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Bubbles Spa , Falkirk; Maybe I should write a report of the good places I’ve been to in Edinburgh, but for now I just want to warn everyone that Bubbles Spa was terrible!! Despite advertising a choice, there was none Prices were rather high for Scotland (30 for hand relief upwards)and the girl I was given , taylor, just seemed to be interested in making as much money for as little as possible. I’ll be visiting Edinburgh or Glasgow from now on where at least the competition seems to have something to do with giving a much better service.

I have just had the time of my life !! The cost was Ł300 for 4 hours but this was just great. A surreal party experience, sex as much as you can get or eat 😉 The list of fun is so exhaustive, I would suggest that you partake of this action. Basic event is that you are a porn star on a movie set and stuck in a neverending orgy scene. I managed five turns, girls to look out for are Amy (Mmmmmm) Natasha, Laura Maxine Jane and Alexis.

Everybody, I think, already know about Lesgirls, a whorehouse in Soho, Blore Court, off Berwick Street. The best place in London. I won’t describe it again, since other posts have already described it , just to say that Paige is fantastic. She is there on Thursday and Sundays. If you like big tits, she is not for you, a tall slim . blonde girl. But she is fantastic, friendly, accommodating, etc. Simply put, nobody does it better., This is a genuine posting, I have no personal interests in her being successful, actually maybe I should no advertise her too much, she is already very busy…

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