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Red Light District in Cheongnyangni (subway stop #125 line #1. I was only 40,000won. the place is right off to the left of the train station right behind the lotte department store. Also all the guys that went there were foreigners and had no problems.

The prior listing on Yongjugol has some incorrect information. For starters, the place is an hour north of Seoul and it’ll cost you much more than 12,000 won to get there from Kupabal station. The best way to get there if you don’t have a car is to go to the Seoul Western Bus Terminal outside of Bulgwang station. Then take bus #30 or #31 and get off at Yongjugol (make sure you know the distinction between Paju-shi and Paju-eup). The fare is just 1,900 won one way. Some of the girls are hot but some looked underage, something that definitely turned me off. Another odd thing was the sight of little kids playing in the windows. Like, what the hell are they doing in a place like that? Another warning: the girls will grab you and not let you go unless you do it with them. They’ll tear your clothes if they have to sometimes. I remember getting held up for 30 minutes with my friend by two girls who just refused to let us go. Nonetheless I don’t go anywhere else in Korea except Yongjugol now. It’s all good and it’s great after you blow your load when they blow you again. Sensational, and I’ve gone to the same chick thrice. Then again, I hear the red-light district in Pusan requires 150,000 won for ALL NIGHT. I will try that out in the future.

Went to the place the former reviews recommended, definitely the best service in all of Korea. Good blow jobs, ass licking, etc. Cute girls overall, draw back is that it takes a hour to get there but well worth it.

Wouldn’t take my white friend even though we offered 3 times the price, the fear of STD’s from foreigners are high. Don’t bother if you’re not Korean, stick with the ones in Seoul. Overall, the girls were between 8-10, browse first though, they keep grabbing on to you but if you only speak English to them first, they will let you go.

well if you guys ever manage to go to Suwon, one of the cities hosting the world cup 2002 soccer games..try and check out the red light district. Once you come out of Suwon station, cross the road to where the action is, bar, pubs, restaurants etc. you can’t miss it then once you have crossed the road, turn left..and in that direction about 5 minutes walk in the back alleys you will find a street with woman behind glass…the woman are aged from 20-30 didn’t see any older than that saw some big breasted girls, tall slender, chubby, enough to satisfy every men’s fetish…the going price is 50bucks..about 60-70 .000 won. As you may know from reading the FAQ on Korea. Korean hookers are reluctant to take foreigners. Because as it’s printed in Lonely planet. all foreigners have AIDS Koreans think..and for sex, Korean men don’t like to see foreign men walking out of stores where they have just banged some of there girls..he will tease her and call her a piece of dirty trash etc…so my advice to you is..either 1 go with a Korean man and he will arrange it with the girls..or go alone, well dressed, late and make sure there are no Korean men in site.

Jonju or Jeonju or Chonju or Cheonju (but NOT Chongju!) is in Chollabokdu or South Cholla province. It’s famous for fans and bi bim bap and recently an international film festival. It will host soccer in 2002. So, while none of you have ever heard of it, you might find yourself there someday. The nearest airport is Kunsan. For me, the bus works fine. It ran from Kimpo (and I assume it now serves Inchon) to the Core (pronounced Ko-a) Hotel in Jonju City. Near the university, there are yogwans (motels) for about 30,000 won. Basic, but comfy. Convenience stores sold beer 24/7. Local booze is a bargain in Korea. In bars, they make their money snacks; don’t go overboard on squid or french fries.

There is a red light district behind city hall, aka Red Street. It’s a fun place to see, and at least one girl will probably take you. I drove through it with a Canadian woman once, and even the Korean driver laughed when she blurted out “Oh my god!” at the sight of all the whores. Weather permitting, I often tried to take my motorcycle there. 50,000 won was a standard price, often for a blowjob and sex, or come in her mouth and finish. Korea is protected I rarely was required to use a condom. (Of course, I was HIV negative when I arrived and the local girls weren’t at much risk. Itaewon might be a different story.)

Near the daytime vegetable market, along a river bed (and in a country pretty much without street names, I can’t give much better directions) there are a bunch of yogwans that supply women. Usually, the mamasans will just wave you on. One started to scream out load when a Korean man asked about foreigners. Finally, after 2 1/2 years, one mamasan called me over. I expected to pay 30,000 won; it was 40,000. I expected grandma. The girl was stunning. I remember saying out loud “god really likes me!” She got even better as she undressed. No blow job and a lame screw, but she was stunning.

The Riviera Hotel had a floor show featuring Russian girls, and some are working at the “night clubs.” Some teachers spoke of taking one home once (one of them spoke some Russian). I can’t speak from experience, but I’d expect to pay just under $100.

The barbershops are hit and miss. They may not take you, you may get an ugly woman who doesn’t do much for you. Or, you might get a 30-something who gives a nice shave and a teasing massage and a robust come-in-her-mouth blowjob. I’ve also had one mount the table and do straight sex. The cover your eyes with a compress the whole time. Once, a girl recognized me and without my knowing it took over the massage and blew me. When I could see again, I saw her face smiling down at me. It was like being greeted by an angel at heaven’s gate. Barbershops/bars are near the new ice rink and the train station. A Korean barbershop should be experienced at least once.

This is a very long report. It is so long because I was privilege to an evening that most non-Asians will ever experience and I wanted to pass on as much of that experience as I could. I hope that you find this interesting. I had business in Taejon, a smaller city about 100km south of Seoul. I was accompanied by my distributor and his friend, who will be known as J and K. They are both native Koreans but have studied English in the US. As we were in each other’s company for the better part of 4 days, after my observing the signs, and the various leaflets that are left on cars advertising men’s VIP clubs. First, a little note. Most of the VIP clubs, especially in a town like Taejon, have VERY little English spoken in them. I was only able to gain this experience because I was with two Korean natives. Keep this in mind if you try to ask for services. We had a successful trip, but Korea failed to make the Olympic soccer finals, and J was feeling kind of down. We had discussed going to a VIP club and I though perhaps that would cheer him up. He apparently has a little experience doing this as he indicated that he should negotiate prices and services before we choose a club. The first club wanted $200 each. for three girls and three bottles of whiskey. J indicated that he thought that kind of high and I agreed. In Taejon there are lots and lots of these “private VIP clubs”, so it’s kind of a buyer’s market. As we walked down the street, we were stopped by a “manager” of one of the clubs and asked if we’d like to go. J did some negotiating and came up with $150.00 each for the same deal. Three girls, three bottles. We agreed that this would be satisfactory. We were led by the manager to his club, which was in the basement of a building. It seems that all of these clubs are either basement or upper level, none at ground floor. We were led to a 10′ x 10′ room which had a frosted glass door. The room had a couch covering 1 wall and 1/2 or two adjoining walls. In the center of the couches was a square coffee table ice buckets and napkins. within the corner was a Karaoke machine with a TV set on top which was running some soft core American “the making of some photo shoot video kind-of-thing” with the sound turned off. The mama-san brought in 3 girls for us to choose from. J got a little agitated and told the mama-san that he didn’t like them and she left with the girls. All were attractive, one was younger, two were older, probably in their thirties or so. J asked me if I liked younger or older ladies and I told him that the younger one was cute and that she’d be OK. J had already explained to san-san that I was a non-Korean speaker and it would be nice if the girl spoke a little English. Many of the larger-city people speak come English, but Taejon is a smaller city and this is not the case. A second round of girls was brought in and J picked one. P had not picked one yet. A single lady was brought on the third round. She seemed to be in her late twenties, and this is the one that P got. I told him in English that I was willing to trade if he wanted the younger girl, but he declined, I believe out of courtesy to me as his guest. Now that the lineup had been set, some Korean snacks, an assortment of drinks and a bottle of whiskey was brought in. My selection looked about 18-20, about 5’4″ and slender, with black hair streaked with brown as seems to be the fashion in Korea as of late. All three girls were dressed neatly in dresses or jackets in skirts, just as American women would wear to work. You could be out on a date with any of these girls and no one would think any differently. After the introductions, in which I was introduced as the “American who didn’t speak Korean”, the ladies set to work on pouring drinks and preparing the snacks for our consumption. I guess the reason that these are called “VIP rooms” is because that’s how the ladies treat you. They fed up, poured our drinks, laughed at our jokes, etc. This partying continued for about 1/2 hour, and I began to notice that there were only 4 people drinking. I don’t drink and neither does P, so J and the girls were consuming this 80 proof whiskey at a fair clip, shots, mixers, and the like. She was also drinking, but at a much slower pace than the others. She seemed to be content preparing the food and pouring my drinks. I learned some Korean customs about giving toasts, etc. After this, the Karaoke machine was turned on. It seemed that J’s partner was quite a little firecracker, as she put on some songs and started singling along, banging the tambourine. She was quite a good singer. J also got up and sang a few songs. I was asked to sing, and did so out of courtesy, even though I don’t like Karaoke (I think it’s stupid). I sang some English songs that I knew no one would know. She even escorted me to the rest room when I needed to go, and waited outside until I was done. This went on for another 2 1/2 hours, and a second, third, and 4th bottle of whiskey was brought in, accompanied with fruit plates and other snacks, there was singling and dancing, fast and slow, a good time seemed to be had by all. She communicated as best as possible. Then the clock struck 12 and mama-san came in to make the “arrangements”. J got the bill and he was really pissed off. He and P went outside and motioned to me that I should stay inside the room. Mama-san then came in and communicated to me as to whether or not I would like She to come with me back to my hotel room. I said that it was OK since J, P, and I had decided beforehand that that would be the plan. Mama-san asked for my credit card, and She took it and left the room. She came back with mama-0san and a charge slip for 250,000 Korean Won (about $225 USD). I was a little concerned, because that was a little higher than expected, even though mama-san indicated that this was for all night. She also mentioned that I shouldn’t tell J or P about this arrangement, which only alarmed me more. I indicated that this was not satisfactory and went outside to talk to J, who was by this time very “happy” but animatedly arguing with the manager about the bill. J and P both asked me to return to the room while J argued with mama-san. I told P what mama-san had “arranged” for me and that I wasn’t interested in an “all-nighter”, as sweet and nice as She was, because we all had to work the next day. So then I went outside, where J was still arguing with mama-san over the bill. After a few minutes, they had seemed to have struck a satisfactory arrangement. J and I had already agreed to split the bill 50/50, and I wanted to make sure that I paid my fair share. What was settled on was about $900.00 US for the 3 hours in the room, and that each girl would go back to our hotel room for a “short time”. A little steep, but considering I was there for the experience, I didn’t mind that much. I asked J if I needed to tip She and he said no, that everything was included. I don’t know if she was disappointed or relieved at not having to do the “all-nighter”, she remained rather neutral about it all. We all departed the club with our “partners”. I was staying at a tourist hotel and J and P were staying at a hotel for locals, which was in walking distance. She and I took a taxi to my hotel. When we reached my hotel, we had to be discreet. The hotel rules stated “no visitors”, but I’m sure the staff knew what was going on. At the room, she called in to the club. I offered She a drink and a snack, and explained to her as best as I could that the “no all nighter” was nothing personal, just that I had to get up to work in the AM. We both showered, not together as the bathroom was very small. I guess she must’ve called the club when I was showering, as she had apparently forgot to bring a condom and had one delivered. I was checking E-mail as she showered and returned to the bed wearing only a towel and a sweet smile. I am sorry to report after this grand story that once again, the sex was only satisfactory. I think that although She was very polite and friendly, she was anxious to get the job done and get out. She was very passionate in bed, but kept her knees up to her chest the entire time during sex, saying something about “too big”. (No, really, she did). Actually, she was a small lady. I suggested that she get on top so that she could better control the action if that was her problem. By this point my ardor had been somewhat dampened by getting kneed in the chest for 15 minutes. I was able to finish when she got on top, and she cleaned up and dressed to leave. Before she left, she wrote me a little note to say that it was nice to meet me and to “have a nice day”. I was told the next day by J and P that the girls never leave the club with a foreigner and that only because I was Asian American and accompanied by Koreans that this was possible. Although this is an experience that I may or may not want to repeat, I wanted to share it with you and thank J and P for allowing me this experience.

I found the fabled Yong Ju Gol. I don’t know about others but I was getting tired of visiting useless places like chong nyang ree and mee ah ree. You know I think I might be of service to potential punters in saying a few things.

OK. I am about an hour away from enjoying the delicious morsels offered at Young Ju Gol. Hell, I am in an internet cafe right outside the place! You might be thinking why I am waiting? Well, I got here at 6:30pm and the streets are empty. No ladies anywhere so I will wait until 8:00pm or so. Word of advice don’t have anything on you that can be taken from you. i.e. It took me 30 minutes to convince some chick to give me back my hat!!! So don’t be having any. Bags as well!

All right, I am writing this as advise on how to get to certain places. I have found most boards lack this sort of specific information seriously!

Well, for one thing to get to Yong Ju Gol. There is ample information about getting there by bus and taxi but there is no info on getting there by car. This is what I used. I am not suggesting everyone use this route since it took me two days to find the place. Head towards BOP WON RHEE. This is my own experience so if it is wrong please feel free to correct me! If you drive on the Tong Il Ro and then head towards BOP WON RHEE it will be much easier. I had the mistake of heading towards Paju City Hall and I got lost. That place is called Gum Chon. If you find you are here then you are in the wrong place. Yong Ju Gol is east from Gum Chon, South East from Munsan and North East from ilsan. I would suggest you head towards Paju Eop or BOP WON RHEE if you are in Gum Chon. From Gum Chon head towards Seoul and then there should be a sign saying Bop Won Rhee turn left. A few 100 meters then turn left. You should see the International Prayer Mountain (Kee Do Won) soon enough. You are on the right road. From here just head towards Bop Won Rhee. Another landmark you should see is the US Army Base Camp Stanton. From here it is about a good 15 minutes drive. Stay on the narrow road. You should see the Buses no 30 and 31 and 32 running. It helps if you can read Korean. Pretty soon you will see a green sign saying Paju Eop. You are almost there. Stay on the road and then you will see a whole bunch of small shops and the place is on your right! Stay on the road and you end up on a small bridge. It is small so don’t expect a huge thing. The actual place is huge! I think twice the size of Chong Nyang Rhee. Now try to find some parking here! It was almost impossible but keep trying. I know this is a sketchy map so I will try better next time. I just thought it was frustrating to read about this place but have no driving directions. Oh well I hope you find this useful.

NOW a quick list. This list includes places I have been and heard about.

Chong Nyang Rhee: Get off at Chong Nyang Rhee station. It is behind the Lotte Dept Store. This is full of nice girls but the service varies too much. I think the going rate is 60,000 won for 15 minutes.

Hooker Hill: Go to Itaewon and head towards the Islam Mosque and Burger King. It is near the fire station

Yong Deung Po: Get off Young Deung Po Station. It is very near the Lotte Department Store. I went during the day so there was no one around. But it is restricted to teenagers so I am assuming there is something there.

Young San: Get of at Shin Young San station (Blue line) and head towards Young San station (national rail line). It is very small and full of uglies. But some nice ones. I thin it is 60,000 won for 10 minutes

Mee Ah Rhee: Get off Girum station (Blue Line). It is a small ally way with the entrance partially covered. It is suppose to be huge. I have just walked by it. I think the rates are 80,000 won for a short time.

Finally there is supposed to be a huge one near Chon Ho Dong no. 432 or 438. This is the block number but I heard that the police was trying to get it closed or something this year.

Do NOT take a cab from Kupabal to the place directly as it will cost you over US$30 easily. Instead take inter-city bus #30 from the Shiwoe Bus station outside of Bulgwang station on the No. 3 subway line (you can find it on a map in the station). The fare is 1,900 to Yongjookol and it’ll take about an hour to get there. Though there is a U.S. base near there, most of the women WON’T do a non-Korean for fear of STDs (though they get checked very often). And yes, I’m an ethnic Korean who grew up in the U.S. My advice is to go there early. Since most girls don’t get busy until really late, you can take your time if you go early. WORD OF CAUTION. Many girls will grab on to you and NOT let go unless you do it with them. My buddy and I were delayed by a threesome for an hour before they finally let go. We tried to shop around but we were constantly harassed and grabbed. The way girls tell if you have done it or not is if you are carrying a small bag full of snacks and goodies that your woman gives you afterwards. Okay, so let me explain my first experience there. We got there around 5 p.m. Sunday and it is a very quiet area. Not many things to do there except a few groceries, da bangs (tea houses) and shops. But the red-light district is HUGE! Most of the johns like myself are from Seoul. The bus should drop you off near a bridge and then you should cross it. You’ll see the place soon enough afterwards. My friend and I walked around early (Sunday is considered a slow day so they’ll be extra competitive to get business). A few girls grabbed us and hugged us and wouldn’t let us go. Then we ran into this one alley where this one girl got particularly nasty about me refusing to do her. We argued and then she apologized and let us go (she was ready to tear my shirt). Finally, we got sick of dodging women and went into this one place. My friend got some cute chick with D cups (they weren’t fake) and I got a girl who was tall and had a tight bod. First my chick made me shower all over, including anal and all. She took one too and we chatted a bit. Then she started to French kiss (I think it is not so rare here) and lick me all over. Gosh it made me tingle all over. Then started around my penis area and testicles. She then asked me to turn over and then she licked my ass with such ferocity. Gosh SHE WAS GOOD!!!!!! Then she asked if I wanted to use a dome, and I said no. She got on top and rode me so well. We changed positions a few times and each time, she sucked my dick some more. She loved to kiss and stuff during that time. Finally I jizzed on top of her. She wiped the jizz off and then sucked my dick so much more, as if to suck out the rest of the jizz. It was awesome. Afterwards, she put a whole bunch of candy and snacks into a little bag for me to take back. My friend was done so we all left. They don’t rush (though you’re supposed to get just 30 minutes) and treat you really well. All for just 60,000 won (US$55). The bag will show other working girls there that you’ve already done it. But if you want to look before you leap, carry one around even if you haven’t done it so that you don’t get harassed. It’s a bit of a road trip from Seoul but it’s WORTH IT! If you get the same girl again, she’ll do you even more (Koreans place a huge premium on loyalty). I also hear Bundang-ku in Songnam has a region like this.

Songtan Hotel Sports Massage
In town that offer Massage/ST from 100,000-160,000 won ($75-$125) for an hour. Got great service, cost me $125 for about an hour.

Tea Rooms “Tabangs” and Coffee Houses
located all over town, women working do not speak English. Charges 20,000 won ($16) per hour to take a woman out.

I have been here living in Osan AB, Songtan, South Korea during the past 5 months. Prior to arriving here, I have heard of stories of people who have been here saying how awesome South Korea is. But when I arrived here, things were different from what I have heard. Bar fines for most clubs around here is $300 or more. However, there are places for a $40 short time but these are off-limits to military folks. I do NOT recommend South Korea for those who want some cheap “diversion”. There are also places where you can get a nice massage/ST for $125 or higher (better than the bar fines). If any of you have a question about the scene in South Korea.

No, most of the women working in the expensive clubs are Filipina and Russian, with only a few featuring local Korean girls. The massage/ST places features local Korean girls… My experience is only limited to this city at this time, but I still have 1 year and 7 months left here to experience other places including Seoul.

The first time I was there at Osan AB in 1985, it cost me about $17 for massage and F/S (in the base gym). In 1995, the last time I was there, I couldn’t get the same thing for less than $70. I think what has happened in Korea is that the Olympics came to Seoul in 1988, with all the rich tourists, and that Japanese businessmen are all over Korea now. Those guys are even worse than Americans for taking the first price offered. Pretty soon the prices inflate accordingly. By the way, in 1985, I got a massage and f/s in Kunsan for $7 (on-base). I used to get a ST for the price of a teddy bear in A-Town. It is amazing how much prices have inflated since the 1988 Olympics and people started throwing money around. Let’s hope they never hold the Olympics in Thailand or Cambodia.

Hooker Hill
Bars and discos along a narrow road which is lined with working women and massage parlors. Close to Burger King on the main road and look behind it. Prices start at 40k Won.

Juicy Bars
Cater mainly to foreigners, where men buy women overpriced drinks 8,000-10,000 won. Women working these bars are pros. Prices for full service 60,000 won = around US$ 50.

Walking up Hooker Hill you’ll note numerous women asking you to enter their establishment. Drinks cost 3800 wons $3.00US Ladies drinks are more than three times the amount. Buy a woman a drink in exchange to touch and feel her. This continues till you run out of money, leave or request sex. TIP: asked for FS up front. Fees for straight sex run from 100,000 to 350,000 wons, rates are lower during weekdays. Most of the time women take you to a room or apartment that is close by. Usually a short oral and basic fs.


Free pool table with good looking ladies

The Best Club

Another larger bar with pool table and women
The Royal
First bar on the right heading up the main upper section of the Hill.
Tiger Taven
Same as above

Cruised Hooker Hill once. I was living about mid-way between Seoul and Pusan, and gave myself one night in Seoul on my way back from somewhere (L.A., Luzon, Beijing, I really don’t remember).

When I asked “how much?” one girl countered “how much ya got?” I told her “wrong answer!” and left. I found another girl who was very attractive and probably Amerasian. I couldn’t touch her vagina, but breast play and kissing was okay. She blew me right in the cafe. It was a little weird, looking at other men slouched down getting serviced. The ladies drinks were about 15,000 won and she got two. She probably got 40,000 for the BJ and it seems that I had to pay just to sit with her. When in Seoul, have a local take you to Texas.

Anyone considering going to Hooker Hill should be aware that standard overpriced drinks are now 20,000W at almost every bar, and after some time here, I’ve been to most of them so I can tell you there’s very little variation. Some girls will try to charge even more but if you get up to leave they may concede and ask you to buy a 10,000W drink but otherwise forget finding cheaper drinks with the ‘service girls’ of Hooker Hill. Also, if you approach her politely for FS upfront (i.e. escort her out of the bar, for an hour at a motel (20,000-30,000 Won) or at her place if you hit it off) you can usually get away with 100,000W-150,000 but this would be for women with a beauty rating anywhere from 5 to 8. If you spot a real hottie you should prepare to spend no less than 200,000W on her as she will know full well what the competition is charging and what they look like. Of course they will love you for spending more if you’re inclined. Oh yeah and if you don’t look like you might even possibly be carrying such money they won’t open the door for you (if you’re not dressed like a slob, they’ll usually come out of their doors and try to invite you in. It’s quite nice, actually.) Usually it goes like this: the hot ones suggest something like 400,000W then I politely say thank you, I smile and get up to leave, then they try to barter. If you display the correct manner and understanding of the market (everyone else is charging 150,000W…! So and so offered FS for 100,000W!) she may then consider lowering her price, depending. It helps if it’s a weeknight, or if on the weekend it’s after 1:00am or so. To them this is just a transaction of course, but your tone, your manner, your clothes etc. still affects how comfortable she becomes with how much you are offering.

Of course you can bypass all this and just get a BJ right there in the booths for a lot less by just buying a few drinks, spending say 60,000-100,000W. But usually going at it with the drinks is a racket because they can (and do) stop and ask you for another drink which can be highly annoying at a certain point. Also, one or two offer nothing but handjobs, so to steer clear of them it’s best just to come straight out and say what you want right at the beginning and see what she says. If she says okay, then she might ask you to buy one drink before the two of you head out. If you want sex, you want whatever drink money you spend to go toward your final goal, so just get up and walk to another bar if you don’t hear what you want. In such a case there’s just way too many neighboring bars willing to try harder.

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