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Green Street
Has windows illuminated with pink and blue neon. You’ll see girls sitting on cushions on the floor in “bridesmaid” dresses. There are about 50 to 60 of these establishments covering three or four blocks. Choose the girl and speak with the “mamasan” seated on a stool at the front.

Manila Karaoke Bar & Resturant
On Texas Street near Pusan Station (by a Baskin Robbins). Texas Street is the first street parallel to the main road opposite Pusan Station. THey have girls who join you or you can just sit alone (cost 4000 to 6000 wons). Filipino food, Chicken Adobo, Lumpiang Shanghai, Sinigang Na Baboy, Pancit Bihou, Gambas, Pork Tocino, prices start at about 12,000 wons. Staff speaks English.

Massage Parlors
Are located in mid market hotels. If the girl doesn’t know speak English she might understand some basic Japanese. Some hotels cater mainly to Japanese visitors.

Ko Ryu Jung
Ocean tower 3F
760-3 U 1-dong (Haeundae-gu)
Phone (051) 740-5233
Fax (051) 740-5211
Korean food
Ko Ryu Jung is Busan’s premier spot where Korean food becomes an art. With a spectacular view of Haeundae Beach. Ko Ryu Jung is located on the third floor of Ocean Tower, next to the Busan Haeundae Grand Hotel.

Marriott Busan
1405 16 JUNG DONG
Busan Korea 612 010
363 Rooms 16 Floors
Phone: 82-51-743-1234
Fax: 82-51-743-1250
Busan Marriott Hotel, a deluxe resort, offering superb service, outstanding dining and entertainment facilities, and a central location on spectacular Haeundae Beach. Most rooms have breathtaking beach and ocean views; others of the nearby mountains. offering a range of restaurants including Japanese and continental cuisine. The entertainment center features a Piano Lounge & Bar and a Discotheque with Fun Pub.. Relax around the all season indoor swimming pool, take a sauna, stretch out in the hot spa, work out in the gym or just enjoy the panoramic sea views from the comfort of your luxurious room or suite.

Westin Chosun Beach
Haeundae 737 Woo 1-dong Po Box
Pusan-city, 612-600
Phone (82)(51) 749 7000
Fax (82)(51) 742 1313
Rooms 285 Floors: 10
Business services , Spa or sauna, VIP floors, Concierge, Shopping/stores, Room service (limited hours) Restaurant, Bar or lounge Along a spectacular stretch of Korea’s most famous beach, The Westin Chosun Beach enjoys an idyllic location. Enjoy panoramic views from your guest rooms and the hotel’s restaurants and lounges. A multilingual staff and Irish pub lend the hotel an international flavor.

Turkish Baths
Found throughout South Korea the provide a body shampoo then massage with oil. Women use there hands and body similar to a Thai soap massage finishing with sex. 30 minutes to hour.

Pusan is second town in Korea. If you like to have a good fuck, you can find some nice girl around the Pusan station. But be careful, there are so many karakoe bars full of Russian girls… Very very expensive, around 200 US. But if you going in front of the station, and you going back to the second road to the right, you can find a very small restaurant… close to the ice-shop from Baskin and Rob…. There is a mama-sun and she can help you. Inside also is a nice women available for around 100 US. Mama said she can call somebody and you can have nice fs. I was looking around for a while, but there I find the best. Mama-san provided a very nice young girl, and we had lotsa fun. She sucks my cookie for 1/2 h. and she wanted to fuck¡¦. She was really a wet and hot.

Busan (Pusan)is Korea’s second largest city with close to 4 million people. It also serves as the country’s main port for international cargo, as well as passenger ferries to Japan and Jeju Island. The city is famous for its seafood and beaches, as well as the Hallyosudo Waterway with its picturesque islands. Businesses on Green street is open to foreign visitors wishing to find some fun.

The term Barbershop is also used for massages, basically a barber shop (Ee Yong-won) with sex services. Barber shops generally accept most white foreigners. To find one ask a Korean or long term expat as it’s sometimes difficult to distinguish the massage variety from the legitimate hair cutting places. Look for spinning barber poles any time after midnight. Chances are no one is looking for a trim and shave at these hours. Koreans report that places with double poles are the massage joints, but this isn’t always true.

I took the subway to the “downtown” area near one of the Lotte dept. stores while in Pusan last year. I walked around and settled on a “barber shop.” It was a little pricey, 70,000 won ($62 at the time). It was a blowjob only, not much of a massage and no hair cut or other niceties. But, the girl was young (barber shop girls are often middle-aged) and attractive. The name of the shop might have been “Top Hat.” It was below street level and had entrances from two streets.

Walking back to my room, I passed a small red light district near the end of the freeway. As I walked down the street, most women ignored me and some just closed the door as a foreigner approached. Koreans, you gotta just hate ’em sometimes!

Bar Code

Near Bukyoung University. Take subway (Line 2) to the Bukyoung/Kyoungsoung station. Walk toward Bukyoung University on the left side of the main road. Turn left at 7-11, and walk a couple of blocks. Bar Code will be on the right on the ground floor. This place is dark and black it’s a small place with a few tables but plenty of atmosphere. Playing a good mix of music at volumes that encourage conversation. Bar Code attracts an interesting mix, and is comfortable, with locals and foreigers here. Prices are average: cocktails will set you back 5,000-7,000 won, bottled beer 4,000 won and up.


Near Bukyoung University take the subway (Line 2)to the Bukyoung/Kyoungsoung station. Walk toward Bukyoung University on the left side of the main road. Turn left at the LG Telecom office and walk about 30 meters. Birra will be on the right on the second floor. Birra means beer, and they have over 75 different labels from 20 countries. No draft beer will be found here. It’s a spacious place, a little on the dark side, gets a young crowd.

Crossroads owned by the people that own Soul Trane and is about 50 yards down the street from it. Again staff all speaks english here. A more laid back place than Soul Trane.

Dallas Club
Across the street from the US Army base’s (Camp Hialeah) main gate. With a big neon sign. The bar and dance floor are small, but they’re usually enough to handle the crowd, and the prices aren’t bad. There are “Juicey Girls” who will hustle you for drinks. This place is open really late and its kind of an after-hours club that everyone ends up at around 3 or 4 a.m. When the other clubs starts closing, this club keeps going and it stays open til 7 or 8am.

On Gwanganli Beach at the end closest to Daeyeondong. On the road facing the beach the fourth floor of a small building near the end. Can walk from the Geumnyeon-san subway station.
Small place with an great expansive views of Gwanganli Beach. Not a bad place to hang out has a foreign crowd on Thursdays and Saturdays.

Hollywood Star II
(Bar/Dance Club)
Behind Taehwa Department Store in Seomyeon, on the 7th floor of thea building across from the record store. Look for the big neon sign “Hollywood Star” on building. Hollywood Star is a favorite haunt for expat teachers, GIs, and 20 or 30 year old Koreans. It’s a big place with a couple of bars and a dance floor. Friday and Saturday nights the place is packed. Staff is friendly and speak English. The crowd is mostly Korean gen-Xers and many of them are quite friendly to foreigners looking for friends, lovers or someone to try English with. Hollywood Star is a regular stop for most Seomyeon nigh party crowd.

(Jazz Bar)
Near Bukyoung University take the subway (Line 2) to the Bukyoung/Kyoungsoung station. Walk toward Bukyoung University on the left side of the main road. Turn left at the “TTL” shop (the next to last street before you reach the Bukyoung campus). Monk is about 100 meters up on the left. Jazz with some blues, rock, and soul. Live Jazz band on Mondays, Tuesdays,Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Club attracts lots of music lovers and has a mixed crowd.

Located near Soul Trane. Sosa is a Latin or Salsa Bar.

Soul Trane
(Bar/Dance Club)
Located near Pusan National University. From the main gate turn leftand walk straight about three blocks, turn right when you see Crossroads Bar on the left. Soul Trane is down on the right. Soul Trane is one of the main expat hangouts for English teachers, business people and Koreans from the university. The staff willing to speak english. Not a big club, crowed on the weekends. Music is rock, folk, jazz and electronic. They serve food.

St. Haarlem
In the same building as Hollywood Star II on the 6th floor. Big place and lots of seating but no dance floor.

Located near the harbor and Busan train station with shops that cater to foreigners selling blankets, hand bags, shoes, clothes and leather goods. A Red Light District with bars and other sex related businesses that cater to tourist and the military staff. Called Texas Street after the image of Texas in America being a wild frontier area. There are bars that cater to Russians that offer Russian girls. Helps to speak Russian even with the mama sans. You’ll find Korean and Russian girls with prices ranging $100 to $150 dollars for short time.
Hollywood Club starts late at night when many Russian girls arrive. The area is also a good place eat and drink. Green Street is a section with whorehouses using large windows with girls sitting in semi circles. Choose a girl and see the mamasan, cost $60 to 100 dollars short time. Girl takes you upstairs washes prior to oral and a fs.

Las Vegas
Ocean Club
Visit them to pick up women for sex. Asking price is 10,000, women will sit, talk, dance, and get friendly with you.
Short time 50,000 – 100,000
Long Time 100,000 – 200,000
Older Russian blondes ask as low as 10,000 won. The most beautiful women usally hostesses and don’t offer fs. Some Filipinas can be found

Street Cafes and Stalls
Prices are lower during the day. Street cafes sell all kinds of alcohol such as beer and Soju. Street food can available at Norway Bar, Christina, and Casey Moon.

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