San Felipe

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Bar El Imperio
3 streets north of the beachfront. Difficult to find, since it’s on a street that’s only one block long, and a one way street. Weekend nights are best, 10pm more girls arrive. During the day there are only two girls. Friday nights there are 10 girls. Most girls start at $50 but come down to $30 or $40. Basic rooms nearby 50 pesos (about $5.50). Drinks $1.40 each for normal soft drinks and beer, Girl drinks $4, BBBJs are easy to obtain if the girl does oral. But find out what the girl will do before you agree to any price.

Ponderosa Bar
On the second street of the beach area, just after you turn around from the beach one way road. 2 girls. Pool table and CD jukebox with some songs in English. Drinks $1.50 each for soft drinks and beers.

Every time I’ve asked about San Felipe in the forums I’ve been told there was nothing there. I recently went on a trip to visit some friends who live there. They pointed out what they referred to as “Ladies Bars” on the third street back from the waterfront. Now, my friends being ladies, were not interested in going, and I didn’t get a chance to check them out myself. One friend told me she tried to go in one once but the doorman wouldn’t let her in without “papers”. Does anyone have more information on these?

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