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I traveled to Cambodia for 2 weeks overland from Thailand and back, on a holiday. My first port of call in Cambodia was Koh Kong, having spent the previous night in Koh Chang, Thailand. (Travel notes: visa is available at the border for USD20, bring one passport photo.)

The ladies are found a few kilometres outside of Koh Kong along a dirt road housed in a collection of shacks in a quiet rural area. I went there with my “guide” who had latched on to me at the border, organizing a taxi to the river, the boat across the river and the hotel where I stayed. He spoke reasonable English and his fee for the trip out to the girls was 100Baht. This I agreed with him in advance, as you should do for these sorts of things. This of course was a high fee for essentially a short trip on a motorbike; however, I was somewhat in the dark at that stage as to costs in Cambodia. He picked me up at 7pm from my hotel and going there on the motorbike it was very dark due to the lack of street lights (Cambodia is not like Thailand). As there were a lot of potholes in the road we were able to chat along the way while going at a leisurely speed.

We had certainly left the town behind, as there were no lights or houses anywhere. Shortly, a couple of shacks appeared with their distinctive pink fluorescent lights. The girls called out to me but we kept going and soon turned right to where most of the shacks were located. There were about 10 or so shacks here each with varying numbers of young girls, maybe from 5 to 10 per shack. I was told there were both Vietnamese and Cambodian girls here. Not wanting to dive right in, I decided to take my time and walk from shack to shack, hoping to find something attractive, and also as it was my first time in Cambodia, I was wanting to see what the general standard of the girls was.

As I have found to be the case in Asia, most weren’t terribly attractive, though they were all young. After surveying about 5 houses, I came to one with 2 nice Cambodian girls out front of it. The one I took was nicely dressed and had a pair of white jeans on and a sleeveless blue top. I could see she had a good body and was quite pretty as well with long mildly curly hair. That did it for me, I didn’t need to go any further.

My guide had already told me that the price was 200B for short-time, and as he was with me while I made my selection, I didn’t have much of a problem in getting her to agree to it, though she did try for 300B. She led me into the house and into her private room, which was pretty dark and rather basic. Undressed she did have a good body as expected, with a really nice set of spiffy breasts (a good handful), probably the best I saw in Cambodia. She also had a nice black box with a reasonable amount of hair on it.

She didn’t offer any French, so we got straight into it with a couple of positions, for a very satisfying, though quick session. After the event we went to wash off at the back of the house. As I had a small bag with me I took it with me, not wanting to risk losing anything. In the washroom, there was a huge tub of water from which to scoop up water and pour it over yourself. She went straight for it tipping the cool water down her front. Then she squatted down and began to wash between her legs.

Before I knew it I heard a whoosh, and she was urinating onto the bare concrete even though the squat toilet was just next to her. Back in the room after dressing I gave her the 200B and a 50B tip. She didn’t ask for any more.
Out front my “guide” was waiting for me and we went back to my hotel.

Overall I didn’t find the visit to the girls in any way unsafe. I took all the usual precautions, like only taking a small amount of money for the event, leaving all of my travel documents and money in my room, and didn’t take my watch. My “guide” told me that occasionally farangs stay for a while in Koh Kong and visit the ladies regularly. No wonder with a great price like 200B. Probably the only problem with staying in Koh Kong is that there is not much to do there, and the services are only basic in terms of hotels and restaurants. I only stayed an afternoon and left for Sihanoukville on the boat the next morning.

As a frequent visitor of Koh Kong, I can say that the above post is excellent. I will add that guys who want to party with the girls stay at the one hotel that is nearby. It is about $10 a night depending on which room you take. If you are getting off the boat from Kampong Som or coming across the border, you should get a guide who speaks some English. Just tell him you want to stay near at the Hotel near the ‘chicken farms’ (euphemism for brothels). If I gave you the name you could not pronounce it well enough to tell him anyway so I won’t bother trying to spell it out. The nice thing about this hotel is that it is close enough for a short time there.

Usual rates for STs in Cambodia are $5 in house. Take out is $10. Since Koh Kong is a border town they take baht with no problems. If you take the hotel NEAR the chicken farms, you should be able to negotiate a ‘take home’ for 300 baht with no problem. That is about $7.50 US. I have had some very nice girls in Koh Kong (actually better and nicer than the ones I have had in Kampong Som). Including one super tit that I would love to have again. (had her on three separate trips and for twice on one of them).

As for staying in Koh Kong? as ANON says there is not much to do. Do keep in mind that you do not have to wait until evenings to get a girl and have a nice shag. They live at the farm (most anyway), and although they will look a bit bedraggled by early morning light, they are available. My biggest drawback to Kho Kong is the food. Most is lousy or a bit pricey at the Farang restaurants.

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