Siem Reap

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Angkor is one of the most popular tourist destinations of the Japanese, so some of the prices have escalated quite a bit since my first trip in 1994 to photograph Angkor. I made about two one month trips to Cambodia since then. There are not a plethora of girls, but if you are going for the ruins, you will find company for the night if you put forth a little effort. Wolff posting was right on. It is difficult to get a good $20 overnight…but the $30 can often be negotiated to $25 (if you are not on a very tight budget, I recommend paying the $30 like Wolff did. You will often find the ‘service’ better if the girl is happier…or tip her the $5 after you negotiate a low price from brothel..let her know that you will be doing this so she will be ‘happy’ to make you happy . These girls do not have the overall sophistication of the OLDER Svay Pak girls, so do not expect the same wildness. It’s possible to get a cute one and is far better than sleeping alone (unless like me you are getting up before dawn to get at the ruins by sunup).

I will state here what I recommend for trips to places like Chiang Mai (where I live at present)
Do NOT go there for the girls. There is no secret little place where you will hit the jackpot with no competition for young beautiful ladies. Go to see the ruins and know that like most of the adventures I recommend, you can find one of the local native girls (or Viets in many cases) to cuddle up to you all night. If you are going to Asia ONLY for a sexual adventure, stick to the well traveled sex tourist cities like Bangkok, Pattaya, Manila, Balibago, or Phnom Penn. There are girls in most of the other places that I suggest, BUT they are for guys who are desiring a little ‘outdoor’ adventures to go along with their indoor ones.

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