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A4 direction city center, pass a round about, at the 2nd ARAL gas station turn right into the Militarring Strasse, about 1km turn left.
(at the round about turn onto Militarring). “Robinenweg” is on your left and Hitzelstrasse is on your right. You can turn left to enter one area. The one on the right is more difficult to access. Some of the area is forest and light brush. In auto service, outdoor service and hotel is available from freelance type women. Look for parking areas, bridges and just women along the road.

1. Hitzelstrase at Militarring
2. South end Hitzelstrasse “Robinenweg” is on opposite side of Militarring.

Pascha Gentlemen’s Club

Club 111
Bonner Talweg 111
53113 Bonn
Tel 02327 322627
Hours Mon – Friday 8pm – 5am
Entry 20€
Sessions 90€
Drinks 3 Euros Beer 6 Euros

Sauna Club Angelique
Große Brinkgasse 12
50672 Köln
Tel 0221 256862
Monday – Saturday
11am – 9pm

Asia Sexworld Vormwalderstrasse 1
Hilchenbach, Kreuztal
(Bei Siegen)
Tel 02733 129022
Free Entry

First Impression
A bit of a drive and away from the beaten track this latest addition to the other 2 Asian theme clubs is located in what was once another sex club. The old, well kept stone castle style building makes for a disgreet location. Easy to see by the good signage and lights it back off to the left as you come up the hill. The place looked deserted when I arrived just after noon on a week day. Plenty of parking, hours are posted and once I rang the bell the place came to life. A huge heavyweight door with swing open style hatch I thought I was visiting the land of OZ. After a knock a cute face appeared to look me over and allow me entry.

Once you enter your at the front desk, probably where the prior club collected a fee. Since there is no longer an entry fee you’ll be lead to the bar which is straight ahead then left. The restroom is straight ahead and to the right, last door on the left down the hall. The stairwell across from the restroom leads up to the rooms.
Once in the bar I noticed the women (6) had wisely spaced themselves apart around the bar. Hoping that you would sit by one. Drinks are 3 Euro and Picallos 25 Euro, alcoholic drinks are more.

The women will try and sit with you should you not sit by one of them. Stage one they request you buy them a bottle to drink, this starts at 25 Euros. You can kindly decline, I did not find this to be a problem.

The main room where the bar is located also has booths, tables and a dance floor and pole. When asked about the pole dances I got the impression one needed to buy champagne for such services. The club tends to be on the dark side with minimum and red lighting.

Room Rates
Room rates are the standard for these clubs
50 Euro for 30 minutes with a hand release
60 Euro for 30 minutes oral OR sex
80 Euro for 30 minutes oran AND sex (FT Included)
100 Euro adds a massage to the 80 Euro option

They’re fairly liberal with time, I found most of the girls were willing to stay longer then the 30 minutes. They appear only to stress the 30 minutes for quickies like the 50 Euro option.

There were 5 Chinese girls and one Korean girl present during my visit. Make sure you have a map to find this place as there are several turns and major roadways you need to follow to get here.

Service appears to be above average with the only limitation that the women are all Asian. Kissing, DATY and FT are not extra. Women appear to be young, willing and able. Great deal for not entry fee and service for those who enjoy the Asian way.

100km or 45 minutes from Cologne
130km or 60 minutes from Bonn
140km or 65 minutes from Dusseldorf

Near Major cities of

Role Playing
Thai Massage
Oil Massage
They even offer over night stays at the club

Closest Hotel
Landhotel Siebelnhof
Vormwalder Straße 54
Tel 49 2733 89430

Now the third of 3 clubs owned by what I hear is an Asian madame. Asia Haus, Asia Sauna and now Asia World, see the other clubs in their respective posts. At one time the club was a normal FKK club, from the inside it also appears this way. From the outside it’s an impressive castle style structure. Knock on the door and minutes later the rather large peep hole opens, most likely a Chinese gal looks thru and checks you out. Then the door opens and you’re shown in to the left where there is a rather dark bar. Most likely the reason for the wait at the door is for the manager to summons the available girls to the bar. Each sitting around the bar alone as to make room for a possible customer. At it’s best I’ve seen 6 women here and at it’s worst only 3. Now if you arrive with more then the women they have working they might not allow you into the club. The reason for this is they don’t want you sitting alone un-attended in the bar.

Service wise you won’t pay an entry fee but should you not party they’ll try their best to hit you up with a drink bill so take care what you order or drink. I recall 80 Euros getting you about 30 minutes and it also included bbbjtcim. While the web sites do attempt to promote the fact that they have a selection of Asian women, ie, Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Mala, Korean etc. the majority of women at these clubs are Chinese. Some are even told to tell customers they ARE not Chinese rather another Asian sort.

If you try calling ahead to ask how many women are working you’ll most likely get a really stupid cheesy recording about what a great time you’ll have. Which really is stupid, guys call to ask how many women, hours, directions etc. In the end you might arrive and see only 2 women and neither is up to your standards. Now you’ve driven over an hour as this place is not local, it’s off the beaten path and a bit off the normal route nead the A3.

Bergisch-Gladbach Brothel
Buchholzstrasse 67
51469 Bergisch Gladbach

Club Caesar
Stolberger Strasse 196c
50933 Köln
Tel 0221 4992200

Club Cherie
Bruchgasse 30
53894 Mechernich-Eifel
Tel 02443 2939
Info 02443 903078
7-10 Women
Whirlpool, Pole dancing
12pm – 5am
Web Site

Club Einsteinstraße
Einsteinstrasse 5
53842 Troisdorf
Tel. 02241 404111
Daily 8pm to 4am

Happyland Brothel
Aachenerstrasse 2
(near Happyland)
Köln 50674
Near Rudolfplatz
Tel 02 21 – 27 12 879
Tel 01 75 – 77 46 338
Web Site
Web Site 2
Looks mainly to be a small brothel with Asian women.
Mainly Thai women and Thai massage.

Haus 21 Asian Brothel
Kreuzstrasse 21
(Ring Sara)
Tel 0228 4103764
10am – 2am
Web Site
The Girls

Haus 21
Kreuzstrasse 21
53225 Bonn-Beuel
Tel 0228 9737903
Thai Girls
Web Site

Haus Lug in’s Land
Büdenholzer Strasse 36
57555 Brachbach
Tel 02745 382
Tel 02745 8327

Kings Club
Neusser Strasse 695
50737 Köln
Tel 0221 742558

Bonn 40 Euro Brothel
Kölnstraße 107
53111 Bonn

Life 2000
Bonnerstrasse 8
53173 Bonn
Tel. 0228 354774
Hours Mon – Sat 9am – 5am

Club Michelle
Victoriastrasse 10
58636 Iserlohn
Tel 02371 437452

Nickis Welt
Am Römerturm 15
50667 Köln
Tel 0221-26053065
Web Site

Nida Thai
Geisselstrasse 67
buzz “Nida” 1st Floor
50823 Köln – Ehrenfeld
Tel 0162 6995041
Web Site

Club Sauna Paradiso
Industriestrasse 10a
50259 Pulheim
Tel 02238 50000
Web Site

There are 2 Eros centers in Koeln, both opposite each other in Hornstrasse. Das Bordell has free entry and Pascha has an entry charge of €3. The buildings have 4/5 storeys and the girls sit on stools outside the doors. The price is €50 per session. I had one session in Pascha with a Thai girl who was probably a 7. Very friendly but also very mechanical. No extras were offered.

Pascha FKK
Hornstrasse 2
50823 Köln
Tel 0221 17906006
Info 0221 17906482
Web Site
Daily 9pm – 5am

When you visit Cologne, go to the “Pascha” in Hornstrasse No.2, which is Europe’s biggest “Erotic-Hotel”. Girls there do not work for pimps as those are not allowed to enter the “Pascha”, they work for their own, paying a certain fee for their rooms each day they work there. So most of them are very willing to satisfy you as good as they are able to because there exists a guarantee that those clients who were not satisfied will definitely get their money back. As I am a resident of Cologne, I go there quite often and experienced a lot of girls there.

At the entrance, you have to pay 5,- DM so that voyeurs are successfully kept out. Then you go through the house which has 7 floors with about 15-20 girls on each floor (depends on when you go there – weekend between midnight and 4 a.m. there will be a lot of girls), which are almost 140 girls during “rush-hour” – Europe’s biggest brothel. The atmosphere is very relaxed, no girl will try to force you coming into her room, except the black girls, but there are only a few of them. You just walk through and watch the girls sitting on bar-chairs in front of their rooms. When you think you found what you looked for, stop at her and talk to her. The prices are very much the same: 50,- DM BJ and HJ, 100,- DM FS for about 20 minutes, 150,- DM for 1/2 hour and 300,- DM for one hour. Everything with condom, even HJs. What the girls are willing to do for what price depends very much on the girls!

Most of the girls there are German, only a few from Eastern-Europe, the 6th floor only has black girls (nobody really likes to go there as they immediately grab your arm and try to pull you into her room) and the 2nd floor is only Asian. To go there, take a taxi, from the main station it won’t be more than 15,-DM or take the S-Bahn from track no. 11 at the main station, direction Nippes / Düsseldorf and descend at the Nippes station. From beside the bridge there you will see the “Pascha” with a pink-red light bar which clasps the hole roof.

Insider-Tip: After your visit, just cross the street to go to Norbert’s Imbiss, a very typical and well-known Bar where you will also get something to eat.

Club Royal
Niehler Strasse 66
50733 Köln
Tel 0221-729579

Saskia´s Maison
Vasco-da-Gama-Strasse 3a
53881 Euskirchen-Industriepark
Tel 02251 929117

Dom-Esch-Strasse 13
53881 Euskirchen/Dom-Esch
Tel 0174 4587690
Web Site

Team Thai Engel
Merscheiderstrasse 144
Buzz “Kim”
Behind Chinese Restaurant, entrance in yard
42699 Solingen – Merscheid
Tel 0212 2333232
Tel 0152 04446926
Web Site

Thai Girls
Düsseldorferstrasse 45
Buzz “Nansy”
In the pedestrian area over the gambling hall
42697 Solingen – Ohligs
Tel 0212 2214098
Web Site

Night Club “Top Secret”
Erzbergerufer 7
Bonn 53111
Tel 0228 9027895
30 Euro Entry
Monday – Satyurday
9pm – 5am
Web Site

Biberweg 19 – Ecke Iltisweg
Troisdorf-Spich (between Bonn and Cologne) 53842
Tel 02241 66665
Mobil 0178 7018209
Web Site

Monday – Saturday — 10:00 AM – Midnight
Sundays and Holidays — 12:00 PM – Midnight
MasterCard, Visa, American Express accepted.

How it Works:
This is not an FKK club. Rather, it’s more of a traditional brothel. There is no entry fee. After you press the buzzer at the front door and are granted entry, the receptionist has you sit in a waiting area or an empty party room, where each available lady will walk by one at a time, introduce herself to you, and leave the waiting area. (She may nonchalantly walk through again, so you don’t forget what she looks like.)

When you see someone you like, give her name or description to the receptionist, and she will summon the lady for you. The lady will take you to a private room with a bed and shower. She’ll ask you what you want to do and whether you’d like something to drink. Prices are on a time/activities scale and are as follows:

50 EUR = 20 minutes of basic service. Choose between oral or intercourse. No kissing.

80 EUR = 30 minutes of additional service. Covered oral and intercourse. Choose between kissing or performing oral on the lady.

100 EUR = 45 minutes of full service. Includes mutual oral (BBBJ) and kissing. Two climaxes allowed (first by intercourse, second by hand). Extras (FT and anal, if the lady allows them) are 50 EUR additional.

150 EUR = 60 minutes of full service. See above.

Give the lady the payment. She will then leave the room for a few minutes to book the party, and get her supplies and your drink. Get undressed while you wait. She’ll return, prepare the bed, get undressed herself, and invite you to take a shower with her. After you’re both clean and polished, it’s time for action.

Usually 4 to 7 ladies are on shift at any given time. The 7 ladies we saw on a Friday night visit were all attractive and nicely dressed. It may be a good alternative to an FKK club if you’re travelling alone and have time for only one session.

Eckenhagener Strasse 23
51580 Reichshof
Tel 02265 8594
Web Site

Tropicana Bar
Marburger Strasse 26
57223 Kreuztal
Tel 0179 6519999
Monday 21-3am
Tuesday 21-3am
Wednesday 21-3am
Thursday 21-4am
Friday 20-5am
Saturday 20-5am
Sunday 21-3am
30 Mins 80 Euro
60 Mins 150 Euro
5 Euro Softdrinks, Coffee and Beer
10 Hard Drinks
20 Euro Lady Drinks Piccolos
75 Euros Hausbrand
100 Euro Large Haus Brand
150 Sekt
250 Champagne
Web Site

Incall or Outcall
for those in the Koln area
Luxemburger Strasse 39
021 /4 20 48 80


Bernd’s Sauna Lichtenberg
Am Schieferhof 28
53773 Hennef-Lichtenberg
Tel 0224 81529
Web Site
Monday – Thursday 1pm – 12am
Fridays 1pm – 1am
(No entry after 12am)
Closed Holidays
70 Euro Entry
50 Euro Session
Hot/Cold Buffet meal served daily
All Drinks, Beer, Hard Drinks, Softdrinks, Coffee and juices included. Snacks, fruit and bakery goods included
10 – 17 women
Sauna, whirpool, outdoor garden
Bernd’s is now 30 years old, Established in 1981
The Mother of all FKK clubs opened early 1980’s. Originally “Bernd” opened the club in the basement of his house, later as the club became popular he expanded the club to the rest of the home. It is now run by his son. Club hours have changed over the years by request of regular guests. Over 23 years of being the first “Bernd’s” prides themselves with offering the finest quality service.

From A3 take A560 to Hennef. Stay on A560 until it turns into a Landstrasse. After a couple of miles and on top of a small hill you’ll enter the little town of Lichtenberg (a plate indicates that). Take the third street on the right (another plate will point you to Lichtenberg again) which winds up a hill into the neighborhood. Park in one of the few spots lined up against the house at number 28, or in one of the two parks indicated “Privat-Parkplatz”. There is no outside appearance about what this house is, but there is “Bernd’s Sauna Club” plate closed to the door (you will not notice however until you’ve walked up right to the door).

Because it was Halloween, there was a big party here last Friday. I strongly suggest if you ever have the chance, visit one of the special parties here (or at other clubs too I suspect). It is really something to see.

I arrived about 2:30, and the place was mostly full from 3:00 on until the end. Because this club mostly has a high level of repeat business, and not a large number of outsiders, the group was fun, all knew each other (myself as well), and all had a fantastic time. The club was well decorated, and all the girls and staff (including Connie, the manageress, etc) were in costumes (not naked for a change). They all put a lot of time and effort into this, and it showed. A classy production! The food was out right at 2:00, and kept coming all night long (like the guests). If you haven’t been here recently they have started having food catered in by a local restaurant, and it is very good.

In order to assure a good time by the guests, all the girls were required to work the entire time, from open to close. This meant there was a great supply of girls. This lead to some spectacular fun…

Because there was a good crowd that generally knew each other, and rooms were sometimes hard to get, a lot of action happened out in the open. I witnessed a number of FT’s in the main living room, downstairs, in the hall, where ever. Gina mostly set up shop just by the TV upstairs, and took good care of one customer after the other. Really fun watching all this happen. At one point in the evening, a couple of girls ganged up on another and stripped off her costume, and preceeded to attach her. She loved it, and they bounced around on the sofa and then the floor. Pretty soon another girl and 1 guest joinded in. Eventually Eileen was on her back on the living room floor, a customer was getting a BJ from her, and Baska was eating Eileen, who was screeming with pleasure. Accross the room another customer was getting a BJ, and in the corner Gina was getting her next guest heated up. Anybody that had the desire could have joined in. Similar behavior was also going on in the basement, along with general sing-along, pole dancing, and party stuff.

In all the years I have been doing these clubs I have never had a better time. All the girls and guests were happy, and I can’t wait for the next party to cum along.

Recent posts on another board have included a lot of incorrect information that demands some comments.

Gina has in fact left Bernd’s, however the reason was more complicated, and did not involve the club requiring her to perform any kind of acts while ill!!! This was a superficial item that represented other things (not health related), with a bad final result. I know she would be welcomed back by the girls and staff should she wish to return. I think it was time for a break for her, which she desreves.

On another topic, the girls here do NOT all do FT, either for extra or as part of the basic service. As I have stated many times, posters who get special service and then tell the world this is standard practice do themselves, other customers, and the girls a disservice. This club is no different in this repect than any other. I know for certain there are girls here who will not do FT, period! Others only do it for special guests, and others are well know for doing it willingly, and may even prefer it. However you must remember it is her choice. You can request, but please do not expect or demand, or you will likely be disappointed. Also the official club policy is that it is up to the girl if she wishes to charge extra for certain things. They would prefer the girls just decide what they do and don’t want to do, but if there is an extra charge it must be made known to the customer well in advance, not at the last second.

This club has the most consistent record of top service of any I have ever known in the years I have been visiting these places. It decidely has it’s own atmosphere and servide standards, but lets please show this place the respect it so richly deserves.

As far as discrimination and entry goes:
I have visited here with a number of different individuals, and have never had a problem. Also I know they have been there alone, also no problems. I think it has more to do with if they think you can be a problem. I know of a case where some friends went to a club (not Bernd’s) with an Asian wearing a stocking hat. He looked out of place, and was refused entry. I went the next weekend with another Asian and a dark person, and there was no problem. Same hostess at the door. She also let in a group of Asians that evening. So it is appearance, and nothing more. If you look like a slob or thug, then you will not get let in, and this applies at most places.

Things are changing at this club, while the addition of hot food and a higher entry price of 70 Euros seem to come at a time when things were only getting better, times are changing. Known for it’s small but quaint facility located in a 2 story home with basement this club has been around the longest and may in fact be the originator of the “FKK Sauna Club concept”. More women and more rooms when the pool in the basement was filled in and extra rooms were added. At one time it seemed that the women just kept coming and there were days when the women outnumbered the men. Service wise there was a line between the women, those that offered “per program” or “per “30 minutes”. Most offered all the extras with the exception of anal for the same session rate. It seemed that this difference also had to do with the longer term women not going so much by time as by service. The newer women usually stuck to the 30 minute clock.

While not any secret several of the top women and well know stars started to appear at another club for a time. Golden Time taking the circut by storm for a while there drew the attention of many customers and women. If you’ve been to GT you’ll know the place does get busy at times. Do more customers mean more money? Not all the time, from what I gathered most of the women that went to GT returned or left GT not too long there after. It’s said that the women at Bernd’s feel more like a family and at GT it’s dog eat dog and more fast paced. A good example is trying to get food at GT, while you can eat when you want in a relaxed setting at Bernd’s, this is rare to never at GT. It’s more like a mad rush for the chow table. If you’re lucky you might get some food. I can’t tell you the countless times I’ve gone without food at GT, while at Bernd’s I never go hungry.

True they are two different clubs, GT is not a true FKK as most women are not nude while at Bernd’s management makes it a point that they need to be totally nude. Usually at Bernd’s BBBJTC is not extra while at GT you can expect at least 25 Euros extra. Go a few minutes over at Bernd’s and most likely you won’t pay extra but at GT, it’s 25 Euros.

Now don’t get me wrong I like the dutch, they speak English and after all they have Amsterdam but why do so many cross the border to Germany? Well if you ask them most will tell you that it’s better in Germany. Ying Yang and BadaBing are similar clubs in Holland, some even with the same girls that work in Germany, but there are also more Dutch women and they are not used to the system in Germany. BBBJ, kissing etc, which all helped make Germany what it is not common in Holland. At one time it was only PHG where the Dutch flocked, today both clubs GT and PHG have a high Dutch Customer base. Women do change alot at GT, more then at Bernd’s.

We’ll have to see what the coming year brings to Bernd’s, while a good club for some, it really depends what you prefer.

Better known by locals as “Schieferhof” for the name of the street where the club is located Bernd’s is the mother of all FKK Sauna clubs. If you like the concept of FKK clubs then this club is where it all started. The rules, the concept and the name. Family owned, operated and invented by none other then Bernd who died several years ago. His son inherited the business and it continues today.

Club management is doing all they can to promote the club with the new influx of more clubs. They have a gallorie located HERE.

Entry is 70 Euros but they do offer a 50 Euro entry on special days and events. Known best for no extra fees, couch action and a kiss as you depart this is a must see for all FKK fanatics.
1pm – 8pm 70 Euros
8pm till closing 50 Euros

Club hours and days of operation are their weak points, open only Monday to Friday and closed on most holidays. 1pm to 12pm Mon-Thursday and 1pm – 1am on Fridays (Important while the club may be open till 12 or 1am they stop anyone from entering after 11pm)

Considering the rash of new clubs in the past few years competition has divided some of Bernd’s long time guests. Service however is still something none of the clubs in the area can match. Bernd’s has added some special offers such as reduced entry after 8pm. (Only 50E) Once a month they offer the entry for the entire day for 50 Euros.

Bernd’s is in the process of upgrading its facility, look for a new larger locker room. You may have noticed that the locker room with the showers has been upgraded as well as the showers themselves. All the rooms will also be upgraded with new wall paper, window treatment, mirrors etc.

There are two new German gals working at Bernd’s both from the Koln area.

FKK Burg Vormals Sundowner
Im Burgacker 45
53123 Bonn-Duisdorf
Tel 0228 9095655
Tel 0228 9095650
Fax 0228 9095659
Hours Monday – Friday
11am – 1am
1pm – 2am
Entry 10 Euro
First Session 69 Euro
Additional sessions 40 Euro
(per 20 minute blocks)
Formally Sauna Club Topless
Entry 50€ till 10pm
After 10pm 60€
Sessions 60€
VIP Room 60 minutes 200€
Drinks 5€
Credit Cards accepted
After 10pm its a nightclub 160€ 30 minutes
email Map
This club was closed on Nov 11, 2008
Web site

FKK Club Calygula CLOSED
53773 Michelshohn
Monday to Friday 2pm to 2am
Saturday 6pm to 6am
Tel 02242 81042
Web Site
25 Euro Entry
75 Euro 1st Program
65 Euro 2nd Program
Non Alcoholic drinks 2 Euros
Alcohol 3 Euros
Whirl Pool, Outdoor Pool and Sauna
Theme Rooms

While not YET the caliber of Bernd’s up the street this club offers low entry cost and a full buffet meal for only 15 Euro. 10’s can be found here as well as the high service women found nearby. Food is above average and plentiful. Great place to visit when the other place closes as they are open till 2 or 3am depending on the day of the week.

While not YET the caliber of Bernd’s up the street this club offers low entry cost and a full buffet meal for only 15 Euro. 10’s can be found here as well as the high service women found nearby. Food is above average and plentiful. Great place to visit when the other place closes as they are open till 2 or 3am depending on the day of the week.

Finding this place can be difficult for the first time visiter as the club is situatied in a very rural farm area with some dirt road access.

From the A560 about 1km after the autobahn ends there is an overpass where the B8 crosses a road that turns left and then goes to the right under the B8. Look for signs “Michelshohn”. Once you’ve passed under the B8 you’ll be passing thru some fields and pass some farms, keep continuing straigt back down the valley. About 1km away from the B8 look for signs “Michelshohn” or FKK Calygula. There is a sign where you need to turn right on a dirt road which winds back and up a hill to the entrance of the club.

From Hotel Reuter
Hotel Reuter is located in Lichtenberg near Bernd’s FKK Sauna Club. Take the road closest to the hotel back (Schacherweg) and follow it down into the valley. There is a sign that the road dead ends or is off limits to traffic, this merely means that it is not city maintained road. Autos are permitted and you’ll see other cars as you travel down the valley. It’s basically a rural access road. You’ll pass a village called “Schacher” at the junction to right or you’ll be in a barnyard. Take the narrow road down till you see the “Calygula FKK Club” sign. Finding this club at night for the first time can be difficult so take care.

The club was previously being run by a couple of guys that did not understand the business, nor care too much. They would often close the club if there was not sufficient guests, but this lead to poor attendance, and the girls left also. The original owner has taken over again, and seems interested in rebuilding the club.

I visited here on a Friday night, and found a couple of guests and 7 or 8 girls. Two of the girls were very nice slender blondes, with good personalities. A friend did one and enjoyed it enough to repeat a couple hours later. Then there were 3 or 4 that were not top-shelf in terms of looks, but did have 7-8 looks and good personalities also. Friendly, no push, take all the time you like taliking, whatever. And there were 2 that seemed nice and friendly (did not actually talk to them myself but another friend did) but were over my weight limit.

Nice food buffett with hot dishes and a salad bar.

Entrance is now only 15E, first session is 75, all sessions after that are 65. Drinks are 2E for non-alcoholic, 3 for alcohol. I believe the official time for a session is 30 minutes, but nobody seemed to care. Between 3 guys we did 4 sessions with 3 girls. If I hadn’t just had a session elswhere, I likely would have done another girl as well. It just happened I ran into a friend there, so I did her right off.

The club was previously being run by a couple of guys that did not understand the business, nor care too much. They would often close the club if there was not sufficient guests, but this lead to poor attendance, and the girls left also. The original owner has taken over again, and seems interested in rebuilding the club.

I visited here on a Friday night, and found a couple of guests and 7 or 8 girls. Two of the girls were very nice slender blondes, with good personalities. A friend did one and enjoyed it enough to repeat a couple hours later. Then there were 3 or 4 that were not top-shelf in terms of looks, but did have 7-8 looks and good personalities also. Friendly, no push, take all the time you like taliking, whatever. And there were 2 that seemed nice and friendly (did not actually talk to them myself but another friend did) but were over my weight limit.

Nice food buffett with hot dishes and a salad bar.

Entrance is now only 15E, first session is 75, all sessions after that are 65. Drinks are 2E for non-alcoholic, 3 for alcohol. I believe the official time for a session is 30 minutes, but nobody seemed to care. Between 3 guys we did 4 sessions with 3 girls. If I hadn’t just had a session elswhere, I likely would have done another girl as well. It just happened I ran into a friend there, so I did her right off.

Management has changed at this club. You can still find some of the faces from the past as well as some new ones. Prices seem to have stayed the same. Entry is cheap and includes a hot buffeet style meal. Drinks are additional, softdrinks, beer and alcoholic beverages are available.

The big issue here is whether or not they’ve solved the “no stop watch concept”. On the website it clearly states “ohne Stoppuhr” which means “without stopwatch” which one could define that a session is with strict time limits. Yet it also states “Erste halbe Stunde” which means “first half hour”. In the past some women have been overly strict with time at this club. Not the type of service men are used to just up the hill. While the food and low entry get you in, paying for each drink and not getting a full program for 75 Euros is the big issue. Hopefully “Steffi” the new management has worked this issue out…The website has been updated and changed.

Cesars Palace
Merowinger Str. 67
50677 Koln
Tel 0221 31 16 45
Near Choldwigplatz
Web Site
Open Daily from 9pm to 5am
Free Entry
14 Whirlpools, 2 bars
They accept Credit cards

This Club is not anymore the Acapulco.

It now is called Caesars Palace.

open: daily 20-4 Uhr
Homepage: http://www.cesars-koeln.de

Reisert Strasse 20
53773 Hennef
02242 9690966

FKK Colonia
Horchstrasse 2
50259 Pulheim-Brauweiler
Tel 202234 801128

Cubana Bar FKK Sauna Club
Alteburger Strasse 287
50968 Köln-Bayenthal
Web Site
Tel 0221 388597

Feelings Sauna Club
Elisabethstrasse 14
50226 Frechen
Tel 02234 936486
30 Euro Entry
(after 7pm 15 Euro)
80 Euro Sessions

Monday 10am-3am
Tuesday – Thursday 12-3am
Friday 10am – 4am
Saturday 12am – 4am
Sunday 12am – 3am

Directions from the A3
Exit Limburg South, then take B8 direction Lindenholzhausen, Lindenholzhausen take a left at the signal direction Eschhofen, After the town exit you will see on the right side the
Bördner-Städtereinigung. After which you turn right to the Dietkircher Straße 7.

Club La Mour CLOSED
Uhlandstr. 28
By the A3 in Sainkt Augustine
Monday – Thursday 2 – 1am
Friday -Saturday 2 – 3am
Saturdays Strap party
Web site HERE


Lore´s Strandkorb Sauna
Marienstrasse 94
50767 Köln-Ehrenfeld
Tel 0221-553505

Club M FKK Sauna Club
Gutenbergstraße 3
53359 Rheinbach
Tel: 49 02 2226 90 90 61 6
Monday – Thursday 12:00 – 12:00
Fridays 12:00 – 3:00am
Web Site

FKK Mondial
Hugo-Junkers-Str. 10
50739 Köln/Longerich
Tel 0221-97 99 88 88

Website for this club is now www.club-mondial.de and not as shown above

I had visited this club several times over the years when it was previously Mondial. At the time it was a bargain rate club with lower rates but I managed to always find a few quality women. Some from Oase and even one from the Schieferhof talent pool. It never caught on and finally closed later to re-open as Mediterranean club. The one price bang all you can concept never did catch on and finally that club closed as well.

A few months back I had heard the Samya team took over the building and was planning on re-opening it with the Mondial name. The end of April 2010 they held a grand opening with lots of food, drinks and music. Even a sax player with decorations. Many Samya staff and friends could be found and the public was allowed free entry to check out the new facilities. There were no women and the place was not officially open for business. The first week of May they opened I think on a Saturday, a few days after that I made a visit.

While the place has been redone and the prices are low to draw new business it will still take time to see how this place pans out. Just down the road is Sudbad which has new management but has been around for many years as one of the oldest brothels in Koln.

First impression is the place is clean and the entry fee of 30 Euros is a bargain. Inside you walk down some stairs to the left to the locker room which has not changed much since it first opened. Something odd is the urinal at the end of the locker room hall where you enter the showers. If you’ve used it you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Upstairs the club has been expanded and re-done. Note the large LCD displays on the wall. The multi-level layout and the dining area. What will stand out is the music and I’m not sure if this is the case all the time but when I visited it was way too loud. Ear piercing to the point that it pushed you away, yet the women were dancing around as if it was a disco. Beer will set you back at an extra cost.

Food was similar to what you find at Samya with the addition of several tables with serve yourself buffet style food. In the late hours expect french fries and fried chicken. Something you’ll also find at Samya which seems to be a favorite of the women.

I did not see any women to my liking so my visit was short. I’m not sure if this will be the norm or things will change in the future. At 30 Euros it was not a big loss and I was able to drink and eat. The website looks promising and if the owners decide to move in the same direction as Samya this place might be a favorite. For now I can’t say I recommend it.

They have an area to lay down and sleep, a clean large restroom and decent food. The bar is large and well stocked but not with the bottles in the self serve fridge like at Samya. 30 Euros you get what you pay for.

Sauna Club Palm Beach
Pützchens Chausee 198
53229 Bonn-Beuel
Tel 0228 480108
Hours daily 20-5am

Parksauna Residenz
Schlehecker Strasse 45
53797 Lohmar-Durbusch
Tel 492205 927322

50 Euro Entry
Free WiFi access
Ask at reception for username and password
All women guests free entry
Monday – Friday 11.00am – 1.00am
Saturday Sunday 1.00pm – 1.00am
Web Site

FKK Party
Budenholzer Strasse 36
57555 Brachbach
Monday-Friday 12 – 12

Pascha FKK Club
Hornstrasse 2
50823 Koln

Seems the people who brought you the large multi level Eros center (Brothel) in downtown Koln have opened a FKK club. Rumors are it’s located on the upper level of the complex. In the past there was a club on the lower level next to the parking lot which had a Egyptian Theme, this club closed due to unfavorable practices.

There seems to be 2 clubs advertised
Hornstr. 2-Koln
0221 17906 006
“Pascha FKK-Club
02 21 1790 6482
Are these one in the same or two separate attempts at an FKK Club?

I knew about the place opposite (now called Das Bordell – www.das-koelsche-bordell.de) and saw it as I went in to Pascha, but it has a crap website with only two “girls” on it, and one of them is a TS, so I gave it a miss.

Rosy´s FKK Sauna
Thürmchenswall 66a
50668 Köln
Tel 0221 1392655

Sauna Club Römerbad CLOSED
Piusstrasse 48
50823 Köln
Tel 0221 511031
Tel 0221 511032

Samya FKK Club
Kirschbaumweg 26a
50996 Köln-Rodenkirchen
Tel 02236 969636
Web Site
Mediterranean Style Villa
Open Daily
from 11am – 1am
Sundays and Holidays
3pm – 1am
20 Rooms 40 International Girls
50 Euro Entry
Robes are furnished
Entry includes Buffet meal, drinks, beer and softdrinks.
Sauna, Bio Sauna and Steam Bath
30 discreet parking places in the rear
Credit Cards Accepted


After a few recent visits and discussions with several women who once worked there, things seem to be slowing down at Samya. Evenings tend to be busier than days and afternoons. Many of the old faces have changed and have been replaced by new ones. The entry and bar staff have also changed.

The German gal “Honey” is still as popular as ever. She can still be found at the center of any party and dancing nude on the bar. Some former Samya women now work at Oase, Golden Time, Living Room etc. With all the changes, it’s obvious that most of the newly listed women on the website don’t have actual photos. While this is something that happens at every club, it was more apparent this trip.

Still, Samya has probably the best bar among the German clubs. Several types of sparkling water, juices, soft drinks, coffees and beer are within easy reach in help-yourself fridges. I love that drinks are still in bottles, which is something that has changed at other clubs to cut costs.

Samya can be a challenge to get to during the rush hour as the A4 has major construction and traffic jams. I’ve heard different costs for taxi fares from Koln or Bonn that range from 50 Euros to 100 Euros, depending on time of day and location. Taking public transportation to get to Samya would be difficult and complicated.
December Samya will have a live band for their anual Xmas party and a huge buffet with Xmas treats. I’m sure the women will be in the Christmas spirit in dress, too.
Dates they’ll be closed:
12/24 Xmas Eve
12/31 New Year’s Eve
01/01 New Year’s Day

So keep these dates in mind when planing a trip.
All the women I ran into at other clubs who left Samya did so due to things slowing down. This is a problem with many of the other clubs. Women then move from club to club, thinking the grass is greener on the other side.

Since it opened Samya has had it’s ups and downs. It’s gotten mixed reviews from visitors who’ve stopped in once or those who’ve tried it several times.

Prices are similar to GT,LR and PHG, 50 Entry, 50 for 30 minutes and 75 for an hour. I say 75 per hour since some people think it’s 50 the first 30 minutes and 25 for each additional 30 minutes. Some guys think this means every 30 minutes after the initial 30 for 50 Euros is 25 Euros. This is not the way it works, it’s 50 Euros for 30 mins and 75 Euros for 60 minutes.

The parking lot can fill quickly and spaces are narrow at best. Once it’s full you can usually find a spot street side. When you enter you pay your 50 Euro, give your shoe size and receive towels, rob and a locker key. No security locker is provided, you pay the gal after her performance from your clothing locker.

At the front desk you’ll note a black and white sheet that lists all the women working at the club and their pricing. While I’ve yet to see a gal who has different prices then the norm it does state who does what. For example anal, FT and things. Once you have your slippers, rob, towels and keys you make your way down the stairs to the first doorway on the right. The locker room can be tight and if you’re lucky enough to get a locker at the end of room you’ll be someones way. Restrooms are located on both floors. The one near the locker room is out the door to the right, first left, then the first glass door. If you continue at the first left you’ll enter the women’s dressing room. Don’t make this mistake since you’re not allowed in there.

Showers can be confusing since they have 3 different types, the first two straight back when you exit the locker room right. Notice the 2 private glass doored stalls, further back on the left are several showers next to the sauna and then another bank of showers in the middle of the room that face the sauna. Take care since both banks of showers are also used by guys who use the sauna. They seem to turn the knobs to full ice cold water, this done to cool off after a visit to the sauna. However for those of us who just want a nice warm shower it can be a shock.

The downstairs area not only is the men’s locker room, women’s locker room, shower area, sauna and women’s storage area (where they keep their baggage and clothes. There’s also seating and benches for times when you need a nap or break from all the loud music and smoke. Don’t be surprised if one of the women are using the showers at the same time. It’s not by chance that the place looks like a therapeutic medical facility, prior to being taken over that’s exactly what this place was. They still work on sore muscles just a different sort of healing process.

Bar and food at Samya has always been a step above the rest. Summer months the food tends to be better then in the winter. The food area is almost always stocked and only differs by time of day, mornings its breakfast and noon it changes to lunch etc. Beverage selection is tops and even the carbonated water comes flat, fizzy and extra fizzy. Real orange juice or apple juice as well as the carbonated versions. All the drinks and beer are self serve via the glass doored coolers. The only drinks you need to ask for at the bar are coffee and tea. By the way, you’re expected to bus your own plates after eating, it’s appreciated to drop off your plates at the bar. Don’t be a lazy ass and leave your plate at the table like your paying for your meal at a restaurant.

You’re welcome to walk most of the lower basement floor as well as the main level. Don’t go up the stairs unless your accompanied by a gal. During the warmer months you can also go outdoors which is via the glass door center of the back of the main room behind the curtains.

Women here tend to sit in groups by country and language. Probably the most notable and well known provider is “Honey” the perfect example of a young, attractive, German woman. She can be sweet and friendly however over the last year I’ve noticed signs of the business being too much for her. She is if anything a site for the eyes and a great example of a pretty German gal. Mixed in with the women you’ll find popular and not so popular, experienced and unexperienced. For those that are new it’s not bad advice to watch and see which women are popular and note which women don’t go to the room much. This can be a clear sign of who to pick and who to avoid. Unexperienced woman are sweet but don’t do much more then kiss (if you’re lucky) and then cover and mount. This is common for several of the Slovakian gals. Lots of friendly eye contact and smiling going on, rarely will a gal approach you here. At peak times it’s hard for newbies who don’t frequent the place to find a gal. The women tend to spend more time and devote much of their time to regular guests.

Entertainment is common here and the owners often hold special events to spice things up. Unique food, band, performers etc. Another common event now is belly dancing on the bar which consists of 3-6 gals wearing beaded butt covers that jingle. Turn the volume up and put on some Arabic dance tunes and away they go. This works two fold, partly to get the crowd going and to see the movements of the women which might entice you to take her to the room.

While in the main lounge and bar area if you need to use the restroom its located just inside the entrance of the club, just past the glass door where you enter the club to the left as you enter.

During the warmer months as weather allows they often grill (BBQ) out back. Steaks, sausage, pork, chicken and turkey.

I’ve had great times here as well as a few basic sessions that I would not repeat. Again it aways comes down to making the right choice and finding that gal you connect with. If you find that, there’s nothing like a 75 Euro hour. Rooms are basic, during the day windows offer full view, evenings lighting tends to be lower and less visibility. There is one room that has several beds which means if she takes you here you might have company during your session.

I’ve seen women from Bernd’s, Babylon, GT, Oase and several other clubs here. Some stay and some go, however not many tend to call it home for more then a few months. This makes it tough when you find your dream connection and the next time you visit she’s gone. The club itself is clean, staff is friendly and the prices are a better deal then the Frankfurt area. Days tend to be slower but easier for the newbie to find a connection, as the day goes on more women arrive and things tend to get busy. Most of the star staff work Thursday – Sunday so those days might offer better odds.

We need more clubs like this that offer the lower pricing and attractive women so support this place and give it a try, if it does not work for you the first time try another day.

Samya. It does get better from around 3pm when the second shift arrives. I prefer arriving early and having breakfast there. It’s one of the only clubs that on request will make you a hot breakfast. They offer the regular cold cuts, cheese, bread, yogurt,jam, honey and hard boiled eggs.

At 11am most of the women working are those who live at the club. If you’re unaware to keep costs down most clubs offer the girls room and board at the club. Some sleep directly in the club while others use the upstairs rooms. These live in girls are also enjoying breakfast when you arrive.

I like to take a peek at the woman’s locker room area when I arrive. This gives me a chance to see who is getting ready for work before they come up to the main room. They’re usually putting on make up, showering or primping. During a recent visit they ran out of lockers and issued me a locker in the woman’s dressing room. This is an odd situation to be in. When I first walked in the women looked at me as if I was in the wrong locker room. Once they saw me unlocking my locker they understood I was here to stay. Here I was undressing next to naked women, high heels, underwear and cosmetic cases all over the place. The woman’s locker room is almost as small as the mens, with about the same number of lockers.

If you have not been to Samya’s in some time the lower floor has undergone a make over. They added the round style showers and removed the foot bath and older showers that were in the middle of the room just in front of the sauna and steam bath. They added some really nice lawn chairs, the heavy padded sort that allow you to lay flat or sit up. This is great for those who are suffering jet lag or taking a break between women, allowing you to sleep without being disturbed. Even the women can be found napping on these chairs during the day.

If I had to comment on something negative about Samya (there are not many things) I would complain about the mens locker room. It can be tight in the rear area and cause problems when more then a few guests are arriving or departing.

Another good tip for newbies is the info sheet just to the left of the front desk. It’s a sheet that has the names of the women working and what they offer. So if you’re into FT (Franzoisch Total CIM) it’s shown on this list. It also includes (Schlucken) which is swallows. You need only figure out a girls name and then refer to this list for more details.

Samya has their long time women who have been around and their new women. Usually the newer ones are imports from Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia etc. These women seem to group in the couch area in the main room and sit together.

Just for fun one day I asked the owner who he would recommend. He motioned to a super hot bleached blond, I think it was “Relys” but don’t call me on that. She is Romanian, slim, b cup and a really great tight ass. He also pointed out a latin or spanish speaking gal with larger hips. This girl he said is great if you like it rough, meaning you were into slapping her ass and banging her hard. She often can be heard saying “I fuck on da bull” or something like that. She has a diamond stud pierced on her lower back just above her ass.

If you like big natural breast Samya has several good women, one long time favorite is from Poland. They also offer gals from the middle east as well. From time to time they have Asian gals from Thailand and Philippines. Another star is Laura from Finland, she is petite, blond and has a tattoo around her belly button. While I can’t comment on her from personal experience from what friends have said she either likes you or hates you. Some have stated that she is very good at what she does and has excellent oral skills.

Oh another small issue that I might mention is the large stone water globe fountain just to the right of the rear door. If you’re wearing a robe and wonder how your elbows or back got wet this is how. The location of the fountain often causes people who are passing the tight area at the rear of the bar going to the food to rub against the fountain. This drove me nuts the first few visits to the club.

Drinks are all self serve, there are several glass door coolers just as you enter the main room to the left and right. One side is all beer while the other has Germany’s best club selection of drinks. Coke, Coke Light, Fanta, Carbonated Apple juice, carbonated water, non carbonated water, apple juice and orange juice all in self serve bottles. The beer selection is just as impressive with flavored beers containing lemonade, cola and zero alcohol content. You’ll need to ask for coffee or tea at the bar. The only other club that comes close to this is Freude 39. Even with all the offerings Samya manages to keep the entry to only 50 Euros.

During sporting events you can find the men on the third floor which was recently re-done with a Hollywood motive. Note the rat pack on the wall just to the right as you enter. Watch your step as the floor has several rises and drops, hitting one of these drops with your toes can be a problem. This is also another drawback although minimal a fall or broken toe during your visit might but a damper on things. Once in a while you find a gal up here but usually only to use her phone.

Samya has some nice rooms and some plain rooms, if you’re lucky enough you’ll get one of the larger rooms with an Africa motive. There’s a Marilyn room and even a bondage room with whips and rack but I’m not sure which gal offers services for this room.

There is always food served and after breakfast they usually have several choices. On warmer days just outside in the rear to the left you’ll notice the BBQ. They usually serve steaks, turkey, sausage and pork.

I’m not sure if he is still available but for the longest time the masseuse was this big Indian/Pakistani guy named Sami. He was known to give a good massage and worked downstairs where the lie down chairs are.

Samya is one of the last clubs to have the automated toilets. When they first opened this was the rage in Germany. I think Atlantis used to have them as well. If you have not noticed they are regular sized toilets that have a sensor and rotating seat. They are self cleaning and once they notice you getting up they flush and this head motors out with a brush that sets down on the seat. It then begins to rotate cleaning the seat. I would suspect these things would break down after time, they are buttons as well to manually activate them. Pretty cool on one hand but a bit overkill. This was part of the Samya concept to do a little more for the guests. This is also the first place I noticed the (soccer goal with ball target) located in the urinals. A nice touch when you need to pee and it gives you a target. Some of the other clubs started doing this as well but often the ball when missing.

Parking is limited as well and can be tight with the fountain located in the middle of the lot. Should the lot be full you can park out front on the street. The club is located in an industrial area near a Beer distribution company. There is easy on and off autobahn access.

While this club is often listed as an FKK Sauna club I would not agree that it is an authentic FKK club. You’ll need to travel a bit further south to “Schieferhof” or Bernd’s Sauna Club which is a true FKK club. Samya is relatively new when compared to Bernd’s which has been around for over 25 years now and invented the FKK Sauna club concept. The big difference is that the women most often are wearing something and that means “NO FKK” but it’s accepted since men are in towels and robes and the women are almost naked. Visitors who are just now finding the FKK scene in the last 5 years don’t know what they are missing. In the day it was demanded that the women be TOTALLY nude wearing only heels. The rules also included that the women could not approach the guests. Service was something the women had pride in and excellent service was provided with the concept that these guests would become regulars. With the addition of the flood of Romanian and Bulgarian gals this concept has slowly eroded and been lost.

One must now take care when selecting a gal, they don’t all provide GFE service nor do they all know what good sex is.

It’s not often that Samya will turn you away at the door but I have seen it happen. I’ve also seen guys being asked to leave so mind your self and don’t be surprised if you are asked to leave. Remember this place serves alcohol so that means guys get a bit carried away.

There are two experienced stars which can often be found. Lana from the Ukraine who is a tad older and more mature (I personally think is very attractive) has all the curves in the right places. This women is closer to GFE and provides excellent service. There is also another gal from CZ who often dances on the pole. She has her own style when she dances which is more holding the pole and marching around it then swinging on it. I’m told she is also great in the room. Her hair was a bit shorter the last time I saw her.

One of the strongest and best reasons to visit Samya are the prices. 50 Euros for the first 30 and 25 Euros for the second 30. 75 for the hour. Extra’s such as FT are also 25. Withing the Koln area some clubs charge much more and 50 for each 30 minutes. It’s still a bit unclear if Samya offers the 50 first 30 and then 25 for all 30 minutes after the first. LR and GT while the prices are not written down this is the case. This means you could go to the room for 2 hours and pay only 125 Euros. At Samya notice on the website that they only state 50 then the second 30 and all else is to be discussed with the gal.

Samya just opened a sister club, Mondial in Koln. Previously it was the Mediterranean club which offered one entry and all you can bang rates. They closed after which Samya stepped in re-naming it Mondial (Same name it had prior to being Mediterranean club. Entry is only 30 Euros but alcohol is extra. Now don’t go running off to this club expecting another Samya. I went to the grand opening (which did not include working gals) just food, drink and a chance to see the facility. Samya did some renovations and changes, including an array of LCD screens along the walls, a sit down eating area with buffet style food.

I visited a few days later when they were in full swing and was a bit disappointed. The club is focused more on the value oriented guest. Women were almost all Romanian and Bulgarian. Music was way too loud, the loudest I’ve ever encountered at a club. Ear piercing.
Samya still is one of my favorite stops, talent will change as it does at all clubs. Bar the best in the business and food is above average and always served.
I would suggest looking into one of the FKKTOUR tours if you’re new at this game, I know Samya is on their list of clubs they visit.

Indira Sauna Club
Porschestrasse 9
51381 Leverkusen
Tel 02171 945666
Monday – Friday 11am – 3am
Satuday 11am – 4am
Sunday and Holidays 3pm – 3am
Web Site

Schwitzbad 18
Heinsbergstrasse 18
50674 Köln
Tel 0221 237079

Privatclub Sudbad
Mathias-Brüggenstr Str. 10-14
Bickendorf, Köln 50827 (in the industrial park)
Tel.: (02 21 595 3504)
Hours: Su-Th 5p-1a; Fr-Sa 5p-3a
Prices: 50 EUR entry, 50 EUR per session
Now under new management, Sudbad is taking steps to be more competitive with the other Köln-area clubs. The opening hours have been expanded — including Sunday, rare for the area — and the 50-Euro entry/per session pricing is more in line with the other Northern clubs. This is a much better deal for those who have multiple sessions: example, entry plus two sessions is now 150 Euros, rather than 190 Euros at the former prices (30 entry/80 session).

The club now serves a daily buffet — a definite relief for those who remember having to make do with the bowls of stale pretzel sticks. Non-alcoholic beverages are still included with the entry fee, but that now includes beer (which used to cost 8 Euros/bottle).

The web site also emphatically states that the women are not to initiate contact with the customers. Hopefully, this means that the “buy me a bottle” routine is history (some of the ladies used to push customers to buy 25-Euro mini-bottles of champagne, or even the 200-Euro full-sized ones).

I usually suggest to my friends that they always bring a watch to the clubs. While this is rarely the case at places like Bernd’s it appears the time game is now possible at Sudbad. When I read your “this treatment went on for a long time (10/15 minutes)” I think perhaps you overstayed your time on the couch. Hey im on your side but im trying to figure out what went on. Did you actually check your watch when you started and finished or were you just guessing time. You’ll note the women almost always wear a watch and in this business its a must. Could it be that you were at the couch for over 20 minutes? Remember it would take another 5 minutes to get to the room and the starting over…. So how long total did you expect this all to take?

How much time can you expect? I’ve been on both sides of this. I was once with a girl at Oase who provided fantastic sex (no limits, kissing, oral etc.) for about 30 minutes, then we rested for about 30 minutes after which we had great sex again for 30 minutes. Ok so off to the lockers to pay her where I gave her 100E, 50E per each session. Nope not so easy, she asked for another 50E for the extra 30 minutes in between. In one way I could not blame her as the price is fair to start with and the women are here to make money. My personal outlook differs as it would have taken her just as long to go get cleaned up and return to the lounge to find a new customer. So I felt the 30 minutes should not be charged, my response is I won’t use her again, ever. Ok so that is only one incident for me which makes me feel this way. I have many more experiences where the girl was far more generous thus I am generous. For example I’ve spent 2 hours (checked on my own watch) with a girl and only paid the standard 30 minute fee. I was expecting to pay more but was not charged. Thus I return to this girl and give her my business often. I’ve also experienced the “OK your time is almost UP you have to finish or pay for another session”. I usually stop “I don’t finish” pay the girl and never use her again. What’s strange is Im usually a few seconds or minutes from cumming anyway, had she kept doing what she was doing I would not need another 30 minutes. This is again a sign of a girl that is not in touch with a man. A good provider feels, understands and knows how to get you off, they don’t pump faster.

Finally, one must bare in mind that we are dealing with a huge talent pool from all over the world. Every possible kind of woman which you can imagine can be found. Many clubs dump the girl into the mix and let her work things out with the customers while some clubs stick them with a list of rules which are to be followed. I can’t stress how important watching her, (with others) timing her, sitting with her etc. Otherwise if you don’t do your homework it can be a $50-$120 mistake. Since so many different women work at these places and they come from so many different mentalities one can’t expect precision results.

Sudbad is still in the middle of some change, many girls are from Meindorf while many of the girls come from old management. Those locals who used to visit Meindorf are less likely to go all the way to Koln. It’s actually those locals who help us, they don’t stand for the petty tactics we put up with. Thus you may find better quality at the smaller local clubs for this reason. Sudbad is an interesting place, the clash of expensive rip off sex and quality, no taboo sex. In simple terms it used to have a not so good rep, Meindorf had an excellent rep and now the two clubs are one. A new customer base? SOme old girls teaching each other new tricks? Perhaps. These are just my personal views and opinions, your mileage may vary.

I know what your talking about, I’ve had my share of mistakes. Everything depends on the girl, while one girl is more generous with time another goes by the second. Even with lots of experience you still run the chance of having these problems. Your only sure thing is to let her know your watching your clock. Make sure she sees you glance at your wrist watch. This clues her in on you knowing what time you start. I even set my stop watch so there is no “Hey how much time do we have”. I’ve had several girls set a stop watch themselves . Sure this is not a good sign to start with but if it was that common Germany would not be my favorite destination. Overall most girls provide you with plenty of time. While in places like Nevada there is a knock on the door ALWAYS. The clubs times you not the girl. Usually if I know the girl time is never an issue but NEW girls..well that may be another story.

To comment on another of your experiences, I think we as Americans are too embarrassed about sex. While we hide our body, Europeans walk around totally nude thinking nothing of it. So as far as “Hey this guy wants anal!” goes, don’t sweat it. You might have noticed the porno’s they show have much more anal going on. I think Germans are much more into the anal thing so it’s actually common. From what the girls tell me they get far more strange requests (which they still don’t think are strange). Cuming in her hair, on her face, on her tits, having her swallow it etc. are more common then you think. Just watch one of the movies playing and that may give you an idea. While in the US we are worried about using a condom for a blowjob in Germany they worry about where to shoot the load. Sex is suppose to be fun not some terrible thing. Enjoy yourself and by the way you may run into some women who REALLY love it up the back door….

One of the biggest tricks I’ve seen is the while your ready to cum “hey cum in my mouth, cum in my mouth”. What will happen is if the club has the extra charge option for oral finish she will hit you with more money. Try saying no when your in her mouth? If she does say “no extra charge” you found a great girl. In fact I’ve had this happen several times at Dolce Vita the club some guys don’t like. For a place with 20 minute sessions I’ve managed to get oral finish for no extra charge.

I have not yet made it to this club, but this will be remedied soon (mid-Oct). However, as a long-time participant at Meindorf, I have a couple of comments I hope people find useful or pertinent.

If my understandings are correct, both Meindorf and Bernds had the “official” policy that an 80E session was for 45 minutes. It has been my experience (admittedly as a regular) in these clubs that the girls don’t watch the clock too closely. In fact, in all my sessions, I only had 1 girl ask for extra 1 time, and we often spent an hour or more in the room, and lots of time on the couch as well (in this girls case just talking). In addition, all the girls I ran into seemed to be of the mode that if they did extra’s (FT, cumming on the body, even anal), it was included. On my last trip to Bernds my friend got the offer of FT (with no warning of extra charges), but was in fact charged a “tip” of 50E on his bill at the end of the night. Personally I would have complained about this – not the charge, just the lack of a warning that it would be assesed. Perhaps the policy has changed, or maybe it is still strictly up to the girl.

Given the above, and the fact that Subdab is the “new Meindorf”, I am wondering about this 30 minute timetable. At 80E, and extra for more time or other “extras”, they are clearly quite high on the price scale. One of the things I loved about Meindorf / Bernds is that once you decided to pay the higher prices, most of these type of hassles were gone. I hope they change, and I will do what I can when there to see if I know someone to talk about this issue.

Another thing that has gone by in this column lately is the discussion on the “open FKK” behaviour at some clubs, and the lack thereof at others. I have had a number of great evenings at Meindorf wondering around without a towel. (This is the only club that this really happened at.) I am not especially body-shy, and certainly not when others are not. I love open and public sex (and have been known to start a party at Meindorf from time to time), and miss the more open nature of Meindorf, even compared to Bernd’s. From some of the posts it sounds like this openness has passed on to Sudbad, with guys getting heavy couch action, whirlpools in the open, etc. I can only hope! As in the past, you can expect a detailed analysis on my return.

As for the extra sex stuff, it has been my experience that many of the girls don’t seem to really enjoy anything much beyond straight F&S. Maybe I am too sensitive to them, or I could easily be wrong, but there are evenings when I would love to stand up and holler “Which of you girls actually ENJOYS being somewhat perverted?”. Then I would make a quick choice, and we both would be happy. I have a very difficult time trying to make a girl do something I think she does not actually like, even when I am paying for the privilage.

And a little further off-topic (perhaps) – has anybody ever considered pre-paying for a session? This would not work here or at Bernd’s, but at the other clubs, especially if you are willing to pay for more than the basic session. What would happen if you gave the girl 100E, and told her to do what she felt was right? This would really put the pressure on her – if she gives poor service, you will obviously never visit her again. If she does well, she has clearly established a nice repeat business with an upscale spender / customer. Any thoughts on this? (including a better thread for this discussion if it goes on?)

Well, after too long a time, I finally got to Sudbad. I must admit it is a bit different than most of the other clubs. In a snese, that is nice as it provides a sometime needed change. Overall, I do not have an exceedingly positive view of this place, but I will return.

The high class (and cost) nature of this club sets it apart from most of the others. It looks to me like an old time brothel, with lots of red drapes and wallpaper, “heavy” decorations, etc. This to me conveys a sense of class if done well, and they have it done pretty well. The physical layout is very strange, with many back passages, stairs, etc. The main bar is upstairs, and the rooms are up another level yet. This tends to break up the concentrations when people are engaged in stuff. The problem is, it’s small, so if you go on a busy night (like the Friday night we went), it can get vey crowded.

As for the girls, they pretty much cover the spectrum. I was there with 2 friends, and we all found some really attractive girls, and some that did not look as appealing as our hand. No problem – differnet strokes for differnet folks. Both of my friends found girls that were satisfying, and had a great time, one especially.

As for me, I had gone specifically to see old Meindorf girls, and Sammi in particular. Also I should tell you that Connie (from Meindorf) is one of the desk girls downstairs from early until about 9:00 or so. Nice to see her again, and she explained things very well. Also, her English has improved, so there must be a number of customers needing this. Orginally I was told Sammi was out sick, but then Connie told me she was there. I did see her, but I assume they did not tell her I was waiting for her. This lead to her being busy all night with only 2 customers.

Due to the nature of this club, there can be good times, or bad times, depending on your success in catching the girl of your dreams. The club sells Picolo (25) and Champaign (200?) for you and the girls. This means if a customer buys a drink for a girl, she is effectively tied up for some time, but not actually making money, just talking. My experience was that a large group of men (actually not well liked by the girls it turns out) showed up around 9:00, and tied up 4 of the best girls until 2:00 AM. Mostly in the whirlpool, drinking, playing around, etc. The problem is this kept a large number of other customers waiting for something that was to never happen. Unfortunately, this included Sammi, so I ended up taking a girl at the very end of the evening I was not really prepared for. No sex, just messed around to use up the time.

Fees: This is the strangest pricing I have ever run into. If you get there before 20:00, there is no entrance fee if you go with a girl. This is in effect until the end of the year, as they are trying to get the customers there early. After that time, you are pre-charged 120 (40 entrance and 80 for 1st half hour), and it seems if you come in a cab, they give the cab a tip and then add that on to your bill as well!!! Perhaps this explains the odd prices some posters have reported. Also, this club is NOT like Meindorf and Bernd’s when it comes to time. They charge 80 for every 1/2 hour, and watch the clock. There seems to be no charge for the time in the bar, whirlpool, etc.

In summary, this is an interesting club, but given the pricing and possible problems, I don’t see me spending a lot of time here. I do plan to return occasionally to see old friends, and I now know that Mandy (larger German blonde from Meindorf) is also here now.

Sudbad appears to have come around in a positive way. On a recent visit they had several new girls and less of the “buy me a bottel routine”. Two of the girls there Suzie and Jenie are from Blue Note which had gone downhill. From what the women tell me the owner had lost interest, the place started to become run down and the women began leaving. The owner had it up for sale for 70k Euro. Jenie is the dark haired, tall girl with a scorpion tattoo, Suzie is the short haired, big breasted gal, with a new tattoo on her upper back.

Steer clear of the French gal with the short hair, she seems to always change her “feel sorry for me story”. She’s aggressive in nature but not in the room and most likely you’ll regret taking her there. Try Lin the new Thai gal for a top notch oral experience, one of the best I’ve had at the clubs in Germany. She claims to have learned her techniques in Germany (not in Thailand). Another Thai women who married a German and later divorced him. She won’t bother you about extra’s and will give you 110%.

FKK Sauna Troisdorf CLOSED
Otto-Hahn-Strasse 10
53842 Troisdorf
Tel. 02241 395434
Daily 2pm to 1am

Rather Mauspfad 11
51107 Köln
Tel 0221 865916

I had the best full body massage ever in this place and the girl doing the massage was perfect.
(I was there 3 months ago)
I understand that there is a whole tantra massage scene in Germany and there are lots of people (like me) who go for this treatment. It is part of the game that you get a full body massage and only at the end – the last 15-20 minutes it will be a stimulation of the genitals, just to make the massage complete and to give you a very strong orgasmic feeling.
It is a matter of taste!
But if you look for the “real” tantra massage (not just any sex massage) Ananda in Cologne is one of the best places for it, this is my personal opionion.
other serious adresses can be found here:
(association of tantric massage in Germany)

May I add that Wiago and Babylon will not let you in after 10:30pm, they are open till 12 but you must enter by 10:30pm.
Im not sure of the service but there is a club in Koln-Bickendorf, Mathias-Bruggen Strasse 12 the are open till 5am tel 02 21/5 95 35 04
Also Palazzo near Dusseldorf on the Dusseldorfer Str. 71 in Hilden is open till 1am
Club Paradiso in Pulheim Industrie Str. 10a is open till 4am
Club 95 in Schwerte Horder Str 95 is suppose to be open till 5am
Sun Club in Oppum near Krefeld at Hafels Str 237 is open till 5am
Orchideen Club Breitscheid-Ratingen at Essener Str. 35 is open till 6am
Sauna Club Love In in Siegberg at Ludwig Str. 53 is open till 6am
Blue Diamond is open till 3am Otto-Hahn Str. 10 in Troisdorf tel 0 22 41/39 54 37
In Koln 18 Party FKK on Heinsberg str 18 is open till 5am 02 21/23 95 69
Club Erotica Bonn Immenburg str. 17-21 in Bonn till 4am
FKK Colonia Pulheim-Brauweller at Horchstrasse 2 near the A1

Wiago FKK Club
Julius-Doms-Strasse 12
51373 Leverkusen

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I visited Wiago twice during a trip to Germany at the end of October. My visits were on Fri. Oct. 25 and Mon. Oct. 28. Both times I arrived around 3pm and stayed till almost 11pm. This was my first time at Wiago since Oct. 1999. On. Friday, I was greeted by at least 3 nude girls upon entering and was impressed. The club is just like I remembered and found it to be very clean in all areas. There were perhaps 8-10 girls there during my first visit, and enough attractive ones that I knew I would be happy. Very few men were there early and even later there were more women than men. I noticed an attractive dark haired girl with a very cute face sitting in the “bar” room. Her name was Melanie and she was 19 yrs. old and German. Her English was good enough for a conversation. Very nice body and I especially liked the view from behind whenever she got up. I like to relax for an hour or so before indulging so I told her I’d probably be seeing her later. Before I did get with her, I saw her go to work on an older gentleman. I noticed her couch action lasted quite awhile and it was very good from what I saw, the guy fingering her and lots of kissing, which I love. My mind was made up and after she was done with this other guy, I went for her. Wow, she was awsome. Lots and lots of great couch action, caressing, continuous french kissing and terrific oral. The service in the room was more of the same and I was very, very happy! The big surprise was later after I showered and came back into the main room. She came right up to me and smiled and gave me a huge hug. Well, we seemed to hit it off and I spent the rest of my time at Wiago with her. I had 2 more sessions with Melanie and in between sessions, we were together on the couch talking and cuddling and kissing. A real GFE! I told her that I would try to come back before going home, but couldn’t promise as it depended on my friend who was with me and what he wanted to do. He was doing the driving, too. Well, on Monday, our last day in Germany, my friend decided to go to another club but he dropped me off at Wiago again and he would pick me up later that night. Called first to be sure Melanie would be there and she was. Monday was similar to Friday. Spent the entire time with her and did 3 sessions. She rarely left my side. I had my girlfriend for the day and I was very happy. A few more guys in the club than on Friday, but only a few more. I even did a whirlpool session in the big bedroom which was fun. Our first session on Monday included an amazingly long couch session before going to the room. She just went on and on with BJ, kissing, hand job, then more kissing and BJ. I eventually had to ask her to go to a room, otherwise we’d be going at it on the couch forever! Later, we did a “porno” session. It was nonstop action. She loved my “dining” and orgasmed more than once and she also loved my fingering. Great day! By the way, on Monday, I saw a new girl coming into the club who really looked great and had the type of body I liked. And when she finally came into the bar room naked, I almost died! What a body! If I wasn’t with Melanie, I would have made a beeline straight for her. I don’t know her name, but it was her first day at Wiago. I did observe her with an older customer and they headed for a room without much couch action. Don’t know if this was his choice or hers. Also, the first day, I noticed a young, cute curly blonde getting “ready” in the dressing room and found out this was the famous Samantha. I was thinking about seeing her before I had my first session with Melanie, but I’m glad I didn’t. She seemed to always have a towel wrapped around her waist and my friend got with her and said she was pretty mechanical in the session. I’m glad I stuck with my Melanie, a great GFE for the day. Actually, 2 days as it turned out! I had a similar experience my last trip with a blonde girl, Tina, at Bernd’s and didn’t think this type of thing would happen again, so I was very pleasantly surprised. By the way, if Melanie wasn’t there, there were still a number of girls I would be willing to try at Wiago during my visit.

What is GFE? Sounds simple but I’ve come to the conclusion that there are several versions.

Being treated like a boyfriend?
No taboo, ultra passionate sex?
Sweet tender talk, touching and being totallly open?
She permits you to do almost anything to her?
She sends her tongue down your throat kissing you, makes passionate love to your rod and balls licking every inch then fucks you like your her soulmate?

Is your time with her sweet?
Is your time with her passionate?

The difference most likely comes down to the man and what he desires or thinks is GFE. Some guys think that if she enjoys having oral sex performed on her and is receptive to it, that is GFE. We may all have different experiences and it would be difficult to find a reference woman we could all compare equally.

Is an experienced woman or inexperienced type who is open to things more GFE?

Some guys get off on pleasing the woman and this might mislead others as they get pleasure from pleasing. While others enjoy receiving passionate attention from the woman.

In Germany the women tend to be more passionate and experienced in pleasing men. While in Asia the women are more passive letting the men do what they want to them. This is not always the case but definetly what I have experienced from my travels.

How much does good oral count for?
How much does deep kissing count?
How much does having her orgasum count?

I’ve noticed some of you guys like the young unexperienced women, the talk, play and teen like highschool stuff seems to mean GFE to you. While I always felt it was the passionate, pure lustful, non stop, totally into each other SEX.

Not that either is better but it may help to separate them for others to better understand it.

Yeah, Doc, you’re right — there are several ways to define GFE, and not all of them are good. I’ve had experiences with girlfriends that were pretty damn lousy!

But, in keeping with the spirit of the discussion, I’d sum up by saying that if I forgot that I was paying for an illusion, then I’ve had a GFE.

What kind of lady provides a GFE? The one who enjoys what she does, is good at it, and wants you to know it. It’s not just about bedroom skills, yours or hers. It has a lot to do with personality and chemistry. It’s hard to nail down, but I know one when I have one.

As REBECCA, formerly of Sainkt Augustine, once put it: some women just have it, and some women don’t. STELLA from Atlantis definitely has “it,” as does LINDA from Oase and KATYA from Bernd’s. These are ladies that I would fly — and have flown — halfway around the world to see.

In the “Gone But Not Forgotten” category, I’d include SURAYA, formerly of Babylon, and GAGI, formerly of Paradise. These ladies really did it for me at that point in time, but what works for me may not work for others, and vice versa. As always, YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary).

At least we have some reference models to compare experiences. Stella, Rebecca, Linda, Gagi and Katja form a pattern and if you’ve experienced these ladies then you have a better idea of what you feel is your version of GFE.

What gets me to think about this is when another gent suggests I try a woman that he claims is in fact an “GFE”. Yet I don’t feel that way after I give her a try.
When a girl allows total access to a man, does that mean it’s a GFE? Perhaps to some but from my end a real GFE must be a mutual session. It’s possible she is just acting but she leads me to believe we had a stellar connection that goes beyond just the physical.
At one time the term “GFE” was used to judge a level of quality of a session and yet as it appears the level of quality has been again divided.
I’d like to go do Melanine at Wiago so I have something to compare to what Meee and Robuk are defining here as true GFE.

Magy, the former manager of Babylon Elsdorf is now doing the Wiago.
FKK-Sauna-Club Wiago
Julius-Doms-Str. 12
51373 Leverkusen
Phone: 0214-8606124
Open: Mon-Sat 10-3, Sundy Swingerday
Homepage: http://www.fkk-wiago.de
Entrance: 50 EUR (10-17 25 EUR)
Prices: 50 EUR – FT +25 EUR Anal +50 EUR
rounabout 8 ladies are working there in the evening.


Partytreff Westerwald
Kapellenweg 1
57629 Merkelbach
Tel 02662 944780

Monday – Friday
11am to 5pm
5pm to 11pm
Saturday, Sundays and Holidays
2pm to 11pm

Women FREE entry
Couples 50€ (Fridays Parties 30€)
Men 130€ (Daily Party 99€}
*Party – Schnupperparty
Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays
Megapartys 2pm to 11pm
Web Site
Photos of available women here

Private Party Club Papillon
Hauptstrasse 461
52146 Würselen
Tel. 02405 92323
Hours: Open from 20:00 til 4:00
If open on holidays the hours are
the same as weekends
Web Site

I saw that Aachen is missing from your discussion board. There’s an FKK club called Papillon, the cheapest one I’ve visited (180DM, food/drinks/3 sessions included). It is near A4/A44 intersection (take A4 direction Aachen, then first exit. After exiting the autobahn, turn left and continue straight ahead until you’re on Oppener strasse – until you will see a gas station on intersection. Turn left on this intersection to Hauptstrasse, and the house is immediately at your left).

Club Hotel Coco
Swinger Club
Roßberg 143
53505 Altenahr
Tel. 0643 901114
Fax. 02643 901113
Cell 0174 7058575
Fri 19-3
Sat 20-4
every 2nd Sun 16-24
90Euro entry
Every Thursday only 70 Euro
Web Site

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