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Here are some phone numbers for escort in Riga.
Prices are usually between 25 and 35 Lats, around 50 $ and 60 $
Ask for a young girl , otherwise you will get a 30 years old. Furthermore even if you ask for a young girl, you can still get a 25 years old. But you can still say : NO, if you don’t like the girl.
Best thing is to rent a flat. I have a good address for those. 40$ a night in the old town.

Aphrodite: 6780474
Janet : 9482766 and 9293982
Lubava : 7702938
Julietta : 7418823
Milady : 6888491
Caprice : 9220112

A man usually comes with the girl and you pay the man at least for the time with them.

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