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Consolidator tix are worthwhile if you are flexible and want to go internationally.
Since you asked for FAQ or more info,
Ask and you shall get 🙂

Spend some time reading Ed’s FAQ

Travelocity sucks IMHO.
There are better deals to be had. has better deals.

Anyone have experience with consolidated travel tix or courier flights? I hear you can get massive discounts on these, especially the courier but you kinda have to have a very lax schedule. Any info on consolidated travel or bucket shops would be great. How the service, reliability and such.

Airfare sale during the month of November, 2002

ticket to Frankfurt as low as 437 from LA
Here is the website:

U guys wanna check –>travel–>budget travel.

A little about EVA air. Big Dawg flew them for the first time, and got a rate of $850, a class between bidnezz, and economy, and he said the seats were awesome! Bidnezz class sized, and he said the service lived up to what JAL provides, He said that a women in the section he was in dropped her wedding ring on the floor, and four of the crew were on their hands and knees looking for the woman’s ring till they found it. He said the call light didn’t go unanswered for more than a minute. This is going to be K-9 Ops official air line now.

I too have flown EVA Air. The class J Dawg refers to is called Economic Deluxe. It flies from LAX to Bangkok and tickets are priced at $850. It is a business size seat that fully reclines and has all the foot room. You just get economic service. No big deal there as you can sleep most of the flight. This flight is also much shorter as you fly through Taipei. It is about a 15 hour total flight as opposed to the usual 16 – 18. One other plus. The flight leaves at 11:30pm from LA and you arrive in Thailand at 11:30 am, a much more reasonable hour than the usual 11:30pm arrival time.

Planning a trip, need airline info or pricing?
Check out the link about for names, phone numbers and links for travel.


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