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Forget the textbooks and the newspaper headlines. China is the most surprising and amazing place I have ever visited. The understanding I now have of China in radically different than anything I have read. And it is no wonder the understanding of China is so distorted in the West. Let me point out that in the areas I traveled, I saw ‘no’ white or black people. So, how can anyone talk about mainland China if they have not traveled and lived with the local people?

The first thing I noticed was that people stared at me like I was from another planet. It was a look a fascination and curiosity. Wherever I went, I was greeted with smiles and friendly laughs – especially when I tried speaking a few words in Chinese. I did not see any hate and discrimination.

People looked healthy – I didn’t see a single overweight person and a can not remember seeing anyone with glasses. I ate the most delicious food I have ever eaten – although I skipped the chicken-feet and some other ‘interesting items, but ate pretty much everything else. The Chinese will eat almost anything – and always makes it taste great… (smile) Also note that I did not eat a grain of rice during my entire stay. Perhaps this is another misconception.

I ate lunch (read: stuffed myself) at a 5 star restaurant and drank a cold beer (the weather was hot) every day for about $2.50 per person.

People had an innocent, pure human quality that I have not seen since the days I grew up in Norway. Wealth and money was everywhere. People were driving the latest Mercedes, and cell-phones were being used by young and old – even in the subways. I am not sure how many years we have to wait for the San Francisco subway system to install cell-phone transmitters. ShenZhen City was ultra-modern and clean.

Friend have asked me why I seem to be so fascinated with Asian people – perhaps even the opposite sex. The answer is simple: I like something different, and I seek out ways to learn a new viewpoint or reality about the world. I do not believe the US, another race or any other country has all the answers to an optimum culture. I wish to seek out other realities and study ways to live peacefully. Is this really bad?

I have never seen such passion for life and business, as I saw in China. In ShenZhen City with a ‘small’ population of 6-7 million people (more people than the entire country of Norway) the quality and amenities of life was equal or better than the US. The only thing missing was English books and magazines, MTV and CNN. Perhaps this will change in the future – as so many other things have changed…

The selection of goods and services was mind-boggling. I would literally walks for days among shops and huge business centers, hotels, stock-markets, street fairs and everyone seemed to have a zest for life I do not see in the US. My feeling about the Chinese modern life in ShenZhen City is more like New York City on steroids. The party never seems to stop, and the stores and restaurants are open most of the hours of day and night.

It was such a great experience. I hope I can share with you some of what I learned.

I will post some picture later and talk about the single women… You can find women in China that are ‘much’ more pretty than the ones you see in the US. For example, I was totally stunned by the young immigration officer on the border of China. She looked like she could be a model in a fashion magazine. I might reconsider my promise to never remarry if I had a woman like this – no joke.

Schenzhen is just over the border from Hong Kong. Take the train to the border, purchase a 5 day visa for 100HK$.

You will need: condoms, money, a Chinese phrase book for travelers, pencil and paper. When you leave the border station, you will see a large street leading to a few big hotels.

Walk up the large street, past the big hotels and McDonald’s. You will notice a large number of “Barber Shops” with pretty girls. Don’t stop until you pass the big hotels and don’t go with the street pimps unless you want to pay higher prices.

After you have passed the big hotels, look down the side streets for the barber poles and wander past to see the quality of the girls. Remember, you don’t need 6 beautiful girls, only one.

When you find one who interests you, go into the shop. Use your phrase book by pointing to the Chinese line by the English. Indicate that you want the girl, you want a room, and use the paper and pencil to negotiate time (by drawing clocks) and writing the amounts.

After you do it a couple times, it gets easier. Make sure you insist on paying the girl in the room for her part. Tell the girl that you want food and coke or beer (use the phrasebook) and give her 100HK$ or 100 Renminbi.

A man will take you to the room. It will be the pits but the sheets are clean, don’t drink the water. The girl will show up 15 or 20 minutes later with food and drink.

You will be taken to an apartment with several rooms and bunks. All the girls from the establishment live there. There are a couple bedrooms for the girls who are working, and- if you stay the night- the other girls will be sleeping there.

Share the meal and the service will be much better. Pay when you leave. The girls are not highly skilled, but if you are nice to them they will be very good students cost about US$30.

I had a 10 for the night and, during breaks got to know the other girls. One of the other girls was about an 8, but had a great personality.

The next two nights I came back and took her- and had a great time. She even washed my clothes in the day between. It cost me about US$40 for the room and the same for the girls.

The transportation, visa, and all the other costs for the three nights were less than one night would have cost in Hong Kong. By the third night, we were even having some understandable communication using my book, paper and pencil, and hand signals.

Visited Shenzhen twice.
Air is relatively clean, people are nice – as they are everywhere in China it seems.
Great entertainment centers, where you can see miniature sites and buildings from different times and places in China, cultural center, reproductions of famous places from all over the world.
Walking at night is nice, lots of nice lighting – especially at Christmas.
Easy to meet freelance girls at various hotels or on the street. Hotel management did not bat an eye or ask me to register my companions, was great!

Dong Guan
About 1 hour from Shenzhen. It is primary a light manufacturing hub with many factories opened from Hong Kong and Taiwan. However, this place is full of these “Full Service” hotels. One of these is called the Crown Price Hotel in a little town called “Huang Jiang”. The new wing is a 5 star hotel with very nice rooms. Everything in the room is remote control including the lights and curtains. Attached to this hotel is an “Opera House” like Albert Hall. Five stories with a center stage like Las Vegas. The balconies are basically a Karaoke Room. So when you are sick of Karaoke, you can go out to the Balcony and watch the shows below. There is also a fashion show room with models running down the fairway. If you see one you like, you can wave at her and set a price. All the Karaoke girls are available as well. As you walk out of the “Opera House” about 10 years is a door into the hotel with an elevator straight to the floor rooms. Most of the clients are business man from all over the world visiting factories and they stay for one night. Usually is part of the entertainment for each visit. There are about 600 girls there from what I was told. Most of the girls are 18 – 23 and gives very good services. Should check it out if you are down that way.

I stayed at the Sunshine Hotel in the downtown district; it is close to the action. Went to the New York disco it is loud with non-stop house/trance disco music. Every time I went in there, I was hit on by at least one or two pretty ladies. Good fellas Bar located at 98 Zhen Hua Rd is an expat hangout. There is a good mixture of people and they play worldwide rock music. They have a small dance floor and I had no problem finding girls to dance with. They seemed friendly and I’m sure some are available. Every night around dusk there would be about a dozen freelance girls outside the hotel. There were also girls that walk along the sidewalk between the hotels. They are easy to pick out just smile or make eye contact and they will approach you. Most were in the 6-8 range, with a few 9s. Found one outside the hotel that spoke some English. She wanted 400rmb for a massage and sex. A bbbj and sex good followed the massage. The area around the Nan Hai hotel is filled with bars that have action. All these bars provide service for guys. Its not uncommon to find some bars completely empty of customers, these establishments are fairly aggressive in trying to get you and your business. The drinks are cheap and the girls and bar fines are reasonable. But very little reason to bar-fine one of these girls when there are so many freelancers available outside.

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