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Iris Health Centre
beside the Seaview Hotel. Entrance fee S$40 (about US$25) 45 minutes.

Odeania Health Centre
East Coast Rd.
Odeon Katong Shopping Centre 2nd floor
Open till 11pm
1 hour $30 Tip $100

Park View Holiday Inn
near Orchard Road
Massage in the hotels health club.
$50 Tip

At the Holiday Inn and the Le Meridien on Orchard Street.
The massage parlor at the Holdiay Inn is great. For the ‘extra service’ it is always better to call the masseuse to your room. S$80 for one hour plus tips. BJ – S$150, FS – S$200. However, you can always negotiate.

You will generally not get FS at health centers (esp. in hotels) here. They will always offer an HJ, and sometimes a BJ, but not more (because of management). But if you order a massage in your room, then anything goes. You can usually get FS with oral for S$ 150 at the top hotels.

I have not checked out the scene in Geylang but I have had some good experiences at the massage places. One in particular is the paradise de sauna, check spelling. It is in the phone book. The place was in a mall, kind of hard to find in the mall. Anyway, the had some real nice girls, mostly Chinese. I met one named venus who was from Cambodia who was real good. Nice face and body. Great personality. She charged S150 for full service. She gave a great massage before the “main act”. It is a little expensive but I enjoyed myself. I live in Japan and like to travel around Asia. I just got back from Macau. I highly recommend it.

There are women everywhere. Just go to any major night club. The going rate is around $200 for all night. Like all destinations, some are good and some are a total waste of time.

I did check out the “four floors of whores” as it is refered to by the locals. There are four floors of bars and night clubs full of women. Some good action there for similar prices. (+/- $200 all night) But be careful. She might look good under those lights with all those clothes on…

Escorts tend to be VERY expensive, and they don’t appear to be any better looking than what you can get elsewhere.

You’re absolutely right about the Singaporean 3Cs attitude. You’re better off going to the nation’s red light district of Geylang where you and pick a Thai out by their number in brothels. It is a seedy part of town and therefore heads up boys. I won’t consider it dangerous although brothel pimps can get a little pushy. If possible, go with a local who can speak Hokkien or Malay, you get better rates that way. I walked into a brothel alone and was quoted S$100 for 30mins. No Way! Fortunately I had a local friend who managed to managed to bargain it down to $60. Beyond the bargaining, I had one of the best screws with a Thai ever. This is how it goes; you walk into a brothel (with a traditional red lantern) and you choose from an array of a dozen girls. You pick out their number and pay the pimp. After that she’ll lead you up to a private room there she’ll shower with you and then get right into it. Often they’ll give you a BJ without a condom and then ask if you want to use a condom or not for intercourse (wise to use one). After the deed is done, she’ll shower with you again and you’re on your way. All that service with a smile.

While in Singapore you can call Rekha for some classy escort women. Rekha has Chinese, Eurasian and Malay women. They are all beautiful and sexy. You may reach Rekha at 65/9385-0517 or send her a message at
The cost is about S$150 to S$200 per hour (about $100 to $137 in US dollars)

Have tried many excort agencies. They are generally good.
Last time tried a Canadian who was a 6, and then Spanish chick in early 20s, looks of 8. The women were easy and did not rush.
Price was about S$300. They both gave me their mobile numbers, but I was busy the next day

I have been to Singapore frequently and always enjoying getting a local lady (they just turn me the right way) who is tall, Chinese, and has short hair. I always go for the overnight session (they show up at 6:00 PM or so, we have dinner, and they stay through to the morning and maybe breakfast).

The first time I was successful just calling an agency and got a hot, sexy, and intelligent girl who fucked and sucked my brains out all night long.

Note: Don’t try to reach these folks through email, even though they have it! Just call them either before you leave, it is always nice to have a date waiting when you arrive, or when you arrive.

As I mentioned, I get my girls for overnight. I always specify that I want tall, sexy, short hair, non-smoking, intelligent, and a little kinky. For Singapore $850, I end up having a great time. A couple of times I have managed to hook up with someone outside of the agency. Once it was “free” (just a date, with me being generous) an other times it was at a substantial discount. You just have to click. YMMV.

If you are looking for a wham-bang session, don’t go this way (you are better off in Geylang), but if you want a date (dinner and lots of sex) than go the way I do. You won’t be disappointed.

I have gotten two YLs this way. The both were lookers with hard bodies. Both were light smokers (I don’t like smoking, but it seems to come with the territory in Singapore).

The first YL was from Singapore (a native), while the second was from Hong Kong.

They were both in their early 20s and looked really nice. Excellent sexual performance (totally hot and focused on me). We did it as many times as I was able (I think one time we did it 6 times in a single night, starting at 6:00 PM and running through to right before breakfast).

Every thing was safe and covered, though my first YL would perform BBBJ.

This area houses a number of outcall bars, as listed below. Most feature a dance floor. Most ladies inside are available for play. They approach you, you choose. Negotiate prices in advance. See list for price ranges.

Club 392
Up the stairs straight off the street, end of a corridor to the right. Expect to hear S$150 for 1/2 short time, S$250 for all night. Try to negotiate.

Crazy Horse
4th floor. Attractive selection. S$250 for short time.

Pink Pussycat
Good selection, with many Filipinas. Expect to hear S$200 for all night.

Top Ten Club
Admission: S$17-30, depending on day of week. Good selection. Up to 200 ladies available (Chinese, Thai, Malay).
Other Bars
Club 777

Spent a few days in S’pore recently, and after having visited there 5 times in the last 2 years, I still gotta agree w/ Rusty: Orchard Towers is still the place to go for quality and variety. The price is a little more than in the massage parlors or the brothels in Geylang, but everything is relative, and plunking down SGD200 for an all-nighter (about $115) is not a bad deal, especially when you consider there are girls of all types to choose from. Compared to SGD$150 for full service in the massage parlors, it’s worth a little extra.

A couple of tips: most of the girls carry either cell phones or pagers, and will typically call someone to let them know they have an engagement and where they are going. This is ok, but insist that they turn off the electronics after they make the call; if they refuse, keep looking, unless you enjoy being interrupted by calls or pages all night long. Sometimes girls will get a call, then give you an excuse to leave within an hour or so; if they turn off the gadgets, this won’t happen. Also, it is customary in S’pore to pay in the morning for an all-nighter; if a girl asks for payment up front, be wary–she likely has no intentions of being there in the morning.

On my recent trip, perhaps the best experience I had came on the very first night. I went to Ipanema (although there are at least 6 other places to choose from), looking for Thai. The first girl I hooked up with–about a 7.5; a little chubby for my tastes, but she had a strong sales pitch and promised everything–got back to the room, then asked for payment up front–and raised the price to SGD300. I asked her to leave–not an easy task, but if you are firm about it, there is nothing she can do. I went back to Ipanema and within 5 minutes met Tuk, another Thai who was easily a 9.5 by anyone’s standards–young and drop-dead gorgeous. As I talked to her, I found it was her first night ever in S’pore, and my experience with her tended to confirm it. She was easy to negotiate with and only stipulated that she wouldn’t do anal, which was fine with me. She made her call during the walk to the hotel, turned off her cell phone and we settled in for a night of adult fun. She had a perfect little body–very smooth and supple–and a shy quality about her that was a real turn-on. It took a little work to get that flower to fully bloom, but not so much that it became tedious; it was a lot like good girlfriend sex run amok. After going at it for about 4 hours, we slept for a while, then got up and went to it again. When it was over–around noon the next day–I had nothing left and was reaching for the vitamin E. I gave her a healthy tip in USD–she didn’t ask for it, but she deserved it. She was a real sweetheart and I know I’ll remember that night for a long time to come.

Your mileage may vary, of course, but in S’pore there is plenty to enjoy. If you aren’t alone or are looking for a short-time assignation, by all means try the massage parlors or Geylang, but if you are looking for an all-nighter and want some variety to choose from, go to the Towers. It’s worth the trip.

i was in S`pore last year about this time. As always, I found myself in the Four Floors. After walking around most of the bars i settled into a little bar on the second floor(?) next to the Crazy Horse. Met this Thai chick who claimed to be there only about two weeks. Dont remember her name but was a real trooper. Didnt ask a set amount, but did brag about what she was getting from other guys.

She stayed with me for the three days i was there, and i gladly gave her S$300 (no complaints either)for her friendship and bedroom antics, a real trooper like most Thai girls are.

I have been working in South East Asia for 5 years now and spent most of it enjoying Jakarta’s great night life. I arrived in Singapore 6 months ago fearing the high prices I would be paying for my weekly sex romp. I have found some good bargains and exciting experiences i would like to share. Orchard Towers is the best place to look for Asian pussy. 4 floors of all types from all the South East Asian countries. For Filipinos go to pink pussycat. For Thai’s try ipanaema. Want high class go to Top Ten after 12:00. I find the best place is Ipanaema between 10:00 and 11:00pm. There are a lot of expats in Singapore and the good ones leave before then. By treating these girls good the service improves 100%.

Orchard Towers
3rd floor $300 or $700 all night

at Cuppage Plaza

Lido Deluxe
at Concorde Hotel

at the Apollo Hotel

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