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There should be several places but I know of particular one. Its close to Gubei New Area in Hongqiao part of Shanghai. There is a L-shaped street which connects Gubei Road and Hongqiao Road (Opposite ShanghaiMart).

There are few bars and saloons that offer all kinds of sex services. There are chances that when you walk on street the girls will call you from the bar. You buy a drink for yourself and the girl (beer/coffee around RMB 20), pay RMB 50-100 (negotiable) to the boss/MAMASAAN for the room and take the girl to do whatever you like. The girl might ask you RMB 100-200 (always negotiable). The girl’s also available for take-away (they can go to your house/hotel room for RMB300-400 – again negotiable).

Or you can visit any hair saloon in this street. Ask for a hair shampoo and girl will surely ask you full body massage (which actually means having sex, blow job, etc). These places won’t cost you more RMB 100-150.

I refer to the previous report of Shanghai “Gubei New Area in Hongqiao part of Shanghai there is a L-shaped street which connects Gubei Road and Hongqiao Road (Opposite ShanghaiMart)”. I went there and tried one of the barber shops for a “shampoo”. It was one of the worst experience I ever had. The place was dirty and dim lighted, with three girls between 2 to 3 as grade. I had a quick hand at the back of the establishment for 100 RMB. The girl didn’t want to do anything else. The thing was so harried that we didn’t even took off our clothes. I strongly discourage you to try unless you are in a such tight budget than you can not even afford to buy a Big Mac or if you are looking for the “ultimate” experience in third world countries.

I just got back from Shanghai where I stopped overnight on my way out of the country to check out the action. I stayed at the portman ritz which has a hard rock cafe on grounds. It was a Tuesday and the action at the hard rock was dead! Since it was after 11:00 (deadline for taking a visitor to your room) I started for my room.

Inside the entrance, I noticed a bar to the right of the entrance and up a set of spiral stairs. In the bar I met several great looking girls and started talking to one of them. She wanted $500 for the night which I was not willing to pay. I finally negotiated for $300 for her and 300 rmb for the hotel.

We boarded the elevator from the second floor which is right outside the bar and went to my room. I had an incredible night of great sex–girl type. She stayed until I left at 9:00 to catch my plane. I have already been in contact with her via email. (I will definitely visit her again!)

Anyway, at $300 it was a little pricey, but I did not have to deal with entering the hotel with a Chinese girl after 11:00pm. So I would highly recommend picking a girl up in the hotel bar. (The 11:00 rule is pretty strictly adhered to at most of the hotels in china. I saw men who had their “dates” turned away at the elevators on two occasions.)

As long as you stay in a 4 star or 5 star hotel in Shanghai or in China, you do not have to worry about the 11:00 pm curfew. I stayed at a service apartment and I had no problem bringing girls up to my room after 11:00 pm.

Go to other more accessible countries if you are simply looking for masses of illicit action.

But if you want a great mix of professionals, early stage metropolis building, opportunity, lots of farm girls who have come to the big city for fun and income, and as much action as you want, then Shanghai is a wonderful place.

The web site will give you the info on the happening places, restaurants, activities, etc. Realize that this is China and everything is more or less un-spoken. So read between the lines but don’t make a big fuss over the net or once there. Just head out to a couple of clubs and choose to your liking.

You are not in Patpong. So don’t post here that there is no action, etc. Just know that there are lots of friends to be made in this city, and know that this is the future of China.

When you go to a Sauna Massage in China, ask to see the “book” first. This is a photo album of all the girls who work there. Som places even provide height and measurements. Each girl has a number so you can ask for the one you like. That way, you can get the type of girl you like. No need to leave it to chance.

A girlfriend in a Julu road bar told me something interesting. It is so simple!
She and several others do not go out for sex. They constantly get hit on, but they just don’t want to do this for cultural and legal reasons. However, they do know girls that do. She says if sex is what you want, just ask one of the girls and she will introduce you to the girls that do it. Simple, huh!

A lot of guys are down on the Julu road bars, because they are just “buy me drink” places, but there are gems here. In the previous post I talked about one. In addition, in some clubs you get hit on within seconds of opening the door. The one in particular that I think of is Caribe. This is a Cuban dance place. you will find locals with dates, foreigners with and with out dates and girls for rent. The number varies depending on the time since the last police raid. If there has not been a raid in a while, you will even find street walkers outside the clubs. Look for tourist newspaper listings in your hotel for julu road bars like Caribe, Manhatan and others or ask a taxi.

One of the best Saunas in Shanghai – Hong Kong City – Tel 63211889 not FS, cost would be around RMB800 – 900 for a HJ and BJ. Address on the junction of Si Chun Bei ROad and Hong Kong Road.

On Julu Lu there are a string of bars that have some players, and some girls who are only drinkers. Many end up getting boyfriends so that seems to be the focus of many of the bar girls. There are some freelancers cruising the street and the bars but there was no quality there during my visit. Internet access is a bit of a problem now, they have cracked down on cafes and many have “net nanny” software loaded, so you cant get to 21orover. There is one at the library on Fuzhou Lu, diagonally across from a gold colored office building at 666 Fuzhou Lu. At the time I was there, it was being remodeled so it looks like the building is vacant. Go in and take the escalator up to the main foyer. To your left is a doorway, go through it and take the elevators to the 7th floor. There is an electronic reading room where you can surf freely, there are no filters on the machines. If you just need e-mail, on Nanjing Rd (pedestrian area) look for a sign for the silver tree restaurant. It is a second floor sign, hanging out from the building – quite large. On the 3rd floor there is a cafe with filtered access only. I did meet some girls on Nanjing Lu as well, there are freelancers working the street. Watch out if they ask to go to a karaoke bar. Make sure you really like karaoke because one hour will cost you big time. I find Shanghai to be too expensive and not as good a time as Beijing. Of course neither hold a candle to Bkk or Manila.

Stayed at the Sheraton Tai Ping Yang on Zunyi Nan Road. The hotel is located next to the Renaissance Hotel.

If you loiter at the end of the Sheraton hotel driveway in the evening (past 9pm), there will be a small group of papa-sans waiting. The will quietly ask you if “you want China girl?” Just give them your requirements (age, build, etc.) and negotiate the price. I pay RMB450 for short time (long time is not recommended), which is very reasonable for a Caucasian in Shanghai. Unless you plan to do this only once, it is important to establish a good price as they will remember what you paid previously. The papa-san will call to the local pubs… 10 minutes later they will walk you across the street to inspect 1-2 girl(s)… if the girl is okay, just take the girl back and do your business.

Chinese girls are understandably nervous about doing business outside of bars/brothels – no protection. Make sure that you walk with your girl through the hotel lobby or she may be stopped. If you want to take pictures/video, make sure that you negotiate this priveledge with the papa-san and have him explain to the girl that it is okay, otherwise the girl will likely refuse/panic. The girl will do whatever the papa-san says. Payment is after services. I will tip RMB50-100 depending upon quality of service.

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