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adult travel, strip clubs Indonesia asiaadult travel, strip clubs Indonesia asia

Ask one of the “transport guys” that hang out on the sidewalk to get you a girl. Keep asking until you find a guy that has connections. I had my driver bring a girl to my room for 2 hours and I paid about $40US. I came 3 or 4 times in 2 hours. She was a factory worker about 22 years old with a baby at home. No English spoken, but that’s OK, we spoke “body language”. The room was only $6US. You better have your rubber, she won’t have any.

Kuta Beach is along the 2 mile road of clubs, bars and restaurants on Legion Street. Tons of single girls ready to party. Money is not discussed openly in public but you can negotiate later after you get to know her. This place has 24 hour action.

Walk the streets and soon men will approach you, either in taxi cabs or on motorbikes, and offer to bring you to one of the many brothels.

Lips Bar
on Jalan Legian
$15 for the night

Baroek’ak Betngandang
Thirty to 40 women to pick from. They line up and you pick, it’s that easy. You pay the pimp about $30US and you are led to a room with clean sheets. You need to write this name down and find a driver in Kuta to take you and wait for you there. Pay him once you get back to Kuta, so he won’t ditch you while you are with the girl. About $10US should be enough for him to take you there and wait for you and return you to Kuta. About a 20 minute ride one way.

Sari Club
On Jalan Legian
Thirty to 40 women to pick from.

Go across the street to Paddy’s Irish Pub. You can find women there, too. They either accompany you to your hotel room or you can use their facilities.

A huge resort area with hundreds of million-dollar hotels. Lots of restaurants, shows, shopping centers and plenty of women from Indonesia. Great place to relax and find a freelancer.

Twenty minutes from Kuta Beach, this place is on the Northern coast. Not as large or busy as Kuta Beach, this place is better for bringing a girl with you. Inexpensive accommodations and food. Clubs are also available if you go alone.

Baroek’ak Betngandang
Hotel in Sanur, about 20 minutes drive from the airport (any good taxi driver will know). About $10 per hour.

LG Club
Sister club to the one in Kuta; this one is located at Jl. Tampian 23. Tel.: 287-480. Clean and safe.

Visit the massage parlors.

There are two main ones, half way between Kuta and Sanur, Kuta Buga and Kuta Sauna, Fish bowl operations with a large selection of Javanese girls sitting behind a glass wall just like the massage parlors in Thailand.

You can get HJs or BJs on the premises if you don’t mind it happening in a room with a dozen other guys separated only by curtains. Most of the girls will come and visit you at your room or hotel if you get talking to them during your massage.

Price: Massage 25,000 Rupiah
Girls services 50,000 – 200,000 rupiah not expensive and good fun if you are there for while.

Baroek’ak Betngandang Write that down and bring it with you to Bali. Show a taxi cab driver and have him take you there and wait for you while you pick from about 30 girls. It’s about a 10-15 min ride from Kuta. It’s very near the airport in sanur. It’s laid out like a motel. sheets are clean. You will pay about $28 US for full service.

Try the North Sea Baron Bar on Jalan Braga near the Jalan Lembong intersection. The Amsterdam Cafe is next door which offers the same fun. Good food and fun place besides the abundance of women. Expect to pay from 100,000 t0 200,000. Negotiate as they will ask for more. 10k Rupiah to 1 US dollar. Pangandaran Beach is also worth a visit.

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