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Very active site is outside McDonald’s near the China Hotel. Lots of women standing around after twilight. All willing to come back to your room until 11.00 p.m which is preferable to going to their rooms which are usually dingy and depressing. The women usually work in pairs for their own safety try and pick a pair where both girls are attractive since usually one will be quite plain. Quality is mixed but there are a few really pretty girls with wonderful bodies – creamy skin, full breasts, slim waist and long legs. Typically for between 500RMB and 800RMB depending on the way business is going you’ll get two women to come back and spend an hour with you difficult to do all night given floor security in most hotels and the grotty rooms these women live in. But the one hour is worth it if you can speak a little Mandarin and joke and laugh with these girls they’re quite pleasant and provide service with a smile.

When in Guangzhou, check out the Hard Rock Cafe at China Hotel. I met a young lady the night I was there, who was slim with firm breasts, smooth skin, and very wet and tight too. She was very talkative and outgoing. We went to the room and spent over two hours doing it – she was shaking and trembling and dripping wet. I paid her a tip of RMB800. At the end, we went back to Hard Rock for a few more drinks and chatted away till early hours. It was a shame I had to leave the next day, and the Hard Rock’s definitely a spot I’d return to.

I like staying at or near the Guangdong International Hotel (Gitic Hotel). It abuts a McDonald’s, and is near a TV station and a Friendship store. It is on street Huanshi Dong Lu, which is a great place to walk or hang. If you walk out of the hotel and go left, you will find at least a few working girls. You might have to register them at this hotel. If you stay at smaller hotels, as I also did, easy to bring in girls, no questions, no registration. Nearby is the Pearl River with the Rose Garden Restaurant, nice to go to at night and watch the boats and lights. There are nice large parks and gardens also.

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