Where is the best paid SEX?

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This question gets asked all the time. I would think you would have to have traveled to every country in the world to really be able to answer this question completely. Otherwise we’re limited only by where we have traveled. There are some things that we can assume even without traveling to other destinations. For example if you travel to Latin America or Asia many destinations offer basically only Asian or Latin women thus there is a limitation. For some that like only those specific types that may be fine. I guess this is what makes more international countries like the US, Canada and Germany more to my liking. Often you can travel to one country and pick from many or all nationalities. I feel this makes one country more attractive to me rather then just price. Does anyone know what other countries or destinations other then the US, Canada or Germany which offer multi continent women?

Deciding where the best sex resides is all a matter of personal preference. I prefer petite, hairless Asian girls. Some guys prefer latinas. Others prefer northern or eastern europeon girls, black girls, southwest Asian girls, a mix, or some of each. Some guys are most partial to a certain facet of sex, such as bbbj’s, anal, doggie, kink, hairless pussies, or really hairy pussies that may not be available everywhere. Price may be a factor in how a guy decides what is good sex.

All of these factors, and maybe many more, may play a part in a guy’s decision on the best sex. IMHO, there is no common formula for what makes the best sex, paid or otherwise. No matter what anyone says here, each of us will continue to have our own opinions based on our own unique criteria. Headshot

I agree the answer may not be simple but often the question comes up.

For example a post was made just a day or so ago where a poster was undecided whether to visit Germany or Thailand. Posting all the positives and negatives helps others to pick what works for them.

Thank god there is no one BEST place otherwise it would be over run with guys.

Perhaps if we can cover all the variables of what one is looking for we can formulate a chart with a few questions which would ultimately point a new comer to the right selection.

I agree price is not the biggest factor. It is a factor but not always the most important.

Are we safe to assume there are these basics which then break down even further?

1. Cost
2. Type of woman
3. Type of service
4. Quality (or is this the same as Type of service)

Transportation costs, airfare, fuel
Price of a session, room, her charges

Type of woman
Nationality, hair color, eyes, size, skills

Type of service
Short term, long term, swallow, bbbj, role playing, water sports etc.

This is the 64 thousand dollar question as it appears many people differ on what is good and what is acceptable. To each his own I guess.

The world is a big place and who knows how many places we don’t know about until we discover them?

Your post is correct about the variables that define your selection even further. In my travels I note there is always one guy looking for something specific whether it be anal, coming in the mouth, blondes, big tits etc. The majority of guys seem to look for quality. Defining what a GFE (Girl Friend Experience) consists of helps.

I recall a guy who had spent years going to TJ (Mexico) getting laid. Probably 100’s of women under his belt yet when he recommended one her level of service was always consistently average or bland. His opinion of good only had to do with how hot she looked and not her skills in the sack. This can be looked upon several ways, perhaps the guy has never experienced GREAT sex and does not know it exists. How else do you know what is good until you try it?

Then there is the guy that when asked how was she always has the same answer says “She was great”. Trouble is every woman he does is great and he has no levels of service. Yet when you try those same women their is a world of difference between them. But they all look hot. How many times I’ve found that looks does not always yield the best sex.

So giving people the tools so they can make the selection themselves perhaps is the answer. People also need to be open to trying new places and women to widen their perspective of what is good.


Working girls love guys who think that all sex is great. Obviously, these guys’ preference is “warm” and willing. That may even be more than they expect. I like your system for rating. I think I would add looks someplace. I know different ethnicities have different looks, but even within each, some girls are knockouts and some girls are dogs, with the full spectrum in between.

I think there is a big difference between type of service and quality. Type of service is what you get (bj, bbbj, swallowing, straight sex, half and half, positions, anal, eating at the Y, kink, etc…). Quality is how well the girl does it, how much enthusiasm she has, how much she truly likes sex. That can make all the difference in the world.

GFE is generally a myth with hookers. You may get great sex with them, but they are NOT your girlfriend, unless you’ve been dating them a long time. GFE involves a girl being in love with you, not just letting you do whatever you like. Don’t get me wrong. I really like a girl that will let me do whatever I want, but she isn’t necessarily a girlfriend. Hookers love your money…not you. Even if a hooker does love you, she will probably still play you. It’s just the way hookers are. Happy nookie hunting, Headshot

Headshot, I agree that GFE is a myth, and that the girl is not really your girlfriend. But it is just terminology. The combination of what you get (DFK, BBBJ, DATY, etc.) with the quality and enthusiasm is what I would call GFE which means the girlfriend EXPERIENCE, not that she IS THE girlfriend. Just terminology. TT

My understanding of GFE is not that the girl is your girl friend but that the service is rendered to you with the same passion, care and intensity like girlfriend would. Until you actually experience this it’s hard to explain.

With many hookers it is standard to expect the girl to set some boundaries you can not cross. These can be “no touching of certain body parts, no putting your fingers inside her, no kissing, no tongue kissing, no shooting your cum period etc.”

GFE is a term I came to know more in Germany as it’s very common. The boundaries above don’t exist with a GFE experience. (or less of them exist) there are also levels of GFE but usually it means everything except condom-less intercourse.

I felt that looks could be included in the “Type” section above thus I did not include it.

I feel it’s true that 90% of the time the girl is being a good actress as far as pretending to be your girlfriend. The best hookers enjoy sex and the best of those enjoy sex without the bullshit boundaries they put up. The fear of touching a dick, the fear of kissing, the fear of cum etc.

GFE is not common all over Europe. I’ve only encountered it often in Germany (Mainly the north west of Germany). Holland, Czech, Austria are not common places for GFE. It can happen anywhere but it is more common in some places then others. This goes for Canada and Mexico which I have visited often.

SP and Tool,
See, I just call that great sex…girlfriend or not. I’ve had great sex with many women. Willing, passionate, no-holds-barred sex. I think guys who call that a girlfriend experience (GFE) are laying something on the sex that isn’t there. Even if it is just terminology, it is inaccurate.

The reason no two guys define GFE the same is that we are all expecting something different from a sexual encounter. We should just go for great sex, and not try to classify it as something as ambiguous as GFE. Because GFE means something different to everyone, it doesn’t communicate anything. I think I read somewhere that a guy’s buddy recommended a girl, only to have her turn out “consistently average and bland.”

No two guys have the same taste, which is why I thought your simple rating system was good, SP. Like Sergeant Friday used to say, “the facts, just the facts ma’am.” It gives a much more accurate picture of a girl’s performance in bed. Of course, as always, YMMV. We can’t lay the entire responsibility for great sex on the girl.
Happy nookie hunting, Headshot

I am with you on that one Headshot. I would only add: yes, GFE is different for different guys. Same is true though for “great sex”. Both are just terminology. The thing I completely agree with you, facts, facts, and facts. That always helps. TT

I’m not sure where the term GFE was born but I recall it being used many years back. It’s included in many abbreviation lists with DATY, BBBJ etc.

Great sex may be too broad for some people. GFE as I have stated before just means “like with a girlfriend”. Great sex I would think does mean different things to different people however GFE narrows that down a bit.

What’s great sex?
What’s sex like with a girlfriend? It’s not clinical, you can have great sex and not have bbbj or kissing. Putting this all aside it is only term.

I suggest you visit as many places as you can to build your opinions.

You ever hear the term “she fucks like a mink”? Does not mean she has fur or is an animal just a term.

I would like to hear more about Montreal.
Is bbbj and kissing common in Montreal?
Thanks SP

SP, That is exactly my point. Great sex and GFE are both just too ambiguous. Who knows what they mean to someone else? That’s why I like your rating system. If a guy tells me what the girl did, or allowed to be done, and how well she performed, I can make up my own mind. Headshot

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