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A lot of very nice girls in Bratislava. Life is very cheap in Slovak Republic ( taxis, bars, restaurants… ). Accommodation prices from 15 USD to 300 USD according the hotel class and the location.

Avoid street girls working near the Kijev hotel in city center ( gypsies using hard drugs – not safe ). I never tried to visit girls working in flats ( see local newspapers for phone numbers – could be a problem if you didn’t speak Slovak language – ) looks very cheap ( 25 USD ) but probably not the most young and better looking girls ???

Amateurs/students can be found in the old town especially during spring and summer. They are sitting at the terrace of cafés. Just offer them a drink. They will be pleased to start to chat with you in German or English. Than invite them to restaurant and discos… Most of the girls will follow you to your hotel after dinner or discos for free or small fee like 25 USD. Most of them will be also happy to show the city or the country side during the next days if you take all expenses at your charge ( taxi, food and drinks, museum entrance fee… what is REALLY CHEAP in Slovak republic. Don’t hesitate, it’s a good deal ).

Pro’s can be found in the night club/cabaret located in the Forum hotel. Open from Monday to Saturday. Entrance free. Alcoholic drinks : 5-7 USD. Full service starts at 21h00 with dancers, magicians and a strip tease at midnight ( nothing special ). 5 or 6 girls are sitting at the tables between the entrance and the bar : Well dressed, 20-30 years old, rated from 6 to 8. These girls are allowed in rooms if you’re staying in the Foruml hotel. Other girls are NOT allowed in the rooms. Very strong/strict security staff. You can negotiate the prices with the girls. Prices are going down after midnight but still expensive for the Slovak Republic ( between 100 and 250 USD according the girls ).

Also possible to find girls in the casino located in the Danube hotel – same remarks as for Forum’s cabaret.

The best escort services is Maxi Agency managed by Peter ( friendly German and English speaking guy ). VERY HIGH prices : +/- 1.000 USD for the night. It’s crazy when you know that the average monthly salary is about 200 USD. But if you like a young model type girl ask for Lea Code : BA/009.

If you don’t need company all day and night, the best is to visit a night club ( brothel ) after 11:00pm. I recommend you the club called “Casanova”. I don’t have the address but ask any taxi driver. It’s located in a villa in the suburbs ( 5-10 minutes from old town/center – max 400 skk both ways ). The security guy will call your taxi driver when finished. Entrance free. Alcoholic drinks from 5 USD. 1 hour full service ( with free number of sessions !!! ) in a big room with shower = 70 USD.

First time I was there ( a few years ago ) only 5 girls waiting for clients. Now 12-15 girls are available every night : 18-25 years old, rated from 5 to 8. Just take a seat, order a drink and take your time to choose your type of girl : small or tall, blond,dark or red hair, small or big breast… Most of the girls are Slovak, a few are Russian or Ukrainians. Kissing the girls is not allowed, blowjob and sex with condom, hand job possible without, one time a Slovak girl ask me if I wanted anal sex ( without extra ).

Went to Bratislava: beautiful girls everywhere in town… You can find some street action in the Tesco shopping centr square and in the street that goes out of town from there, however, the quality of girls is not so good (most of them look druggies or gypsies), and I have seen police doing checks on the cars that drive by (they have a zero blood-alcohol limit in Slovakia!).

I stayed at the Junior Hotel, on one of the city’s ring boulevards: modern, eastern-block type facility. There were Russian mafia-type gorillas around, especially in the evening and at the entrance of the hotel disco (couldn’t understand why, I was one of a total of 5 customers there), anyway the hotel disco is NOT where you want to go. On the ground floor of the hotel there is a mirror door with a “Tropicana Bar” pink neon sign above it. You have to ring the bell and one of those Russian thugs will open the door: if you overcome the impulse to run away, you are introduced in a bar with a dancing platform and a number of girls sitting down and smoking. Sit down, order a beer (it will cost you a couple of US$) and the girls will start dancing on the platform, one (or two) at the time. If you like one (or two) just motion them to come at your table. They will ask you to but them a drink (about 5-6US$), and you can start talking business.

The first time I was there, the selection ranged from 4 to 10 (about 8 girls). I picked up this tall, large breasted brunette (the 10) that turned out to be from Ukraine and took her to a room, an hour for 200 DEM (this includes the room, because you cannot take them to the regular hotel rooms: an entire separate wing of the Junior is in fact used as a brothel). If you want, you can have a room with Jacuzzi, but this will cost you extra. We went to the room and she started taking my clothes off and licking my nipples, I took off her bra, leaving her large, upstanding breasts exposed, and started kissing them. We went to the bed and she started giving me a long, condom less bj at the end of which I came on her breasts. We laid down cuddling for a while, then we started kissing and before I knew, I was ready again. This time she put a glove on me and we fucked in different positions for another 30 minutes, till I came again. This was one of the best fucks I ever had. I even got from her the mobile number in case I wanted to see her again without her paying the cut to the Russian mafiosi.

I was back at Junior hotel in the summer of 1999. The people of the security were not the Russian thugs anymore, but some uniformed (but far less impressive) guys. Even the girls at Tropicana had changed, this time the selection was far worse (8-10 girls, from a 1 to a 7) I picked the 7, a Slovakian girl (this time it was 150 DEM to go to the room) with a good body (not super like the other one) and some surgery (cosmetic) scars. Also the service was average: no kissing with tongue, and somewhat impersonal. Tried to call the Ukrainian girl on the mobile later to console myself, but phone had been disconnected.

Anyway, if you go to Bratislava I am sure you can have a good time. You could try the hotels downtown (I am sure they have similar arrangements) but it will cost you a lot more (a room at an hotel downtown will cost you 200 DEM and up, at the Junior about 80 DEM).


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