
Tried some lap-dances later on, topless $15 & nude $30. Esctasy’s moves got me hot under the collar and elsewhere too!
Went back a couple of nights later, Tuesday, and the crew on then were not as hot. Only two really good looking girls on that night while I was there, Jane, I think, a lovely blond who looked like the girl next door and the lovely esctasy. Had nude lab dances from both and returned to my hotel quite hot under the collar again. After the evenings entertainment could not consider sleep without some “relief”. Arranged for a 1 hour outcall with Escorts Unlimited who were in the yellow pages. Booked a blond but an afro-carribean arrived about an hour after promised but it was short notice so I was prepared to give them the benefit of the doubt!
Normally I am not keen on this type of girls but she was slim and had a nice small and firm pair of tits. We both got “comfortable” and she gave me a good massage and we progressed to other fun, no rushing out after the event either.

I thought I would give the agency another chance the following night. Phoned in the early afternoon to arrange for another girl. This time thought I would like an asian, as this is one of my failings. However, the arranged girl did not arrive on time, again nearly an hour late, nor was she Asian. Well they were only a day late, this one was blond! Nice chaty girl but wanted additional money for some “extras” and decided not to put out and just had the massage.
The moral of this story is agencies don’t always delivery what they promise, what a surpise.

I’ve lived in the LA area all my life, and only recently have I tried escort services. With my several experiences, I’ve found that incall is a much better deal over outcall services! In mid-May I tried an escort service I found in the yellow pages as did you, I asked for a Vietnamese girl hoping to have something a little different then the Chinese girls I was seeing in Monterey Park and in San Gabriel. I had planned well in advance, calling one agency after the other asking all the same questions, finally deciding on the one that seemed the most pleasant to deal with! Of course they were totally agreeable and they had all that I asked for, but in actuality, I got screwed! But not in the way I had hoped for though… First of all “my date” arrived 45 minutes late, then she didn’t bother to offer up any excuses nor did she apologize, but she sure wanted the $160.00 bucks I agreed to pay for “all inclusive services!” As soon as I handed her the cash she counted it, then she handed it out the door to her driver. We retired to my bedroom for some action, so I had hoped! She wasn’t even Vietnamese, although maybe in part, I think she was mostly Caucasian. She was wearing blue jeans and sneakers, a thick wooly sweater, and a heavy ski jacket. Sure it was a cool evening, but I figured she’d remove her jacket once we were in my bedroom! She asked me to remove my clothes and to get comfortable, so I did. I asked her if she wished to get comfortable, she did not! The jacket never came off either! She just wanted to get started with a light massage, but after about 30 seconds, she stopped and asked how much of a tip I was prepared to give her! I said, “say what, what you talking ’bout girl?” She laughed and explained that she gets anywhere from $500.00 up to $5,000.00 for her “services.” I told her I was prepared to tip her about $20.00, that’s when she stopped laughing. HA, she was pissed! I told her I paid for “all inclusive services” so tipping was up to my discretion, but she filled me in on the little secret, and well, I was in no way interested in playing her little game so I asked her to leave! I asked for my money back, then she started to cry, but I only wanted my money back so I could head up to San Gabriel to get what I knew I could get for my $160.00! Sure, she was willing to give me my money back, as long as I called the agency to “cancel my appointment because my date never showed up!” She just had to “run to the car real quick” to get my money, and before I could even get my pants on she was out the door! I ran after her while still pulling up my pants, but she was a quick one and she got to the car before I could catch her! Her driver had the car running and the passenger door opened, so it was a clean and quick get away! I couldn’t read the plate number, they were smart and left the lights off ’til they rounded the corner! Damn, I called the agency to complain, but all they did was to offer a replacement girl. Of course I would have to pay another $160.00, but they guaranteed “all inclusive service and a great time!” F that, I wanted my money back, so they guaranteed I’d have my money back by early the next morning! Sure buddy, right! Although I was already out $160.00, I called my “friend” in San Gabriel and drove up to see her! She was more than happy to see me, in fact, she asked me to stay the night since it was so late and she worried about my long drive home! Wang Yuen treats me like a king, she and I connect in a very big way and she always gives me additional time if I want it! That night she took me to her room, we made mad passionate love for hours, then we held each other to sleep until noon the next day! That was the 7th time I’d seen her in a 2-month period, but that was also the last time, as she told me that for sure her “manager” would kill her if he were to ever find out about us! As much as I like to see her, I also respect her as a person, so now I am giving the massage parlor scene a try! It is fun, exciting, challenging, and rewarding if you play your cards right! There are many posts with details about local AMP’s available on this discussion board, check them out, you’ll learn a lot from the experiences of the many many many that have been there, done that before us! Personally I enjoy a place called Oriental Acupressure located in Bell Gardens, but I’m going to try a new place on Hillcrest in Inglewood this weekend, with many thanks for the recommendation by a fellow board member! For now I must go, but I wish you good luck in your travels, no matter where they may lead you! If the place you guys mentioned in Van Nuys is China Doll, which is a private home… dont bother. Expensive HJ, and a so-so massage… go elsewhere…

There is a strip mall at the corner of kester and Van nuys Blvd in the city of Van Nuys…there is an oriental massage/health place next to a Karate studio…..Great full service…..I go and the girls are great and asked for the tip afterwards…..I have been there many times over the years and always had good full service for around 40/80. Actually I think it’s Kessler and Van Nuys…I always drive there.

Nici Sterling ($$$$) – friendly, straight down to business, and prettier than her videos. A bit of a clock watcher though. Rating – 7 factoring in cost, would rate higher if less expensive.
Letha Weapons ($$) – Nice person. Advertised in LA XPRESS over a year ago, and offered unusual incall situation. Her boyfriend waited outside in another room and your were strictly limited to 1/2 hour, with no extensions available, even if you offered to pay for the additional time. Bargain for no frills quickie! No longer advertises in LA XPRESS, but I understand she is available through other sources for more money and under different circumstances. Rating – 9 for the price at the time. Rating – 8.5
Veronica Brazil ($$1/2) – Saw over a year ago. Eccentric (really into astrology) but nice. Compliment her abit and your golden. Advertises in LA XPRESS from time to time. Spent 5 hours at her place, mostly talking and cuddling, for the price that many upscale providers request for one hour. Rating – 9
Marilyn Martin ($$) – friendly and caring provider, who has recently retired. Rating – 10 for exceptional service
Lois Ayers ($$$) – Advertises sporadically in LA XPRESS. Was never able to hook up with her because of her hectic schedule, but she was nice over the phone.

1) Rebecca Lord (gorgeous, great service, EXPENSIVE, clock watcher. (has her own website AND advertises on CS site).
2) Nici Sterling (Great Greek lover! Not as expensive, clock watcher. (Has her own website AND advertises on
3) Alicia Rio (Great attitude, and very much in to what she does, however she doesn’t work as much these days due to personal problems. Not as expensive as Nici or Rebecca (She still advertises on CS site).
4) Carolina from Great service and reasonable price. Great attitude, however she is temporarily out of the business.
5) Nikki Tyler Below average service, expensive, not worth it.
6) Nina Hartley She is not a paid escort. She is very active in the Swingers lifestyles and if you happen to be in the right convention/party, you can have fun with her. She does it for the fun of it. She is truly amazing woman and a very smart girl. Check out the latest issue of Playboy magazine. There is a great article on Nina.
7) Devon Shire She is very experienced and give great service, not as expensive as rebecca or Nici. Nice body. She advertises on CS site as well.

Sunset Thomas is excellent! Great experience. NOT a clock watcher, and very relaxed. Tho she is a surprise. She practically attacked me – – — sexually, that is!!! Not an experience I’ve ever had before with a service provider! Expensive yes, but due to her attitude, abilities, and the time she spends with you – – she’s worth it!!! I’ll see her again in a New York minute!

Micky Lynn is available in NY/N.Jersey area

I met Veronica Brazil a few years ago at VSDA convention in Vegas. She got me hard just while taking a fan photo. I sure would like a second chance if someone has current info, I would be grateful.

For those who know of her, is available to meet fans. I was lucky enough to have Cumisha and her friend perform at my bachelor party in 2000. She just had here breast done to DD. She is so sweet and real. I hooked-up three more times with here. Great all-around services. Not a clock watcher. I won’t go into deep details because circumstances and timing will always play into any encoutners outcome. All I can say is, Cumisha is worth it. She has here own web site. Lyle


Kim’s Therapy
(although the sign in front of the place says something else)
4233 N. Maine Ave. (626) 962-7999
it’s located in a huge shopping plaza in “old town” Baldwin Park. look for the Firestone Tire store in front of the plaza.

Great place on Francisquito. See LA express for name. Line up always. Oh my god good service. Oriental and latina. If I’m not mistaken the name of the place is called Green Therapy and the sign is green (duh). It is in a strip mall on the SW corner of Ramona and Francisquito

Oriental Massage
7625 Eastern Avenue, Bell, CA 90201
(562) 927-9158

Florence Oriental Massage
is back in business! Been calling and getting a recorded message, but as of last night they have finally re-opened! Hours are 9am – 10pm.

Passed by there not too long ago. The place seems to still be in operation. it’s on the NW corner of Clara St. and Eastern Ave.

I am really surprised to hear of your experience with Oriental Acupressure! In fact, I am shocked that your experience was a complete opposite of mine! Sorry my friend, I guess my experience there must have been an anomaly, and so I really did just get lucky after all. I really was looking forward to going back again last night, but after reading your stories I almost didn’t go! Still my desire to get laid by that girl from last week overcame me, so as before, I shaved, showered, then off to Bell Gardens I drove! I was still a little nervous this time, only because I was leery after reading your stories! When I entered the lobby I was greeted by a different woman, an older woman as you had said, 50+. She looked at me strangely when I said, “Good evening I’m back,” but she quickly took my $40.00 through the office window, then she opened up the secondary door to let me in. I asked her for “the same girl as last week during this timeframe,” but she didn’t know which girl I was with, and since I couldn’t remember her name, I figured I was totally screwed! Although I looked for it, I didn’t notice a basket of boxers, but just like last week I did see a basket of peppermint wheels sitting on a table between the manager’s office and the secondary doorway. Once I was inside I could see just one girl, she was one of the girls that was there last week, but I could see no one else. I was then rushed into a different room this time, and while I was settling in I could hear mama-san arguing with some of the girls, this went on for several minutes! I waited for quite a while before someone finally came to have me sign in. I checked her out really well, and although she was not the same girl as before, I found her to be attractive. She had much larger breasts and a fuller body than the girl before, but this is not a problem for me so I did not complain! She left for only a few moments then returned to massage my back while she asked me some questions. She wanted details of my last experience there and asked how much I paid and for what all did I get! I played it cool while I answered her questions, then she left again for a while and got into another shouting match with mama-san, which really made me feel uncomfortable. I could hear another girl making noises from another room, it sounded as though she was having a pretty good time, so I thought maybe all the arguing sounds were just a cover-up. Finally she re-entered the room and proceeded to give me a rim job, but after a minute or so she had me turn over so she could give me a covered BJ. This only lasted a minute or so when she asked me to get up, then she laid on her back and allowed me to DATY, which was really very tasty I wish to add! Too bad she stopped me after only a couple of minutes, but she really just wanted me to proceed with the main event, she was in too much of a hurry for my liking! She was really adamant about this, so I went with her wishes. Another thing, she wouldn’t allow me to kiss her, and she only offered the missionary position while allowing me only about 5 minutes to get my cookie! Needless to say I was very disappointed with this visit, and when I asked why she was in so much of a hurry, she replied they were really busy and that she had more customers waiting! I told her I was disappointed with her service and offered her $40, of course she complained and accused me of not liking her! She looked so sad, but she must have known that I was right, so she quietly accepted my offer. Surprisingly, she became playful and gave me the kisses I wanted, she even told me that she really liked me and that she was sorry for the bad service. She went on to explain that the law was coming down hard on them so they are all really nervous! We talked for several minutes afterwards, she really opened up to me once she was sure I was not LE. She kissed me several more times and repeatedly told me that she really liked my company and wished that I’d ask for her next time! I made sure I got her name, and I found out that she is from Hong Kong and is 32 years old. She walked me to the door and said good night to me, then gave me another kiss right in front of mama-san! By the way, she told me the name of the girl I saw last week, her name is (I edited this)! If I do decide to go back, I think I’ll call ahead and request that “SHE” is available, and if not, I am sure that “last night’s” girl will offer up much better service since now she feels comfortable with me. I think all-in-all, this place is under too much pressure from LE, and quite possibly this place won’t be around for very much longer. I’ll try it again, only now I have two girls to choose from, and knowing their names now I am hoping my third visit will either match or exceed my wildest expectations! Ps, Hinayana, can you please recommend other AMP’s to me? I’ve read some of your other posts and wish to experience what you have!

I really appreciate knowing you enjoy my experiences with AMP’s, and certainly I am looking forward to posting many more happy stories to come! I will admit that you are one of the guys that sparked my interested in this most exciting and satisfying hobby, and I personally hold you responsible (ha ha) for taking many of the uncertainties out of my quest for quality Asian pussy! As a long-time lover of this fine delicacy, it has been few and far between that a chance presented itself to me, but now I can get my fill at any time, knowing what I now know! Thank you a thousand times over for your postings, it should make you proud to know that someone has learned a great deal from your past experiences! I will try a couple of places that you have recommended to me, that place in Inglewood I cannot find, so perhaps you can give me another clue or two? The place in the Valley I have found, and I’ve book marked their web site for future reference in case I feel like driving all that distance from my home in Santa Ana! May I ask if you’ve ever been to a place in the Northridge area near Tampa and Nordhoff? They have a great looking web site, and it appears that they offer what I’m looking for, but who knows for sure until we’ve tried it! This place has “Massage” and “Acupressure” in it’s name, so based on your experiences, this place seems promising! Love their web site, could be one of those high quality places that you’ve talked about! Oh, side note… You’re a baseball fan? How ‘bout them Angels! This is a dream come true in the making for me, I’m 42 and have been a loyal fan since 1970! Was a Dodger fan ‘til I moved to Orange County! Back on the subject matter at hand… I can totally relate to your comparison of going to an MP and riding a roller coaster! The thrill of it all truly fascinates me, and I believe that I’ve hit upon a new sport to keep me interested for a long time to come. Once I gain access to the Members Discussion area, I will continue my readings of your postings, perhaps I will gain further insight from your infinite wisdom! Thanks again for your support and for your encouragement!

Tonight I went back for more from Oriental Acupressure! I arrived before 9:00pm as I had the last two weeks, and as before I was greeted at the door by mama-san. She recognized me immediately, smiled and opened the door for me, but she almost forgot to take my $40 before leading me to my room! I asked for “Kim,” same girl I had two weeks ago, and she seemed to know who I wanted. Within minutes a different girl walked in to have me sign the log, but again I asked for “Kim,” and she happily agreed! Another couple of minutes passed when “Kim” entered the room, and when she recognized me she smiled so hard then she gave me a big kiss! A little “massagie” and we were well on our way to heaven! She was just as she was two weeks ago, only tonight she wasn’t under any pressure from the “heat” so we took our sweet time while releasing each other’s tensions! Well, what can I say? Another fantastic experience for me at Oriental Acupressure, which by the way is located at 7625 Eastern Avenue in Bell Gardens.

For some reason I felt so good after my long and relaxing session, I had to take another trip up to San Gabriel! I drove home to call ahead first, it was just about 10:30pm so I scheduled my next appointment for 12:00am! When I arrived I was greeted at the door by a girl other than Wang Yuen, the girl I usually visit when I go to SG for some quality yet inexpensive sex. I was disappointed at first, but only for a moment as I saw that Li Chang was much cuter and she had a really great smile! She was happy to see me too, she even paid me great compliments as she watched me undress. We took a shower together and talked in Mandarin, which really knocked her socks off! She loved my jade Buddha necklace and was facsinated by my Chinese name Rui Xiang! For a white guy, I have a way with the Chinese girls! Yes, another great experience was in store for me tonight! After our shower we retired to the bed, then we dined on each other for about 10 minutes or so before she rode on top of me in several wonderful positions for a good 15 minutes! She was incredibly tight with really great control, she even came two or three times within the first few minutes! She continually complimented me while she rode on top, telling me how much she loved my cock and how much she loved coming all over it! Damn, it was hard not to blow it, but I made it through the urges long enough to really satisfy this seemingly insatiable young Chinese girl! She was a total cutie and we really clicked! We laughed and joked around and really had fun together! She was just a little small for my taste though, I’d guess she was an “A cup” at best. She was a little thinner than I like too, she weighed not much more than 90 lbs. at the most! I’m not complaining though, even though she was a little small for me, she allowed me to get on top and do her in the missionary position. We eventually were able to settle into a groove which got really intense after a while, but then we slowed down for the last few minutes or so, slowly coaxing a final climax for her and for the grandest of finales for myself! It was the most incredible orgasm I’ve had in a very long time, once she started crying in my ear that she was coming again, it was so incredible to be coming right along with her! We showered each other off afterwards, talked some more and got really friendly. We had such a fantastic time together, she even asked me to take her dancing until 3:00am, but to tell you the truth, I was a little too tired to go dancing after getting laid by two incredibly delicious Asian woman within three hours of each other! So I drove home, a little reluctantly I must add, as I so regret not continuing my night with Li Chang! Next time, I told her, then she smiled and agreed that tonight we both should just get some sleep, and next time I’d really better take her out afterwards! Cool, sounds good to me! Maybe she’ll be willing to go again off the clock! Couldn’t hurt to try right? I’ll let you know how it goes… Next time! For my $140, my hour spent with Li Chang was the best spent $140 I could have hoped for!

do you have time to do a thread for san gabriel vaLLEY? i would be interested in hearing about how you got started in up there and more details! if i remeber correctly this is just a regular apartment? ( i once went to a chinese msg that was in an apt bldg. kind of interesting and i ended up later on going directly to the girls own private apt in alhambra. she was sweet and i could easily have been her real life boyfriend …her suggestion. she had an accounting degree and worked downtown and did the msg thing for extra money to send home to her mother. she was nice and it would have been hard for me to take advantage of her feelings. 60/hr)

there also use to be ‘cindy’s” in burbank. it was a small coffee shop and a couple of times a week she would bus girls in from alhambra to meet white guys at her rest. the rest was just a front for the service and she arranged meetings. the girls all came together and so had to leave together. anyone could go into the rest and after 9pm if the girl did not hook up with the guy, she was there to meet, she was available and you could have her sit with you. there are stories but you get the gist. “cindy’s” closed 3 yrs ago but a friend told me last yr she opened back up again.
anyway, would be interested in your experiences.
i leave for thailand in 11 days ( and i plan to do an extensive posting(s) as it is my first time) so am greatly resisting the urge to frequent an MP. didnt you say you were on a budget??? at least 4 girls in the last two weeks if my memory is correct?

possible to get these SG Valley girls outside of the escort service. meaning, that as you get to know one, after a time or two with her, is it possible to circumvent the agency which is taking a big cut of your 140?

it doesnt work a lot but when going to an MP i always care a small pc of paper with my first name and cell phone. if i really like the girl and we kind of hit it off i give her the paper at the end of the session. again, it doesnt work a lot but it requires no effort and has the possibility of a big payoff. if one has in mind that they are a regular at this type of thing just how many more times a year can one afford if you trim the fat from the process?

ps-stay tuned. i will be going to bkk next week and will try to report any breaking news as it happens! San Gabriel Valley thread a little later tonight, will answer all your questions including details!

Hinayana, I am really excited for you, I mean about your trip to Thailand! HA HA! I can only imagine how excited you are, but I bet it is tough having to forego the AMP scene for now! Good for you, save your hard earned money for now! I look forward to hearing details details details!

You can call 714-423-4790, ask for “Angie,” she is listed with OC Exotics Escort Service as outcall only, but I think if you ask for incall, the manager will give you directions to her place. I’ve met him a couple of times before, one night he asked me to hang with him until some creep that was lurking around was gone. We talked for a couple of hours while “Lisa” (Wang Yuen) and I cuddled on the couch. That was a strange night indeed, but one that I’ll never forget. “Lisa” seems to be gone now, but I think I like “Angie” a whole lot more! Please write back to let me know how it goes, I’m looking forward to hearing other’s experiences!

Sun on Manchester is great. Got to see lineup. Selected a real milky white korean w/ nice bush. Full service for normal fee. Great place
There is a new AMP on Atlantic and Alondra. Saw it advertised and checked it out on Wed. night. Don’t bother. I didn’t even get a decent massage. Fifty for 1/2 hour and I didn’t bother leaving a tip.

I have frequented a place in East L.A. for a couple months now and it is hot. The latinas there are awesome and love to have fun, no inhibitions. It’s $40 for 40 minutes and after that it’s up to you to wheel and deal. Its off of fetterly ave. the place on Fetterly. It’s only about 100 yards from the Police Station.
Hou’s accupressure at 5450 Pomona Bl. in ELA. Same girls, same service. Same good times.

I went to “chiropractic” located at 15324 Western.
$50 for HJ. She was mid 30’s. Nothing special but her great hands-on experience opened my eyes.
You need to check LA Weekly. You pay $40 front and $10 tip. No FS but is gratifying and cheap. By the way, any good place in Torrance, Gardena or Reno Beach?
My fav’s in the South Bay area are: Amy’s Accupressure, Sakura and Joy Spa
Western and 153rd. Mama San at Entry. $40 for 1/2 hour.

Western Massage
15345 S. Western Ave.
(310) 352-4066
north of Redondo Beach Blvd., between 154th & 153rd. on the west side.

Amy’s Accupressure
14312 Van Ness Ave.
(310) 715-1781
in a small business plaza on the SE corner of Rosecrans and Van Ness.

Went to MassageParlor on Wilshire just west of LaBrea (no more than 2 blocks). Can’t remember the name. I know it had the word Therapy in the name.
Entrance fee was $50 instead of the usual $40!!
Had Michelle. Slightly overweight Korean. Not that good looking. If it was not my first visit I would have asked for someone else.
SHe wanted $100 for FS. We settled on $80.
Very lame FS, not so good CBJ.

Last weekend I saw some pretty hot looking street walkers working the corner of Hobart and Sunset blvd. which is just east of Western in Hollywood. The majority of women appear to be black. I did see a few white girls and some were very hot looking in the 7-8 scale. You can’t miss them as the usual attire is hot pants or mini skirts.

I also spotted several girls working Sunset further west. They start working their way east from Fairfax, look for them at the 7-11, the corner of Gardener and near the All American Burger. Also check between Vista and Martel across from the Denny’s.

car date on Western & 1st. Had to drive around several times as many mongers were trying to get her attention. Finally got her into my car and got a decent CBJ

I always see some hotties on Santa Monica Blvd, but I also see a lot of cops, u would think they would be busy with murders and drug dealers.

I saw a lot of hookers on Santa Monica Blvd. between western to La Brea from 3-5, most of them are 5 to 6, but you will find a few good ones out there, half of them are black and please check them before you agree, some trans dress up and work there, so for your own safety, please check them.

Sunset and Hollywood blvd. are pretty dead these days. The only real action is between Fairfax and La brea between 2am and 5am, and careful there are a lot of trans out there.

Went cruising down Santa Monica Saturday night around 3 am. Tons of SW, most of them were Mexican and blacks with a few whites thrown in for the mix. Heaviest action was on Virginia and Van Ness just 2 block west of western, and Lexington and La brea ( go one block east on Lexington from La brea) Overall the Girls were about 6’s and 7’s but did see two 9’s. Didn’t get a chance to pick any up though but will try harder next Saturday.

Street Scene
While driving home from school one night at about 10PM I spotted a decent looking chick, standing on the corner of Anaheim and Cherry. I made eye contact with her and she made a barely noticeable nod. I reached over to the passenger door and opened the door. She came in and said Hi. She had long brown hair and a nice smile. I immediately put my hand on her leg and I noticed that she was about 23 to 26 yrs old.

She asked if I was a cop. I replied by asking if a cop would do this and lifted my hand to her pussy. She was wearing some loose shorts I was able to stroke her bush no problem. She was OK with it I asked how much she charged for a blowjob. She said 20 bucks. I was surprised cuz she was good looking and young I said OK. She directed me to a scarcely lit parking-lot. I gave her the 20 and she loosened her shorts and got down to business. She gave me a great blowjob as I stroked her pussy and stuck my finger way up he tight ass. She didn’t mind any of it. I shot my wad in her mouth in no time. She held it till I was all emptied out. Then she opened the car door and spit it out. I told her she was great. She told me her name was Natasha and that she usually hung out on Cherry between PCH and Anaheim St

Been down along PCH to see the action, and its pretty sparce. Theres a couple girls scrolling up and down the streets but nothing to write home about. Most of the action seems to take place around two or three blocks on pch. One of them is along mlk blvd, cherry is also popular. Every once in a while I’ll see a hotty and turn around just to have her dissapear, or I’m unsure if she’s working. You got to be careful with lbcc being right there. Lots of students walking around as well as cops cruising the streets. I dont see anyone along cherry like the guy below did, and I cruised pch all the way into wilmington. I didnt see anything after the 710 fwy.

I would say the only action that is for sure is downtown los angeles on olympic and alvarado blvd…look in archives for old posts…usually you can get full service for $40-55, and oral action from $10-$25..lots of different types of girls..young, old, hispanic, black and white….Also there is some good action on Sunset Blvd….upper scale pros oral for about $40 and full service for $80.

…way after, actually when i woke up and sobered up, me and my buddys went to IHOP right on pch. anyways cut to the chase, after tossing back a rutti tutti fresh and frutti, i spied a kind of tweaky little blond, bout 5-4 or so outside, wearing tight white pants, little pink top hair tied back. Well she hopped into a car before i could finish my coffee, i waited, voila she was back 10 minutes later. so i get in my car, pull around and wave. she walks over waving hops in and asks me the “are you a cop” thing about 20 times. so i reached down the front of her, opened her fly and slipped a finger in. i guess that was enough to convince her. anyways she tells me to drive around a few corners and for 60 bucks she gave me a bj, did it straight and took it anal. And let me blow my load on her face. nice chick.

Here is a story I just wanted to share with my fellow pussy hounds… This past April I was browsing the Internet for in-call escort services offering Asians. Although there are quite a few, most of all charge far too much for what? Bad attitude, rushed service, lousy sex, last minute surprises? No, not for me! I switched channels in my research methods and I compiled a list of independent escorts who all seemed really great! After I had put together an extensive listing of about 20 girls, I then systematically sent them E-mails or left them voice messages. I prefer to start off by E-mail, that way I can let them know what I am looking for without getting too explicit, and as well let them know a little about who I am as a person. Surprising how many girls will write back and ask for more information about me, or just to say that they are glad to know a guy like me! Well, whatever works, although I really am sincere, still my objective is to get laid at the most reasonable cost. Selfish as it may seem, no one gets hurt as long as both parties understand that it’s all about human companionship and not about commitments or about being someone’s sugar daddy! Oh, I’ve been asked to be several girls’ sugar daddy, but that’s not what I desire! So, after weeding out the bad, there always are those remaining who have what it takes and are worthy of further investigation! This is how I met Nikki! She was a sweet, warm-hearted, kind and gentle soul from Thailand, she was also a complete 10 in my book! 5’ 7”, 115 lbs., golden brown hair and dark brown eyes! She was well proportioned with a 35D 23 35 figure, and she was well toned without being muscular. She was very much a woman, but with child’s eye in the way she looked at life. She was quite the intelligent girl, but she never had the courage to test herself or to educate herself in a way that I think she could have. She asked me out to dinner after a few conversations over the telephone, and because I really liked her attitude, I agreed to pick her up at her Norwalk home. Although she was an escort, she and I never discussed business between each other, but she did tell me all about her business and about her clientele. She had a fascinating story to tell, and she had the greatest personality of any woman I’ve ever had the pleasure of spending time with! Our first dinner date was at a Japanese restaurant, we had sushi and a bottle of white wine. I had a totally wonderful time sharing stories and sharing feelings with Nikki, and as the night grew longer, I could feel she was just as interested in me! After dinner we drove out of town, we just headed for nowhere, and as long as we were together everything was good! We instantly became very close, we had so much in common in ways that were really strange, but it was all too natural for us. We decided to stop and get a bottle of alcohol, so we sat in my car at a public park and just talked and talked and we talked until wee early in the morning. I had a job interview at 9:00am with a start up Chinese manufacturing facility located in Tustin, so I had to go home and get some sleep. Nikki was being a good girl, so she asked me to take her home, which really was fine with me! I didn’t want to screw up what we had accomplished during the night, and I figured that sooner than later we would just naturally fall into bed together! I was no good for my interview! Although I was really pumped up, I looked like hell after only 3 hours of sleep and with the hangover from hell! My fault, so sue me! Now, all I cared about was seeing Nikki again, so later that afternoon, after I caught a few more hours of sleep that is, I called to tell her I had the best time out with her! She was happy with me too, but she had to do some things to make some money, so she asked me to not call her for a week. OK, cool. She ended up calling me after a week to say how sorry she was and also to tell me that she really wanted to see me again, so that night, we had our second dinner date. Again we had the greatest time together, it was so unreal the way that we clicked, we even talked about our future together which I won’t disclose to you since it’s all blah blah blah… A few hours into our date, her pager went off! She looked at me as if she had just swallowed a canary, then she dropped the bomb on me! She had a client who had priority over me! I couldn’t believe it when she actually said that, but she explained that this guy was a very important person in her life, and she had to go to him whenever he called! I did not like that one bit, and I told her that! She was very sorry, but she had no choice, so I drove her half way to meet up with this guy, then left her to go off with him. I was furious not only with her, but also with myself for being so stupid! About a week passed when she called me again, she told me her story, and I agreed to meet her again for another dinner date. When I arrived to her home to pick her up, she came out dressed in a little black dress and FM pumps that gave me a complete hard on! I proudly escorted her to dinner, a little French place in Downey if I remember right. The conversation was terrific, and the company was delightful, and she was beginning to really open up to me sexually. She was talking about going to a hotel and spending the night together, she had planned some really cool things for us later that night! As things were really getting hot, our waiter asked us to please leave, I guess we were making a spectacle of ourselves, even though there was no one else in the section they had put us in! Anyway, we were more than ready to leave so I gladly paid up the bill, but the waiter had pulled me aside to tell me something in private while Nikki went to the ladies room. This guy told me that I could do better than my choice for a date that night, so I asked him what he was talking about. Apparently he knew her and he knew she was trouble for me, so he told me to take her home and not to get involved. WOW, so strange, but I listened to him, he seemed like an honest, decent guy to me. Nikki was waiting for me outside, she was having a smoke, so after she finished I told her about the waiter. She was pissed when I told her what he said, but when I asked for an explanation from her, she would tell me nothing! So, I thought maybe it was good if I did take her home, but on our way, she asked to stop for a drink and to play some pool. Well, I still wanted to get laid, so I took her to a place she knew of in Norwalk. The night was only just starting to get weird for me! Everyone knew Nikki at this bar, and everyone was really cool to me, so I felt OK with it. We had a couple of drinks and we talked about whatever, then she went to the head to go pee, or so I thought! Some guy motioned me over to his table, then he proceeded to tell me that Nikki was in love with me and that she wanted to marry me! I thought why is this guy telling me this? But as he was explaining, the bartender told me to take Nikki home, that she was sick! Huh? She was passed out in the bathroom, so I went in, picked her up, and I carried her to my car. As we pulled up to her house, she seemed really upset with me, she really didn’t want me to take her home. But she was AFU on something, I have no idea on what, but she was totally freaking out! She went into convulsions and started spewing shit from her mouth, so I thought… hospital, NOW! I started my car and she tried to get out, she managed to open the door and she fell halfway out landing face down on the parkway! Shit, what a nightmare, I jumped out and tried to help her up, but as I was about to lift her, I was knocked a good 6 feet off the ground and I landed several feet away! Her two extremely large skin-headed punk rocker roomies had attacked me, and were about to kick the living crap out of me for raping Nikki! WHAT THE FUCK? Hey man, I’m not that kind of guy! They did not care what kind of guy I was, all they saw was what they saw, and to them, it did not look good! All I could do was to focus their attention back on Nikki long enough for me to make my get away! So, as they were getting Nikki inside the house, I bailed and quick! Man, I swear this chick looked like she was not going to make it, I thought she had OD’d on something bad, but I had hoped that her roomies would do the right thing by getting her to a hospital. I never heard from Nikki again, I called her many times and left messages, and I wrote many E-mails to her, but not a word. I tried to contact her on several occasions since, but her phone and pager are cut-off, and her E-mail box is full so all my mail gets bounced back. I saw an old friend of mine a few months ago, he also lives in Norwalk and he has been known to drink beers at this same bar. He had heard that some girl that used to go there had died from a drug overdose around the time I last saw her. Not the kind of thing a guy wants to hear, but now I know what happened, and although I feel terrible about her demise, still I know I am not at all responsible for whatever happened to her. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t go a day without thinking about her or thinking of what I could have done to save her, but I really had no clue until it was too late. Damn, she had a lot of potential, but what a total waste. It is true as the old cliche goes, love is blind! And so it goes.

York Family Health Center
5676 York Blvd.
Highland Park
All Latina staff. Line ups on request

Chinese Massage
605 S. Atlantic Blvd.
Monterey Park, CA
Beautiful young Chinese girls are to be found here! $60 for 1 hour of massage. Ring bell and the manager will let you in, but you will then be greeted by your massuese who will lead you to a private room with a lockable door. Parking is available in back. An additional $100 in donations should afford after business companionship.

Sakura Health Gym & Sauna Inc.
111 N. Atlantic Blvd. Suite #231
Monterey Park, CA
(626) 458-1825
Hours: 10am – 12am
Cost: $65 per hour
Japanese and Thai massage, don’t know if extras are available. Place looks legit, anyone been here who’s had any luck?

Went to Natural Therapy on Magnolia in North Hollywood over the weekned to check it out. Had a choice of Asian or Latina. Choose “Happy” a Japanese/Korean mix. Lame massage but offered excellent FS for a $80 tip. $40
Lingerie Oasis on Victory Blvd. passing Cold Water Cyn.
$40 for HJ

I visited this place recently after seeing that their website came back up. I had a girl who I have never recognized before that could barely speak English. Something seems to have happened…they asked for my name at the door and there are no longer any girls sitting in the waiting area. The negotiations were all hand signals. I’ve had three different girls here, and they all are typically more expensive and not as good for the money. The only plus to this place is that it’s a house and the rooms have nice, comfortable beds. The above post was refering to China Dolll Massage.

I went back to China Doll Massage after a year away from the place (I wrote the original review) and its really gone down hill. The choice of girls has got smaller and the quality much reduced. It’s also quite expensive compared to other MPs in the Valley. Save your money guys and go elsewhere.

I went to “Redondo Therapy” located at 1024 PCH.
30mins for $40 and FS for $100. I had a nice Korean Girl

Stopped by the Oriental Health Center as it’s pretty close to the house. Was taken care of by a girl named May. She has really strong hands and gave a fairly good back massage. Flipped me over and worked the standard HJ– very mechanical, nothing sexual about it. $40 for the half, $20 tip.

Redondo Chiropractic Health (P.C.H and Avenue C) on the east side of street on P.C.H. This may be the same place refered to as “Redondo Therapy” in a different posting.

When you go in, the lobby looks like a legit Chiropractor office. Even has information about Chiropractic prices. But don’t let that fool you…

There is a Korean mama-san and just tell her you want a massage. She will tell you to pay $40 30min and $60 for 45min. 45min includes a shower bath with the girl. Once the massage is about half over, girl will ask you what else you want. The extras usually cost HJ($40), BJ($60) or FS($100).

Usually have 2 or 3 girls working. They mostly have Korean girls (late 20’s or early 30’s) but occasionally have others (Latina, Russian..etc).

I go to Beach Spa once in awhile, when I need a real massage. Ask for Kris, I never expect extras from this place but always enjoy the massage and body wash. Best of all she knows that I enjoy her touch because I always wear my boner for the full 60 minutes! Very relaxing

New Life Acupresure 910 Torrance Blvd nr Prospect Ave. They advertise as chinese massage in the Easy Reader.

I went there the other night. $35 for 1/2hr $55 for 1hr. A Chinese lady named about 35 years old (not too bad looking) Linda massaged me. She started to massage my back without covering me with any towels. Her boobs kept bumping into me while she massaged me. She then fliped me over and once again, no towels. My time was almost up and I thought its just a legit place with no towels. But I was wrong, she ended it with a decent HJ. If HJ interests you, you may want to check it out.

I never ran across a place in Torrance that gives anything but a legit massage…..maybe it’s just me, but if u get lucky, please let us know. If the place you are thinking of is called Magic Hands or Magic Touch, or something like that…tell me. I know where it is.

BTW…if you ever past through North Redondo Beach on Artesia Blvd. just east of Inglewood Blvd., there’s this place in a little strip mall. The girl there used to work at Oriental Health Care on Torrance Blvd. If all u want is a HJ, go for it. The address is 2772 Artesia. Better yet, look in the Daily Breeze and get $10 of an hour massage. $50 (massage) + $40 tip for the extras tip (she won’t ask you for it up front) just gotta show her ur boner when u flip over.

go to the place on 2772 Artesia….u won’t get fs, but the masssage and extras are really great. The gal who did me…massaged me between the cheeks like no one else!…when i turned over, she sat on my leg and rubbed herself on me….even tho she had her pants on…my leg got wet from her juices while she gave me a numero uno HJ. Best of all it’s $50 with a coupon from the Easy Reader and they have a buy 10 get one free policy. Check it out…it’s great clean fun!

West Valley Street action is dead, cops everywhere, but every once in a while you can find a drug addict willing to mambo with no condom. No way. There is no good time, and it is by chance if you come across one. Vice is everywhere. Been picked up by vice and it is not a pleasant experience.
1) Do not pick up women at bus stops. Especially on a Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday night. No matter how they look, there are cops somewhere in the immediate area. Not black and whites but foreign cars with no markings or lights. Bail is 500 and 750 fine for first offense, and class with kids on the issue (embarrassing). Needless to say, I don’t pick up anymore.
2) Drive around the block a couple of times looking to see if any type of cops are around. Make sure the hooker is walking in the opposite direction of the flow of traffic. 99% of the time she might be a hooker.
3) Don’t pick up a street walker, they are dirty, smelly, have diseases all kinds of mess. Use the following sites to find an escort for incall or out. They are clean and can be priced well, you just have to shop around. Stay away from massage parlors too. Many diseases in there, trust me. (pamper site) (expensive porno girls range is $,$$$ – $$,$$$)
All these sites have escorts and are free of charge sites. The pay sites have the same women most of the time. They also have verified photos and you will want to use those only. The other photos are all scams and don’t live up to what they say. If you choose to see Good information regarding the women who appear on these sites. Prices are usually 150 and up and I mean up.
Probably the best site if you want to try it is located in the model section and the site is there for jt video. Totally legal, you can make a porno movie with a porn star. In fact Bunny Bleu is on the site. She is also on cityvibe and la exotics.

Went toa Chinese place operating out of an apartment in the large apartment complex next to the Galleria. Go to apartment 160 (kinda hard to find…go down the hallways after you get to 158) Buzzer at front door for 160 was not working, had to sneak paast security door whn someone was coming out.
1st trip $50 + $20 YES $20!! got full service, DATY. Bring your own condom!!!
2nd trip $50 got massage and HJ Offered to get naked for $40 tip but no sex

Last week went to a massage parlor on Van Nuys Blvd. The place is right near the 101 Fwy. The cost is $50 to enter. I met a girl named Hannah (japanese girl) great massage, then a HJ… gave her a tip of about $40. cute and petite

Not much action available on Sepulveda as in the old days. The best place to try is North of the 101 overpass and South of Magnolia. There are a few decent looking girls that can be found on the East side of the street at the FIRST bus stop BENCH past the 101 Freeway. The best value for your money is a Pakistani girl. She is 22 years old with a slender body and nice full young breasts and beautiful eyes. You can get full service for ONLY $50 either at a local motel (you get the room) or after the first time at her place out in Woodland Hills (worth the drive) She gives a reasonable BJ and has no problem with you sucking her breasts or fingering her or going down on her shaved pussy. EVERYTHING is ALWAYS with a raincoat so no disease worries. She is NOT a druggie (unless you consider pot smoking to make you a druggie. The best is her fuck. She never rushes you and lets you do any and all positions. She really gets into it when she is on top. She the usual plus putting her hands behind her (next to your Knees) and fucking you so you get a good look at your dick sliding out of her pussy. The fuck is more like a $100-$150 incall job. Don’t miss this one!! Avoid the Black chick with curly blonde streaks who wants $100. She is a rip-off!

8015 Long Beach Blvd. Southgate crossstreet Firestone. 3*
Imperial Message in South Gate on Firestone (Atlantic-cross street).
$40 – 1/2 hour
$60 – 45 mins
$80 – 1 hour
Choose a lady from a group of Latinas and Asians. Good selection, 5-8. First time there chose Becky (Latina – Puerto Rican). Started with a light massage for about 5-7 minutes, then she asked me to turn over. I let my hand roam at that point and received no resistance. She then removed her top and asked if I wanted everything.
When I said I did, she then completely removed her clothes and started a BJ (one of the best I ever had). We then moved into multiple positions until I finished. Although she was about a 6-7, she was great. No discussion of money, tipped her $80.00.
My next visit was with Sharon (Latina – Mexican. Looks a solid 8. Body a 9. She had a little bit of an attitude, but wasted no time in getting to the action. BJ almost as soon as we entered he room. Moved to full service, then finished with a fantastic BJ. Money discussed up front (she wanted $100.00).
This place is highly recommended. I’ll continue to go back. Asian next time.

There are three MPs on PCH, all within a few yards of each other. One’s called Tokyo Center Massage or something like that; the other two don’t have a prominently displayed name. Decided to try the one on the west side of the road. It’s called JD something. Small, usual appearance from outside: neon sign says “massage” and not much else. At front desk was middle-age Vietnamese lady, who also was my service provider, as it turned out. Tried every thing I could think of to turn it into what I was looking for but not even so much as a casual touch below the towel (which I even removed to help get my point across). Otherwise, very friendly, even had a drink with her later at a bar down the street. I learned that there were four ladies working – I only saw three of them. One very cute, but I suspect that it’s all straight unless perhaps you frequent there and are known. I don’t have the patience. Reminds me of another MP I went to in Westminster, also operated by Vietnamese, where I couldn’t get anything but straight massage, either. I wonder if this is a pattern wtih Vietnamese?

Legit massage places in Torrance:
V.I.P. Spa 20346 Hawthorne Blvd. = OK massage.
Torrance Spa 2780 Sepulveda Blvd. a friend of mine claims to have gotten a HJ here but I doubt it because the door to the room has a window, Anyway I had no luck here.
Down the road is King’s Health Cent’ 3220 W. Sepulveda Blvd. Had one of the best massages I have ever had here, but nothing more.
Natural Spa 21210 Hawthorne Blvd. Another legit massage place. Only a so-so massage.
Total Spa 16612 Crenshaw Blvd. A very good massage, but expensive. No “extras”.
Seoul Spa 15212 S. Western Ave. Cheap $35 hr. legit but a nice spa anyway.
Joy Spa @ 3122 W. 182nd St

Joon is an older lady who works at a “window in the door“ AMP, so why bother checking her out? Well she might just surprised the hell out of you that’s why.
It wasn’t until I had paid the $40 and was lead into a room with the dreaded with the “hole for the face table“ that I realised it was not a FS place. But I decided to lay back with no expectations and enjoy it, and I was in for a nice surprise…

In comes Joon at first glance a matronly 40 something Korean lady in sensible white shoes, matching slacks and bullet proof white blouse. I tell her I like a lighter type of massage because to tell you the truth I thought she might hurt me. She turns out to have a nice touch and seems to pay a lot of attention to my butt, scrotum and upper thighs. I’m a little reserved about this area because I’m a little hairy but she’s going at it like it’s all part of the job. So I think lets see how far this can go, ever-so-causally my hand brushes against her leg. I get no resistance as a matter of fact she stands her ground and gently starts to massage my prostate gland. As I said before this is a first for me but she just did it like it was all totally part of the massage. After a while I’m making a lot of sighing noises and a wet spot on the table. So I let her know and tell I going to roll over. She thought the it was funny and proceeds to dab me with a tissue with one hand and stroke with the other. I was a little nervous because of the window in the door but I have to admit it did add to excitement. Nice HJ – nice lady – nice surprise.
Tipped her a 20 and she seemed genuinely pleased.
Well I think I may have saved some of you guys a lot of money.

I’ve been to Sun massage and they are still in business and excellent. There is a place a few blocks away that recently opened and offer the “best Service” I told the massuer what I wanted, and was flatly denied. She was asian around 21-22yo. Very pretty, but couldn’t even get a hand job. I generally have been patronizing the smaller massage places found in the paper in the Alhambra,San Gabriel and Arcadia areas and have been very happy with them.

tried sun on vally blvd,it is very nice,has some beautifull girl,the service is depend on the girl. there is a new massage place open on valley and heicaida, it provide regular massage,50/hr the massage is excellent.

Sun Accupressure: PCH & Normandie in Harbor City, just west 110.
$50/30min. $40 covered BJ, ok korean, “A”, slight chubby but friendly

Hey guys! There are some of those who have asked me to write about the San Gabriel Valley area, I have some experiences up there, therefore I will share what I know!
In May of 2001, I joined an Asian Escort service, called Asian Deary Escort Club. When I joined, the membership cost was $40.00 for one year. This fee entitles you access to all the girls belonging to this service! They provide in-call and outcall, I never tried the outcall, but I did try in-call with a girl named “Helen.” She also answers to the name of “Amy.” I remember her Chinese name is Qing Qi (Shin She). Check out for club membership information, and check out “Amy,” she is a hottie! She’s better looking in person, trust me! When I saw her in May 2001 I had the “Midnight Special,” which was the deal I got since “Jade” was unavailable that night! At the time, “Jade” was listed at $150.00, and “Amy” was listed at $180.00. Just in case, I brought $200.00 with me when I drove up to her apartment located in Monterey Park. That was my first time as a paying customer of any kind, so I had no clue what to expect. I was assured by “Jimmy” that my experience with “Amy” would be a memorable one, so I gave it a try! At midnight when I rang her doorbell, she finally opened the door, but she obviously had no idea I was coming. She was half-asleep and was dressed in a T-shirt and panties. (I’m not whining, in fact, I sported wood immediately, she was HOT!) I had to explain that “Jimmy sent me” and that I was there to see Helen. She agreed and let me inside. My heart was pounding a million miles an hour, I was scared to death, but was totally excited by the thought of all the possibilities! She led me by the hand upstairs to a spare bedroom furnished with a twin bed, two end tables, and one chair. On one of the nightstands was a dimly lit lamp, I remember the color was blue, sort of weird I thought! I had read up on the proper etiquette in regard to escorts, so I was prepared to pay her up-front the $150.00. She said she wanted $180.00, I was in no condition to argue so I gladly gave it to her! I undressed and she led me to the shower, but she only watched me, she did not join in on the fun! Then she showered alone with me watching, but she did allow me to assist! After a quick shower, she gave me a really great massage! Then she rolled me over and gave me an excellent CBJ, which lasted for about 5 minutes. I wanted to DATY but she wouldn’t allow me the chance, at which time she rolled over onto her back and spread ‘em wide! She was beautiful and she had a killer body with natural 35C tits so I was happy to oblige her! We made love in several positions for about ½ hour or so, but I was a still a little nervous so I had trouble coming. She started getting pissed because she was tired and she wanted me to hurry up! That made it worse for me, and eventually I had to give up! I was shocked when she asked me to come back again, but “no Jimmy, please no call Jimmy!” She explained that I could come back any time, and no Jimmy meant my cost would only be $100.00! A month later I went back, but I was smart and I brought along $200.00 just in case! Well, I was right, she asked for the whole $200.00, even though I tried to remind her that she made the deal a month ago! The language barrier became a problem, but what the heck, I was there and I wanted her! I got all the same treatment, the shower, the massage, the CBJ, and the spread ‘em wide. But this time I only lasted about 5 minutes, damn what a blow it! She asked me again to come back, but “no call Jimmy, next time only $100.00.” Anyway, my first two attempts with her didn’t work out so well so I decided not to go back. I really couldn’t afford this sort of risk again so I thought I’d just give up entirely! Well, another month passed and I really wanted to give it another go, but I lucked out and found an independent “massage only” girl located in Garden Grove. For $100.00 I had an hour of massage, then nearly two hours of non-stop hard core, no condom sex with a really cute girl from Taiwan! We got along great and she asked me back again and again, always the same thing, an hour of massage and about two hours of hot and passionate raw sex! She was staying at the Residence Inn and she only worked outcall, but for some reason, she allowed me to see her at her place. Too bad she moved away about a year ago, so I lost my $100.00 a night girl, so I thought my fun had come to an end. OK, so there are others out there, right?

A few months passed and again I was going nuts, I thought there must be more Asian pussy to be had at a reasonable cost. So I did my usual search on the Internet for Asian pussy, and came up with an ad leading me to an escort service that set me up with a really accommodating Chinese girl working out of her apartment in San Gabriel! I wrote about her elsewhere on this site, but for those who have not had the opportunity to read my posts, you can call 714-423-4790 and ask for “Angie.” She is listed with OC Exotics Escort Service as outcall only, but I think if you ask for in-call, the manager will give you directions to her place. The going rate is $160.00, but after a couple of visits the manager sweetened the deal to $140.00. The girl I used to see is gone now, but her replacement is even better, and for sure I’ll return to see her again very soon!

Hinayana, you are the sly one! Here’s how I work… I used to bring gifts to Wang Yuen with each visit. Sometimes I’d bring her a stuffed animal, other times I’d bring her flowers, and whenever I took care of business I made sure a “thank you” card was attached with my name (first name only) and with my phone number. She never called me, but I did get some extras as I wrote before. (Oh, Wang Yuen never allowed me to see her without calling the manager to make the appointment, and from what I had seen, he kept a very close eye on her! He would page her several times during our time together, so I think he knew we had potential to have something else going on!) I used to keep in touch by E-mail with the girl in Garden Grove, but once she disappeared, she totally vanished! I’d bring her “toys” and massage oils, she really loved that stuff! She actually brought up the idea of dating after our third meeting, but she had “problems of her own,” and she didn’t really need to be dating a guy who was unemployed! I couldn’t fault her for that, she needed a guy with more expendable cash to help her with what she had going on! I gave “Kim” from Oriental Acupressure a stuffed kitty and a “thank you” card with my name and number on it, and she about cried! She was so touched by my gesture, she kissed the kitty and nuzzled it for a minute, then she nuzzled it against my face and had me giving it kisses too! I could tell she was delighted and I thought possibly she might actually call, but then again, maybe not! Someday I might write about the girl I met in Norwalk last April, although I never got to first base with her, she was an escort who turned into my very special friend! It lasted only a short time, a few nice dinners and seemingly endless hours of deeply philosophical discussions about the meaning of life, but it suddenly all ended without resolve. The last time I saw her she told me she loved me and wanted to give up her escorting business and to be a good woman to me. Since that night I’ve never heard from her again.

Rose Massage – Hot & Relaxed Service by Asian Beauties
About Us: We are very cute and hot girls from China. We like to serve gentlemen with hot & relaxed massage and hot time on bed.
Rose: 5’5 height; hot measures: 34-26-34
Erin: 5’3 height; Hot measures: 33-24-34
Donation Rate:
120 for half an hour
160 for an hour
60 for an hour massage only
We are located in a very private and nice appartment in San Gabriel city. Location is close by 10 freeway.
Contact Us:
phone: 626 616 5560

Im wondering why you let the girls get close to your Wienerschnitzel if your not happy with the service? Have you tried Inglewood or Southgate. Hou’s is nice as they have a large room with anywhere from 10-20 girls at a time that you can choose. So in effect you have a lineup rather then the old this is what you get when it arrives.

The subtopic for these various places are accurate. I have visited every place as well as the 3 others not mentioned. Most are the same but here are my two cents. The problem with Mimiko’s is its location. Right on SM Blvd. with parking only in front. The last time I went there the place only offered older ladies. I enjoy Oriental Spa on Broadway. They also take credit cards. Had poor experiences at Sun on Lincoln and Tokyo on Pico. Overall, the girls move around very often. At Gin Ja on Wilshire, there was a girl that loved to give rim jobs and I heard from another girl there that is only one girl that would do anal, but selectively. A new girl there last week gave me BBBJ and allowed me to finish in her mouth. I’ve had full service at every place except Sun, Tokyo, and Shiatsu Spa on Pico near Wienerschnitel. I have found that over the years the service has REALLY declined at all of the Santa Monice places, and the prices have risen to where it’s not that good of a deal any longer.

Tokyo Massage Studio
Santa Monica Oriental on Broadway.
Jenny’s in Santa Monica
Ginja massage on Wilshire and 26th is probably has one of the higher quality girls in SM area.

I watched a girl near the Deja Vu one night (something I always do before I approach a street girl), and she turned out to be a decoy for a sting operation. She had a guy pull into a parking lot just down the street, and suddenly he was busted. Needless to say, this is NOT one of the locations where I would attempt to pick up a girl. I generally don’t report where I’ve seen stings (because they move), but once I’ve seen one, that spot is dead for me. Who knows when they’ll be back again.

Cruise up and down Holt in Pomona between 5 pm and 10 pm, you seel lots of sw woriking between those times. Last time i was there i only saw a few white girls and a few mexicans, mostly black girls working.

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