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Club Lady O
Go-go style club
About 8-12 women
Quality 5-9
3 Euro Entry fee
You need to buy Drinks about 10 Euros
The women will explain how things work and pricing.
120 Euros for basic service plus her drink
Time can be extended for an extra 100 Euros
Total will cost about 200-250 Euros for 40 minutes

Located near the train station

Other clubs
Schwatz and Club La Rose
(Located about 30 Km east of Innsbruck)
Entry 30 Euros, food, lap dances
170 Euros 30 minutes
270 Euros 60 minutes
340 Euros for Whirlpool or VIP Room 60 minutes

Villa Haida
(From Train station left 800 meters)
7-9 women 5-8
90 Euros 30 minutes
3 Euros entry fee

Street Scene
Check around the Mc Donald’s after 9pm

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