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At soaplands, it costs 12k-100k for full service. Usually there is no troublesome negotiation. Each soapland house has its fixed price. In most cases, you will be asked to pay about 30% to enter. Ask how much you need to pay to the lady. If the price is 20k or less (in total), your may stay there for an hour for a half&half session in most cases. Fore 30k or more, imagine.

Expensive, you will have to find a local Japanese to tag along with as non-Japanese are not permitted to entry alone. Prices are also in the 100k area

Hostess Clubs are a kind of place to go to in order to socialize with your Japanese business partners but are NOT the best place to get laid. The girls there will just sit with you, and tease you and get you to consume as much alcohol as possible. If they like you, they may give you their phone number for you to call afterwards, but who needs this? You may as well go to a pick up bar in the first place. If you want sex in Japan, there are better places like pink salons, Turkish baths, etc… where you will get what you pay for.

I post because I find serious misunderstandings in the posts on the internet sometimes.
Child (under 18) nude is illegal since Nov. 1999.
Buying SEX from a girl under 18 is illegal and may cause you a serious problem.
Buying SEX from adult lady is illegal but ….

Refer following page for details.
Legal info for Japan

Tour Companion Weekly paper with ads many in English. Prices have come down in Japan over the years and it’s not as expensive as it was. Some prices are actually less expensive but sex still seems to cost more in Japan then the US. Japan is safe and crime is uncommon. Parking in Tokyo will be a bigger problem and expense then anything else. So use public transportation when you can. Sex for men even the married ones has been around and accepted.

Your entry fee covers two drinks. Many women are available for conversation during your stay, FS is also available for about 100k yen.

Kon Nichi Wa
The greeting in day time. It’s same as “hello.” If you hear this word, you should say “KON NOCHI WA” too.
Kon Ban Wa
The greeting in evening or night. It’s same as good evening. You should answer “KON BAN WA”.
Doko Kara Kita No?
Where did you come from? Especially for foreigner, the girl must ask like this to you first.
XXXX Kara Kita I came from XXXX.
(example: CANADA KARA KITA. Where ever you are from you put your country name in front of Kara Kita.)
Nani Shiteru No?
What is your work?
XXXX Shiteru I do XXXX.? (example: English teacher SHITERU. Put whatever occupation in front of Shiteru.)
Nan Sai?
How old are you? In adult service house, you should say same question to her.
I’m XXXX years old. (example: 26 SAI.)
Hajime Yo
Let’s start playing. If you say this word, the girl will prepare to play.
You are so pretty. You should say this word to a younger girl.
You are so beautiful. You should say this word to elder girl.
Nui De
Please take off your dress.
Nugase Te
Please remove my dress from me.
I like you.
Aishi Teru
I love you.
I want you.
Name Te
Please lick me.
Nigi Te
Please feel my son.
Kuwae Te
Please catch my son in your mouth. However, not all girls do oral sex.
Kimochi ii
I feel good. If the girl says this word, you should continue the action.
It’s painful. If the girl says this word, you should stop the action.
Oral sex.
Virtual sex by girl’s thigh. It’s same feelings as sex.
Ilete II?
Can I insert my son to you?
I am cumming! If the girl says “IKU!”, your techniques are high level.
Me too!
You are so good. If you don’t think so, you should say this.
Mou Ikkai Dekiru?
Can I play once more? If there is much time, you should ask her.
Mata Ne
See you.
Thank you.
How much? In most Adult service houses, you will pay the charge before play.
The system you can select a specified girl.
Usually you need to pay the fee for nomination.
The system you can’t select a girl. God knows whether the good girl come or not.

Basic Japanese Web site translation.
If you have no Japanese ability to speak of, there are two automated Web site translation services to try:
Automated Japanese-to-English translation technology is pretty poor, but this will get you started if you find the Web site with some useful info in Japanese.

For those with more Japanese ability:
the best site/service I’ve found is If you use the Japanese-to-English site, you simply enter the URL of the Japanese page into the text box. Then, once the Japanese page has loaded, you can pass the cursor over a Kanji character/word and a pop-up box will appear with the common pronunciations of the word and a dictionary definition. Much more helpful than the automated translation sites, but you have to at least read hiragana.

Here are some English-language guides to sex services in Japan (although the Nationwide Sukebe site here is probably about the best you’ll find): (The hilarious Japan Pink Salon Research Institute) (a good contemporary look at Kabuki-cho, the most well-known red light district in Tokyo)

This site focuses only on escort services serving English language customers. In general, most services charge around Y40K for the basic (1 hour) service, which is comparable to most Japanese ‘delivery health’ services.

I was NOT at all displeased when business activities necessitated my having to make a trip to Japan.

My first foray was to the sparkle and glitter of Shubuya. Kind of an upscale entertainment area for the young, trendy crowd. Thanks to an excellent tip from a fellow TJ veteran, Sire Juplo, I sought out and quickly located what is known as a “Pink Salon”. Many of these types of establishments are not “foreigner friendly” but the one I was directed to in Shibuya was quite friendly, indeed. The deal goes like this: you take the elevator up to the third floor and walk up to the cashier. A payment of 8,000 yen (about $75) gets you a seat in a booth. A bottle of beer (Kirin) & a glass magically appear and after a few minutes, a sweet young thing slides into the seat beside you. My companion was a native Japanese gal named Mika, age 23 and quite pretty without being gorgeous. After searching for and not finding any verbal language that we both spoke, she began rubbing my thighs in a manner that convinced me that she wanted to get better acquainted. I unzipped the top of her dress and slid it down to her waist. Looking around at the other patrons in the adjacent booths I noticed that I was the only guy in the joint that still had his pants on. I quickly remedied that problem and my new found “friend” carefully washed the appropriate exposed areas with one of those little warm wash cloths usually seen in the restaurants. Once that was taken care of she simply leaned down face first into the area between me and the table and proceeded to administer an a #1 first class BBBJ. About 15 minutes of that was all I could take and things came to a somewhat explosive finish. In keeping with the decor, all evidence of the deed was swallowed and licked clean. Not a even drop was spit or drooled. More of the little warm wash cloths to clean up afterwards (nice touch but not really necessary). Tipped her about $15 and was genuinely thanked for doing so (it’s not customary to tip anyone there, I later found out). The sounds of my fellow patrons reaching their finishes added to the ambiance of the background noise.

Next night I journeyed out to the suburb of Okuba north of the main train station in Shinjuku. The quarry this night was the street girls. About 1/3 of the “girls” are not really girls. They are what the locals refer to as “Lady boys”. You and I would refer to them as TVs. The rule is, if it looks like a Thai, it’s probably a lady boy. Good advice!!! I managed to avoid the TVs and concentrated on a search for one of the previously reported very pretty Filipino or Eastern European Girls known to work the area. Those of you who know this reporter personally will not be surprised by what ended up my fate. A very, very pretty girl with a gorgeous figure and western features gave me a big smile and enticed me to stop for a “chat”. The first word out of her mouth was “Norte Americano?” and I knew that the inevitable had happened – I had encountered what I later learned was one of only two girls in the whole area. My girl was 23 and from Colombia. She was pleased to be able to speak her native language (and so was I). She could speak some Japanese but I can’t speak but about a dozen words of it. I had been clue-ed in that prices were steep in this area (20,000 yen ~ about $175) for an hour with 4,000 yen for a “Love Hotel” (very similar to the hotels at AB and CC). Apparently the $175 is for oral or FS but not both. I got an idea and asked my girl if she had ever tried a chocolate flavored condom. She relented and agreed to a half and half session, as long as she could use the ‘chocolate’. We had a lot of laughs over the chocolate flavoring and then had a somewhat awkward second half of the session. She had forgotten her lubricant so I had to really take it easy and work things rather slowly. She was very talented but only into some very basic positions. Had some really good internal muscle control and used it to its best advantage when the inevitable end came.

Had to attend business function so no partying.

Next day was a weekend day so decided to try one of the Soaplands. Struck out! Very few of these will accept “foreigners” without local “sponsors”. Those that will want 60,000 to 100,000 yen ($550 to $900) for about an hour and a half. I don’t have a yen to spend that much YEN. The pictures of the girls were mostly very pretty but usually the 2nd stringers are assigned to us foreigners. These establishments are mostly in an area called Yoshiwara which is on the northeast side of town.

Continued That night off to Kabuchiko. Two main types of establishments in this area are Fashion Health Clubs and Hostess Takeout Bars. Tried one of the relatively few FHCs that will accept foreigners and had a good but pricey session with a masseuse who comes into a room dressed in a theme costume (you pick the costume from a book at the desk). She serves you a drink or a beer and then undresses you and eventually undresses herself but her panties stay on. Combo HJ/BJ is all that’s on the agenda but talent is pretty good and have GREAT attitudes. Ran about $275 for the deal. I had a real cutie, quite thin and real petite gal in one of their more popular outfits. My girl was named Hitomi and she was 24 looked even younger – from Osaka. Couldn’t have weighed more than 90 pounds soaking wet and was having the time of her life taking on my extra-large sized North American body. Almost no English but a real fun gal that liked to laugh. She was quite proud of the fact that she (even thought the smallest girl in the place) was able to deal with “Godzilla-san” as she jokingly referred to me. Action was strictly with raincoat.

Had to work late, no partying.

Was down to my last 35,000 yen (and last 2 Viagra). Went to one of the Hostess Take Out Bars tonight. Walk in a joint (once you find one where they accept foreigners, street touts a big help with this), pick out a girl and pay a bar fine of so many yen and off to a “love hotel” for a 40 minute F/S encounter. Saw a few with enhanced chichis but not many. Ended up with a mixed heritage half Japanese-half Phillipina that was far and away the best looking gal of the trip, so far. 4,000 Yen cover charge ($35), to get in the place, another 4,000 yen ($35 more) for the Love Hotel and 20,000 yen (about $180) for a 40 minute anything goes session with the girl ($250 total). Kaoru was 28, looked about 20 and spoke some English, a little Spanish, fluent in Tagalog and Japanese. Tricky part of this scene is finding a street tout that will take you to one of these kinds of places that will accept “foreigners” (only 10-15% will). Also saw a couple of real classy street girls hanging out in front of some of the love hotels. Most just looked away when a foreigner approached. No cigar, there!

Last night in town. Supposed to go out to dinner with my business associate. Get a last minute call saying he’s not feeling well and would I mind looking out for myself for the evening. No problem, I assure him. Go rummaging through all my pockets and turn up about 11,000 Yen in various denominations. Figure my best bet is back to the Pink Salon from the previous Thursday night. Take the subway over early in the evening (190 Yen) and walk in to a flourish from the cashier/doorman who seems to remember me. I plunk down my 8,000 yen like the veteran I now am and he jabbers something totally unintelligible back at me. Pushes back 2,000 yen and points to a sign on the wall. Either there is a Wednesday night special for 6,000 Yen or I’ve unknowingly become a member of the Shibuya Frequent BBBJ Club and am entitled to a member’s discount. Either way, now I’ll have money left over for dinner. More on that later. Same basic routine as the previous night there. Got seated at a booth, served a beer and then this real fox sits down next to me. Knowing that this is already bought and paid for and what she’s there to do gets me going on only a half dose of Vitamin “V”. The gal’s name is Me-gu (pronounced like Meg with just a slight hint of the ‘u’ sound at the end). Japanese looking around the eyes but the body is all woman. She was sure I was an American. I laughed and told her I was. She comes back to me in English that she is half Japanese and half Peruvian (born in Peru). Working in Japan to support the family back home. Chatted for a few minutes and then she whispered in my ear that if I would be so kind as to drop me trousers and shorts to the floor she would be very pleased to put a smile on my face. Due to the intensity of the week’s activities, things took almost the whole allotted 40 minutes and she was a bit tired out by the time things were finished, but got the job done skillfully. This one’s not a swallower. She discretely used one of the used towlettes to get rid of the fruits of her labors. Offered her a tip for the extra effort and she politely declined, saying it was not customary. I insisted that she take a 2,000 yen tip after all the extra work she had done and she whispered a thanks in my ear and told me she really needed the money that month. She walked me to the door and offered both of her cheeks for a chivalrous kiss “Adios” and I was out the door with the smile she promised. Walked up the street that the 21st Century Salon is on and stumbled across an honest-to-goodness Japanese-Mexican-American restaurant. An order of chicken tacos (830 yen) and a bottle of Dos XX (650 yen) and I was in Hog Heaven. Found the right subway line to head back to the hotel and was writing this less than 90 minutes after sampling Me-gu’s wonderful talents.

If you are going to Tokyo, bring money – lots of it. Everything is pretty pricey. Some gorgeous, eager to please Asian gals and even a couple of hot girls. Multi-racial and multi-ethnic girls quite common and often handle the foreign visitors. What’s not to love? Just make sure you have enough Yen for your yen, so to speak. If you are of Japanese ancestry or have a Japanese host, pretty much everything is open to you. If you are a non-Japanese Asian expect some pretty flagrant discrimination. Americans of European descent probably get the best opportunities behind the ethnic Japanese. Chatted briefly with one resident African-American business man in one of the clubs and he said he had had a lot of problems but had two or three places that would generally admit him. The Pink Salons are a real blast – as long as you aren’t too shy about the semi-public nature of the deed. Best bargain in town! The takeout hostess bars are good but they are a little pricey. Top quality gals, though. Be careful not to confuse these with regular hostess bars which are totally non-hobbyist oriented. Conversation and a drinking companion is all you get in those. The Fashion Health Clubs are okay but the girls aren’t quite as pretty as the Pink Salons or the Take-Outs. If you ever had a fantasy about getting either a HJ or BJ from a woman dressed in a certain kind of attire, it may be your thing. Theme rooms are available for a few thousand yen more. Street girls in Okuba were good – watch out for the TVs, though. I did not see any ethnic Japanese girls working in Okuba. The ones around Shinjuku were Japanese but seem to only handle Japanese clients. Soaplands – forget it! Full service for the locals, limited access for foreigners and out of sight prices with 2nd stringers for us ‘gaijin’.

Sasebo Clubs
Near Holiday Inn
Anchor Club

We are reorganizing whole ‘Japan section’ of the discussion board. First, I create ‘Subtopics’ for following ‘Areas’ in Japan.
Prefecture: Hokkaido
Major City: Sapporo
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