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About one hour from Hong Kong on the ferry and about half an hour on top for the taxi/ bus, then the City of Zhongshan can be reached. The alternative is to go to Macau and travel across land. It is an industrial City, but full of prostitutes. I stayed in the International Hotel in the center right by the crossroads. The room rates there are very reasonable. I picked up a pretty Chinese girl from near the arcade games in the hotel. All I did was smile and show her my room key, she just followed me when I started walking away back to my room. Her English was very limited. Anyway for FS in two positions for half an hour I paid her $400 HKD. She had a fit body and was eager to please me. Another time in this City I had two girls for half an hour, costing me $400 HKD for each one. These girls I got from a disco in that same hotel. Another time I had a session with a girl who merely knocked on my door in the late evening hoping for some business. I think she had seen me earlier around the hotel and knew which room I had.

The hotel also has a “sauna” which includes massage for about an hour and an HJ finish. This set me back $800 HKD. Just keep the girl in the room for only a short time and the hotel people do not seem to mind, do not try all night though. There are also street girls looking for business, who will eye you up as you walk around at night.

Another way to meet/choose girls is to go to a karaoke club (don’t go alone, it’s no fun. You must have some guy friends). Get a room, then the mama san will bring girls in. 5 or 6 at a time. Let them cycle through until you see the girl you like. Once you choose the girl she will sit down with you and your friends and host you for the evening (pouring drinks, feeding you food, singing, etc..). This costs about 300 yuan per girl, plus the food & drinks consumption. If you like the girl, you can ask her to leave with you at the end of the evening. This will set you back 1,000 yuan for an all-nighter. The girls don’t “have” to go with you so she can decline if she does not like you but you will get a sense for that long before the end of the evening.

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