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Stursova 51
Belohorska 15
Rybnicka 38
Bozeny Nemcove 29
Slovakova 12
Stefanikova 4
(Pitkin) Srbska 4
Zizkova 64
Jarni 54
Kalvodova 39
Sovinec 2
Palackeho 33
Trtilkova 34

Clubs charge from 300-500Kr entry
Sessions cost from 2000Kr-3000Kr for 60 Mins

Night Club Velvet
Palackeho 33
Tel 420 541240728
Tel 420 608858483
Monday-Sunday 20.30-05.00
Free Entry
2500Kr per session
100Kr Girls drinks
50Kr drinks
Bar, Guarded parking-lot, Air-conditioning, Relax rooms, Shower, Video, Jacuzzi
Web Site

Try the Disco Tabarin in the town center for pciking up freelancers or just hot women in town. The CZ women are very open to foreigners and much can happen. Entry and drinks are cheap.

You can go from club to club via taxi for about 100Kr-200Kr Depending on distance.

All prices quoted are in GB sterling. Yes prostitution is certainly alive and well here in the Brno, and like everywhere else it has various levels at different prices on offer. At the top of the list are the traditional brothels or whore houses as we call them at home, but just known as night clubs here. Now these are places where the ordinary mug can live out his fantasies, and for a mere £40 for an hour, you can ride the arse off a Britney, Claudia Schiffer or Catherine Zeta Jones lookalike. And the strip shows in the bar area are very good, with touching and groping of the ladies greatly encouraged by the management! One downside to these establishments is that beers tend to run at an incredible rip off of about £5 a bottle, so your not encouraged to sit and drink all night, but on the positive side the atmosphere tends to be relaxed with no “pushiness”.

The next variety down the scale are the girls in the private flats, who while certainly not as beautiful as the ladies in the “whore houses”, still are quite attractive, usually with that sort of girl-next-door look. These ladies advertise their services in the local papers, and at a great and outstanding price of £20 an hour, often they tend to work out of houses and flats in residential areas way out in the suburbs which can be a nightmare to find – that’s about the only downside to these women These third variety are the street walkers, which are to be totally avoided as they are usually junkies and thieves who have the absolute cheek to ask for £50 for their services. All of this variety that have approached me have been “as rough as fuck”, anyway.

Finally we come to another variety altogether ,which leads to me to believe that pigs really do fly, and these are the high-class hotel hookers. All the best hotels here have a small disco attached which runs every night, and usually has no punters at all in attendance. You walk in and all you are confronted with is one bouncer, one bar man, one DJ and about 5-6 rough as fuck ancient hookers aged around 50 who have the fucking neck to ask for about £75 for their services. You’re probably wondering who in their right minds would be arsed lashing out £75 for an awful slag when they could go down the road and get Britney for £40. I’ll tell you who. It’s a niche of our community known as the rich middle aged over-nighting businessman who just can’t be arsed with the hassle of leaving the hotel, and is so lazy he cant even be bothered calling the whorehouse and getting Britney delivered to him. All levels usually deliver a similar service with everything you could possibly want including a “Bare back blowjob” and condoms only being used for penetration.

Last week of September I was in Brno with two other friends of mine by car. We stopped at Hotel Monti in ulica Stredni (I suggest you to buy a map if in Brno), close to the Bobi Centrum. We took a room with 3 beds for 900 Kr (abt. 27 US$); during the day we went asking the price also to Hotel Slovan andBobi but they were higher (1200 and 2000 Kr). So as far as I know Monti is the cheapest choice. This hotel has also a restaurant and bar and it is close to the historical center of the town.

The first night we went by taxi to the club Moulin Rouge, which is in Slovakova 12 (see, they have other two establishments in southern Czech Republik). Entrance cost 500 Kr, and you are given some coins whichyou can give to the girls or waitress as a tip; the value of each of them is 100 Kr. You will be given back your money by presenting the remaining coins when exiting the club. We took a sit and order a beer. In this club the waitress is in Topless, there is always a girl dancing and stripping for the customers in a corner. I remember in the past the price for 50 min in the room with a girl was 1500 Kr, but unfortunately we discovered it is not like this anymore. Now they ask for 3500 Kr!, so avoid this place if you come to Brno in the future; in this way they will be forced to reduce the prices again to theold level.
Curious thing, the taxi is following the clients all night long, I think they have a special agreement with the clubs that they will callalways the same taxi when the customers exit a club.

Next stop was the night club Velvet, in Palackeho 33. Here we ask the man at the entrance the cost for 50 min with the girl in a room before entering. The first proposed price was exactly the same like Moulin Rouge, 3500 Kr, but after some bargain he accepted 2500Kr (by the way I remember this was the current price some years ago). In the club there were 5 girls, 3 of which dancing when we went in. We were the only customers in the club, so I presume (I have seen this before) that the girls start dancing just when the door bell rings. I made my choice as soon as I came in, she was the most beautiful one: blond hair to the shoulder, incredible body, abt. 20 y.o., 5’5” high; I cannot remember the name.
We start to talk on the sofa, while my friends choose soon after me a black haired 27 y.o. and a tall blond 21 y.o. She was living in Brno, speak decent english (not all the girls speak english, some German). I offered a coctail to my girl 100 Kr and ordered a beer for me 50Kr. After abt. 15 min of conversation, I ask my girl if she is going to make a striptease for me. She went upstairs to prepare herself and then made a fantastic striptease; she actually come back and forth to the dance floor and the sofa where I was sitting. She removed her bra and slip just in front of my face! At this time I was ready to go to the room. Here I had a BBBJ and straight sex (resisted just 10 min).
When we met in the bar after an hour my friends told me the black haired was very tender and expert, not so good on the contrary the other tall blonde, too cold.
The second and last day we went to disco Tabarin in the center which was suggested by the girls the night before; I must say I have never seen so many beautiful girls in a disco! Here we spent only 30min to meet 2 girls with which we danced all night till 5 a.m. After this experience I must conclude that Czech girls are very open minded and foreigners have a special appeal on them.

I decided to return to Brno the third week of October. I drove with my car and one of my friend which was at the end of September with me. Of course we stay at Hotel Monti again which has another important feature, together with Hotel Slovan: an heavy curtain for the room window, therefore it is possible to sleep in the morning without being woke up by the morning light (generally the hotels in Czech Rep. have only light drapes).
I have made a list of night clubs our of information taken from yellow pages under “Erotic or Nocny Klub” or asking directly the taxi drivers.
ANGEL (ex DVJ) – Stursova 51
DENISA – Belohorska 15
HAWAY – Rybnicka 38
LADY MARION – Bozeny Nemcove 29
MOULIN ROUGE – Slovakova 12
ALIBABA – Stefanikova 4
PETER PAN (Pitkin) – Srbska 4
SANT PAULI – Zizkova 64
BELLA VISTA – Jarni 54
A CLUB – Kalvodova 39
WANESSA – Sovinec 2
VELVET – Palackeho 33
EMANUELLA – Trtilkova 34
To move by taxi from one to another the trip cost 130 Kr averagely, but of course depend of the distance.
Lady Marion, Denisa, Peter Pan seem to be closed now, but the situation change very frequently. The average entrance price is 300 or 500. 1 hour (actually is 50 min) in the room with a girl cost normally 2500 – 2600 Kr. Do not accept higher rates.
The first night we went to Angel where I found a girl speaking Italian. I cannot remember the name, maybe Francesca. She has been living in Italy in Torino with an Italian guy for a long time; she is tall 5’7”, black hair, 25 y.o., not so slim, robust athletic body, very very sexy. In the room she started with kind a striptease. Then we proceed with a covered blow job, finger fucking (together my finger and her), sex in two different positions. She is very hot and kind of aggressive if you like this type of girl. No deep kissing or anal.
For the drinks and sex I spent 3500 Kr.
The second and last day we returned to Angel and we switched partners.

Ceske Budejovice by car on a weekend in second half of December.
I stayed at hotel Gomel, Prazska 14, just out of the hystorical center. Here a single room cost 1450 CZK, a double 1750 CZK, both with bathroom. Parking is free.
Saturday night I went looking for night club asking directly to the cab drivers. I found the following:
BORNEO – Rudolfovska 40 in the suburb called “Vrato”, it is the fartest from the center.
MALIBU – Prazska 128 in the same street of the hotel, going toward north.
EXTREME – Vinarickeho n. 36
MICHELLE – Druzstevni n. 28
HAPPY – Prumyslova n. 7
Tried Malibu. Prices are high (3500 Kr for 1 h with the girl in the room), entrance 500 Kr, Taxi 200Kr. A cocktail cost 450Kr. Here I found a blond girl, 5’5”, 21y.o. I think her name was Sabina but I am not sure (I shall write it soon after the visit). After the usual 15min of conversation we went to the room. There we both showered then I got a covered blowjob, and straight sex; she was very good and active. I finished doggy style.
Beware of the beautiful striptease girls, they usually do not offer sex, so you can spend a lot of money offering drinks only to discover at the end that they cannot come in the room with you.
One curious thing of these nightclubs is a big numbered wheel on the wall at the entrance alley. By paying 1000 Kr you are allowed to turn the wheel once and you can win money, drink or ½ hour or even 1h of sex with a girl!
Visit the hystorical center of Ceske, it is very beautiful.

Moulin Rouge
Zlín-Bøezùvky 81
Tel and fax 420 577 994 000
500 Kr Entry
3000 Kr 60 Mins
Web Site
Three locations



Hotel Monti
Ulica Stredni
near Bobi center
500-900 Kr
Hotel Slovan
1200 Kr
Hotel Bobi
2000 Kr

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