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Welcome to, the Ultimate Adult Travel Directory. Its purpose is to provide information and support for you, the discerning Adult traveler.

What makes this site different?
We wanted to depart from the usual discussion board format, in which people wanting information had to first spend hours looking at hundreds of useless, disorganized posts.

Or, they had to pay to join a Member’s Only section, which was more of the same: disorganized posts with lots of waste and little information.

The result: many either gave up in frustration and had to ask the same questions over and over again. Or, they went elsewhere for information.

Well, we don’t want you to be confused or go somewhere else. We want to keep you here by giving you worthwhile information in a directory format. In short, we want to be the on-line “Yellow Pages” of Adult entertainment or travel. We’ll tell you where to go, how to get there, and how much to pay. You’ll know what to look for and what to avoid. You’ll learn where to find hotels, restaurants, and other entertainment. You’ll have all this information in your grasp, without having to sort through a bunch of pointless chatter to get it.

And, best of all, this directory is FREE. That’s right. Unlike other directories of this nature, you will never pay a fee to read or post here. It’s not right to charge you to do our work for us.

Instead, we support this site through the sale of printable FAQs and specialty books and magazines created by professional writers and experienced travelers. These publications are even more detailed and organized, and are designed to be taken along for quick reference when you travel. More information about these products is coming soon.

How do I use this board?
Our directory has two sections: Public and Private. The Public section is organized by country and gives you a brief overview of the Adult-related destinations. Once you’ve registered and chosen a user name and password, you can read/post all you want in the Public section.

The Private section is an exclusive area that is set up much like the Public section, but is more tightly organized and has more explicit information. If you want to read/post in the Private section, first contribute at least TWO(2) informative posts, consisting of addresses and locations of Adult entertainment that we don’t already have. Then, contact Mr. 21 at with your request for access. Our moderators will review your posts and then let you know if you have access.

Another reason for the Private section is to keep minors out. You must be 21 or over to read or post in this section. Remember the Public area is just that: public. Please don’t post profanity or explicit information there. You can post this type of information in the Private section only.

What’s an informative post?
An informative post tells us what we don’t already know. Opinions don’t count. What we need are facts that will fit into our directory. Help us find something or someone. Give us names, addresses, and prices. Tell us about the providers you visited or know of with along with names and physical descriptions. If something is best avoided, let us know. If you learned something new, share it.

What are some examples?
Posts like this would get you access to the Private section:

“This-and-That Bar
123 South First Street
Winnemucca, NV
(775) 123-4567
House minimum $50, FS starts at $100
4-6 women
Open 24 hours”

This information is ideal. It tells readers how to find the place and what they can expect when they get there. If you want to post explicit details of your visit, then wait until you have access to the Private section.

Posts like this would not get you access to the Private section:

“Just returned from my most recent visit to This-and-That Bar. I had a great time. I’d recommend it.”

This post doesn’t tell us anything new. It has no real information: no names, no prices, and no details. It’s basically only an opinion.

What are some other rules?
We want you to have fun while you’re here and feel free to speak your mind. But, bandwidth is expensive and keeping order is time-consuming. So, we have a few rules to help you better use this directory and get what you want.

NO Advertising
Posting advertisements without permission is not allowed. If you have goods or services to sell and want to advertise with us, then contact Mr. 21.

NO Explicit Information in the Public Section
Remember, “Public” is public and “Private” is private. Therefore, post only names, addresses, directions, tips, etc. in the Public section. If you want to read/post explicit stories or information, you must first get access to the Private section.

NO Flame Wars
You can disagree without being disagreeable. If you need to insult someone, get attention, or pick fights, then go eleswhere. This directory is for information, not for flame wars. Anyone violating this rule will be warned. Repeated warnings will result in banishment from this site.

NO Minors
This website is intended for Adults Only. Minors do not belong here. Also, posting anything regarding any activity with minors (under 18 years of age) is strictly forbidden. Your post will be deleted, and you will immediately be banned from the site.

NO Posting of E-Mail Addresses
For example: “This is Tom. I need info on Nevada. E-mail me the info at

NO Spamming
Copying and pasting the same post into different topics is not allowed. If you have something to say, then say it once. If it’s important, then we’ll get the message.

Thanks for joining us. Have a good time.


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