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Guys, love the site, it is a revelation to check this site before leaving to my destinations. Well, I’m a local Cairien, but my business never allowed me the time to enjoy my own city. You see, Cairo tends to be rather crowded and hectic and people tend to stick to their own social class in their private clubs, if they were from the upper class educated elite. One day as I was entertaining a client staying in the Cairo Sheraton, I kept noticing the eye contact that the ladies at Elwaha (the oasis) bar were giving us. Maybe, its the Bacardi, but I got the guts to go and talk to one of them, expecting a cold shoulder or even an attitude, but the answer I got amazed me. She said, “I’m here for business, so don’t waste my time, but make your offer.” I was , Oh my God. I must have been blind for I go to this hotel often. She was a sexy Moroccan living at the hotel and charging close $300, quite steep for Cairo’s GDP My Swiss friend entertained himself with her and she gave me her cell number. I called her one, and she is an animal, a great cocksucker. She even told me where to go for action in Cairo. It is the Casinos in the Marriott, Cairo Sheraton, and Gezira Sheraton’s disco. These girls cater to the Gulf oil rich countries so they tend to be expensive, so prepare to pay big bucks.

Ask a cab driver to take you to the local brothel. Usually very small and inside a local apartment. The madam will show you the ladies from 2-6 that age from 18 and up. Prices run from 200LE up $40-$50 depending on services.

The bigger hotels are your best bet, many have bars and disco’s where the local talent hang out. Prices run about 400-500E pounds. But they’ll usually haggle down for about 200-300 depending on your young and attractive she is. Make arrangements in advance with your hotel to allow guests as some won’t permit anyone to enter with you.

Also try the American Egyptian College where there are clubs and bars nearby with attractive young women looking to make some extra cash. Look for them at the Cairo Center. Any of the women who make eye contact with you are signalling that they are interested. 200-300 pounds is the going rate. Set the rate before you take her.

some action takes place at some cafe’s where you plan what you want with the waitress and you will meet her after her shift. A lot of those cafe’s in the game’t al dowal st. and you will probably recognize them by the sum of gulf Arabian dressed men enter, or you can just ask a taxi driver

In Cairo, you can find ladies in the discos of big hotels downtown after about 11 p.m. They are expensive, about $200 for 1-2 hours. Just go into the disco and they will be obvious. I found them in the Sheraton, but was told that they are also in the other hotels as well.

Be careful of two things. First, most have dress codes which require a suit and dress shoes. Second, they often want you to take them to the casinos and use your money before going to the room (theirs).

They are foreign and live in the hotels. This seems to be a “service” provided by the hotels for the weary traveler.

Many people know “Africana disco,” which is on the pyramid street in Cairo. All taxi drivers know the place. I was there mid January, guided by a taxi driver. I went in at 2 am. it was already full. lots of cute sub-Sahara African girls. after 3 am more girls come, including Arabs, particularly Sudanese. Some cute, some just big)

It is easy to speak to them. you can just use your eyes or just talk to them. I spoke to a Sudanese girl sat next to me. After a long nice chat, she said she has a flat nearby (15 minutes by taxi). She and her friend (man) took me there. Nice hot session. BJ without condom. Nice balls and anal suck she did. Sex with condom. I gave her US$ 50 according to her request. I could have discounted, but my temptation was too high. She was just nice. Recommendable place, but you need to be there till quite late.

Yes. There are street prostitutes in Cairo. There are two problems. First is to notice them. They don’t stand out so much as your standard street whores in other countries. Egypt is a conservative (therefore hypocritical) country and while whores are in high demand it would be considered appropriate to many to harass, rape, jail them. So you have to watch carefully and circle many times to make sure the girl is a prostitute and not a girl just waiting for a ride. The later at night it is the more likely that she could be a prostitute but she could just be late. Some of them are too obvious by their nervousness. But if you see her standing in one spot waiting and then go around the block and she’s waiting on a different corner that is a good tip. Next you have the problem of competition. Strong social pressures reduce the supply of prostitutes. I have seen long lines of cars trailing behind a couple of girls, while the men call from their cars or jump out to make their solicitation on foot. I find it too undignified for my taste. A tip. While people normally look for prostitutes at night it is hard in Egypt, both due to lack of them and to the fact that those that exist disappear almost immediately. One day I was talking to an 18 year old girl on the sidewalk and immediately an Egyptian man in his car pulled over and was getting in line.

Here’s a bug hint: stay away from Cairo!!!! all the good and clean action is found away from the overpopulated mess called a city. I recommend Alexandria. just go and relax around the beach area. make sure the girls are wearing the most westernized clothing they can, usually a sign that its a more liberal beach area. just sit around for a while, and you WILL be approached. expect broken up English conversations, but they’ll understand the language of money. i have been successful many times this way. good luck to you all

the only way to monger in Cairo are the big hotel’s casinos
don’t waste money with the roulette…

The girls working out of the hotels and casinos generally ask for $200 but will drop to 100/150 USD if it is slow. Some of these girls are pretty but they lack the skills of girls from other parts of the world. Cheaper action can be found at the clubs near the pyramids. The club I went to was the Afrikaner. It had mostly black Africans working at it. Even cheaper are the girls that stroll on the streets of Maadi, Heliopolis and Mohandeseen. The Africans pros working in in Egypt are black, non-Arab, mainly Sudanese and Ethiopian. I don’t spend much time in Egypt that anymore because the scene here is really a hassle and not worth it considering the quality and numbers available.

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