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If you’re in the mood for something quick, friendly, and cheap, the “models” in Soho will satisfy. The usual drill. You enter a doorway, hoping no one outside notices you because everyone knows exactly what you’re going in there for. You usually climb some stairs (a video-camera will be watching you)and knock on a door. There is usually a sign outside describing at the very least the ethnicity of the girl inside. The doorkeeper, always an older woman watching t.v., will let you in. If the girl is finishing up with some other guy, you’ll have to wait in the kitchen or sitting room. Then you go in look at the girl, subtract the enhancing effects of her attire, and decide if you really want her – there are plenty in that building and around Soho to choose from. I’ve usually had some good-looking young women, but a few were very skillful in covering up their scars, pudginess, etc.

Many actually have a menu of services, or they’ll recite the prices to you. You’ll usually have to give her an extra pound or two for the doorkeeper.FS, BJ, Greek (up the ass) – it all takes from 10-40 minutes – depends on how much you pay, how slow business is and how much she likes you. Most of the girls seem to be from Europe (Albania, Spain…). They are very friendly, since they want repeat business.

Straight sex ranges from 30-50 pounds (depending, on her charms, and how business is going). Prices are definitely negotiable.BJ only is about 20 pounds, anal is at least 60 pounds. You can get package deals also, e.g. BJ+sex = 45 pounds. Short-time body massage is a few pounds extra…

These are prices per act, not per time. If you take too long (more than 15-20 minutes?) they may get a little …worried, about the poor guy waiting his turn in the kitchen.

This is approximate information as of winter 2001. I’m hoping prices haven’t inflated in these harsh economic times. From what I understand, these girls rent the rooms for pretty high prices per day or per week tip although, like in most of London, it isn’t necessarily expected.

More info, here’s some quick translation from English to American: French – blowjob, Greek – anal, fag – cigarette.

And beware those clubs where you have to go downstairs – they are ripoffs! I was naive, and i paid 2 pounds “to see a show in the company of a beautiful woman”. The show was nonexistent (starting in 30 minutes, hah!) but the beautiful woman was there, right next to me, ordering 200 pounds worth of fruit juice! I was pretty aghast when in the middle of my meaningless conversations with my beautiful woman I was shown the bill. I said I didn’t have that much money, and the bartender asked me how much I did have. I noticed a burly guy suddenly standing at the entrance… but I didn’t want hand over my vacation budget for two glasses of orange juice! So I gave her a 20 pound note and the number from an expired bank card (what was that doing in my wallet?) and she seemed happy with it. She told me where the nearest ATM was so I could go there, withdraw my savings and bring it to her. I think we both knew I wasn’t coming back.

As I was leaving, the burly guy at the entrance jumped on some other drunk guy and they started grappling I stepped over them, complained to the cashier (who actually gave me my 2 pounds back!) and left.

Cory has just described the standard operating procedure in Soho “strip clubs.” If you must go to one while in London, stay out of Soho — period! As I understand it, the borough of Westminster is not licensed for nudity or alcohol, and lap dancing is illegal in all of London. Compound this with the majority of establishments being the clip joints that Cory described, and you have a very un fun situation here. You’re much better off going to Brown’s or to the Spearmint Rhino.

I had a very good experience in London and felt it deserved a mention. I was staying in Covent Garden and I spent some time checking out the various offerings in the nearby area. Soho had quite a bit, but it was pretty seedy for the most part. I have also heard that you have to be careful of rip offs. However, I did try one place that I had heard about online – the Blore House, located on Blore Court in Soho.
I won’t go into all the logistic details, they are on the web site. I called in the late morning to set up an early afternoon appointment (They are apparently busy so this is a good idea) They have two girls on any particular day. I set up an appointment with Paige.

When I arrived I was met by a friendly middle aged women who ascertained that I was there to see Paige. She showed me to the room and told me Paige would be in shortly. After a few minutes, Paige came in. The web page description did not lie. She was an tall, willowy, and quite attractive blond. Most of all, what impressed me was that she came in with a big smile and a very friendly attitude. We did cover the particulars of the transaction, though it was done in a way that did not make it feel like a business meeting. Since it was my first time here, I went for 1/2 hour at 55 pounds. (I was later to be glad of going for the minimum time, but not for the reason you might expect.) Paige left with the money and returned shortly.

During that time I examined the room. It was generally clean and I noticed a large number of costumes on the wall. When Paige came back she asked if I was interested in any of the costumes. I said no but we spoke about them and “business” in general for a few minutes. She said she was open to most anything. Conversation was easy and she was very open. Pretty much without my saying so, she ascertained what I wanted and she proceeded to undress me, all the while being quite attentive. She was wearing a teddy which she soon took off.

She had me lie face down on the bed and proceeded to give me a massage, working all the way up and down my body. Of particular note, she made excellent use of her tongue, particularly on my balls and around my ass. I think she caught on that I was not used to the attention to my ass and she redoubled her efforts, occasionally giggling when she caught me clenching up when she approached “more personal areas”. After a while, she turned me over and massaged the front of my body and with a condom she gave an expert BJ. By the time we moved to the main event, I had been teased to total distraction. She did not rush me at all, but to be truthful, I didn’t last long. Without bragging, I can generally last as long as I want. But on this occasion, I couldn’t hold out, nor did I want to.

I have to pay Paige the highest complement, she was a true professional. By that I mean that she understood very well that her job was to make me enjoy myself. Unquestionably, she was the best. I highly recommend her

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Leicester Square…above a porn-shop (there are only two in the area). 2 women working in an apartment.
BJ+FS for 20 pounds. The lady whose name I forget was Eastern European, 6ft and looks of 8.

The problem with the UK is that most people don’t have a reliable source of reference in locating decent establishments and girls. To that end, a free web-site called has gained in popularity rapidly of late, as it contains honest reviews by punters on girls all over the UK. It has an excellent search engine that allows you to find reviews on girls according to location (i.e. city), date, in call or out call, good or bad review, etc. I have used it extensively, and it has guided me to around 25 top class young ladies, most of them under £100. It is through Punternet that I discovered my two favorite places in London (Les Girls, Blore Court, Soho, and Soho Cottage, Duck Lane, Soho). You can’t beat a good recommendation, hence my very high success rate. You’re welcome to check out my reviews under “Python”.

Another source is which allows one to search for escorts by town, however it is also a pay site so access is limited.

Last time in London, went to check out the Shepheards Market area in Mayfair, just behind the London Hilton. Apart from having a few very nice restaurants (try Boudin Blanc, a french bistro with excellent food), it is a quiet and safe neighborhood and really just steps from the Mayfair hotels. Walked west from the square, entrances to the places where the girls work are easy to spot as they are well lit and advertise the usual “tall, busty, young girl”. However, what you find is much less than advertised, busty usually does not go with slim, at least not in England…. Ended up checking a few places, did not like what I saw, last attempt was the first floor of the last building before the small road turns left. Found a Hungarian girl, new in the business, still trying to shave her pussy without hurting herself. Body OK, above average for such a place, maybe a 7. Good tits with nipples that got hard very quicky once she started to play with me. After some foreplay and BJ, we started the real job, tried a few positions, she was really into checking out what we both liked best. Ended up with her sitting against the bed and me standing in front of her, giving hand job and then cumming all over her body. She even rubbed it in! And all this to soft Celine Dion music playing in the background. Gave her a 20 pound tip on top of the 60 she wanted. Good, straightforward sex with a girl who was into pleasing with an interesting finish. Would go back to her any day!

London s without a doubt the most expensive place I’ve been. I used to live there in the early 90’s and lamented the high costs of having fun. It can, nevertheless be had if you know where to look. As a matter of fact I would like to particularly second the first poster’s recommendation of Les Girls (Blore House). You can go to their website to check availability and schedules.

I have been probably 15 times over the years and have never had a problem. As a matter of fact I’ve seen the same girl he recommended three times. Paige. She’s part English and part Scandinavian, it shows. She quite attractive. The view between her legs is particularly gorgeous, it’s almost perfect, and very well kept, if you know what I mean. I paid about 85Quid last time I was there, I think it was for one hour. That’s Full Service. She’s worth it, but she’s not the only one. Just go to their website for address info. Please note though, you shouldn’t just arrive, you should make an appointment. Particularly if you want Paige.

General Note:
Almost every phone booth in London has hundreds of cards placed in the windows advertising for various houses. They’re hilarious. Everything you want is in there. And they’re grouped by locale. For example if you’re in Kings Cross the cards aren’t going to be for houses in Knightsbridge. They’re all relatively close. The quality varies wildly. I’ve found places as great as The Stables and places that were seedy little holes with girls who hated their jobs. But in London, it’s the routine.

Do NOT go to strip clubs. They’re rip off joints.

Les Girls, I can add a bit on both Gina and Chloe who can be find in that excellent establishments. Gina is a lovely blonde Polish girl with big kissable lips (top and bottom!), and Chloe is a very warm and friendly English girl with a pretty face remarkably similar to that of Jamie Lee Curtis. They both offer kissing, reverse oral, multiple positions, etc, and deliver a first class service in the half hour time frame. For just £60 in my singular opinion it’s the best value for money service in London, alongside the Soho Cottage around the corner in Duck Lane, which offers one girl per day (as opposed to Les Girls two). Both prefer advance bookings because they’re always in demand, which says a lot for them!

An advantage of a London out call massage therapy is that this time you, our client, will really feel comfortable. And that is because no matter how we arrange our massage rooms at the massage parlor there is no place like home. While you are in the privacy of your home or hotel room you know everything that surrounds you, you are familiar with everything in there so your attention won’t be distracted for a bit. All that remains to be done is become familiar with your beautiful masseuse.

My name’s Karmen and once you meet me, you will see why it’s no surprise that my clients choose to spend longer than one hour, as they just can’t get enough of me! I’m a slim and gorgeous English brunette who will provide you with an exceptional, open-minded experience and this is why clients keep booking me time and time again! My easy going, bubbly personality and true commitment to my job is what makes me a pleasure to spend quality time with. Don’t be shy if you have a fantasy that you would like to play out as I will be only too pleased to oblige! I’m sexy, sassy and truly addictive, so book me now and experience me all for yourself!I am one of the finest London escorts ever.

London Street Sauna, 41 London Street, is very impressive, as has been previously reported. It was 15 pounds for the room and 50 pounds for full service. There are some very hot young women working there. One redhead named Jennifer was very voluptuous and pretty and nice. A very well toned and smooth skinned brunette had a face that reminded me of Kate Beckinsdale. She was moody, but provided good, professional service. Kerry was pretty and extremely, sincerely nice and enthusiastic. She offered BBBJ.

Street Scene
Bethnal Green and South of Tower Hill in White Chapel. Another area is around the Ten Bells Pub, you will find fairly good street action with many girls to choose from and some lookers.
You can find street girls in the Paddington area on Pared and East on London St., Sussex Gardens and also toward Hyde Park.


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