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Two Main Areas
Railway station (Guillemins): rue Paradis, rue Varin [renowned for its name similar to “vagin”, and because many bus routes use it]: red light area, expensive (the base price quoted is always for a hand job, whatever they tell you).

Center (1): Rue de l’Agneau, Rue du Champion: two narrow streets close to each other, forming a red light area (base price 25 EUR) with about one third of aggressive Africans in the first cited street.

WARNING! Area centre (1): the authorities apparently have started to kick prostitution out of that area. Many windows are empty. There is a small snack at the corner of the street in the middle: if you see customer girls there, the likelihood is that they can no longer operate in windows. Try your luck.

center (2): streetwalkers (one recognizable as a TV, maybe more, several drug addicted) in the evening mainly in 4 streets around the main Post Office (Grand’Poste) and on the adjacent parking lot; in your car (base price 25 EUR) or at a nearby hotel (room 1h = 18 EUR); peak activity around 10pm, continues late on Friday and Saturday nights.
[It has recently been made more difficult to tour the area by car, but it is still possible: starting Quai sur Meuse, drive Southwards, turn right either at the red light (then follow Rue de la Regence, turn first right into Rue Florimont) or 30m before (into Rue Matrognard, then right into Rue Florimont), at the end of Rue Florimont, you must turn left into Cheravoie, cross Rue right into Rue St Roch, first right again into Rue de la Madeleine, cross Rue Cathedrale again into Rue du Rewe, at the end you must turn right and you are back at Quai sur Meuse. You may occasionally observe streetwalkers along the circuit at other places than the above mentioned.]

Both center areas are very close to each other, and within walking distance of Ibis Centre (5′) Mercure (10′) Holiday Inn and Bedford (15′).
Beware: the nearby Rue Cathedrale in between Rue de l’Agneau and Rue du Champion is said to be a drug area at night.

Update on the situation:
The snack has closed, but there is a café in and outside which some providers, previously working behind windows, are staying (as long as they are close to the café, you are expected to make it clear that you are looking!). The authorities are acting: one streetwalker recently mentioned that having condoms in their bags is sufficient to get into trouble. The average quality is definitely lower, as is the supply: it is still possible to get good service at reasonable price 25 EUR base price: a Czech in Rue de l’Agneau, an East German in Rue du Champion, a Belgian streetwalker, anal from Africans] but the good times appear to be gone.

Popped down to Liege today, things aren’t getting any better down there. After walking up and down the two streets for 30 mins I finally decided to go with tall dark haired girl from Belgium. She was nice enough spoke no English, gave a decent BJ better and longer than I expected, you don’t get BJs like that too often. Then it was down to business 2 positions, I was going pretty deep & hard with no complaints. Very satisfying and all for 25euros. Some days the very young Russians and Albanians etc. are gone, and for 25 euros it was difficult not to do 2 or 3 of them a night (with so much selection). All you get now are old women or black girls.

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