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Calendar Girls
Located in a modern clean flat with 4 or 5 girls working out of there. The rate for half an hour was Ł100. Saw a mixed race English girl, large breasts, and slim hips, nice face and a friendly attitude. She gave a fair massage using her breasts and had good oral skills. I also saw a white English girl who also looked attractive as I left maybe try next time with her.

Fleur de Lise
At this place saw a sexy Spanish girl Marina, she had blond hair and a good build. Nice BJ covered without even using her hands and then sex in any position requested very friendly girl. Fee Ł100 for half hour.

Street Scene
Is located from the Southside by the canal between Leeson Street and Mount Street, including Mespil Road, Burlington Road also Fitzwilliam Square. The quality hear can vary greatly from 4-7’s with the occasional 8-9’s. Prices vary from Ł20 hand job, Ł30 oral plus Ł40 full sex in car; and plusŁ10-Ł20 in flat sex indoors. The older girls late 20s early 30s that are around the junction of Fitzwilliam Place and Cumberland Road are clean and friendly and most have their own flats for dates.

The new Imperial Studio 24a grattan street Dublin. Definitely the best massage parlor in town. Similarly priced to all other (£65 for 30 mins). For this you get a massage, shower, oral and ••••••• in any position you want (all with a condom). The girls are all attractive and very attentive. Well worth the money.

The advantage Club (8 Eustace Street) – over priced for what you get £70 for a massage and Swedish (oral but you can come on her tits). Fairly sleazy looking place and very business orientated (quick in & out).

Eves (11 Dorset Street) well equipped and reasonably priced. £65 will get you the works, the have some nice women here but they tend to be fairly busy.

For full listings view “”In Dublin”” magazine.
(1) He reported that there was a massage parlor called Imperial Studio at 24a grattan street, but I couldn’t find it on Grattan Street or Grattan Place or Grattan Place East. I didn’t look on Grattan Crescent or Grattan Parade.
(2) I also could not find “Eves” massage parlor at 11 Dorset Street. Actually, there is no street named Dorset Street, only Dorset Street Upper and Dorset Street Lower. I found 11 Dorset Street Lower, but it appears to be only private apartments; none of the doorbells were labeled “Eves”. I couldn’t find a number 11 on Dorset Street Upper.
(3) There does not appear to be anything at 8 Eustace Street, either, where Schlonger reported there was a massage parlor called Advantage Club. I saw the word “ADVANTAGE” on the door in stick-on letters like you can buy at any hardware store, but it doesn’t seem to be open anymore.
(4) “Schlonger” also says “For full listings view ‘In Dublin’ magazine”, but I found no ads or listings for massage parlors in the issue of “In Dublin” magazine I found on a news stand. The magazine does have phone sex ads. I found no listings in the telephone book for Imperial Studio, Eves, or Advantage Club.

A search for ads for massage parlors or strip clubs in various Dublin newspapers led nowhere. A look in the yellow pages under escorts, massage parlors, and night clubs also led nowhere, although some people doing “therapeutic massage” are listed. I began to wonder if there are no sexually oriented businesses in Dublin, Ireland.

On my way to Grattan Street I walked along Fitzwilliam Street past the intersection with Baggot Street, and I didn’t see any streetwalkers, either. Then I asked a man on the street if there are any topless bars in Dublin. He told me there is a lap dance club at the intersection of Dame Street and Great George’s Street South.

He also told me about Angels, which is advertised as a “Cabaret & Lap Dancing Club”. The address is 38 Lower Leeson Street, Dublin 2 – telephone 1 6788940 / 086 2440801. Not far from Angles is Strings, advertised as “Ireland’s First Cabaret & Lap Dancing Club”, 44 Lower Leeson Street, Dublin 2 – telephone 087 678 0392.

At both Angles and Strings the entry fee is ten Irish pounds, and lap dances are also ten Irish pounds. For this you get a topless (not nude) lap dance for about four minutes – during which you are not allowed to touch the girl and have very little physical contact with her. Both places had far more customers than available girls, so even on a normal week night when I was there, not on a weekend, it was hard to find a girl available for a lap dance.

If you want some of the best massage parlors in the world, go about 175 miles east from Dublin to Manchester, England, where you can get everything – a massage, oral sex, and intercourse (usually without kissing) – at any of about 60 massage parlors advertised in the Manchester Evening News, and all for as little as 35 or as much as about 55 British pounds, sometimes from women as pretty as you’ve ever dreamed of – although, of course, if you are selective you probably will need to visit several massage parlors to find a woman who appeals to you.

A good location for street action in Dublin is Ben Burb Street, by the Ashling Hotel (opposite Heuston Station). Was strolling up there @ 3am, passed a girl. She said “Are you looking for business?” and we went behind one of the many trucks parked along the side of the street. £20 for a hand job, £30 for a blowjob. Very enthusiastic.

Be careful, once I got home, I found that my jacket pocket had been opened and the rest of my cash taken also. Also she went off looking for her pimp when she finished with me, and expected him to be very nearby

Dublin Scene: The place is becoming a rip-off. Nowadays, you pay £100 – £150 for sex sessions, which would e okay of the women were attractive and sexy. Yesterday I went to an agency which advertised a Russian blonde, slim and sexy. I met a 35 year-old, 5’2″ Polish girl who was as fat as a sumo wrestler. I left in disgust. The place was called Body Harmonies. A year ago, the same agency has a gorgeous colored girl called Cinnamon who was sexy, seductive and wonderful. She french kissed and gave the first part of your blow job without a condom. She has gone. Avoid this dump.

One good place is Penthouse Pets, 087 235 7579. You need the number because the agencies move around. There is a girl who goes by the name Selene or Naomi, who calls herself a real brothel girl, and she is. She likes her work and has a sense of mischievous fun. She gives a super blow job and looks you in the eye smilingly, while slavering over the head of your dick. She has large breasts but is very fit and slim. She has done page 3 photographs. She likes to work on you and will kiss and bite you if that is what you like (I do). She bites enthusiastically, so if you have a partner to go home to, be careful. The last time I visited her, she sucked and nibbled my nipples while riding me cowboy style from above.

Be careful with girls in Dublin. Always say what you want before you hand over cash, as you may find they refuse otherwise, especially if you want to go down on them or french kiss. If you negotiate in advance, the odds of a good experience go up. Don’t be afraid to walk out if they won’t do what you want.

One other note of caution, if looking for sex after midnight. Many agencies claim to be 24 hrs but the girls hate the long hours and they just leave the phones off the hook after midnight, so you may find it hard to reach anything but a busy tone or a message minding service. In that situation, if feeling horny enough, head for the red light district around the canal near Huband Bridge. You can pick up some great colored girls there who work Dublin from the UK. Watch for cops, and be careful as some girls here are addicts and may be under age, so keep away from young-looking chicks on the street. Some street girls will come back to your room, but again, negotiate in advance. Alternatively, they will fuck you in a back alley or a basement garden in the area, which has an excitement all of its own

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