Tokyo Area(Kanto)

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Tokyo and vicinity (Kanto)
Prefectures:Tokyo,Kanagawa,Saitama,Chiba,Ibaraki,Gunma and Tochigi Cities:Tokyo,Yokohama,Chiba,Saitama,Narita,Tsukuba,Mito,Nikko,Yokosuka,Machida

Kanto is the southeast side of the mainland.
Prefectures Tokyo, Chiba, Kanagawa, Saitama, Tochigi, Ibaraki, Gunma
Major Cities Tokyo, Yokohama, Chiba, Kawasaki, Saitama
Soapland Districts Yoshiwara (Tokyo)
Horinouchi (Kawasaki)
Minami-cho (Kawasaki)
Sakae-cho (Chiba)
Ten-oh-cho (Mito) Many other districts have a few each.
Other major sex business districts:
Shinjyuku-Kabukicho (Tokyo, Fashion massages and all other kinds),
Shibuya (Tokyo, Fashion massages and Hotetoru)
Ikebukuro (Tokyo, Some soaplands, street girls and Fashion massages)
Shin-Okubo (Tokyo, Street girls)
Akebono-cho (Yokohama, Fashion massages)
Nishi-Kawaguchi (Kawaguchi, Pink salons)
Kogane-cho (Yokohama, Brothels) Fashion Massage places and Pink Salons are found in many places.

Been going to esute parlors at least once a month. Sometimes I get lucky in finding a place that offers FS. It’ll cost about 20k yen on top of the 6k for a normal hour. Basically if you pay, they will provide.

As long as you hear the term “Kanto”, think Tokyo/Yokohama. The Kanto plain is home to about 40 million people, roughly 1/3 of the entire Japanese population. It’s the most densely populated area of an already heavily populated country. If you look at a geographic map of Japan’s largest island you’ll see one small area in the middle of the Pacific coast which is relatively flat. This is the Kanto plain.

The good thing about having so many people is they made it easy to get around using Japan’s excellent rail system. Tokyo and Yokohama have grown so large that the two cities are almost joined into one “super city”, with smaller connected cities around them. As an American, it’s hard for me to distinguish when I’m leaving one city and entering another because there’s no major difference! The size of the buildings gets shorter on the outskirts of the city, then get taller again when you get to the next. That’s it.

Tokyo divided into many sub districts, which are sometimes called “cities” but are all part of Tokyo. The ones better known for their adult entertainment include

and others, as mentioned above

Yokohama has its own areas, although Kogane-cho is the only one I’ve had experience with.

Chiba, Kawasaki, Saitama are practically part of Tokyo. Many smaller satellite cities like Ebina, Machida, ect are still in what I would call the “Greater Tokyo” region.

Update on what’s going on around Chiba prefecture lately. Small mention of Machida. rts.html

Also if you want a real bargain with super hot girls come over to Korea pusan is like a 3 hour hydrofoil ride from Fukoka Japan. The girls are hot I mean really OK with foreigners but a Korean friend older guy preferred will help to smoothing over as few of the girls speak English but most are ok European decent makes things a bit easier for you, and the prices for a bbbj half and half the main event is with a condom but don’t worry there is very little VD of any kind in Korea should be 70,000 won or about 60 dollars for forty or so minutes and lots of girls to choose from like Amsterdam style in windows with the red light

I have read the reviews and want to add my own. The last year, I have been all over Japan and samples many delights. I speak Japanese, so it helps.

Kyushu: In the Nakasu area, there are a few places that take gaijin for lap dances and deep kissing. If you are nice to the girls, you can get a lot more. Look for the guys on the street touting the punters. Again, if you are decent and not scary, they will help you.

Osaka: Stayed at the Shin-Osaka Washington hotel. At night, there are many “stickers” lying around in the phone booths for delivery health. I phoned up one, and got a nice Russian girl. It was Yen20000 as advertised, she was great, and service was full.

Nagoya: Near Sakae, there is a “Manzoku” salon (of the Manzoku magazine fame). If you go there, ask for help from the staff. They know a few places that take gaijin. I was on my way to one, when one tout made his pitch to me in English. It was a health, and I got everything except sex. Price as Yen 13000 for an hour.

Tokyo: There are many. I have recently been to Seki 21, alive and well, in addition to New Hot Point in Shinjuku. New hot point offers a peep show and (2000 yen) and a girl will offer hj and bj service for 2000 and 4000 yen respectively. Also, picked up a Chinese streetwalker in Shinjuku (near the old Land’s End) for Yen 20000 for two hours. She was sexy and polite. Even helped me not forget my wallet (I was so drunk). But, a little too business like.

Ikebukuro and Shin Okubo have many girls that will approach gaijin and prices range about Yen 15000 to 25000 for an hour.

Sapporo. Went to the Sapporo Manzoku club and found some lap dance spots. Same story as Kyushu, if you are fun and non-threatening, girls let you get away with a lot. Think about 10000 total for an hour, including drinks etc.

Also, took a delivery health girl. She was so-so looking, Yen 20000 and let me do everything. She washes you and her down with antiseptic before and after (nice, Japanese professionalism).

All in all, it is not hard to find if you speak Japanese. If you don’t, just walk around the night spots, until someone approaches you. Take all usual precautions though.

I notice that Japan is underrepresented on your great site so I decided to bring you guys up to speed on the great action that is to be had here. Besides the “professional” options available in the greater Tokyo/Yokohama area (which I will get into detail later), I think you should find it fairly easy to hook-up with a very attractive, accommodating woman to be your girlfriend. For an example: I’m a fit, decent looking guy in my late 40’s, speak fair Japanese, and I always have at least one knockout girlfriend or “sex friend” (Japanese call it “SF”) going at a time. Currently I have a 20 yr. old and a 26 yr. old, both 9’s, one with G Cup tits. As a 48 yr. old divorcee in my home country I would be relegated to 3’s and 4’s in my age group — Blah! Japan is a great place to be a foreign man – take it from an 18 yr. resident. The women are usually excellent in bed and taste better than anything on the planet. Walking through areas like Ginza or Shibuya during the middle of the day you will see (within the space of a minute or two) 100’s of women who will send you immediately into lustful daydreams. The trick is to be classy but forward with them. They are almost always shy. Meeting them in bars is the best way to hook-up because: 1) the drink loosens them up, and 2) If they go to an international bar they usually speak some English and are probably desperately looking for a boyfriend or at least a night/long weekend of non-stop sex. Knowing a little Japanese is a big plus – even if you are talking to a fluent speaking girl. She’ll be impressed by your effort. Good luck and happy hunting! Now, on to the “pro” scene:

Blowjob Bars: As mentioned in the other postings, these are the best value in Japan if you want a quick orgasm or two. 95% are young Japanese girls (18- 24 yrs.). 30-35 mins., 2 girls, one after the other, you’re supposed to shoot-off twice in that time. The girl happily swallows your load. You are free to feel her up, suck on her tits, finger her. Intercourse is a no-no but I’ve heard you can sneak one in, esp. if the girl gets heated up. Prices range from 6-9K ($50-65 US) yen, including a beer or two.

Massage Parlors: Over the last two years in Tokyo there has been an explosion in Chinese (in the Kabukicho section of Shinjuku there are a lot of Korean as well) massage parlors. Nearly all of the women are from the mainland, usually the big cities so they are refined. Depending on the part of town, you can get a first-class massage and probably a hand-job, though sometimes you’ve got to sort of push for it, or you might land in a S.E. Asia style place and get a half assed massage and a quick fuck and suck. Both are a bit pricey – 2 hrs. is about Y15-16K for an excellent oil massage and a hand-job, but sometimes you have to tip Y5K to get it. If you go to a regular girl, she probably will give you the sex for free in order to have a regular customer. One I had for a while would give me a suck and fuck even though it was against house rules and there was only a curtain separating us. Talk about excitement! At the semi-legit parlors the girls are usually beautiful and professional (back walks, etc.).

Soaplands & Hostess Bars: Some soaplands are supposed to be a good deal though I haven’t heard that many positive things about them. I found the attitudes there to be decidedly anti-gaijin. Hostess bars are a rip-off and should be avoided at all costs. Most Japanese hostess bars may not welcome you but if they do, make sure someone else is paying. Sex is hard to be had there as well. Bars with Asian or Western women can be an even bigger rip-off but at least you can get laid – though you’ll pay through the nose for it. Had a threesome once with a Thai & Taiwanese and it cost me a little over $800 for an all nighter! I was drunk and horny, what can I say? Took them back to my place and we screwed into the morning. Couldn’t get them to do anything to each other but I did make sure to get my money’s worth. During the second go around I took the Thai girl in the ass for a good 20 mins. while Li (the other woman) watched. It was quite erotic, esp. when the Thai girl came. In the morning I made sure that Li knew she was going get some backdoor action by waking her up with my tongue between her cheeks. She was reluctant so we screwed missionary for a while. I started working a finger back there and she seemed pretty loose. Slipped the head down to her asshole and she squirmed a bit. The Thai girl came to the rescue and pointed out that she did the nasty so Li should too. What a pal! After going slow-mo for a while and switching positions Li relaxed and actually was getting into the ass-fuck, esp. after I slipped a couple of fingers in her pussy at the same time. Shot off on her ass and Ms. Thai wiped me off and bathed me. Maybe it wasn’t so expensive after all…

Last but not least, Yokohama. There’s an area I have visited off and on for about 10 years called Hinodecho. It’s near the Yokohama waterfront. This neighborhood should be renamed Hookerville. There are a series of little side streets near Hinodecho station that are over-flowing with “bars”. The bars are occupied by two females usually, an invisible mama-san (usually Japanese) and the hooker (always mainland Chinese or Taiwanese). Most will welcome westerners, but don’t worry if you are shunned – there are 100’s to choose from. I’ve had anything from 5.5 (busy night, lots of drunk Japanese around getting in the way) to a 10 or two. You’ll get 30 mins. (though you can extend) of a suck and fuck with condom. Girls are usually really friendly but it’s a little rushed for my taste. Some will do anal , though you might have to pay a little extra. Standard rate for all (Beauty Queen or Dog) is 10K yen ($75-80 currently). Since I moved to Yokohama last year I visit about this area every other month. See, you can get laid in Japan. Free girlfriend sex is the best, but there are lots of other options/diversions.


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