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Street Scene

There are street hookers on 15th street or “avenida” 15 from calles 80 through 100, but they tend to be shorter and less attractive. They run about $20-30, and a room rental for an hour should be no more than $10 bucks. Some don’t use condoms. 1 US Dollar = $2,000 Pesos on 7/1/2000. I suggest your try the several strip clubs or massage parlors on or adjacent to the avenida 15 in the north part of the city. There are Beautiful girls of all types, such as White, Black from the “Costa”, and some typical brown Hispanic girls. No cover charge, but they make up for it with the expensive drinks they sell at the bar. Full service was around $40-60.The room at the same place or at a motel next-door runs from 10 to $20 USD. The girls gladly take US dollars, and most have a nice attitude and great bodies. All the girls make you use a condom or they don’t play. If you are a gringo, and you are staying at one of the Hotels in “el norte”, just take a taxi ask them to drive you to one of these places on “Avenida Quince” as it is known there.(Avenue fifteen). Be nice to the girls and they will reciprocate. Some are college educated, but had to resort to working in these places as the economy there has been in a recession for three years, and many cant find a “regular” job as a secretary or whatever. Like Tijuana or any other Latin American city, stay out of Unsafe, dark, or suspicious looking parts of the city as there is a lot of petty theft and street crime.


I went to Bogota for 2 weeks in Dec-Jan 2001 and after a few days decided to go out exploring. In the back of El Diario they have the adult entertainment section. I grabbed it and directed a taxi driver to take me to an address in the Chapinero section of central Bogota. About a five minute cab ride cost me 1.50 US.
I went into the neighborhood which was speckled with clubs and off on a residential side street was a rather non discript house. I went in and there were at least 12 pretty decent looking girls. I asked the man of the house what the rates were and he told me to work it our upstairs after I pick my girl. I picked a young looking morena and went upstairs and when we got in the room she tried to get me to pay 80,000 pesos or roughly 40.00 US for a full service.At this price I laughed knowing that a maid who busts her ass for a day in Bogota makes 5.00 US. I finally bargained her down to a generous rate of 20,000 pesos or 10.50 US. She said to me wait a moment and came back in the room with a little chubby bleach blonde Indian and said for 10,000 more I could have both. I declined. The girl had just had a baby 6 mos. prior as her stretch marks told and she had the vigor in bed of a sloth on Valium. I finished got dressed and left.I went back the next day only at night and it was 100% bet6ter after I picked a good chica. More on that later. I know Miami and Colombia and Colombians well since I am married to one. Almost all Colombians who have never been to the States think we are all Donald Trumps with no common money sense. and they will try to get what they can from you. But generally in Bogota a house rate is 10.00 US and a bar rate is 25.00 US for a very fine specimen and 5.00 for a room.

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