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The strip club/brothel Releks, address Dzintari, 13 Edinburgas pr. Open 24 hours a day. Get off the train from Riga (25 km east) at the Dzintari station. The Releks is right opposite the station up a small incline. You can’t miss it.

The owner and hostess were friendly, Natasha the evening I was there, will greet you at the door, and discuss any questions you might have, including prices and range of services offered, before you take the plunge.

The entrance fee is 10 lats ($16). Drinks are reasonably priced. The main room on the first floor is comfortably furnished with long, soft sofas and tables. There is a bar at the far end and a small dance floor with the ubiquitous dancing pole on one side of the room. The action alternates between dancing and a strip tease show down to thong panties. When I was there one of the strip teases was done by a local Russian-speaking black male, and the women were visibly aroused by his tight, flat butt and muscular physique.

Once you’ve sat down, gotten your drink, and made yourself comfortable, the women will give you the look over and come over to chat with you if you don’t make a move first. Russian is the best language, although some of them know basic English. The night I was there the women, about ten altogether, were all good looking, a few stunningly beautiful. They ranged in age from about 20 to 30. Full service, BJ plus as many fucks as you can manage in an hour, costs 20 lats for the room upstairs and another 20 for the girl, a total of 40 lats or $64. I went with a flirtatious and enthusiastic 20-year old brunette with a flawless young body, tight equipment down below, and a winning smile. I had a truly satisfying and intensive session using several positions with her in the sack. She was a fun girl and it was easy to see and feel that her body enjoys and even craves sex. Next time I’ll seriously consider the offer she and her partner proposed to have them both, with some lesbian action thrown into the bargain.

Since May 2001 a lot has changed. Releks is now open 19 – 07 hs. Entrance is 10 lt (€15) and a gorilla makes a security check worse then on the airport. A lot of very beautiful girls are in the room and offer a topless show. But not all of them go upstairs with clients. First they try to get a drink of you (15 lt, orange juice 5 lt) or don’t want to say exactly their price. The room is 25 lt + 40-50 lt for the girls service. At least it costs you more than 100 euros, that’s more than in Germany, Czech Rep. or Austria and I felt ripped of! After asking 3 girls I refused more lady drinks and at least a black haired Russian girl hurried with me upstairs to the room, which was pretty fine. After doing it more or less quickly but in various positions she talked a little bit about the situation that Russians in LV are considered stateless and will not get a EU passport. So I did not come back to this place my second day in Jurmala. It seems to be the only brothel in the wide spread region of Jurmala. No GFE at all!!!

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