Phnom Penh

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Svay Pak
My friend took one cutie pie for all night and the mamasan let him take her WITHOUT HAVING TO PAY UP FRONT! I can top that story – another friend only paid half for this one hot babe (he had no money left, so he said) and the mamasan said, “No problem, just pay next day.” Pay next day? Holy smoke, when they are willing to practically give it out for free, then on top of that offer to take the money later, you know this place is a man’s world.

For those of you who have not been to Svay Pak, it is a dirt road of whore houses made up entirely of the world’s cutest Vietnamese hookers (ages 18-28, on the average). Price for short time is $5 for tourists (if you hang long enough, you can get it for $3-$4), $20 for all night. A few of the real beauties may command a higher price, one girl I took was breathtaking and cost me a whopping $10 for short time. Life’s a bitch…

Tuol Kork
Over my many years of Cambodian experience, found some of the best nuggets ever in Tuol Kork. Admittedly it is rare, but I always WALK thorough to see if one exists. I could write volumes about the great girls I have found here over the years, but I realize that most guys do not have the time or patience to go there on a regular basis to find the occasional winner. I am a guy who likes variety…and the cutsies of Svay Pak…while i love them, are all pretty much the same. I have found some girls at Tuol Kork with giant tits…small tiny waists and lots of fun. They are rare, but if you are into that sort of thing, you might take the time to look. The best time is in the afternoons and you can’t spend all your time at Svay Pak (or can you? I guess I have had trips where I seldom left the place).

Massage Parlors

New World
Open 10 a.m. to midnight No. 54-56-58 EO Street 139, Sangkat, Veal Vong, Khan 7 Makara, P.Penh. Tel: 023-883535. Nice selection of Vietnamese girls, presented to you Thai style (i.e., sitting behind a large plate glass window).

My Chan
63 Street( Pasteur) next to 242 Street and 252 Streets.
Similar to Lay Lay, but not as nice.

Sok San Club/hotel
Is possibly one of the best stocked (with girls of course) massage parlor around town. Actually, it’s not really around town as it’s a bit off in the boondocks (located on National road, about 15 min. from Central Market, traffic pending).
Sok San is both a hotel ($15 per night, decent rooms) and massage parlor wrapped in one. I counted, believe it or not, over 25 girls, all lined up in the traditional “fishbowl” (i.e., behind a glass window). As far as I could tell, they were all Vietnamese. Most of them were, I would guess in their mid twenties with a few possibly in their late teens. Not a few had fairly large tits and smiled a lot as my friend and I walked in. There were no other male customers, a sure plus for the guy who likes to have it all for himself. The parlor is supposedly open 24 hours a day, but of course the girls must sleep sometime, so I would guess the best time to get there is in the afternoon, up til midnight.
The rate was typical, $5 for short time (yes, that’s sex included) and $10 if you want to take her back to your hotel for an hour or so.

63 Street (Pasteur) next to 242 Street and 252 Streets. Similar to Lay Lay, but not as nice.

Not really a brothel. Of the 15-20 massage parlor girls, only 2-3 of them (according to the host) screw. Wouldn’t you know it, the cutest and youngest ones (i.e., 18-21) are supposedly “still virgin” (yeah, right!) and offer only legitimate massage services. Thus I would liken Sakura to a Thai traditional massage parlor where for $4-$5 you can get a wonderful, but non-sexual massage.

Actually, Sakura is still one of my favorite places to go in the late afternoon. Take your favorite looking girl to your hotel room ($5 per hour for legitmate massage) and enjoy the luxury of a Thai style massage in the comfort of your hotel. Don’t expect any of the girls to get undressed (of the three I took, none of them would even take their top off!), but do expect a great massage from an extremely nice selection of beautiful and young Khmer women. A great way to relax in your hotel during the heat of the afternoon.

By the way, I did get this one really pretty Khmer girl named Sabai to give me a hand job as part of the massage. The cost: $8 for a 90 minute massage in the comfort of my hotel room…what a deal!

Lay Lay
63rd street
To my shock, when I walked in yesterday afternoon, there were only about 3-4 girls (all of them sleeping, as usual). Where are the rest of the girls? (normally there are a good 20 girls adorned in their pink silk uniforms, ready for action). My friend returned there later and reported about 10 girls, most of them sleeping or eating and acting as though giving a massage to a white foreigner was the last thing on their mind. As far as I’m concerned, the place sucks! I don’t think I’ll go back…well, for $5 short time, perhaps I can be convinced to peak my nose in and see if any new girls show their face in the next couple of days. Will keep you posted if anything worthy pops up.

K11 is open but not all houses all the time, 8,14,15 very good. Same with Street 63. Some places are open but mostly at night. Ask a moto driver or taxi which ones are open.$5 short times $20 long time. Sihanoukville is better at present IMHO.

If commercial sex is what you are after (not a wife,girlfriend or mistress) Phnom Penh rules. Sihanoukville/Kompong Som pales compared to PNH, and Siem Riep is even worse. Battambang is a sleepy town. The brothels there are a waste of your time.

I recommend visiting Angkor Wat for the ancient ruins and Sihanoukville for seafood on the beach. But for SEX stay in the capital. From the 14 countries I have visited, mostly in Asia, there is no better place for the adventurous sex tourist.

My rule is the same for the other services. If the girl is a freelance, she has already negotiated the terms of your contract with one another. And unlike some other writers…I believe this should be negotiated ahead of the deal. NOT afterwards. Even ‘true love’ should have a pre-nup agreement. I guess I am a bit cynical in my old age, but it is my wisdom that I am asked for…so there it is. In cases where you pay the mama san or manager, like a massage parlor or brothel, you should tip. If you don’t, you can expect the service to be lacking on your net visit. Indeed, the girls talk and you might find the best ones hiding or ‘busy’ when you return. If they are forced to go with you, you can expect a half-assed job at whatever they do. Small tips go a long way in Cambodia. Give them.+++++an aside++++ The girls in Svay Pak often will drive you crazy with the phrase “go hotel” Inexperienced travelers might think it is because they like to sleep in a nice room. Some egotists might think it is because the girls like them so much they want to spend more time with them. Let them think what they might. Only Zen knows the real truth. On a $20 overnight (usually starting sometime after 4 or 5), the girl gets half which goes toward paying off her contract… which she is often cheated out of by the mama san. So suffering your ‘attempts at pleasing her’ is worth $10 in the kitty. On a $5 shorttime her cut is about $1.60. That is right! She gets a buck and a half to be molested by you. A one or two dollar tip will turn you from from ‘molester’ to ‘knight in shining armor’. It is true…the lower class khmers do not tip. And if all you want is a blow up rubber love doll who just lies there with little affection, you can do the same. (I get this complaint from many readers and from some writers…)A bit more on tipping. I realize that for those of us who live here on limited budgets, that adding a bit extra to our expenses is sometimes difficult. But I think it is of great travesty to recommend our own practices to those coming on vacations who can afford easily a small tip. Why should they suffer the same bad services that we suffer when they can afford better. And …another tip on tipping. NEVER tip a massage parlor or brothel girl IN FRONT of the management. Tips are often confiscated from them. I always tip in the back before I return to the front to pay for services. If I am asked by the management why I did not give the girl a tip, (after I did) I just tell them I do NOT tip. Some brothel owners go on fishing expeditions, to see if the girls is holding out on them. Tell the girl in the back when you tip her, that it is a secret (by sign language or whatever, you speak) Then be a real chivalrous knight and keep it secret. You will soon become very popular.


How To Find One:

Your best bet by far is to have your car taxi driver take you to the brothers. If you must venture on your own, then look for any sign along the dusty street that bears the name in English, “Karaoke, Massage” as that is most likely a brothel in disguise. Such whore houses are scattered throughout Phnom Penh, but the largest cluster will be found on 63’rd street. The most popular of these is Lay Lay, which has a nice selection of Vietnamese hookers (about 25 girls) to choose from.

How Much:
Short time or a quick session of sex at the parlor will cost you $5 and up. You can take the girl back to your hotel for an hour or more for $10 on up. My personal preference is to take the girl of my choice back to me to my hotel as the rooms at most parlors are not exactly what I would call the grand palace suite. Many of the rooms at the smaller parlors are fan rooms with very limited facilities making it too uncomfortable for me. I prefer to fuck in a room where I know the sheets are clean, I have fresh towels, a western style toilet, hot/cold shower, fresh soap, and so on.

How it’s Done:
The MO at the parlor is for a loud buzzer to sound (or a Mamasan to clap her hands or yell at the girls to get their attention) when you first enter. All the girls sitting around (many sleeping from boredom or staring at themselves in the mirror to make sure their make-up is perfect) will then run behind a large plate glass window for you to view them (note some of the parlors the girls will have number tags so you can tell the host which one you like). At the lower class parlors, the girls will aggressively approach you, nudging and pulling at you, parroting the words, “You! Yum yum, good! My friend, you!” Yum yum is slang for oral sex. Most parlors are open from noon to midnight, seven days a week, throughout the year. Most of the clientele are Asian men, not tourists.

Taking more than one girl:
Most Khmer and Vietnamese prostitutes are eager to invite their friends for a threesome. There is little jealously as most of the girls are interested in your money, not your love. It’s not uncommon for the girl you took last night to approach you with another girl at her side saying, “You take two lady?” If you wish you can take three – a friend of mine takes 5 at a time and has them run around the hotel naked all day and night long. This is Cambodia for you.

Security Precautions at a Massage Parlor:
If you are having sex at the massage parlor (i.e., brothel), carry only the exact amount of money you need to pay for the massage, plus some pocket change to tip the girl, buy a coke, etc. Give the rest of your money to your friend to hold while you’re screwing. If that won’t work, do not screw the girl at the massage parlor. Instead, request she come with you to your hotel where she is on your turf. At your hotel, you should have all your valuables locked in the safe deposit box or bolt and key in your room. I have a combination lock on my briefcase where I keep my money. Any money left hidden in a closet in your room is history. Don’t make it so easy for the girls to steal your money.

The Safest Massage Parlors:
Sakura massage, Lay Lay, and New World. (see list below)
The smaller massage parlors may have exactly the style of girl you are looking for, so I don’t want to really rule out any of them. However, there have been reports of theft in some of the lower class massage parlors. One friend reported money stolen from his pants pocket while he was screwing a girl in one of the parlors on 63’rd street (directly across the street from Lay Lay. It has no name in English). He believes there was a second girl hiding under the bed and when you was climaxing, she probably reached over and pulled the money out of his pockets. That’s the only explanation of how he could have walked in with over $20 and left with nothing. The short time fee was only $5.

Sakura Massage (& hotel):
Massage open noon till midnight. No. 30, Road 242, Sangkat Chak Tomuk, Khan Don Penh. Tel: 855-023-212-789. The Sakura is one of the higher classed massage parlors and is located in the Sakura hotel, which has nice air-conditioned rooms, by the way. You have a mixture of Khmer prostitutes and legitimate masseuses, some of which might very well be virgins. I met two virgins at Sakura and while I got a great traditional massage; the two girls that massaged me (on two separate occasions) refused all and any form of sex or foreplay. Their innocence was obvious and it was clear they were not there to prostitute themselves. However, other masseuses, such as the one my friend took had no problem asking for a $20 tip for full service, meaning sexual intercourse. What this means is Sakura functions as both a brothel and a legitimate massage parlor. In such a situation, the price for the massage is separate for sex. In Sakura it’s $4 an hour for the massage or in your hotel. Sex is extra and negotiable. Most girls will ask between $5 and $30 for sexual services, the price depending on how greedy and how beautiful the girl is. Always negotiate the price before, not after sex. That way there will be no surprises for either of you. Most massage parlors charge a flat rate for sex, such as Lay Lay ($5 in house, $10 outcall). A $1 to $2 tip is appreciated.

New World Massage:
Open 10 a.m. to midnight. Location: No. 54-56-58 EO Street 139, Sangkat, Veal Vong, Khan 7 Makara, P.Penh. Tel: 023-883535. Nice selection of Vietnamese girls, presented to you Thai style (i.e., sitting behind a large plate glass window).

Lay Lay Massage Parlor:
Located on Street 63(Pasteur) near 182 Street. Air-conditioned, with nice selection of about 25 Vietnamese girls. The charge is $5 for short time (in the fairly nice short time rooms) or $10 for an hour out call (i.e., take her to your hotel). Lay Lay is one of the upper class massage parlors in town. Most of the girls are very passive and will lay (hence the name, “Lay Lay”?) around the parlor, looking bored, sleeping, eating (Asians never seem to stop eating), or looking in the mirror to make sure their make-up is just perfect (women are the same everywhere!). The impression I always get is the girls don’t really give a shit if you come or go, most of them ignoring me as I enter. If you hang out (order a coke for $1), eventually the girls will start making their way over to you, with their parroted lines, “You! Yum Yum, good”, meaning they are offering to give you a good blow job. For $5, few can refuse. Open from noon till midnight.

Karok Massage Hotel:
Located on 63 Street (Pasteur) next to 242 Street and 252 Streets
Similar to Lay Lay, but not as nice.

Bararasthmey Massage Karaoke:
Located on 63 Street (Pasteur) next to 242 Street and 252 Streets. Similar to Lay Lay, but not as nice.

My Chan Massage Karaoke:
Located on 63 Street( Pasteur) next to 242 Street and 252 Streets
Similar to Lay Lay, but not as nice.

Certain massage parlors on 63rd street have girls who will steal from you while you are taking the massage. The girls will either dig into your pocket while giving you a blow-job (what a way to lose your money!) Or get this! While you are fucking one girl, another girl will be hiding under the bed and will go through your pants when she hears you are cumming. At least you can say, in a sense, you got your money’s worth, even though it was stolen! To avoid such parlors (many are unnamed or written only in Khmer, so I cannot point them out), stick with the higher class parlors such as New World, Sukura, or Lay Lay. They are the best in town and have a wonderful selection of women.

Using Walkabout or Chhay Hour hotels as a reference (note: correction, Chhay is one door _west_ of Walkabout on 174th St…not east), there are some $3 S/T places. Walk west on 174th St and go left (south) on 63rd St [note the streets are not numbered sequentially: ie walking from 174th St to 208th St is only 6 blocks]. Continue on 63rd, past 178th, until you encounter Croix Rouge Khmer St, which intersects on the right with 63rd St. The next two houses on the right of 63rd, as you pass Croix Rouge Khmer have $3 S/t. The first one, on the corner, has no ‘pink florescent light’, but a rectangle of white lights over the door. It has about 25 gals sitting just inside the door. Bargain, as they may ask $5 s/t. Places are kinda base…and across the street, on 63rd, are a few karaoke bars with s/t, l/t. Also, a number of karaoke bars are on 154th st, east Norodom Blvd. There are many more, but explore the city at night.

Just around the corner from the Nana Guesthouse is the typical low end Khmer brothels. Look for Bayon Smile guesthouse on the same dirt road. And look out for the scarecrows dressed up in women’s clothes, this seems to be the unwritten sign for the brothels. it’s pretty nasty around here but I am sure you can get $5 fucks in the shacks.

There are only a limited number of bars that cater exclusively to foreigners. Most of the brothels in Cambodia are set up for either local Khmer men or Asian tourists. Below is a list of places to meet girls, but the first two (Sharkey’s and Martini’s) are the most popular places for tourists.

Sharkys Bar
is located at #126 St. 130; Email: (500 meters east of Central Market) Open from 7:00pm – 2:00am. Fan cooled (non-air conditioning). Basically the place is set up with tables to sit at, or drink platforms to stand by, with a few pool tables, and with a number of seats by a large central bar. Music played is mostly 70’s type rock n roll, including Jethro Tull, Credence Clearwater, and other rock favorites. No dancing. Sharky’s offers a small selection of semi-cute, professional Vietnamese prostitutes who have migrated to Cambodia to work the sex industry. The Khmer waitresses are also available provided you pay the $5 “bar fine” to take her home for the night. There is no bar fine or hidden cost to take any of the Vietnamese prostitutes. Most girls will ask between $10 to $15 for “short time” sex (i.e., 1-2 hours) and $20 for all night. The girls split the money with their Mamasan. Few speak any English at all, some not even understanding the question, “What is your name?” Most girls will prefer to spend the night rather than take the dangerous motorbike ride back to either Sharky’s or their home.

Martini’s Pub
is without a doubt the most popular hangout for tourist and prostitute (both Vietnamese and Khmer) in town. It features a fan cooled disco playing MTV type dance tracks, an very informal outdoor bar, and very poor quality outdoor movie theater/restaurant. Located at #402, Mao Tse Toung (Next to Hotel Intercontinental). Hours of operation: 7:00pm till late (until the customers stop drinking or management feels like going home). The atmosphere is very kick-back and informal. Most of the girls come in between 8:30 p.m. and 10 p.m. Any girl who shows up after 11 p.m. probably just came back from doing a short time with a customer, meaning if you take her, you’ll get “sloppy seconds”. The going rate is $10 (plus a $1 to $2 tip for taxi and food) for short time and $20 for all night.

Howies’s bar: St. 51, #32.
Kim’s Kiwi bar: #180, Khemarak Phomin (St. 130).
60’s bar: #170-133, Monivong.
China club: #331, Sisowath Quay.
Garden bar: #271, St. Sisowath (riverside).
Number One bar & restaurant. #79, St. 63.
Casa Night Club: Located In the Sharaton Hotel (23)360395. Hours of operation: 8:00pm – Very Late.

These clubs are mostly for the Chinese and Hong Kong Mafia. Warning be extremely cautious in those discos. One wrong move and they will kill you.

Svay Pak: ( AKA: K11)
This little dirt road, about 11 kilometers from town (hence the name “K-11”), has about 25 lady-homes (i.e., brothels), each with anywhere from 5 to 15 prostitutes, all Vietnamese. The brothels are open from early morning (as early as 7 a.m.) till late. The girls actually live and sleep in the brothels and are therefore technically available round the clock. Few speak any English and are infamous for their favorite line, “You! Yum yum! Good”, meaning they will give you a good blow job (and fuck, of course). While the girls appear sweet and somewhat innocent, the fact is they are seasoned pros, screwing hundreds, possibly thousands of men each year. The going rate is $4 to $5 for short time sex in the brothel or $20 to $30 for all night. Be aware if you take the girl for all night, she will want to leave early in the morning, around 7 a.m.

How To Get There:
The best and safest way to get to Svay pak or K-11 is by car taxi. It’s about a 40 minute ride from Central Market in Phnom Penh. Have your driver wait for you once you arrive. Do not take a motorbike as the dirt roads are so dusty you will suffocate from the dust as the oversized trucks pass you by, nearly forcing you off the pot holed roads. To save money, you can take the air conditioned public bus out of Central Market (about fifty cents one way), but it’s easy to miss the turn off leading to Svay Pak. The bus leaves about every 30 minutes.

Svay Pak is a dirt road nearly 100 yards long with lady homes, snack stands and the like on either side. You will not be hounded as you walk down the street, but you will be requested to come into each of the little homes by a host of attractive young women. They would like you to pay $5 for a bit of fun, and would greatly appreciate a $1 tip. It always gets you better service if you give the tip ahead of time. I know the old saying in Thailand, “Never pay a girl until afterwards, that way she will do a good job in order to get a tip!” I AGREE!! But, Cambodia is not Thailand and Vietnamese girls are not Thai! You did not have to do that in Thailand in 1985 and you do not have to do that now in Cambodia. She will be so happy that she received a tip that she will make you very, very happy.

Before you get all of your hopes up, this place is not first-class. The rooms are not air-conditioned and they are very small. If you prefer, you can also take a girl home from here for the night for only $20. She would be elated if you took her to Martini’s that night. She would be able to speak Vietnamese with the other girls and she will not have to listen to your English all of the time. She will drink only soft drinks and eat for a dollar or two. It is a big step-up for the girl to be able to leave Svay Pak for the day and go to Martini’s. It will also allow her to network with the other girls who are there.

At Svay Pak, you can buy as coke in the lady homes for $1 or, better yet, sit in the little “bar” towards the end on the right, have a beer, coke, cold coconut juice or frozen yogurt and look at all of the attractive young women across the street. They will try to attract enough of your attention in order to get you to meet them after you finish your drink. If one happens to cross the street to see you, and you are interested, she would appreciate a frozen yogurt (13 cents). This will give you 10 minutes to decide if you like her or not. Even if you don’t, just say bye-bye and she will no longer go after you. If you want to hand her 2,000 Riel (50 cents), go ahead, but it is not expected or necessary. Tell a Thai girl that you are no longer interested after buying her a drink and she will not take too kindly to it

Svay Pak Tips
Also take your hotel towel and soap with you to K-11. That way, you can lie down on your clean towel on the sweaty dirty bed. Then you can use your own soap and towel for the shower before and after. Maybe bring 2 towels, one for the bed, one for the shower. Seriously, they do not change the sheets and the towels hanging by the laundry. Many might be drying from the last customer, not actually washed. I would not even take off my shoes or my socks. There are condoms sometimes on the floor or bed. And wet spots of unknown origin on the beds and floors. And the girls don’t care. They have a very low sense of hygiene buy Western Standards. Let this be an STD warning as well.

ROAD 154:
This is a place to see about sundown. If you go too early, there will not be any women around. If you go too late, it will be too dark to see well. There are lots of women just wandering around looking to meet someone just like you. They will want 10,000($2.50) for a short-time. They are not used to going all night. DO NOT GO HERE LATE AT NIGHT!!! If you do night find anything that you like before about 7:00pm, then leave! That is when the locals start to arrive.

247 Street:
This little street, one block away from-and behind the Intercontinental Hotel is worth an early evening look. Again, go in the twilight hours. Do not go too late. There are lots of Khmer women just walking along, some of them pretending to sell some item or another from a stand. They will want 10,000-20,000 Riel ($2.50-$5.00) for a quick hop back to your place. This place is also down market, and I have always found Martini’s to be a better place to play.

Kin Svay:
KS is about 10 miles south of the city. Its a pretty little spot on a waterway with many bamboo bungalows on poles above the water. At times there are hundreds of Cambodian families having picnics there. They take small boats out to platforms on the water and party. Boats pass by selling food and beverage. Many of the bamboo bungalows are “houses” and touts are hollering about their “ladies”. The price is $5-10 short time depending on how much the driver gets for bringing you out there. You walk down weak plank to a “love hut” way out on the water. One guy describes his experience where he had this Khmer girl who had this fabulous beautiful young body and no pubic hair, a real stunner after taking off her clothes. The action was “lifeless missionary”. No oral or anything else. Best part was being able to watch the boats go by out the window during the session.

Toul Kork
(favorite among the locals) Turn left off Mao Tse-tung Boulevard, go past the School of Fine Arts and you’re suddenly in Tuol Kork, Phnom Penh’s largest red-light district. It’s one of the busiest and raunchiest centers of sexual commerce in Asia. More than 500 Cambodian and Vietnamese prostitutes work in the windowless wooden shacks that pass for brothels there. They linger in doorways or clutch at passing motorcyclists, and they call out to the men — soldiers, cops, expatriates, tourists — in a half-dozen languages.

This is a shanty town that will not pull the attention of most foreigners. I have never taken anyone from here and I recommend that you don’t either. There are just so many other women to be had in better surroundings. Toul Kok, which can be spelled in several ways on the same map, is located on street 70, just west of the turning circle on Monyvong. Take Monyvong north to the street 70 turning circle and go left. The lady homes (shacks) will appear on your right almost immediately.

The going rate is 10,000 Riel ($2.50) for a short-time in their rooms. After one look in their rooms, you would most likely forget about the $2.50 and head on back to your hotel alone all alone. The girls may very well be available to go out too, as everything is available at a price, but for what they want for take out, you could get the cream-of-the-crop from Martini’s.

The night life in Cambodia is very limited, quite boring actually, and cannot compare to what you will find in Thailand. Strip clubs, topless bars, hopping disco’s, wild sex shows, and all the other fun stuff are unheard of in Cambodia. If you have been to Pattaya Beach in Thailand and already been spoiled by the open air beers bars where hundreds of girls yell at you to, “Come inside…have one drink”, you will find Cambodia extremely disappointing. While there are dance halls in Cambodia, for example the boat houses along the riverside, these feature ball room dancing, perfect for one’s grandparents. Granted, you can meet some nice looking hookers there, but the only entertainment you will get from these is in the privacy of your room, not at the night clubs. So then where does one go at night for entertainment? Not many places. For tourists, Martini’s is the most popular open air bar/disco/outdoor movie theater/restaurant in town. This is where prostitute (Vietnamese and Khmer) and tourist merge, both for a quick fling of passion or a life time of romance. It is the Phnom Penh equivalent of Thermae Coffee shop in Bangkok, but with a somewhat more youthful array of talent and less formal atmosphere. There is no cover charge or bar fines in Martini’s and all the prostitutes are free lancers (although many have Mamasans who usually stay out of your way). Drinks are reasonably priced ($1 for bottled water, $2-$5 for beer & mixed drinks). The dress is very casual (shorts and T-shirts work fine). The bar is open air style (with roofing to protect you from the rain), while the small and poorly lit disco playing popular dance tracks keeps the girls dancing all night long – and the tourists sweating all night long as it is not air-conditioned. Sometimes I wonder if the girls who dance are there just to stare at themselves in the large mirror facing the dance floor. Martini’s is open from 8 p.m. till late (meaning when the tourists stop buying drinks). It’s not recommended you stay much after midnight, as the potential for robberies increase throughout the night. Besides Martini’s, there is Sharky’s bar which is more limited than Martini’s, having no disco or outdoor movie screen. It offers a bit more funkier atmosphere featuring pool tables, 70’s rock & roll, western style décor and a very casual, kick-back setting. Sharky’s is not air-conditioned. Most of the talent are Vietnamese prostitutes under the control of the Mamasan (who usually stays in the background and need not be dwelt with). The waitresses are Khmer and some are available for sex if you’re willing to pay the $5 bar fine. There is no bar fine for the Vietnamese free lancers. All the girls at Martini’s and Sharky’s dress quite conservatively. You won’t see the dazzling shorts and mini skirts like that of Marine Bar Disco in Pattaya Beach. Nor will you see any tits or ass. Bummer.

Girls In Your Hotel Room:
Most girls do not carry a purse or bag with them to the customer’s hotel room. Thereby making it a bit awkward for them to run off with your camera, shaver, Walkman or other oversized items. (That’s why a drunk is such an easy target, because while he lie flat on the bed passed out, the girl can easily leave the room with valuables in hand). Of course, if you have money lying around, they can easily fit that under their bra or panties. If a girl does bring a rather large purse or bag to your hotel with her, make her leave it at the front desk. Probably the most risky situation is when you take more than one girl at the same time. I took two once and while I was screwing one, the other had a chance to snoop around my room and then take off with my Walkman. Next time I will fuck both at the same time and shower with both together. Speaking of which, while you’re in the shower in your hotel room, you are the most vulnerable, as the girl is free to snoop around and pocket what she pleases. To decrease your chances of theft at this point, have the girl shower first. She will walk out with just a towel and no clothes underneath. She will then crawl under the bed sheets, waiting for you to shower. Obviously, being naked she will not be in a position to steal anything. (unless she tries to hide it in her vagina in which I will be happy to inspect her for you). Keep the door open when you shower and take a peek out to be sure she isn’t snooping around. After sex, you shower first. That way, again, she will not be in a position to steal anything, still being naked. After you’re finished showering, let her enter the shower and dress. When she comes out, stay with her until she leaves. Be sure you don’t leave any pants full of money in the bathroom while it’s her turn to shower.
Condoms: There is always the risk of STD’s (sexually transmitted diseases) with just about any girl, not just a prostitute. It is not known if the brothel owners check their girls for STD’s. Asking them is a waste as they will obviously give you the answer they think you want to hear. “Oh, no, we don’t ever check the girls for HIV or herpes. I’m sure some are infected…” Do you really think a brothel owner or prostitute will say that, even if true? Don’t be so naïve. Your only protection is to wear a condom. While the risk is low, it’s not worth it to catch the clap or some other STD while on vacation. Protect yourself so you can keep active throughout your stay.

In the low class brothels, such as Svay Pak (also known as kilometer or Km. 11), Tuol Kork, and the low class massage parlors, the going rate for the tourist is $4-$5 for short time (plus a $1 to $2 tip if the girl was really good). Short time means one fuck, lasting fifteen to twenty minutes. If you take longer than that, expect the other girls to start pounding on your door wondering what’s taking so long. If you take a free lance prostitute out of Martini’s, Sharky’s, the boat houses, etc., the going rate is $10 for short time for most girls. On occasion you will get a spoiled bitch who thinks she is above everyone else (thanks to some tourist over paying her) and therefore will ask $15. Such a girl usually turns out to be no better a performer than the rest, so I would not advise going with such a girl or paying her such an inflated rate. You should add a $1 tip for motorbike fare to all the girls, except the $15 girl. She’s already overcharged you as it is. Most of the time you will be expected pay at the end of the session, after sex, not in advance. I would be very leery of any free lance who asks to pay in advance. By the way, you can also pay these girls in Thai baht. They will all know the exact exchange rate.

The going rate is $20 for all night most anywhere you go. Be aware that most girls will leave very early in the morning, as early as 7 a.m., making it difficult to get in another round of sex in the morning. Few will spend the afternoon with you.

Extra Fees For Girls in The Room:
It is expected that a male tourist will be bringing girls to his hotel room and there is no surcharge that I’ve heard of. However, in the five star hotels, such as the Sunway, the Intercontinental, etc., it’s unlikely you will be able to even bring a prostitute to your room, even if you were willing to pay a surcharge. If you stay in any of the five star hotels, consult with the front desk first before attempting to bring in a female guest. None of the mid-range hotels, such as the Golden Gate, Tai Sang, or other $15 range hotels charge extra for female guests.

Never bring a girl under 18 to your room, unless you are interested in spending the next few years in a Khmer prison and having the US Embassy visit you in Cambodia – on taxpayers expense – to find ways to trap you into serving jail time when you return back to the states. (A representative out of the US Embassy in Bangkok did exactly that to Mr. James Parks, an American who was charged in Cambodia with having sex with a 14 year old Vietnamese prostitute. Before Mr. Parks was convicted and found guilty in a court of law, the US Embassy visited him in a Cambodian jail. Did they come to assist him? No. Did they help him in any way, being an American citizen? No. Why did they come to Cambodia, using American tax payers money to fund their trip? To try to trap Mr. Parks into confessing he had sex with a prostitute under 16. Such a confession might provide a conviction of violating the American sex travel law which states it’s a felony for American citizens to travel to have sex with minors under sixteen years of age. While it’s understandable that the US Embassy should be concerned with who it’s citizens are sleeping with while on vacation (we have our noses in everything else, so why not the bedroom as well!), it’s not clear why the US Embassy would not come to the assistance of an American citizen in a foreign jail who has not yet been found guilty in a court of law. Perhaps a few letters to the US Embassy in Bangkok could initiate a proper explanation of why they do not provide aid to American citizens abroad who are in distress).

Taking Photos Of The Girls:
Few hookers will object to you taking PG rated photos. In fact, once you do take such photos, it’s suggested you make two sets, one for yourself and one for the girls. They will plague you to death, “Where photo you?” every time they see you if you don’t give them a copy.

The scene is primarily, with the exception of Martini’s Pub and Sharkey’s bar, brothel oriented and pimp controlled. What that means is things are set up so you fuck the prostitute in the brothel itself, not in your hotel room like you would with an Angeles City (Philippines) or Pattaya Beach (Thailand) hooker. It also means you generally must go through a pimp to get to the girl, rather than deal with the girl on her own terms. The prostitutes that work the brothels are either Vietnamese or Khmer girls (or half and half), averaging the age of sixteen to twenty-nine. Most are very short and petite, giving the appearance of children. These girls fuck for money, period. Unlike the Filipino’s who desire love, marriage and romance with their customers, most Cambodian hookers are professionals mostly with hearts of stone. Once you fuck them and pay them, you no longer exist. Unless of course, you overpaid them, in which they will certainly be back for more. Outside of Martini’s Pub and Sharkey’s bar, which cater exclusively to male tourists, the prostitutes service primarily local Khmer men. What that means is the sex scene, with few exceptions, caters to the local Khmers, not for the tourists. That’s why, if you go to Toul Kork for example, you’ll find yourself feeling faint of heart when you see the horrid conditions of the room that you are expected to have sex in. Most of the brothels offer short time sex (although you can pay for all night), expecting you to drop your pants, spring a hard-on, and shoot your load at the drop of hat, so the next customer can make his way in. This makes the sex scene in Cambodia very impersonal and cold, with the hookers pussy functioning only as a vendor in which you can shoot your load. There is no time for “getting to know one another” and little opportunity to “spend time together”. While the girls of Martini’s Pub and Sharkey’s bar give somewhat of an impression that your time together is special, that is an illusion. The girls are there only to make money off of you and then move on to the next guy. That is the reality of the sex scene in Cambodia. Perfect for the guy who just wants to shoot his load with no strings attached, not the scene for the guy who wants to fall madly in love with the hooker doll of his dreams. (Not to say you cannot meet a girl in the brothels who will make good companionship, but most are pros just in it for the money).

How Do You Determine Their Age:
Most of the prostitutes do not carry ID cards with them. If they do, it won’t do you much good, unless you read the Khmer or Vietnamese language. It’s impossible to know a Khmer or Vietnamese hookers true age as it’s the nature of her and her pimp to lie, having you believe she is the age she thinks you want her to be. If, for example, a hooker thinks you want a young girl, she will tell you she is only 14 or whatever age group you seem interested in. If she thinks you want a more mature woman, presto! The 14 year old is now 19. Thus it’s difficult to know the true age of any prostitute in Cambodia. To complicate things more, you cannot tell the age of an Asian merely by looks. Many of the prostitutes look much younger than they really are, usually due to their body size. You can know this by asking the age of the street children (who are not so apt to lie about their age) and compare their size and physical maturity with the prostitutes. You will be shocked at how young all of them appear (one kid on the street looked like she was only about seven and turned out to be thirteen; another looked eleven and was sixteen). Another way is to ask your taxi driver, especially if he is married with children, the age of any girl. He will be able to approximate the true age of a girl with little exaggeration. Most of the time, you will think the prostitute is several years younger than their true age. This is what trips up the anti-sex groups with their highly distorted statistics of children working the brothels in Cambodia.

Do The Girls Insist On Condom usage: Some do, dome don’t. It varies from place to place and from girl to girl. In some of the brothels, such as Svay Pak, most of the girls insist on condom usage, but will give in if the mood is right. In other places, such as Martini’s or Sharkey’s, some will absolutely insist, others won’t even bother to think about it. So the rule is there are no set rules, each girl deciding for herself and with whom she will use condoms.

Oral Sex?
Can I Come On Her Face: The term used to describe oral sex in Cambodia is “Yum yum.” If you ask a girl if she will yum yum, she will understand you are asking is she will give you a blow job. While some maintain the Vietnamese hookers specialize in the art of oral sex and the Khmer hookers refuse it, I’ve found exception to the rules on many occasions. I’ve had Khmer girls who will let you splatter your cum all over their lips, their face, inside their mouth, whatever you want. I’ve had Vietnamese girls turn their face at the last moment to avoid getting wet. So it all depends on the girl. How can you know which one will give a blow job? Ask her if she will yum yum. How can you know if she will let you cum in her mouth or on her face? You won’t know that until you try.

Few Cambodian hookers enjoy or allow their customers to fuck them in the ass. I like to tease the girls by saying, “We make 3 babies”, then pointing to their mouth, their pussy and their butt. All of them respond either by saying, “No, 2 baby”, meaning no anal, or “One baby”, meaning no anal and no oral. If you want a girl who will “make 3 babies”, it’s best you target the older hookers as they tend to be more sexually wild and desperate to do anything to get a customer. The younger, cuter ones know they can get a customer without having to do things they don’t enjoy. Also, you can always offer a larger tip to try to persuade the girls to open wide. Few will accept unless you start handing out $!00 bills, which is surely not advised.

Sex toys:
If you wish to use dildo’s or sex toys with any of the prostitutes, you need to bring three things. First, you must bring your own supply of dildo’s as you will not find any adult shops out here that would sell them. Second, use of a dildo can be painful or irritating if it is not lubricated properly, so you should also have a good supply of KY. Third, a dildo will seem dirty to many girls and scary. To assure them it will not harm them, put a condom on the dildo, giving the impression it’s to be treated just like a cock. A condom will also make penetration easier, as some dildo have a rather coarse surface. Don’t be surprised if the girl jumps or gives a nasty look when you first present the dildo. Don’t also be surprised if she grabs it from you and tries to stick it up your butt, telling you two can play at the same game.

Do The Girls Really Enjoy The Sex:
This varies from girl to girl. Some are into the sex and love to fuck. No doubt they love to get paid for fucking, too, and will seldom give out a freebie. So the answer would be some are into it for both the sex and money. Some hookers numb themselves cold and only go through the motions of fucking to earn a living. You can usually recognize these off the bat by the hardness on their face. These girls seldom enjoy the sex act and screw only for money. To know if a girl is just in it for the money or really enjoys being with you as well, there are ways to test her. First and foremost, a girl who, after you fuck her, immediately gets dressed and is out the door the second you pay her, was in it solely for the money. She got paid and now she only wants to get away from you. By contrast, the girl who showers after sex, then hops back in bed with you naked, cuddling next to you, most likely enjoyed the sex and enjoys your company. That’s why she’s in no hurry to take off and will be anxiously awaiting a second or third round. Another key signal is any girl who has a dry pussy to start with, then becomes wetter and wetter as you begin foreplay and on to screwing, obviously enjoys sex with you. A girl can fake it by moaning and by going through the mechanics, but cannot fake it by getting wet. (Or course, if you lick her out, thus lubricating her, or apply KY, it may be hard to know that she is getting wet from her own fluids or from you). Another test is if she is willing to go with you again. While she may be going for only the money, the odds are likely she has chosen you again because she enjoyed it. (This won’t apply to the brothel girls who generally cannot pick and choose their customers. However, by their smile or frown when you suggest they go short time, you’ll have an idea of what they think of you).

Is cunnilingus Safe?:
Most of the girls in Cambodia will shower before and after sex. However, many will not use soap for the initial shower (I tested it by sticking a fresh, dry bar of soap for each girl and found the soap still dry after the girl came out of the shower). That means they are not as hygienic as they would pretend to be. With that in mind, plus the risk of STD’s (sexually transmitted diseases), I would question the idea of licking out a girl. If you must do it, inspect your girl carefully, looking for any open sores, herpes blisters or warts, or even cum juice draining out before proceeding. Carry a pocket flashlight when in the brothels and say, “Open wide for Dr. John.” While only a full medical examination by a doctor can verify they are STD free, a visual inspection is better than nothing. Bon appetite!

Smoking pot in Cambodia is acceptable among the locals. While pot was once readily available in the open markets of Cambodia, pressure from the USA “do-gooders” to keep American tourists under lock and key, has made it more costly and difficult to obtain pot. It also has made it somewhat risky, as the police can now use their power of corruption to bribe money out of you if caught. The laws are currently in flux. If you wish to smoke pot in Cambodia, you can purchase it from your taxi driver, most of whom smoke it themselves and can easily obtain it. The cost is $5 for enough pot to roll a good 10 joints or more. The quality is average, certainly nothing like you can get in the USA. It is advised you smoke it in the privacy of your hotel room (in the bathroom is best), paying attention not to let anyone else know what you’re up to. Hide the pot in a dirty sock, a nice location few girls or others will dare to look. Whatever you do, make sure you throw away all remaining buds before you leave the country. Transporting illegal narcotics carries a heavy jail term (or even the death penalty) in some countries.

As for booze, you can get just about any of your favorite beers, wines or mixed drinks either at the bars or at the local markets. The price, for example, for sparkling Spy wine is almost double what you would pay in Thailand.
Drugs: It is strongly advised you stay clear of any other types of illegal narcotics, such as cocaine, crack, opium, and so on.

“Most of the single male tourists who come to Cambodia are coming from Thailand (you can fly out of Bangkok or Pattaya) to do a visa run. In other words, they are coming here because they have to, not because they find it so desirable. Such tourists usually stay in Cambodia a short 3-5 days, then return to Thailand (proving Thailand is the place to be, not Cambodia). Indeed, many tourists only ride (by mini bus) across the border into Cambodia for a one day trip rushing back to paradise (i.e., Thailand) as quickly as possible.

Few, if any, single male tourists fly directly into Cambodia as a primary vacation destination. Cambodia offers little or nothing in terms of fun or comfort (i.e., security, dining, shopping, sightseeing, etc.). There is almost nothing in terms of nightlife (no Go Go bars, no topless bars, no Pattaya style beer bars overflowing with girls) and only a handful of “short time” brothels and massage parlors, most of which you will find quite sleazy and depressing. (The brothels, unlike Thailand or the Philippines, are set up for locals, not tourists. What that means is you will probably find them extremely uncomfortable. For example, western style toilets, showers, air-conditioning, clean sheets, towels, even cushioned beds are a rarity in most of the brothels. Shortly, we’ll name the best and cleanest places to go) .

Outside of the red light district, the capital Phnom Pehn offers almost nothing in the way of entertainment or comforts of home (no movie theaters, water parks, air conditioned malls, etc.). Most of you will find the place extremely boring and like the vast majority of male tourists who come for the sex, will find a 5 day trip too long as it is and be anxious to return back to Thailand where the word fun was invented.

So why go to Cambodia? Outside of a visa run (for those of you who are hanging long term in Thailand), you are advised not to waste your time or risk your life. The country has little to offer and what sexual pleasures await you can be all too easily duplicated, in a much safer and enjoyable environment, in Thailand.


Travel light and dress as though you were poor. A pair of worn out sandals or old tennis shoes will work wherever you go. You’ll be most comfortable in shorts and T-shirts both day and night. Sweaters and jackets are unheard of among tourists and even long pants can cause you to break out in a sweat in the heat of the day. Prepare to get dust, dirt, and mud all over your shoes and lower legs whenever you walk outside. If you inspect the bottom of your shoes or sandals upon returning back to your hotel, you’ll understand why it’s the custom to remove them when entering someone’s home. You’ll also understand why most hotels leave a scrub brush in the shower. Soap and water alone do not suffice to remove the blackened dirt from your feet. As for toiletries, you’ll obviously need to bring your own toothbrush and paste, a brush, deodorant, a razor with shaving cream, and all the other daily items you use at home to keep looking and smelling your best. If your hotel does not supply adequate soap, shampoo or other toiletries, you can purchase them at the Lucky market or Big A superstore in town.

Do not wear any type of military clothing like camouflage pants, jackets shirts or any other materials that represent a militaristic look. People have been getting shot or arrested for wearing this kind of clothing.

When visiting Temples or places of worship like the Wats, you will need a pair of pants to enter these places out of respect of the kingdom.

Beggars in Cambodia are basically harmless. They hang only outside the main areas where tourist shop (central market), the rich shop (lucky market) and selected other areas where beggars think they will get a free handout. Once you leave these areas (or hang out where security guards chase them away, such as any four or five star hotel), there are few and far between. The beggars do not harass anyone – they are harmless, mostly either children or the unlucky who had the misfortune of stepping on a mine field. You cannot help be feel their desperation and they are more then grateful if you share with them your last drops of coke you were sipping on or potato chips you were enjoying. Give them a 500 Riel note (about thirteen cents) and they will run off in joy. Run in the opposite direction, as once you pay a beggar in Asia, all the other ones will come after you like you were Elvis Presley risen from the dead.

You will find what looks like a city that was recently blasted by a meteor shower forming huge craters and pit holes on the poorly paved and unpaved roads. You will find a city whose streets are filled with rotted garbage, dust, and vehicle pollution, making it next to impossible to walk the streets without covering your nose to avoid the stench and grime that crawls up into your nostrils. You will find traffic jams, of both cars and motorbikes, that seem to follow no rules as motorbikes and cars alike pace down the wrong side of the street, appearing to just miss each other before having a head-on collision. You will find near total darkness after midnight, with the feeling that you are the only one brave enough to venture the lonely streets at this time. You will find very few other tourists, making you question if visiting a place that became famous only recently through it’s association with mass murder (i.e., the Killing Fields) is really such a good idea after all. Perhaps you will think it was worth it when you meet the lovely assortment of Khmer and Vietnamese prostitutes, until you come to realize their only interest in you is how much you’re willing to pay them. You will find yourself feeling relieved, as you exit the country, knowing you made it out before some other maniac decided to mount your skull along side the other 20,000 victims during the Khmer Rouge era.

Because of the high risk of food poisoning, it’s recommended you carry a travel first aid kit (see our website for such a kit). That would include anti-diarrhea medicine, vitamin and mineral supplements, pain relievers (such as Aspirin), charcoal tablets (for food poisoning), and wide spectrum antibiotics (consult your physician) in case you get the clap, a sore throat or severe food poisoning. A pocket flashlight is also recommended as electrical brownouts are a daily event and some brothels are not exactly well lit up for you to inspect your girl (to make sure she’s not carrying some strange rash or sores on her lower extremities, if you know what I mean). A Walkman with your favorite tunes is also nice to have, although the cable TV in most hotels is quite good and has MTV and other good music channels. For me, a lap top computer is a must to document my journey. I also carry a chess set and a set of books to keep up on my Thai language course. …and of course, don’t forget to bring your condoms. Three per day will be enough.

You will find very few Khmers (and Vietnamese prostitutes) who can speak a word of English. Even basic sentences as, “What is your name?” or “How old are you?” will not be understood by most. While a few of the bar girls at Sharky’s or Martinis will know how to answer, “What is your name?”, or “Go hotel; go short time”, outside of the that the conversation will die out quick. Among the locals, you will find them speaking Khmer, a non-tonal language completely foreign to English speakers. The alphabet contains 33 consonants and 26 vowels (compare with only 6 vowels in the English language), making it a challenge for anyone wishing to learn how to communicate with the locals. For starters, here are a few simple words. Most Khmer will enjoy your effort to speak their native language.
Hello: jum-reap-suor.
Thank you: or-koon.
Water: teuk.
Rice: bai.
Toilet: bontop teuk.
Doctor: kroo-peth.
One: moo ay.
Two: pee.
Three: bay.
One hundred: moo-ay-roy
Bank: tho-nee-a-kear.
Bus: laan-ch-nuol.

“You! Number One!”:
You will often hear the hookers say to you, “You! Number one!” as you spread their legs to enter them. No, they are not trying to flatter you by telling you that you’re the number one man in their life. Rather, they are referring to Cambodia’s favorite brand of condoms, namely, “Number One” condoms. More than likely you’ll hear both the Khmer and Vietnamese girls say, “Number One” right at the time of having sex. What they are saying is they want you to wear a condom, in particular, the Number One brand. They won’t object to you using a different brand of condoms. Wise decision on there part. The local brand is not as high a quality as what you can buy in the states and therefore it’s advised you bring your favorite brand with you.

“Yum Yum, good!”
Another popular phrase among the Khmer and especially Vietnamese girls is, “Yum Yum”, slang for blow job. It also means “delicious” when applied to food. “Yum Yum, good” means the girl is bragging she knows how to give a good blow job.

The US Embassy is located at #27, St. 240. Tel: 216-436, 216 438. Consular information: 216 805. The Embassy of Thailand is located on Norodom Blvd. (St. 41). Tel: 363 869, 363, 870.

Many of the local street signs and advertising billboards are written in a mixture of Khmer and English. On occasion you will see oversized banners on the streets, put out by the World Health Organization (WHO) advertising their idiotic propaganda. Such banners makes one wonder if these people from WHO were born stupid or went to some special school to become so. The recent banners put out by WHO read in both English and Khmer, “Mentally ill people can marry, have children and raise a family.” No doubt that is in reference to members of WHO themselves, all arrogance and ego aside.

Happily, cockroaches and mosquitoes are not as aggressive in Cambodia as in other parts of Asia. If you find them lurking around your hotel room, ask the receptionist or maid to spray some insect repellant as that usually does the job. Be sure to turn off the air-conditioner and vacate the room for at least two hours after spraying. Note that any food left in your room, especially those containing sugar such as a opened can of pop soda, will attract an army of ants. This will not be a problem if you keep those in the refrigerator or wrapped in a tightly sealed container or plastic bag. To protect yourself from mosquitoes, you can rub baby oil on your feet, legs, arms and neck. That serves to keep them away. You should purchase insect repellent cream (to put on your skin) in the states or Thailand prior to your visit. Cambodia has it, but it’s overpriced and of low grade.

Emails, Faxes and Phone Calls: The worst place to make an international call is at your hotel. Hotels are notorious for charging almost criminal rates. For example, even if you make a call and don’t get connected, getting a busy signal or no answer, the hotel may attempt to charge you, up to ten minutes worth per call, at $2.50 or more per minute. So a few failed attempts to get through to your office back in the states can run you more money than what you’re paying to spend the night at the same hotel. The best place to send a fax or make an international call will be at the post office. This is where you will get the best service and most competitive prices. As for email, you will find an internet café right next door to the Golden Gate hotel. Khmer Web, located on Sihanouk Blvd., just a few doors down from Lucky Burger. The going rate is $2 per hour, no minimum. Be sure to jot down the time you started, as the employees are notorious for adding a few extra minutes to the time you spent. I’m not sure if they are doing this out of incompetence or pocketing the spare change. Maybe both. Another good internet cafe is Khmer Web, located a few doors down from Lucky market on Sihanouk Blvd. The charge is $2 per hour, no minimum.

As a general rule
the price for sex in any brothel/massage parlor is $5 for short time. You can tip the girl $1-$2 if her performance was outstanding (i.e., great BJ, lots of moaning, open to all positions, good kissing, faked an orgasm that you could swear was real, etc.).

The lowest prices will be found at the red light district of Toul Kork where you can do short time for as little as $3. Earlier this year they wanted $4-$5, but now it’s low season so the prices are more reasonable(!).

A Martini’s/Sharky’s girl will generally be happy with $10 for short time (plus 1,500 riel for transportation, plus a $1-$2 tip if she tried her best to please you), $20 for all night ($15 if she refused sex in the morning). Some girls may ask for $5 more to give to the mamasan. It’s your option if you wish to pay this. I don’t.

A 63rd street girl (i.e., any of the massage parlors including Lay Lay) is $5 short time if you screw her in the brothel, $10 if you take her to your hotel for an hour or so. The girls have lots of customers, so the management will charge a hefty price ($30-$40) if you wish the girl to spend the night. Best you just do short time.

Svay Pak is $5 short time, with the exception of a few beauty queens that command $10-$20. Local studs know how to bargain the price down to $3-$4 for short time, but to me saving a $1 is meaningless (if you do get it for $3, give the girl a $2 tip).

Along the riverside there are two boat houses (yes, literally disco’s right on the river) that function as brothels (you don’t screw the girl there, you pay to take her to your hotel). The difficulty with the boat houses is a)the girls don’t speak a word of English (one girl I spoke with didn’t even understand, “What’s your name?”) making it impossible to find out anything about her (i.e., do you have a baby, do you take it up the ass, ha! ha!) and b)the lighting INSIDE the disco is so bad you could put your hand in front of your face and still not see it.

Luckily, the majority of girls sit outside right on the porch of the boat house as the all too aggressive mamasan attempts to pimp them off ($5 bar fine, $10 short time/$20 all night; always pay the girl AFTER sex, not before). However, the lighting is still very poor making it difficult to know exactly how cute the girl you are choosing is. To counter this, I suggest you bring a small flashlight – and why not? Even the mamasan herself will carry one to shine briefly at the girl’s face so at least she knows which one is which…

I visited two boat houses and while I didn’t see anything that met my fancy, it is certainly worth a visit. Go there between 8-10 p.m. and you will see a selection of about 15 average Khmer girls to choose from (ages 19-25 on the average).

63rd street is where you will probably find the largest selection of massage parlors (i.e., disguised brothels). The best parlor is Lay Lay which features a nice selection of Vietnamese hookers (about 35 of them), willing to suck dick for a low $5. The girls speak very little English, so to be sure they will give head, ask the girl if she will “Yum Yum”, slang for oral sex.

Across the street and hardly recognizable (except by virtue of the fact if you walk past the place a few girls will yell at you to come inside) is another unnamed brothel which has about 10 Vietnamese girls. Short time is $5.

Off 63’rd is also Sakura Massage/hotel which has a nice selection of both Khmer/Vietnamese girls as well. For $4, you can get an authentic massage (no sex) there or for the same price, in the privacy of your hotel. At that price, why not take two girls? (If you want sex, ask the host which girls put out; some only work as authentic masseuses).

Most of the parlors on 63’rd street are open from noon till midnight. It’s recommended you frequent the strip only in the afternoons or if you must go at night, have a Khmer guide go with you.


I arrived in PNH I turned on my street smarts. And you’re right PNH is still a dangerous place if you are not savvy and aware. I dressed appropriately (not wealthy looking) and carried myself confidently.

Anyway, let me tell you about a girl I met at Martini’s. My second night there I saw her at a corner table alone. She was a very sweet looking petite Viet girl that could’ve passed for Lucy Liu’s little kid sister. She was so cute and just what I’d been looking for.

She didn’t speak a word of English or Khmer, but being a smart traveler I’ve been practicing Vietnamese for the past two months even going as far as buying software to help me. Well, I introduced myself to her in my limited Vietnamese and she smiled and we carried on a child’s level conversation and had some good laughs. Her nervousness changed to relief. Cool, I was in. I asked if she was hungry and she said she was so I told her to order whatever she wanted and she was very happy.

Then the mamasan and mamasan’s gal friend moved in. They sat at our table and ordered a round of cokes and snacks for themselves with the check being handed to me. To make a long story short they told me this was the girl’s first night out. And to tell you the truth I believe that it *was* her first night … at Martini’s anyway. We settled on $25 all night and off we went (Boon was waiting outside of course.) The night was remarkably sweet and I treated her like a princess. The rest of my stay I took her with me every night and took good care of her. The last night I bought her tooth paste, tooth brushes, floss, shampoo and all sorts of personal care items. Each night we watched tv and snuggled and bathed together like gf/bf. It was a wonderful experience and I was tempted to ask the mamasan what the girl’s debt might be. Somewhere in the back of my mind I wondered how this girl could be my constant companion. Well, I had to shake this fantasy and settle on a long conversation with the girl in my broken Vietnamese saying that I hoped she would be careful and to try and get the hell out of PNH and into school.

So, if you happen to run into Whung at Martini’s, a sweet 18 year old that looks 16 (ok, I know there are a lot of them) please take good care of her. She is trying to help her family out of abject poverty while those skanky mamasans are making the real profit. Compared to the other girls Whung was quiet and shy. Not at all like the other girls. By the way my experience taking two or more girls at a time is that they tend to talk too much among each other which can be distracting. There are a few exceptions of course.

One of the things I do not like about Thailand is that the body/body massage is usually pretty lame massage, and the traditional Thai massage is pretty difficult to get a girl to do any extras. I am often really turned on during a really good massage. There are several places in Phnom Penn where you can get a ‘legit’ massage. NOTHING extra is promised, but if the girl likes you and you offer the right price…anything goes. Many of these legit massage parlors are in hotels, with CLEAN SHEETS AND TOWELS as well as aircon. The full works will cost you more than a quickie at the brothel type places, but for some it might be worth it.

Some of the legit girls are quite pretty and if you get turned on, you can usually get to massage her (that deep penetrating type of massage that I love to do to girls) for another $10 to $15. A bit pricey compared to the brothels, but there is no need for an extra tip (the $10 to $15 is it). Most of the girls do not speak English, so you will need to be quite obvious with your ‘sign’ language. This girl was Khmer…

A massage parlor in Phnom Penh is basically a brothel (i.e., whore house) in disguise. While the girls might give somewhat of a massage, the focus is on sex. Massage rates vary, but typically $5 will get you a “boom boom” (i.e., screw) and Yum Yum (blow job) with a very cute Vietnamese girl. Yes, most of the massage parlors (the bulk are located on 63rd street, off Monivong Blvd.) hire out white skinned Vietnamese hookers who have migrated from Saigon to work the sex trade. Most are quite cute and are between 18 and 28 years of age. Few can speak a work of English (with your dick in their mouth, who cares what language they speak!) and most give a fairly enthusiastic screw.

Be aware that at some of the smaller massage parlors the girls may try to pick your wallet while having sex (this happened twice to two friends of mine recently at the massage parlor directly across the street from Lay Lay). To curtail this, give your wallet to a friend while you screw, then pay for the sex after. Don’t take anything of value with you (i.e., gold chain, watch, rings, etc.) or you may find it “missing” as you return back to your hotel.

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