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Bologna is a student town that also hosts a lot of conventions. It is between Milan and Rome, and is really fun because it have few tourists
and lots of students. If you are going to hook up witha regular girl  in Italy, your best chances are here. I hooked up both times I went,
but I speak the lingo.

Note that because there are few tourists, the hotels cater to business  people, that means about L80,000 for a single room ($40). There are no
other alternatives. Can’t say what the policy on bringing girls back  to a room might be.

As for working girls, there are plenty due to the conventions and business people. As with all Italy, they are on the street. Basically,
from the central train station to both the left and the right for about 2 km on either side. I did not sample the merchandize, but from
the car they looked very good, 8 or 9 (of course, maybe that goes down up close). They are albanian or from Aftica. According to what I
heard, the price should be L50,000 (US$25) “boca o culo”, oral or anal.

It seemed that there was only respectable activity on the weekend. I’d say maybe 15 or 20 girls.

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