Czech Republic

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Conventional long form: Czech Republic
Local long form: Ceska Republika
Abbreviation: CZ

Capitol City
Prague (population 1.2 million)

Location and Climate
Central Europe, southeast of Germany. Temperate; cool summers; cold, cloudy, humid winters.


Roman Catholic 39.2%, Protestant 4.6%, Orthodox 3%, other 13.4%, atheist 39.8%

Czech. German spoken in the border towns.

Czech koruna (CZK)
CZK per US dollar: approx. 25.5 | CZK per Euro: approx. 31.5 (June 2004)
The CZ will switch to the Euro starting in 2009, but many establishments already accept it. Ask if you’re not sure.

Internet Country Code


Other Information for the Traveler


Citizens of all Western European countries, Japan, and New Zealand can visit the CZ for up to 90 days, and UK citizens for up to 180 days, without a visa. US passport holders can stay for 90 days without a visa. Citizens of Australia, Canada, South Africa, and other countries must get a visa valid for stays of between 30 and 90 days, depending on nationality.

Violent crime is rare by US standards, but theft is common. Always lock your car and keep any valuables in the hotel. Pickpockets thrive in crowded places, especially on trams and in Metro trains and stations. Take proper precautions. Never carry your wallet in your back pocket.

If you get hurt or sick. Expect Western-style treatment in Prague hospitals/clinics. Most doctors/dentists speak English. Most staff members don’t. Expect to pay cash for treatment, although you might be allowed to use your credit card. Ambulance response can be slow, depending on the severity of your condition, and many ambulance companies expect you to pay them when you arrive at the hospital.

In case of emergency (fire, medical, police), dial 112. Operators speak German and English.

Adult prevalence rate: less than 0.1% | People living with HIV/AIDS: 500 | Deaths: less than 10

Prague’s Metro is efficient. Trains run frequently between 5:00 AM and midnight. However, there are only three lines, so the Metro won’t take you everywhere in Prague. Web Site

If you’re staying in or near the Metro areas, you may occasionally have to depend on taxis. Never hail a cab from the street while in Prague, as independent cab drivers there tend to be dishonest. Better to call one from an operator. We recommend AAA Taxi. They are inexpensive and the operators speak English. Dial 14014.

If you’re driving a rental car from Germany or Austria: Find an agency (try Sixt) that will allow you to take your car into the CZ. As the CZ is a former Eastern Bloc country, vandalism and theft are more common there. Expect to pay a higher insurance premium.

Telephone Information
Dialing Code: 420

Emergency Numbers (24 hours/day):
Police: 158 | Ambulance: 155 | Fire: 150

The CZ is on the European 220VC system, and uses different plugs and outlets. As such, your electric devices (razors, hairdryers, etc.) won’t work without a special adapter. Fortunately, this is inexpensive and is readily available at most travel stores.

Czech food is hearty and filling Leave your diet at home. Start with soup, like goulash or liver dumpling. Main courses can include chicken schniztels, beef and pork roasts or steaks, or stews. Dumplings, made either or potatoes or bread, are a popular side dish. For dessert, have strudel, ice cream, or pastry pockets filled with sweetened cottage cheese. And don’t forget the beer. The CZ, home of Pilsner, Tuborg, Carlsberg, and the original Budwiser, arguably makes the best beer in the world.

Legal Status
Prostitution is legal, but pimping and trafficking are not. Local governments don’t allow soliciting and communication for the purpose of prostitution in public, but law enforcement rarely gets involved.

Legalized prostitution takes many forms here.
These include:
This term refers to women who work out of their own homes or apartments. They are typically students looking to earn extra money or bored housewives/single women looking for more sexual fulfillment. They normally advertise over the Internet or in the Personals section of newspapers. You call the woman directly over the phone to make the appointment. Note that a working knowledge of the Czech language may be necessary in order to communicate with her over the phone and in person once you arrive at her place.

These women work either independently or for an agency operating our of the larger cities. They typically visit upscale hotels to service well-heeled business travelers. They tend to be very attractive and charge fees at the higher end of the scale. They normally advertise over the Internet or via pamphlets available in certain hotel lobbies. Click here for more information.

Traditional Brothels
These range from smaller, non-descript establishments in the border towns, to large, ornate, more expensive establishments in the larger cities. These are almost alyways attached to a bar, where you are expected to order drinks for yourself and the lady you’ve selected before retiring to a private room to conduct business. Prices quoted are usually for half-hour and one-hour sessions in the smaller brothels, one-hour to all-night sessions in the larger brothels.
K5 in Prague is probably the best-known of the Prague establishments. Lotos Club of Prague is also popular.

These women patrol the 2-lane highways outside of the smaller towns to pick up motorists for action either in the motorist’s car or in roadside shelters, such as bus stops. When they see you coming, they’ll step closer to the edge of the road so you can get a better look. Some may extend a hand, palm downward, and wave it up and down. This is equivalent to the hitchhiker’s thumb. Prices will normally be one-half to one-third of those charged in the border town brothels (see above). You get what you pay for.

In the downtown areas of larger cities, such as the vicinity of Perlova St. in downtown Prague, streetwalkers (typically of Gypsy descent) will come out after dark. Although prices are cheap, the service will be substandard and often dangerous, as you can expect that these women do not get checked or treated for STDs. Another thing to beware of: pickpockets. These women often pose as sex workers in order to prey on unsuspecting tourists. Your best bet: stay away.

FKK Club
FKK Prague is the first CZ FKK club styled after the German model. (Closed)?

Other related topics:
In 2003 Czech authorities made sustained raids on some 400 brothels along German-Austrian border for the purpose of combating human trafficking and pimping. Czech government officials these raids because they were concerned about their country’s image prior to its entry into the EU.

Some government officials have argued for the outright legalization of prostitution, claiming that it would help them combat human trafficking, pimping, and child prostitution and require legitimate sex workers to get licenses and regular health checks.

Prague TV
What’s happening in Prague.
US State Department
Travel information for the Czech Republic.

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