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Location: Europe
Status: UN Country
Capital City: Brussels (Bruxelles)
Main Cities: Antwerp, Ghent, Charleroi, Liège
Population: 10,020,000 Area []: 30,520
Currency: 1 euro = 100 cents
Languages: Flemish (Dutch), French, German
Religions: Roman Catholic


The street scene is adjacent to the north railway station “Gare du Nord”. There are two stations, make sure you have the right one. Enter the station and look for the signs leading to the exit on “Rue de Aerschot”, this is the main street for hookers. Upon exiting the station, you will see the windows directly in front of you, most of them will be to your left.

I had two experiences on Rue de Aerschot, one good and one not so positive. Like Amsterdam, the girls sit in the windows but many are above street level which makes it hard to get a good look. I picked an Eastern European girl that turned out to have a moustache almost as thick as mine. And she was a lousy lay, one of those that puts a hand on your cock to hold the condom on, guarantees you can’t it in all the way.

Second time was much better. Her name is Caroline and she works at the end of the street. Go all the way to your left out of the station till the windows end, then back up about three. She is a brunette with shaggy hair, not fat but full thighs and big tits. Her prices are BF 1000 for a hand or blow job, 1500 for a ••••, 2000 for half & half, 3000 for a half hour. I paid her 1500 for the ••••. No pressure, pleasant conversation, let me play with her tits while she play with me and go me hard. Outstanding ••••, my only complaint was that the bed was a little small but the way she fucks it didn’t take that long. She gave me a kiss goodbye and her cell phone number (sorry guys, she make me promise not to give it out). Exchange rate at this time is about BF 35 / $1 US

Your report only mentions Rue d’Aerschot. There you have the most obvious street action, but also more chance for a rip-off. Providers change often and are nowadays mostly imports (illegal?) from eastern Europe and Africa. The Belgian ladies are generally more experienced and mature but give a better service. Beds are lousy in Rue d’Aerschot. If you turn right when exiting the station building and enter a street perpendicular and going uphill (Rue des Plantes, Rue de la Prairie; Rue Linné) you find a calmer street catering mainly to habitual clients. Count 1000-2000 BEF for a decent blow+••••. Being friendly and knowing the language makes the stay enjoyable. African providers offer less value for money and tend to ask for more until you left.

You find providers along the south station (Gare du Midi) too, at cafés situated at the angle of Av. Fonsny and Rue d’Angleterre. Some streetwalkers are as decrepit as the houses in which the action takes place. Count 500 BEF for the room and 1000-1500 for the lady. Providers are not dressed up and look like ‘normal’ citizens (but these would not offer you a service). Some providers also operate around Place Stéphanie (Av. Louise), generally waiting in a car.

Although the Antwerp red light district has decreased the last year (because of closing down a part of the streets by the police) I have had a good experience with a girl from Malta. Her name is Perla and when you are friendly to her she rewards it with some real girlfriend action. She is about 1.60m tall, has long brown hair and has a very nice face. Her body is very pretty and the curves are on the right place! (She has bra size C I guess) She usually works from 8pm until … and you can mostly find her behind a window near a café with the name ‘la perla’. (Mostly on your left side if you are standing in front of the café.

My experience on the Rue d’Aerschot: The first time I visited a very busty lady in the beginning of the street ( I haven’t seen her again) and she undressed herself and sat on a sofa where she gave me a blowjob for about 5 minutes. After that she spreaded her legs so I could take her on the sofa. It wasn’t a very comfortable position and I couldn’t benefit from her figure (read breasts). She was very passive. This is something that I also experienced with my second discovery. A blond girl that sits on the cornercafé ‘Le Tunnel’ at the red lights. She often wears a pink bikini. It was almost the same ritual. The only difference is that here the have beds instead but the ‘rooms’ are very small. She looks okay but I will not visit her again.

Dutch Girl in Antwerp Red Light District! About a month ago I visited a tall girl on the ‘Gouden hoek’ across the peepshow. She seemed very friendly but sadly she wasn’t. After we undressed the gave me a BJ that was more like a hand job and when I asked her to use her hands a bit less she became irritated and said that when I wasn’t satisfied with what she was doing I should leave. After this ‘BJ’ she laid down on the bed so I could **** her. But even ******* a plastic doll would give me more satisfaction I guess. This was my worst experience ever.

Recently visited Rue D’Aerschot in Brussels again. Finally I decided to visit an Albanian girl in the beginning of the street. She has long brown hair, about 20 years old (I didn’t ask her) and a normal figure with nice curves. She asked 50 Euro for BJ & ****. Once inside she is very relaxed and very friendly. She doesn’t rush you and act very girlfriend like. Started with a nice BJ with condom and after that she asked me which position I preferred. She had no problem to sit on top of me (something not all the girls like to do)and I could play with her entire body. I managed to keep it going for a while (something that doesn’t happen all the time!) and then she asked if a wanted another position or not. So we changed to doggy style. In this position you can have a good look at her lovely body thanks to the mirrors. She also looks at you and gives you the feeling that she likes it too. I hope to meet her again pretty soon and if I do I will ask her name and post it her with some more information.

I was recently in Belgium on business and visited the Marco Polo Club. This was listed on the web site but there was no information about it, so I thought I would take the plunge and add my first report.

Arrived about 20.00 in the evening. Admission was free and was taken around the club to look over the faclilities. The three rooms, which you can see on the web site, were all clean and fresh. I then went downstairs and talked to the girls, only about four in attendance as it was early. I had a drink which was reasonably priced and bought a small bottle of champagne for a lovely looking girl from Antwerp. This was expensive but there was no pressure for me to buy it!

We chatted for about 30 minutes and then I decided to take her upstairs for some fun!!! Decided to have the best room in the house for 1 hour. It was 250 Euros, so it was not cheap, but I fancied some fun in the Jacuzzi as I had had a good time in one a few months ago, but that is another story.

The lady, who’s name I have forgotten, was in her late 20’s and had a lovely smooth body to stroke. We had 15-20 minutes in the Jacuzzi before onto the bed for more fun. This included kissing & cuddling, which I like as it seems less like a punt, oral with, 69 & sex in a number of positions and it got hot, both of us were dripping.

We both seemed to really enjoyed ourselves and I will go back again for another try when I am in Belgium.

One place to recommend in Brussels is Fleurs de Shangai. There are usually 2 or 3 Asian ladies there. Half hour costs 100 Euros all inclusive, oral with and massage to start with. My experience with the young lady named Shunly has been fine. Given the price and service, this is one of the best deals one can get in Brussels.

In my experience D’Aerschot is best avoided! Generally rushed, no this, no that and uncomfortable with it! A better approach is to buy the English language magazine “the Bulletin” which you can get from most central newsagents and look for the one page of escort ads. These girls are rather more expensive – more like €120 but you get an hour either at your place or theirs and, generally the service is much better and the accommodations are incomparably cleaner.

Avoid street prostitution or window girls in Brussels check in ads newspaper “Vlan” for private like “Must 4 you”, “V.I.P.” very good service from 80 to 200 EUR

In Zulte, between Gent and Kortrijk there is a famous club/hotel, called Morfeo. In this place there are very beautiful and willing girls. If you buy them a drink (bottle), they go out of their clothes. With most of them it is possible to have sex with them at the bar.

In Limburg, there is a private address where you can find Sam, she is a beautiful girl, a real girlfriend. With her you can do everything

I suggest also fleur de shangai. Shunly is very nice, she will do exactly what you ask, and she will be always smiling. She starts with a nice massage, then she will lick you all over and finish with all positions you want. Next time however I will try May Ling

If they don’t answer to the door just wait 10 min, they might be all busy

No brothel visits when on duty, Belgian police told

Police patrolling the red-light district of the Belgian capital have been ordered to stop visiting brothels and drinking in bars when on duty.

A letter sent to officers in Brussels’ northern police district, and published in a Belgian daily on Tuesday, urged them to set a good example and earn the public’s respect.

“These officers think their duty hours are to be used to drink alcohol in bars, practice sports…, visit brothels or massage parlors, and entertain (intimate) relationships with residents of the neighborhood during their patrol,” said the letter from a local police chief.

“It is only by setting a good example that the police can make itself respected,” the letter said, urging officers to adopt more conservative behavior.

A police spokesman confirmed the letter was authentic, but said the police chief had only reacted to rumors of officers behaving badly while on duty.

“There was no concrete evidence to substantiate any wrongdoing by police officers … If there had been, they would have been prosecuted,” said spokesman Roland Thiebauld.



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