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Info on China
Holiday Inn Lido bar is a good place to start. Plenty of girls to choose from, Mongolian and Chinese, just bargain hard, do not pay more than $100 USD, start at $50 USD. Other western hotels have the same. Service is good, sometimes a little quick. There are some women walking the street and they look nice, it is the Sanlitun north street right by Capitol Mansion (tallest building in Beijing), do not know any details. Sanlitun is a bar street, plenty of working girls here too.

In general in Beijing, you can get very nice local single girls who really just want to be with a westerner. The best girls are between 25-30, they have probably been with a westerner and that’s all they want. Treat them kindly and they will do anything and usually do not expect anything except your time and conversation in return.  Many girls 25 under can be virgins, this may sound like fun, but for me it is not, they do not know anything.

Look in local western city guide papers, the personals have many girls and use the internet, look up Beijing Scene, Dragonsurf, Beijing Metro and others. Chinese women are wonderful, you will never look at a western girl again.

Stayed at Shangri-La, five star hotel. Was really beat after a long wait getting over the border from Hong Kong. Went to the “in hotel” Henry J Beans (a pub) and was pounced on by girls, there had to be 30 at least. There were all pretty nice, if they sat with you to long, they want a tip ($10), best to just say “bu yao shay shay” means “no but thank you” and wait to choose the one you want and then negotiate.

Again start at $50 and try not to pay more than $100. They will follow you up to your room, they are organized with hotel security, so everything is ok. Good service, shower, massage, bj and doggy style. Always look them over real good, once the clothes come off, they can be a little chunky.

There appears to be as much action as you want in Beijing. There are plenty of good-looking girls everywhere. I’m sure if you speak Chinese, have the time and can get around, you will have no problem with any of the places. For those of us non-Chinese speaking, short time visitors, the higher end Hard Rock is quick, easy and quality pickings.

I personally like the higher end possibilities like Henry L. Beans and the Hard Rock Cafe. I’m sure you can get it cheaper in those other places but I like having all the girls there in a casual atmosphere where I can pick and choose. It seems to me that paying $100-$200 night for a good-looking girl for the whole night is a reasonable price and a lot more fun.

Hard Rock Cafe:
I do not suggest it since it mostly for tourists and prices asked are way over the market price. Plus you will find the same girls that you can find at a later time in other joints for a more reasonable price.

Forget about it unless you are Bill Gates or you are there to look only. Most girls there to talk for a fee (200, 300 RMB).

Disco Freezer (Lido Holiday Inn):
Very good if you are looking for Mongolian girls. Most girls alone are in the game. Prices vary from 400/500 during weekdays to 800/1200 at weekends for best picks. Anyway negotiate.

JJ Beans, in front of the China World Hotel.

I once tried also Ladies Bar (you will be approached many times in the street). Lady asked 200 RMB for FS and massage. She took me to a place not far from there (KTV) and made me chose the girl, but when I wanted to leave immediately for sex at home, they said I had to drink something. Since I felt uneasy I refused and left.

Sauna massage:
Club Arthur (very close to Holiday Inn Crown Plaza, white facade with roman statues in front) with stunning women (often coming for the country side and not very experienced. You go downstairs, have a shower, and then you will be led to a massage room. Cost: 600 massage and sauna, 800 for sex.


Be cautious and attentive while in Beijing. We went out for drinks, and at every corner there were women asking us to come with them. After many drinks we decided to go with two of the better looking ones. We got in a taxi and they took us to a very dark, shady, scary area.

We walked up the stairs and into a dark hall with rooms. Inside the rooms there are TV’s with karaoake. The 2 beautiful women we came with, left, and then they sat us down, brought us drinks, and a line of women for us to choose from. The selection was very poor.

After a long time with this woman, when I tried to take her panties off she kept holding me back, saying ‘wait’. After a short time I was so frustrated that I got up and left the room. Some men came to get me and they brought me into a room where they were surrounding my friend.

They wanted us to pay 3000 USD because my friend had sex with the girl, and this was supposed to be just a karoake bar. They harassed us for hours, threatening to break his legs and arms. flipped through our wallets, and took every RMB we had. If something had happened, no one would have known where to look for us.


Yes, massage/sauna places are a happening place in China for erotic experiences. What makes the situation in China so ideal is the sweet and innocent nature of the Chinese ladies. Yes, there are the occasional ladies with a totally “this is business” attitude, but so many of the ladies in this line of work are like “the sweet girl next door” who is just trying to earn some money for a few years so she can start her own business. Their charm and grace is alluring. These girls love sex, are good at it and are very natural.

New sauna/massage places are opening all the time. These places generally have public sauna/hot pools and in the same space have a type of backrub and scraping massage by men. Then after you do the sauna bit, it’s on the the lounge where there is TV, comfy chairs, drinks, and thinks like foot massage and ear cleaning available. From this staging point, you can go into the private rooms for a massage with a real, live Chinese lady.

It’s helpful to learn the Chinese characters for “sauna” and “massage,” so you can spot them on signs. Second, stay within the central area of the city (within third ring road, or dont’ stray to far from it at least). This is because 1)these places are more used to dealing with foreigners who don’t speak Chinese 2) the girls are prettier (usually) in the more upscale places that are characteristic of this area. If you can speak Chinese, your chances of a great experience are much better, but smiles and body language and a sense of humor also go a long way. Chinese ladies are sort of very interested in having sex with foreigners, that is if they don’t find you offensive or rude in any way.

There are A FEW sauna/massage places that are set up for sex only. At some of these, you go in and do a sauna in the public space then go to lounge, private room. At others, you go directly to VIP rooms that include sauna/TV/hot tub. Prices range from RMB 800 to RMB 3000. The ideal is to find a low-key place in the main part of the city that has nice girls and a low price.

There’s a little “neighborhood place” near the SAS Radisson Hotel (near the International Exhibition Center) cost RMB1000 for the full service in a VIP room. (If you don’t book a VIP room, you will not get “special service,” only a nice erotic oil massage). Go west from the SAS, make a left at the first traffic light (bright red brick building on left side of intersection); then go to the next light, and the place is on the right side, right there at the corner.


You don’t necessarily get full blown sex at all saunas and from all girls. It depends on the place, the girl, you (if she likes you), and other things like government crackdowns. You will, at a minimum, get a hand job. The rest depends on the above.

My advice: if you are traveling in China, go to the health centre of your hotel (they all have one). Then go in for a massage. If you like the girl, ask her to come to your room later. She will be more likely to accept and you can enjoy yourself better in the comfort and privacy of your room.


Here is some info on Beijing, Tianjin, Chendu, China
First avoid Hotel or Discos. Often full of beautiful girls but not willing to follow you in the room. Most of them will only ask you money for talking or dancing. Also Karaoke (call KTV) often girls only talk and mock you. Tip for girls if only talk and dance 200 – 300 RMB (8RMB=1USD).

If you really wants to have action go to Sauna Massage. This are the real place were to go. Costs you much less that if you bring the girl in Hotel, and can have wonderful massage, shower and relaxing atmosphere.

These Sauna are in every major city. Ask the reception of your hotel. The way they work are pretty much the same: there is a lobby were they inform you about cost of the massage (200RMB hour) and some time also tell you cost of tip (which anyway is not fixed but negotiated with the girl). After you have shower and are leaded to a small massage room were you find the girl (they do not speak English). Let her understand that you want a special massage (taking out your short is a good way or show her some condom) and then negotiate the tip: usually from 500 to 1000 RMB. After you agree, dive into action, you will not regret. If you want something special ask first since it must be included in the tip. Once finished, relax with a massage and, if you want, after you leave the room, in a relax room in front of the TV.

Before leaving the massage room, the girl will ask you to sign a paper were is indicated the tip. You will pay when you leave. Go for the best and you will not regret: fantastic girls, cleanness and a first class service.
Final price in my experience (all included):
Beijing 1400 RMB
Tianjin 900 RMB
Chendu 800 RMB
Kunming 1000 RMB
so more expensive in big city, less in provincial ones. If you then work in China, your customer/partner, after a heavy dinner and a lot of alcohol, will take you to some of this place and if you are a VIP will pay for you. I will keep you posted: next time KTV in China.


The place at Chaoyang Park next to the disco called “Guanshi”
is good this is where the new bar strip is and the restaurant “Big Easy” is. This place has lots of ladies and they change all the time. The standard is a great massage for about RMB 200; add RMB 300 for a massage of your sexual organ/touching of your companions female breasts/body. How much touching depends on the lady and your charm. I have had everything from business-like encounters (where the lady keeps her clothes on) to total nude on nude massaging. It rare that all the clothes come off on the ladies, but usually they let you touch breasts with shirt on/off, depending on your luck/skill. If you go in the afternoon or after 11pm, SOME ladies will have sex. If you find a lady you like and she likes you, anything is possible. Sex will cost RMB800 at least; RMB 600 for ladies to strip nude and give a great body massage. Then, basic service charge for the sauna/massage are RMB 200.

For RMB800, the Crystal Sauna, right off third ring road in Haidian Area. Find the Shuang An dept store in the Haidian District on Third Ring Road. Opposite this, on north side, is a movie theater. Behind the movie theater, in an alley, is the Crystal Sauna. At this place, having sex is the only option presented. They usually push to have “two girls” for RMB 1400. At both of the above places the girls are average to great, depending on your luck.

Tian Lun Dynasty Hotel
In Wang Fu Jing area (basement) is set up so that the private rooms only have sexual massage (RMB800 total); only their VIP rooms are for actually having sex (RMB 3,000). This is on the high side! I’ve done the same for RMB1,000 at some places.

I used the Elle/Wildgeisha escorts in BJ. Their email for bookings and info is
Their service is amazing. The girl I had was still a univ. girl, 20 years old, had a sexy body. With her it felt like girlfriend sex: BJ, HJ. Their rates are uniform at 900 for 1 hour, 1200+ for 2hours, and 2000+ for 8 hours. I recommend those girls any day of the week.

Get in a taxi (preferably one with blue lighting on top, that is until next year when the authorities will change the cab companies), from in front of the Hard Rock or in Soletune, and tell them to take you to Maggies. Check out their website,

There are two locations:
one down the block from the Hilton, nicer of the two but also a lot less people, and Maggies Soletune, a mad house of at least 100 working girls, all under the ruse of drinking and dancing.

Just find one you like and you’re on your way. The usual price is from 400-1000 rmb, $50-$120 US. If you like Russian chicks go to a disco called The Den, only about 1 km from Maggies Soletune. Upstairs from the dance floor are all working girls.

Don’t bother with the disco Passion (located in Sheraton or I would have to say even Hard Rock will cost you a lot more and the girls are definitely not as good). Just remember, in Maggies and The Den you must approach or motion to them or they will not approach you.

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