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Action in MC is mostly in the hotels. Best is Le Metropole, Loews is also OK. Don’t bother with Hotel d’ Paris. Hotel d’ Paris wont hassle if you arrange everything on your own and bring her in, but I have never found any girls in the hotel bars, and the hotel staff is not helpful in this area.

Le Metropole Hotel
usually has a number of Russians, Poles, Hungarians, and Italians in the bar in the main lobby. Because its Monaco you get ripped off. Expect her to Quote at least 2500FF(350US$) for an hour for everything (never anal, though have never asked for it). I haven’t tried to negotiate, but this is a pretty widely quoted price. As normal, go with the same girl a couple of times, treat her as human, and service is much better. Metropole is filled with Russians…all beautiful….ranging from high 7 to 10. Go for the 8/9 and she will have much better work ethic than the ten. If you want the 10, expect to do all the work, and she will be very cold. Loews Hotel is also excellent. More English speakers here, but if you know any German, Italian, or French you can get around in Monaco. Most will speak some broken English. Again, price will be about 2500FF. More Italian girls at Loews, but mix of Russians, Poles, and occasional French. Avoid the French, I have never had an enjoyable time with one. Max

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