Koh Samui

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Spent the first two weeks of November in Thailand, a trip that started & ended in Bangkok where I was visiting a friend who has a great apartment on Soi (hok) 6… Right next to the Crown hotel but the inside is so much nicer & makes a good impression on the girls… I will not bore you much with Bangkok as there are many other travel reports with places & prices up & down Silom & Sukhumvit… I just want to note that the Clinton Entertainment Plaza is alive & well, right next to the Therme Cafe’. So if nothing suits your fancy at the White House a go-go, the Dollhouse or any of the other bars in the small, clean plaza . All you need do is walk next door where you will find dozens of girls willing to fulfill your fantasies . I got lucky & met a cute 19 yr. old with tight, natural tits that seemed to jump off her chest & I met her at the small beer bar right next to the White House . The locals ignored her but after a drink with (Tic) an Issan girl, I gladly paid her 400 baht bar fine & took her for the night & the next day too. It was great fun to be with her & I would have spent more time with her but I got distracted, like right now… Just to say that you can still find good, cute & inexpensive girls (2500 baht for almost 2 days)in Bangkok .

To get to Ko Samui, all you need do is shop the many travel agents on Sukhumvit or open any tourist paper to the ads… Tell the agent how you wish to get there, by plane or train, the train is much cheaper but will take you 8 full hours to get to Surat Thani where you will board a slow boat that takes over another hour I’m told by a local girl. This is great for sightseeing but I elected to take the plane ride & hotel package at a cost of 11,600 baht or about $ 270.00 US for 3 days / 2 nights. The mistake here is that they put me up in the nicest hotel in town & I was almost never there. You can save up to 3000 baht & still have a nice place… you will find yourself fishing, snorkeling, maybe even bungee jumping at Lamai during the day. The first thing you will notice about Samui is it’s lush & green with coco palms covering the majority of the island, so sightseeing is a major activity. By night you begin the party with dinner at any of the restaurants on Chewang Beach road the only main road in or out of town . While I doubt that there’s any 5 star places, Chewang host good food for very good prices 120 baht can get you a complete dinner special. PLEASE don’t drink anything that didn’t come out of a bottle as the water there is not clean.

As I began to walk Chewang Beach road I couldn’t help but feel that this place is what Pattaya was like about 15 yrs. ago before the condos & the US navy… The local shops pride themselves on staying open ” late ” as they do throughout… Like Pattaya, Chewangs night life revolves more around beer bars & discos more than go-go clubs & massage parlors . In fact,I only found 1 go-go in town, a nice, clean place DG’s I think it was named but the drinks & girls where a bit too pricey for me 500 baht bar fine & 2000 baht short time is enough to choke any x-pat… Most of the places are down the same small soi just off the main road & you can hear the music.

Green Mango, the Santa Fe & a couple reggae’ bars seem to be the most popular places… I found a small beer bar, Busy Bee that was fun & there are several places with eager girls. I’m not fond of beer bars but found the girls here more open & fun than in Pattaya, not that it’s better, just different… The selection is good with everything from the cute local girls, to Issan & a couple of slick Bangkok girls. They even have a small cabaret in town so you’ll spot a few Katoeys at their beer bar. Most girls seem to ask from 600 to 800 baht short time & their bars fines run about 350 baht. The girl I took, wanted to take me all night for 1000 baht with ” 2 times sex” & then take me for a tour of the island the next morning… All I need do is rent any of the jeeps or bikes available & she’ll show me the sights, the price..? Up to me to decide… This is a way the local girls make extra money & is common, just make sure the girl really likes you, otherwise she will not follow through on her offer or you’ll end up taking her to see her family on the other side of the island. While I trusted my girl, I’d made plans to go snorkeling on Ko Tao (turtle island) the next day. She settled for 700 baht short time & it was well worth it as she had some real talent & technique… I took a couple of cuties to my room & it was all good..! So now I find myself flying back to Bangkok from my island paradise… Such a dilemma, which massage do I choose, at 43.5 to 1 exchange rate, it didn’t really matter… The Loy Krathong festival is tonight but that’s another story…!

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